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You come home one night and notice a few cars outside you dont recognize. You go in and hear your wife moaning from the bedroom. You head back there and discover a shocking sight. Your wife is in bed on her back, nude, legs up, and a strange man is between her legs thrusting into her. She yelps and groans each time his hips push his cock into her. But there’s more. Three more men are in your bedroom too, all naked or bottomless, their cocks visible and erect. As if patiently taking turns using your wife’s cunt, one after another after another…

You cant help yourself, and take off your shoes, undo your belt, take off your pants, underwear, and then get onto the bed next to her. You lay face down so your little penis presses against the bed, to get that selfish sensation.

You lean over to kiss her. She kisses you back. As she fucks this other man whom you dont know. She breaks it off, and then whispers, “Husband, I need his cum inside me. I need it from all of them. Because your little shrinking balls cant make enough for me. Not anymore. Perhaps they never could. We both know it. But I do want you to watch. And do anything our generous guests need of you. Like a good little boy. Which I know you know how to do. I’ve kaçak iddaa seen the porn you play with yourself with.”

You nod. And then try to get comfortable as the other man continues fucking your loving wife.

A second man gets onto the bed too, just behind and above you. You feel him reach down with one hand and try to pry your buttocks apart, just around your little anus. He spits. The wetness feels cool and sticky as it hits your little sphincter, and you flinch. Then his fingers seem to try to work it into your hole deeper. Then with his other hand holding the base of his large hard white cock he presses it against your dirty wet hole, firmly, forcing his cock’s head to pop past the muscled ring, making you yelp like a girl losing her virginity. Then he uses his full weight to push his entire cock shaft down into your gritty, gripping ass.

He fucks your ass like that, with you being face down and butt up, and your little stiff wee-wee rubbing and sandwiched against the bed and your belly. Your penis makes a wetspot from precum and you can feel it. And you feel the shame and undeniable satisfaction of getting deeply reamed out and overpowered by a real man. As your wife is fucked by strangers, right by her husband’s side, kaçak bahis mere inches away.

Like two bitches in heat, two sluts each getting what they need, at the same time.

By the time the men leave for the night your world is changed completely. Your wife’s pussy is red and gaping, a sloppy mess with white cum from each of the four men. And you’ve swallowed a load of semen down in your belly. Cum dries on your face. And your little dirty wet boyhole is red and open too, and stretched out, with white slime leaking out.

Your wife puts a buttplug into your hole, to help the cum not leak out further. Then she grabs your head by the hair and forces you between her legs, directing your mouth to her vulva. You know what she wants. You begin to lick and lap it all up, and suck out as much cum as you can, out of her slutty cheating fuck hole. At no point that night have you reached climax. Its rare to ever be allowed. But your marital penis is still inflated and drooling everywhere.

Counting tonight, your wife has been fucked by 10 different men this week alone. Perhaps after she takes 3 or 4 more she’ll feel you’ve earned the right to finally have a “big boy” ejaculation, like the kind real men do normally. Though maybe illegal bahis she’ll add more awkward requirements. To see how much you’re willing to obey and submit. Perhaps you’ll be required to jack off on a public bus. Perhaps you’ll be required to get down on all floors, on the backyard patio, while wearing a dog costume, but with genitals fully exposed, there to be mounted by an anal dildo drilling machine — while all the neighbors watch. Perhaps you’ll be required to give a “double flute” blowjob to a large black man, side by side with her — a black man she picked up on the street. Perhaps she’ll require that you ejaculate only inside her mouth, and only while a black man’s huge cock is spearing your own mouth, and throat fucking you into a mindless white sissy sex doll.

All you know is you get more pleasure now at seeing other men’s cocks inside your wife than you ever do if it was yourself. And you’ve learned your little male anus hungers to take cock. And that you’ve become addicted to the taste of men’s cum — the more of their cum in your mouth, across your tongue, down your throat, or across your face — the better.

And this realization makes your penis twitch. And thicken. And drool.

You can’t help it. And your wife figured it out. And so, now, you are likely doomed. To a life of utter depravity and the shameless pursuit of endless orgasms — especially ones that might not ever truly come… in the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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