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By consensus, I am a horrible person. Almost three months ago my wife of 30 years died unexpectedly but after a long illness that severely limited her mobility. I was her caregiver for many years. She liked cruises, so five months ago, we booked a seven-day, non-refundable cruise to Alaska. I decided to still go on the cruise and to go with another woman. My children and relatives are appalled. To make matters worse, the only available woman that I knew to ask is a stripper from my local bar. Judgment has been rendered, I am an uncaring, callous man. All that said, let me tell you all about my trip.

About a week ago, right before six p.m. shift change, I called Carrie over and said, “I have a seven day cruise to Alaska booked for the fourteenth of next month and I would like you to go on that cruise with me. I know this is short notice. I don’t need your decision today. Think about it for a few days. If you are at least curious, let’s go for coffee next week and talk it all over.”

Carrie is soft spoken, about forty, a little over five feet tall, has a beautiful body, has big auburn colored hair and can light up a room with her smile. Her look said she was at surprised and happy to be asked. I liked that. She was twenty years younger than me, but she had not relegated me to the “foolish old man” category and shot me down. We decided to meet at the closest restaurant, Tuesday, seven p.m.

I had only known Carrie for six months and only as an occasional table dance customer. We had many conversations on slow nights. I discovered, she is not much of a drinker, is not a drug user, will talk about her life, is the provider for her three daughters, likes being touched and kissed, has a cute little girl giggle and occasionally has a look that promises naughty things to come. Her body always seems slightly oiled, she is very clean and warm, she kisses easily and her pussy taste good. I sense that her body appreciates a strong hand.

On Tuesday, she was radiant but viewed me with some low level fear of, “What could I be getting my self into?” I greeted her, “Hi, Beautiful.” We stumbled through the niceties. She didn’t want dinner, but dessert and coffee sounded good. I asked, “Have you ever been on a cruise before?”

“No, but they sound like fun.”

“Well this one is with Holland America, in and out of Seattle. We would leave Portland about nine a.m., board about 1 p.m. and sail at 4 p.m. The ship will stop for shopping four times in Alaska. But let me warn you, this isn’t a party cruise. It will be more restful and reserved. Of course, there will be entertainment, a casino and way too much excellent food. I brought you a brochure.”

We spent a few minutes looking at the brochure and messing with our pie and coffee. “Jim, I would love to go, but we don’t know each other very well. I have bonus veren siteler to ask you directly. What would you expect from me, if I went with you?”

“I expect your company. I’ve already seen every part of you, kissed most of you and I would like to get to know you better. Sure, I’m male and I find you very desirable. I would hope for some touching, kissing and sex, but I’m not expecting or demanding any of that. If sex is what we both want and it happens, fine. I will not be all over you or ruin your trip. I’ll make sure the room is set up with two separate beds. You know I’m playful but will always honor your “No.” I hope we will be open, honest and adult with each other. I want you to go because you would like to be with me. I am concerned that you will go just for the cruise, even though you turned off because I am much older than you or not your type. I think we will have a lot of fun together, but I want to know you are thinking the same way.”

Carrie let some of her tension go. “I was hoping we could go on the cruise with those expectations. I like our age difference; I trust you; and I also think, we would have a fun week.”

“You will go then?”

“Yes. But, you will have to tell me everything to do to get ready.”

I’m sure happiness showed in my eyes. “We have to start with two big issues, then we can work out all the little details. First do you have a passport? Second, I need a way to contact you.” For the next hour, we worked through lots of unknowns, started to get comfortable with each other and set up a getting ready plan.

Carrie glanced at her watch, “I’m really enjoying this time but I have to get home to my girls.” We walked to her car and she paused by her door looking up at me. Gently, I put my left hand behind her head and used her hair to tilt her head up to me. I kissed her softly on the lips. I pulled away. She did not move. I opened her mouth with my right hand and kissed her again. For the first time, I tasted her tongue. On their on, our bodies pressed together. I said, “With a little practice, we could be good at kissing.” She smiled, “That second one was good. It left a warm and wet impression.” I let my left hand slip to her butt and pulled her to me tightly. “You are a naughty tease and you have already made me uncomfortable.” I knew she could feel the part of me that was uncomfortable. “Now get home to your girls. We’ll have some time just to ourselves in three weeks.”

Carrie had been surprised when I picked her up to go to Seattle. She didn’t expect a classic V12 Van der Plas. She adjusted and quickly looked like she was born to ride in a big Jaguar. We boarded; we went to the greeting buffet and I gave her an overview of the ship (This was my second cruise on HAL’s Vaandam.). Carrie was truly a kid in a candy store. She bedava bahis absolutely glowed. She wanted to be everywhere at once. She even enjoyed settling into the cabin and playfully fussing over bathroom cabinet space. For the rest of the day, we went to everything: the mandatory lifeboat drill, orientation, ship’s tour, late seating in the Rotterdam Dinning Room and a couple of cocktails in the Crow’s Nest. Carrie was tired, a little buzzed and happy. When I took her hand to lead her back to the room, I felt her tense a little.

