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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cuckolded by Her Mother

Chapter Twenty-Five

Fyr knew she shouldn’t, but she watched her brother and Chemical nearly every night. Apparently, the dragoness had her own apartment to go back to a little further out of the city than Kao was but she didn’t really seem to spend any time there at all – and why would she when she had such a hot drake to fuck and fill her each and every night? They fucked an awful lot, not that Fyr was going to say anything at all about that when she got to play the part of a casual voyeur to her own brother who, she had to admit, was pretty hot in drakehood. She was sure – or, at least, she hoped – that she was not the first to watch her brother and think, well…that of him.

Maybe so, maybe not. It was hardly something that she was going to shout from the rooftops about or post on one of those internet forums that Kao was so into these days. She even went along with him (just to watch, mind you) to one of the tabletop RPG sessions he ran on a weekly basis, although she found it difficult to keep up with joining in the story halfway too. Everyone had been so nice and so normal though that it all seemed like a completely different world to the one that she’d left behind.

And she thought of that world too many times as she watched Kao and Chemical going at it, seeing a cougar before her instead of a drake in the prime of his stud-hood. Against herself, she ached for home and the smell of sweet hay, even for being on her knees before her husband and all the simple delight that gave her – well, had given her – for so long. Things had changed though and, as her phone remained silent with neither a phone call nor a text message, she tried to remind herself that what was going on back there was none of her business. At least not for the time being, for she could not force herself to stay away forever from a home that she had, by rights, more than an equal share in.

Peering through a crack in the door, Fyr held her breath, casting her hungry, lustful gaze over a drake and a dragoness who, by far, were not sick of one another as yet. They lay on their sides in the classic sixty-nine position, her lips wrapped seductively around his cock even as he grunted into her pussy, that long tongue of his going to town in the way he knew best. To Fyr’s surprise, her brother had turned out to be a kind and compassionate lover, even if he did seem so inclined to the rougher stuff, Chemical goading him on with the fire in her eyes and those little hisses that promised so much more fun to come if only he fucked her that little bit harder. Just a bit more: she was ever hankering for it, snarling and spitting like a demoness herself for the pleasure her body so craved.

Fyr trembled, holding herself back, thighs pressed together as if that would make the shame of playing voyeur to her own brother, somehow, less sordid and seedy than it actually was. Of course, she did know, in her heart, just how wrong it was but what dragoness when faced with such a lewd display could so easily turn her eyes from something that lifted her up rather than forced her down? Their love and passion was pure, so very pure, and it made her want that for herself even as she simply watched them enjoy each other’s bodies, Kao groaning deep in the back of his throat as a shudder and a ripple ran through his whole body, wings flaring shakily, and he spent himself deep inside Chemical’s long muzzle.

The dragoness’ wild green mane flowed haphazardly around her head, never seeming to be tamed and yet suiting her perfectly, and she moaned like the perfect slut, using her slender tongue to drag and cajole him deep still into her muzzle. Why, he had to have the tip of his cock jammed up into the back of her throat! But what gag reflex the dragoness possessed sure as hell didn’t come into play as she dug her pink claws into his thighs, refusing to let him go until she had well and truly sucked him dry of every last drop of delicious cum he had to offer. There was a deeply rooted pleasure too in how she licked off his cum from her muzzle, tongue sensually collecting those pearly droplets, putting on a show not just for the drake but, unknowingly, his sister too.

Being the thoughtful lover that he was, Kao wasn’t about to let Chemical go without hers too as she slipped onto her back, arms flung out over her head to hold onto the metal bars of his headboard as if she required some sense of purchase in a storm that threatened to sweep her up and away. The dragoness arched her back and moaned, tongue hanging out over the side of her muzzle, although she may have deliberately missed the drop of cum that languished on the side of her black scales, trickling a sticky trail down as gravity did its work. No one was about to stop for such a minor annoyance and detail, however, as Kao thrust his tongue casino şirketleri deep up into her pussy, seeking out that spot that Fyr had seen made the dragoness contort her body oh so very beautifully.

