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Hello all! Here’s a fun short story I wrote to try to get back into my writing habit. I hope you all like it and your feedback is more than welcome. Thanks for reading!


Mindy Little-Cockswell hurried about her suburban kitchen. Her firm’s potluck was at the end of the week and her three-time state fair winning apple pie certainly wouldn’t hurt her chances of making partner next quarter. Always one to multitask, Mindy pulled out unused canned goods from her cabinets every time her recipe called for a new ingredient, noting them as possible donations to her volunteer food pantry. A catalog of names, numbers, and addresses lay open next to a nearly ready to bake pie on the counter, denoting other volunteers who she’d have to contact to organize the next month’s food drive.

As Mindy marched from a growing pile of non-perishables to her pie-making station, even her underwire bra, modest sweater, and white apron couldn’t stop her breasts from bouncing ever so slightly. Nor could her loose-fitting lounge pants hide the swell of nearly shelf-like ass. Despite the 28-year-old career woman donating the lion’s share of her free time to being a pillar of her community, she still did her best to visit her gym a few times a week. The effort showed, and a layer of toned muscle kept every inch of her voluptuous frame high and tight.

“Okay, nearly set for tomorrow,” Mindy spoke with quiet satisfaction. “Just need to throw the pie in, put these cans in a box to drop off on my way to the office, and fire off a few calls before settling in for the night. I think I earned a glass of wine or two.”

Martin Little plodded into the kitchen and slouched into a breakfast nook stool with a sigh. The 23-year-old’s already thinning hair was disheveled from his own hands running through it in frustration. His scrawny, almost girlish frame looked even more minuscule in his size to large t-shirt and athletic shorts. His eyes were a puffy red, and, at 5’4, his feet hovered well above the ground in the stool, a fact his 5’6 wife loved to bring up in a doting way.

“Aw, what’s wrong honey?” Mindy inquired, concern apparent in her voice.

The two had met shortly after Martin earned his associate’s degree and Mindy her law degree. She was working as a paralegal for a smaller firm than her current employer and tasked with screening potential clients when Milton approached her desk one unforgettable spring day. He wore what appeared to be a jockstrap under his ill-fitting khakis, but was in fact a bundle of medical gauzes. He had tried to fuck a McDonald’s apple pie after seeing the infamous movie scene on YouTube and was looking to sue the fast-food chain after scalding himself on the dessert.

Mindy reluctantly informed him that he didn’t have a case — mostly due to the “caution hot” warning on the pastry’s packaging — but the conversation quickly changed to Mindy’s own baking hobby. By the end of the meeting, Mindy asked Martin out on their first date, which just so happened to be Martin’s first-ever date, and the two married a few months after hitting it off. All was good for the couple personally and professionally; with Mindy generating most of their income and providing the downpayment for their modest house thanks to her blooming law career, and Martin helping out when he could with his temp work writing spam emails for penis enlargement pill pop-ups.

The high spirits the couple usually held only increased Mindy’s concern for her husband’s sudden downfallen demeanor.

“It’s nothing sugar pie, it’s just that…someone called me a cuck on Xbox Live,” Martin sniffled.

“Oh, schmoopy, I’m sorry that happened to you. Why would someone even call you that?” Mindy asked.

“I kept dying to Torbjorn’s turrets in the ranking matches for the new Overwatch season, but they’re totally impossible to take out when you’re playing as Reaper!” Martin professed with a quiver in his voice.

“Oh cutie butt, you can take out those nasty turrets easily if you just user Raper’s abilities to close the distance. I understand and respect that you’re hurt, though,” Mindy consoled her noob husband. “There’s no reason to be so upset about being called a cuck, though.”

“Why not? That’s basically the worst thing you can be called online!” Martin challenged through watery eyes.

“Hubby, do you even know what a cuck is?” Mindy asked.

“I guess not,” Martin conceded. “I only know that it’s an insult.”

“Sure, some people use it as an insult,” Mindy informed, “but a cuck is actually someone who experiences sexual pleasure from seeing their partner have intercourse with another person.”

“So, when [email protected] called me a cuck, they meant that I enjoy seeing you have sex with other people?” Martin processed.

“Exactly!” Mindy confirmed. “Now isn’t a silly thing to be upset over?”

“Well, I don’t know,” Martin honestly answered. “I guess I wouldn’t mind being called a cuck if I liked you having sex with other people, but I wouldn’t like being called escort bursa that if I didn’t like you sleeping with someone else.

I don’t know if I should be upset or not because I don’t know if I’d like it if you fucked someone else.”