In the room I bathed first. I dressed in dark blue pajama bottoms and the provided white bathrobe. Carrie seemed relieved at my relative conservative dress. “Your turn. Need me to help you wash?”

A big smile, “No thanks. I think I know where everything is.”

I couldn’t tell if she had anything on under her robe when she came out of the bathroom and settled squaw style onto the right side bed. I said, “Breakfast buffet is my favorite meal of the day. It’s served until 10:30. Want me to get you up in time to go?”

“You better. I don’t want to miss anything.”

“I’ll make sure we make it. We both need to get some sleep. Can I hold you, while you doze off?” Carrie laid back and reached for me. Now it was my turn in the candy store.

I took my robe off, turned the lights off, except the one in the bathroom. This left the cabin very dimly lit. I slipped into her arms. She had opened her robe.

The little vixen had remembered a discussion from month ago. She was clean but smelled of woman, not soap and perfume. I stretched out on her, most of my weight on her hips and her legs were open wide. She was nude under her robe. I pushed her long, reddish hair away from her face and began to kiss lightly around her eyes, neck and ears. My cock was enjoying rubbing against her naked pussy even though my pants were in the way. I felt her push my shoulders down. My hands found her beasts. My lips trailed down kissing, tasting under her arms and over her shoulders. I pulled her right hand to my lips and took turns sucking each finger as deep as it would go into my mouth. Again she guided me. She wanted the same treatment for her nipples. Carrie was content for a while. Her breasts liked a lot of attention. When they became tender she liked them sucked lightly. When they stood proud, she liked a little roughness from my teeth and tongue. Her hands on the back of my head provided a lot of the toughness. Her body wanted more. Again, there was pressure demanding I to go lower.

I took some of her control away. I grabbed both her wrist and held them to her sides. I kissed and sucked her belly button. I sucked and licked over each of her ovaries. She was a little ticklish and squirmed. I didn’t want to turn her off, so I moved to the inside of her thighs. She deneme bonus groaned that I had missed the target. I said, “I’ll kiss you and make love to you as long as you want, but you will have to tell me what you want and what you feel.”

“Kiss me.”

“Kiss you where?”

“Kiss my pussy.”

Carrie has good size lips on her pussy. I began by sucking each one and tugging gently with my mouth to open her just a little. I licked between her lips, lightly flicking her well-hooded clit. “Don’t move your hands.” I let her go and used my thumbs on either side of her clit to pull its protection away. I figured she would be sensitive so I very lightly kissed her pink little nub. She broke the rules. There was too much gentle touching for her taste. I felt both her hands behind my head, pulling and demanding I suck her cunt.

“Yes, I need that. Suck me. Lick me. Make me cum. Don’t tease me. Make me cum.”

Wetly, I began sucking and licking. Carrie used my ears to guide my head and grind her hips. I slipped my right index finger inside her wet cunt and found her G-spot. She tightened, so I held my hand still and kept sucking and licking. I felt her body shudder. Surely that wasn’t all there is to her orgasm. She was pushing me away. I held tight. She said, “Stop for now.” Her pussy had not relaxed. I didn’t understand. She was holding back. I said, “I not going to stop kissing you. Just let your body fly. Cum for me, Carrie.” I worked my finger just inside her hungry slit, directly on her G-spot, while alternating between sucking and licking her clit. She still resisted. With my left hand I reached up and squeezed her right nipple hard. “Don’t fight me or I’ll squeeze even harder.”

Her body twisted, she grabbed my head again and almost screamed, “Damn you. Suck me. Suck me dry. Harder. Harder. Suck harder.” I went for it. My finger defeated her. Carrie’s body arched from the back of her ankles to her head. She squirted all over my face and shoulders. I drank all I could catch. It was divine. Her body came half way down to the bed but she was not finished. We kept going and shared a second wetting. She was spent but still awake when she collapsed under me.

She started to say something. I said, “No talking now. Enjoy. Go on to sleep. You are safe. I will watch over you.” I gently pushed her out of the wet spot, using some of the blanket to cover the wetness and some to cover her. I lay behind my beauty and whispered, “Thank you, Carrie. You were so beautiful when you came —- and tasty.” She purred but I think she was already asleep. I walked around the bed and began to rub my cock. She was breathing evenly. I came quickly and caught the puddle in my hand. Mindlessly, with male needs from a million years ago, I wanted my cum on her. I reached under the covers and rubbed me onto her breast and into her small patch of pubic hair. My hand was still wet when I withdrew it, so I spread the last drops onto her lips. She slept but licked some of me back into her mouth. Carrie had already given me more than I had hoped for. What a start to our seven days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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