A wild temptress… No one could deny, not in any sense of the term, that Chemical was beautiful, raw and untamed and the kind of dragon that roamed the dreams of young drakes, able to rip them up and cast them aside once she was done with them. But not in the way that Sasha did, for Fyr was quite sure that her mother would not linger in the minds of those that she spent time with, as rough and delightful as the sex was, she was sure. No, there was a chemistry, ironical, to Chemical that had her slinking, entirely unbidden, into Fyr’s own thoughts and dreams, twisting the bed sheets haphazardly around her legs as she moaned and yearned for those seductress lips on her own.

Yet that was just another thought that she refused to acknowledge, the same as she refused to acknowledge how much she wanted to know just how the dragoness tasted as her brother slammed his fingers into her, tongue wrapped around her clit. Driving her into orgasm after orgasm, he gave the dragoness everything she could have ever wanted and more, her moans carrying so far that Fyr wondered if they cared about the fact that, well, maybe she wanted to sleep at some point too. They didn’t know she was there watching them, after all! Really, they were very rude… But it was hard to maintain that line of thought when she lusted after the pair of them so badly, not quite sure in the darkest pit of her soul whether she would have preferred her nose to be between Chemical’s legs or Kao’s cock slamming into her first or not.

Variety was the spice of life? If only that was true. She’d had all the variety she could have lusted for with her mother and husband and look how well that had turned out.

Soured to her bed for another night of fitful sleep, Fyr groaned and tried not to think of the ranch, despite the fact that it was all she could think about besides her brother and everything he and his lover were getting up to. The ranch… She’d put so much work into it. How could she just leave that behind? Would they even look after it in her absence? She shuddered and hissed in a state of half-slumber at the thought of the home that she’d worked so hard to build broken and burned, in complete and utter ruins and a shamble of the dream that she had so lovingly constructed. Was it really in her to turn away from that, regardless of the direction that her once loving and generally traditional marriage had taken?

That was a question that would have to be answered later still as days squeaked on, grinding through into a life that didn’t really seem hers at all. After all, she had to leave Kao alone for some of the day so that he could get to his work but Chemical was nice enough to keep her company and keep a smile on her lips when she was off-work, although there was not much secret about the fact that she instantly went to Kao’s lap as soon as he was ready to spend time with her. She doted on him utterly, cooing and dropping sweet kisses over his muzzle that would have surely squicked out anyone else who could have been watching but only made Fyr’s heart melt for them. They really were the perfect couple and they were lucky to have found each other. She wished that the lover she’d found had been just as right for her as they were.

But that was a dream – and a pipe dream at that. It didn’t bear thinking about what could have been as they went out to the movies and did all the normal things that other friends and partners did, laughing and throwing popcorn when they thought the theatre attendant was not looking. The museum of agricultural history had been interesting to Fyr, but she had not gotten to spend too much time there, seeing just how bored Kao and Chem were, despite their best and kindest efforts to humour her. It was sweet how out on a limb they went for her, especially since Chemical didn’t know her all that well, the dragoness treating Fyr very much so as if she was already her sister and that they had been close for far longer than they actually had.

Perhaps they went too far for her.

“Hey, Fyr!” Kao said with a grin, Chemical out at work. “I’ve got a surprise for you!”

The dragoness stiffened instinctively and then forced herself to relax a heartbeat later, her mind having learned new patterns that didn’t quite go along with the nature of the life there with Kao and Chemical. It was so easy to worry and to tense up, remembering how badly the surprises she’d been given of late had gone, yet she had to recall too that Kao was her brother and knew none of that.

Smiling, Fyr raised her eyebrows, a cheeky grin pulling that smile wider still. No… Her brother was pure, just as he was. And did he ever really need to be any more than that? Not in her eyes, most certainly not.

“A surprise?” She teased lightly, the tip of her tail flickering in the only gesture of excitement that she allowed to slip by, heartbeat a little faster than would be considered normal for her. “And what may that casino firmaları be? I seem to recall that you never did get me that puppy for Christmas even though you promised you’d come through on it!”