Mindy’s brow furrowed slightly at her husband’s confession, though she appreciated this rare moment of self-reflection and analysis from him. Now that she was aware of the source of his discontent, though, she contemplated alleviating his distress. Using the creative and analytic thinking she had honed to a razor-sharp point over the course of her law career, years studying different disciplines of academia, and always memorizing the trivia on Snapple lids; Mindy determined the optimal plan of action in a matter of seconds.

“Don’t worry squishy buns,” Mindy consoled. “I think I know just the thing to help make you feel better. Give me just a few minutes to make a call and get changed.”

Mindy gave her husband a comforting kiss on the forehead before walking out of the kitchen, grabbing her food pantry phone tree along the way. Martin sighed once more and looked around the space with a melancholic indifference. He briefly wondered if putting his dick in the uncooked pie on the counter would yield better results than the McDonald’s apple pie; but thought better of it and decided that he didn’t want to put a pinky-sized hole in his wife’s hard work.

After a muffled phone call and some shuffling around their bedroom, Mindy returned to the kitchen now bearing glossy red lipstick, a tasteful layer of makeup, and her golden locks freshly curled. Those cosmetics made up most of her ensemble, as Mindy had stripped offer her shoes, socks, pants, sweater, and bra; leaving only her thin apron and matching white panties. The cooking garment was not at all designed to contain her massive bust; with her side boob nearly spilling out the cloth and her pencil eraser thick nipples practically poking through the fabric. Her wide hips and curvacious ass seemed to stretch her panties to their limit, leaving the front the short apron with the job of hiding the outline of her juicy pussy lips.

“So, we’re going to have sex to remind me that I’m not a cuck and in a healthy, committed relationship?” Martin asked, an eagerness creeping into his voice.

“Oh…not exactly sweetie,” Mindy answered as she brushed wrinkles and baking residue off of her apron.

The doorbell rang and Mindy scurried to the door, her bare feet tapping against the tile floor. When she opened the door, a giant of a man entered. He stood at a towering 6’6 and seemed to be as wide as he was tall, his muscles bulging under his expertly tailored suit. Martin would have thought he was a football lineman — if he ever bother to learn about what he called ‘sportsball’ — but the guest’s chiseled jaw and flawless ebony skin made it seem just as likely that he was a model.

“Martin, this is Marcus. My firm works with his bank and we volunteer at the same food pantry.” Mindy informed her husband.

“Uh, hi.” Martin greeted the imposing man.

“Good to meet you, Martin!” Marcus began with an enthusiastic baritone. “Mindy’s told me so much about you! She mentioned that you two met because you were trying to press charges for an injury you suffered due to negligence; you doing okay? Everything heal up alright?”

“Um, yeah,” Martin answered. “I mean, I’m still not allowed back in that McDonalds, but like, I can always just get it delivered. Especially after Mindy got that latest raise and upped my allowance!”

“That’s great to hear, man.” Marcus returned.

“Snuggle butt, Marcus agreed to help us work through your complicated emotions over being called a cuck,” Mindy explained.

“How, uh, how’s he going to do that?” the trepidation dripping from Martin’s voice.

“By showing you that being a cuck isn’t so bad, sweetie!” With that, Mindy plopped down to her knees, her head perfectly aligned with the new and growing bulge of muscle in the front of Marcus’ pants.

She slowly teased the growing member with her hand, the tasteful wedding ring she had picked out and purchased for Martin still on her finger. Before long, the outline of Marcus’ monstrous member was clearly visible and begged for freedom. Sitting back so her padded ass rested against her ankles, Mindy bit her bottom lip and, with desire burning in her eyes, asked,

“May I please pull your giant cock out of your pants, sir?”

“Aw, how can I say no when a cute little thing like you asks so nicely,” Marcus returned. “Go ahead, baby.”

At that, Mindy expertly unbuckled Marcus’ belt, popped the button on his pants, unzipped his fly, and lowered his pants so quickly that his rigid member slapped her in the face. The member pulsed with Marcus’ heartbeat, blood surging through the many crisscrossing veins in his shaft. The bulbous head swelled so fully that it practically burst out of his foreskin, and his balls hung low and full in anticipation of the events to come. Musk and heat radiated görükle escort off of Marcus’ cock so powerfully, that a shudder ran through Mindy’s body the moment she caught a whiff of it.

“Oh fuck, look at this cock, smoochums!” Mindy exclaimed. “It’s so big, and thick; I’m drooling from the smell of it!”