Kao chuckled and shook his head, holding up his paws as if to defend himself, although all was just in jest. And that, in itself, was refreshing to her, a cool drink of water for a throat parched of all else.

“Hey now! You didn’t really expect me to be able to get a puppy by mom and dad when we were twelve, did you? They watched everything like a hawk!”

She made a face, poking her tongue out just a little bit.

“And what about that lizard that you ended up keeping in a shoe for ages? It’s a wonder that the poor dear didn’t just drop dead from the stink of your feet alone!”

“Alright, alright – enough!” He poked her in the ribs, slinging an arm around his sister even as she squealed in mock protest and fought to squirm away. “It’s not a puppy and it’s not a lizard either, even though Sammy really was pretty cool. No, I think I’ve got you something even better than a puppy here!”

“But not a lizard?”

Kao coughed and shook his head, his expression deadly serious.

“Not better than Sammy. Sammy was the best.”

He did not allow her a moment in which to get any more words, holding up his surprise as a smile lit up his usually jovial and bright muzzle. And it took Fyr several long moments to blink, her eyes refocusing to something held a little too close to her muzzle for comfort and at least too near for her to immediately see what it was.

Two little pieces of paper, innocuous at best – but what did they contain? Her heart fluttered a little and she surveyed them, picking out details and times as the world seemed to slow around her. Plane tickets… Oh, that was nice of him! Were they going on a…

Oh no…

“Kao,” she said slowly, her mouth dry and blood roaring in her ears. “What… Are these plane tickets back home? Two of them?”

Ignorant to her horror, Kao grinned and bounced on the balls of his hind paws, acting like the excited brother of her teenage years that she knew all too well.

“Yes! Isn’t that great! Now, I know things aren’t going very smoothly for you at home… I’ve not been much help with that, it’s not my forte, but I just wanted to do something to help and, well, I can work from anywhere, can’t I? You didn’t want to open up on this side to Chem either and, well, I respect that. I mean, you’re my sister!”

He spread his arms, those tickets still clasped tightly in one paw, and smiled widely, seemingly very pleased with himself. His sister, on the other hand, was far from pleased as she swallowed hard and took a step back, Fyr moving her head very slowly from one side to the other as she struggled to come to grips with the very shocking turn her reality had taken. Had her balance always been so off? Her life was off-kilter, terribly so, and there didn’t seem to be anything she could do about it, everything spinning out of control as it had so many times before.

For she had never really taken control in jumping off on a plane, a holiday escape that really didn’t lead anywhere at all, her brother still smiling as if he had presented her with the very best present he could have possibly given her in the whole wide world.

And there was nothing she could do about it.

“Oh… That’s great!” She said, putting as much cheery emphasis on the word as she could, sickness churning in the pit of her stomach. “Oh, it’ll be good to go back… You can see the ranch and everything there and…oh, you’ve not seen any pictures! I’ll go get some on my phone for you, it’s so different to how it was back when I started!”

Her babbling evasion drew up short, however, as Kao gently caught her wrist in his paw, his eyes softening kindly as he paused her in flight, if only for a moment.

“Hey, sis,” he said softly, not restraining her physically in any way – she could have pulled away if she really wanted to. “I don’t know what’s going on back there but things really are going to be okay and I’m going to do everything I can to help you out. You’re the only sister I’ve got, after all.”

It was sweet of him, so very sweet, and that made everything just a little bit better as the thought of having to go back to the very place that she had thought she’d, at least temporarily, made good her escape from swam around her mind. All over again, she felt her mother looming over her, a physical presence that the demoness could not help but exude, her back turned while she shoved the poor stoat’s muzzle between her thighs, Scott licking and slurping while Ropes fucked him from behind. Fyr pressed her lips together. She still remembered how the demon cougar’s hips could work like a piston, bringing that familiar driving flutter to her heart, scales prickling as if she was itching but what she had was an itch that only her husband could scratch.

Oh… His arms. Just the memory of them had her leaning back into an invisible embrace, his breath brushing the top of her head as he drew her in close and safe and warm. güvenilir casino And that was all Fyr had, truly, wanted from him. Love and companionship: that was what a relationship was meant to be, wasn’t it? She could only think so, the fairy tales of her childhood ceasing to have any meaning in the dark and sultry reality that was her adulthood. Sure, it was good, in its own way, but that husband of her dreams had not come through in the end, even if she yearned to feel his touch again, even if just for the one time.