“Yeah, it is pretty big…I guess,” Martin replied, feeling a strange sensation well inside him at the sight of his wife’s arousal.

“Can I suck your cock, Marcus? Pleeeeeeease,” Mindy begged. “I need to know how it tastes, how it feels stretching out my throat.

Marcus chuckled and answered with, “Of course you can, cutie, but go slow. I don’t want to choke right off the bat.”

“Mmmm, yes sir!” Mindy returned with a kiss on the tip of Marcus’ throbbing prick.

Mindy delivered more kisses all along Marcus’ impressive length; delivering a long, sensual lick to his weighty balls after smooching the base. She enveloped the head of his cock, her pillowy lips forming a sensual cushion. She used these soft lips to push back his foreskin completely and then rolled her tongue along his head as though it were the best lollipop she had ever experienced.

“Fuuuuuck, that’s good,” Marcus exhaled. “I’m so glad I can help you out like this. I don’t think those deals would have ever gone through without your advisement and, if they hadn’t happened, I don’t think I would have gotten that promotion and salary bump.”

“Yeah, money’s weird,” Martin chimed in. “I saved us a bunch in taxes last year by donating to charity.”

Mindy’s lips popped off of Marcus’ cock and she said, “Actually snookums, you giving thirty grand to that raccoon VTuber only decreased our taxes because of how much it lowered our net worth. Our accountant was very clear about that not counting as charitable givings.”

“Okay, well, it was still worth it to support Trash Panda-chan! Plus she let me be a mod after that donation. And if I give her another twenty k, I’ll officially be a Sewage Simp tier supporter,” Martin argued.

“Well then, it’s a good thing Marcus came over,” Mindy joked. “I’m not letting you touch our bank account outside of your allowance, so you’ll need to take out a loan for that kind of money.”

“Don’t worry Martin,” Marcus began, “I can get you in on a low-interest rate that’ll let you pay that off in no time. Speaking of time, though, I think now’s the time for this little slut to choke on my cock.”

Marcus suddenly grabbed a firm handful of Mindy’s blond locks and, as her mouth dropped in surprise, forced his meat further down her throat. The loving wife gagged and coughed as Marcus’ cock thrust deeper into her mouth than any had before. As her husband watched, though, Martin noticed that Mindy never once tried to pull back. Instead, she fought through the pain and discomfort, determined to deepthroat the mammoth meat as though it were her sole goal in life.

After long minutes of stretching her throat inch by inch and with tears leaving streaks of mascara on her cheeks, Mindy finally pressed her lips against the trimmed pubes of Marcus’ pelvis. As soon as she did, Marcus yanked her head off of his cock; leaving her with spit dribbling down to her cleavage, pubes sticking to the corner of her mouth, and her outstretched lips pulsing without a cock between them. The fire in the wife’s eyes now stoked from a smoldering passion to a blazing need.

“Do you see now why being a cuck isn’t so bad, honey-wummy?” Mindy asked as she turned to her husband and spread her legs, exposing a dark, damp spot on the front of her white panties. “Look how turned on I am just from sucking Marcus’ dick! I never get this worked up from teasing your pecker. As my supportive husband, don’t you want me to feel this good?”

“I…uh, I mean yeah. I do,” Martin stumbled, eyes practically bulging at the eroticism in front of him.

“Aw, that’s good to hear,” Mindy affirmed. “Although, you’re not a real cuck until Marcus fucks me.”

“No sense waiting, then,” Marcus remarked as he pulled Mindy off of the ground and bent her over the kitchen countertop.

He grabbed the sides of Mindy’s soaked panties and pulled them down her raised ass and thighs, leaving them crumpled at her knees. She arched her exposed, toned back as his hands ran along her sides, only for him to bring them back up and cup herbreasts, forcing them up and out of the flimsy apron. In response to the stimulation of her firm, pink nipples, Mindy raised her ass even further into the air while spreading her legs, leaving her dripping pussy in an exposed, inviting position.

Marcus slid his right index finger against the inviting mound and was able to slide the digit inside of Mindy with little resistance. She panted at the genital stimulation of Marcus exploring her most intimate spot, a place she had only ever shared with Martin. For his part, Martin could only feel a foreign kind of arousal well within him as he stared at his bent-over wife as Marcus brought his bursa escort bayan finger to her lips and she greedily sucked her own wetness from it.

“Fuck, I taste so good,” Mindy declared, a fact that surprised Martin as Reddit posts had convinced him to never try to please his wife orally. “God, I feel so empty Marcus. Fill me up. Fuck me, fuck me right in front of my husband!”