Would that be too much to ask?

And then Kao’s arms were around her instead, the drake drawing her in as she held him instinctively, for it was what she was supposed to do in the moment. And that was a large part of what her life had become – keeping up a pretence of how she was supposed to act and feel while so many wandered about with their lives and loves, none the wiser as to how she really felt.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t do more from here, sis,” he whispered, voice unusually husky and tight with emotion. “But it really is all going to be okay and things will be fine. I’ll find out what’s going on with mom and we’ll all come together again. It’s all we need to do.”

There was only one thing she could say, the words that would let him know that he’d done the right thing, the dragoness simply unable to bear the thought of telling him otherwise. Her stomach churned and she forced down the sense of nausea, bile rising thick and acrid in the back of her throat. Kao had thought he’d done a good thing and there would be no way to dissuade him from following such a course of action once the drake had gotten an idea into his head.

Well, not without telling him that she, Fyr, was a cuckold wife to her husband and her mother, a slut to their desires and hardly satisfied herself. Incest? Well, that was a manner of course in their day to day life! What about cheating? What did cheating even mean anymore? Oh, and the fact of the matter that his mother was a demon too and had been impregnated by Ropes – there’d be that to explain too! And that was a road that Fyr most certainly was not going to go down, resolving there to make the best of it that she could, even if it meant jumping into the one thing that she so very much was nowhere near ready to do.

“It’s really great, bro,” she murmured, leaning into his shoulder, pushing all thoughts of sex and sexuality from her mind. “Thank you. I know…everything will be okay.”

But Fyr didn’t truly know that at all.


Set for a week’s time, the flights loomed and, as Chemical wasn’t about to up and leave her job to join Kao in the back end of nowhere (which was just as Fyr liked her little country life to be), they’d be going alone, just the two of them on the flight together. Things continued much in the same vein of things, although Fyr’s voyeuristic tendencies ramped up tenfold. After all, it would not be long before she was forced back into a voyeur life where she’d be forced to join in (happily forced?) and then the sweetness of sweet lust and love would be ripped from her all over again.

So she had to make the best of a rotten deal that threatened to curdle through her from the inside out. It swiftly became clear (really, how she was not caught was a mystery in itself) that Kao and Chemical would rather be regretting their time apart and took every possible opportunity to make love and fuck that they could possibly snatch up for themselves. The bathrooms at the movie theatre were a popular one and Fyr gulped and leaned against the wall outside, keeping watch for them as she would for Ropes and Sasha even though she had not been asked and neither was there actually any need for her to stand sentry.

Other places though, she didn’t only have to listen to their moans through the wall, hissed garbles and mutters for more. They went out to a club and Chemical and Kao did the usual in the back alley where she had a clearer view, the drake pinning her up to the concrete wall and kissing her fiercely as he filled her pussy with a hefty load. It truly was impressive just how many times the drake could go, go and go again without getting tired or running out of that manner of sexual stamina, although it was not exactly a thought that Fyr should have had about her own brother. That was by the by, however, as she moaned and fantasied in the guest bedroom about Kao taking Chem in all manner of positions and places, each one wilder and more public than the last. What was the point in holding back and secluding lust away when they had one another right there to be enjoyed, after all?

They would have most likely have said the same too, even though their latest fuck-spot of choice turned out to be in the back of his car while they thought Fyr was going to be stuck on an errand for a little while longer than she actually was. It was late enough in the evening to get away with it, the sunset dipping behind the skyscrapers and other high-rise buildings, with the car windows all steamed up and a tell-tale rocking that could not possibly ever be mistaken for anything else. Hissing through jaws clenched so hard that they trembled, Fyr tried to hold back, out there in the quiet car park, and not masturbate but the squeezing of her thighs was barely enough to tide her over as a paw slammed into the window, leaving a mark and print behind in the sultry steam.

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