“Careful what you wish for, baby,” Marcus warned. “Because when you ask me to fuck you like that I’m not going to be able to stop until I’ve had my fill.”

Grabbing Mindy’s wide hips for leverage, Marcus abruptly thrust his hammer of a cock halfway into the wife’s needy hole.

“Oh god,” Mindy moaned, eyes unfocusing at the overwhelming sensation of Marcus’s dominating member. “You’re so deep, you’re stretching me so much already!”

“Oh, we’re just getting started you little slut,” Marcus grunted as he slapped Mindy’s ass, leaving a red mark from the blow.

Slowly Marcus worked his girth in and out of Mindy, going a little deeper with each stroke. Each motion sent reverberations of pleasure through the overachieving blond, and elicited a moan or coo of approval. What surprised Marcus, though, was how Mindy’s body unconsciously begged for more. Her tight pussy rhythmically squeezed his meat, goading him into plunging deeper.

“Oooooh, come on Daddy,” Mindy pleaded to Marcus, the reverent title slipping out unconsciously, “wreck my pussy. Claim me down to my womb!”

At Mindy’s prompting, Marcus changed his grip, grabbing a fistful of Mindy’s hair as he started ramming into her harder than ever before. Her head snapped back, and her tantalizing tits thrust into the air. Too astonished to even consider masturbating, Martin could only look on in awe as he watched his beautiful wife’s breasts bounce in time with Marcus’ thrusts. Each once accompanied by a powerful clap from his pelvis colliding against her ass cheeks.

“God, use me Marcus. Fuck me into a cock addicted slut. Break me with your cock!” Mindy wailed to her lover.

That wonton display was just enough to push Marcus to the edge and, after one last core shaking thrust he ordered, “Fuck! Get on your knees. I want to mark your pretty face!”

As soon as he pulled out, Mindy half fell to the floor and once again kneeled in front of her acquaintance; only now, his cock had gone from impressive to intimidating. The swollen head was practically a small fist and his shaft was a patchwork of thick veins that pulsed with need. Even his balls bobbed and contracted, as though they were work working up a particularly large load for the desperate woman at his feet.

Mindy outstretched her tongue and gazed up at the man with hunger. After one, two, three long pumps, Marcus finally erupted on his partner. The first quick load was just slightly off its mark and landed on her right cheek. The second was dead on, though, and the thick treat coated her tongue; gifting her with an off-sweet flavor that she practically needed to chew to swallow. The final cumshots either hit Mindy’s chin and dribbled down to her chest, or landed directly on her heaving tits.

With a loud swallow, she said, “Thank you so much for the treat, Marcus,” with a slur that could be mistaken for inebriation, but was from her cock drunk euphoria.

Mindy tried to stand but found her legs weak from lovemaking and her sense of balance all but destroyed. Instead, she began crawling towards her husband, both her pussy juice and Marcus’ load dripping off of her and onto the kitchen floor. When she reached her husband Martin, she put her hands on his weak, reedy thighs and looked at him with the kind of softness a mother would use for a child who could not grasp a simple fact of the world.

“Now do you see how great being a cuck is my little Martin?” Mindy asked. “How good it feels to see your wife ravaged and satisfied in a way that you never could?”

“I…I…um,” Martin choked out between heavy breaths.

“Oh, what’s this? Do I spy a little tent in your shorts?” As Mindy asked, she pulled down Martin’s comically large athletic shorts to reveal his twitching cocklet.

“Oh my god! Look at how hard you are!” Mindy exclaimed with genuine surprise. “You’ve got to be at least three and a half inches right now! This is the biggest I’ve ever seen you.”

Mindy gave Martin a small, congratulatory kiss on the tip of his worm of a penis, only for her husband to immediately spurt his thin, watery load onto his wife. Within seconds, the poor excuse for ejaculate pooled into Marcus’ thick loads and completely overshadowed Martin’s cumshot. If not for the few drops of jism leaking out of Martin’s now flaccid peen, it’d be impossible to tell that he had orgasmed at all.

“Oh, oh geez,” Martin whined. “That might be the hardest I’ve cum, like, ever. You’re right. Being a cuck isn’t so bad after all!”

“I’m glad I could help you work through this man,” Marcus congratulated as he stepped out from behind the counter, his now bare muscles fully on display after shedding his clothes, “because I’m ready for round two.”

“Look at that cutie pie!” Mindy gawked, “Marcus is ready to go again already! Usually, it takes you at least a week to get hard again after you cum.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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