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Labor Day, 2002

My husband admitted to cheating on me. It took place a week ago. He had played golf with another couple that afternoon and they asked him to their home later for drinks. At some point, the topic of sex came up, and the male of the couple asked my husband if he’d like to make out with his wife; my husband apparently had no qualms and accepted the offer.

Because I asked him to, he described the situation. He and the wife made out briefly but things progressed quickly and all three were soon naked. The other man sat back in a chair, watching as his wife and my husband continued to kiss and fondle each other. My husband told me that she made the first direct sexual contact by grabbing his penis, soon thereafter getting down on her knees to suck it. He was already hard, and quickly withdrew from her—probably because he didn’t want to come too quickly, which he often does—and lay down on the floor. She straddled over him, lowered herself, and said, “Hold your dick up for me so I can fuck you.”

He takes direction well, so she sat lower until the head of his penis was just touching her pussy lips. She held right there and her husband said, “Go ahead, fuck him.” She sat slowly, tantalizingly…he said she was dripping wet…until his dick was all the way in, then she began to move up and down on him very slowly. A couple of strokes after she began, her husband said, “That’s good, fuck him like you fuck all my friends.” Then to my husband he said, “That’s right. She’s turned into a real slut lately, fucked a bunch of guys, and all of them came inside her cunt. Guys with some pretty big dicks dumped their loads in the same cunt you’re fucking right now.” My husband said he began to lose control right there. “Yeah, the last one was just before we met you for golf, and she never cleaned up…” and at that, my husband was past his stopping point. She lifted herself up so that the head of his penis was just inside her as he ejaculated. At his last pulse, she lifted up, his semen dripping freely from her.

She got off of him, and lay back on the couch with her legs spread and pouted, “My pussy is all messy and needs some attention.” My husband started to move toward her, but he was pushed aside by her husband who told mine, “I’ll take it from here.” Her husband spread her lips with his hands and began cleaning my husband’s semen from her with his mouth and tongue. He licked and sucked from her labia then turned his attention to her clitoris. My husband said she came very quickly, and her husband mounted her immediately. His dick was large and engorged, and he fucked her for several minutes—an eternity for my husband—before coming deep inside of her.

After getting their breath, the wife announced to my husband that they were going to go clean up, thanked him for coming over, and told him he needed to get dressed and leave. My husband was obviously used by them for their entertainment, and I guess he told me to assuage his guilt. In the long run, however, it has been very good for me—perhaps for him, too.

My husband is not especially long-lasting, and I am never completely satisfied by him sexually. But in non-sexual ways he’s a very good husband and even a friend, so I didn’t want to divorce him. While his infidelity obviously angered me, I forgave him for it, but for some reason his sexual inadequacy became even more of an issue for me—he had cheated on me for his own pleasure yet my own pleasure with him was most often incomplete and I resented it.

So, the day after his admission, I decided that I needed to take my own needs into account. Because I inherited good money I have financial power over him, and told him that in order to not sue him for divorce, my terms were that I would begin taking all the lovers I desire, because he really was not good at giving me the satisfaction that I needed badly—and regularly. However, to avoid being hypocritical I would not cheat on him as he had done behind my back. Instead, I would flagrantly fuck whoever I wished with his full knowledge, that he would be made to observe on occasion, and that when invited to participate he would be completely submissive to my demands at all such times. He’s an odd man, and asked that I put those terms in writing for him—I did so, read them to him, and made him sign his approval. At that point I happened to look down and noticed he had spiked an erection! I offered to seal the deal by giving him a blowjob and he accepted. I took his penis from his pants and into my mouth. In no more than a minute, I could feel the head of his penis begin to swell with the first hints of his orgasm. At that, my tongue found the sweet spot on the underside of his dick and flicked back and forth across it. He held my head down to him, grunted, stiffened, and came. When I was completely sure that he was finished I looked up into his eyes, showed him his cum on my tongue, then closed my mouth and swallowed.

While my mouth had been on him, it occurred to me that the penis I was now sucking had been in another woman’s wet, horny pussy just days before. I wondered what it would have been like to watch them, and felt the same batman escort sort of sensation that her husband must have felt as he watched her fuck my husband, and it made me incredibly horny. That and the thought that I could actually now, at any time I wanted and with my husband’s approval, fuck other men as long as he knew about it—exhibiting my activity in front of him whenever I felt the need—made me feel very powerful, and the power fed my urgent need. As he watched, I pulled my pants and panties off, leaving my blouse in place because I had to get to my clit as quickly as possible. I sat on the nearby couch and masturbated. While he watched he told me how much he wanted me to fuck other men, to get the kind of satisfaction I really needed, and how he would enjoy watching and would help out in any way that I wished. As he began to describe how even he might wish to have sex with my future partners, I had a quite satisfying orgasm.

The deal was now set: I would get the deep satisfaction I was sorely craving, and my more-perverted-than-I’d-thought husband could get his jollies as well. I initially thought that the first time I exercised my new freedom that I would just go out and allow myself to be picked up, hastily laid in a car or hotel room, then tell him about it later. However, I changed my mind and decided that I would first arrange a scenario that he would be made to watch, essentially paying him back in humiliation for cheating on me.


September 29, 2002

A knock at the front door, and I opened it to find my invited guest, I’ll call him John, of course, with a bottle of wine. I’d found him online, advertising himself as available to open-minded couples. I asked him in and thanked him for coming, then reminded him under no uncertain terms that I would be directing the evening’s activities. He said he had understood that from my emails to him and accepted it. “What of your husband? You’re married, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, and he’s here. He knows his place, will be observing, and participating according to my instructions. You said so in your email, but tell me again that you’re OK with that.”

He looked me over, obviously imagining me naked and horny, and answered, “Oh, most definitely. No problem.”


I called my husband into the living room to meet my guest. My husband was, at my earlier direction, naked other than a sheer pink woman’s thong I had ordered him wear. He understood and was eager to play his role. I told him, “Open the wine for John and me.” He did so, bringing two glasses with him. “Pour a glass of wine for me.” He did. “Pour some wine for my guest.” He did.

John and I sat at opposite ends of the couch, sipping our wine, saying nothing but looking each other over, imagining what was to come, what each other might look and feel like. My husband stood at attention against a wall, watching us. After some small talk and determining for myself that this was a man I could enjoy fucking, I stood up and told them both, “Let’s go to the bedroom,” and to my husband, “Bring the wine and our glasses.”

We got to the bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed, told John to stand across the room then told my husband, “Come undress me for my guest.” He came to me immediately, and I stood up. He first unbuttoned my blouse, stepped behind me as I put my arms behind my back, and pulled the blouse off from behind. He unzipped the side zipper on my skirt, let it fall to the floor then picked it up as I stepped from above it. He unsnapped my bra from behind and removed it, and I sat back on the bed as he pulled off my panties. I kicked off my pumps, sat naked on the bed before both men, and told them to stand at the foot of the bed. As they did so, I turned to face them straight on, and sat back against the headboard, legs together, with a large pillow for support and comfort. I could feel a swelling and heaviness in my cunt; the sense of control and lust was overpowering and I had to be careful not to hurry.

To my husband I said, “Please show me to my guest.”

“I don’t understand…”

“I don’t want to show it to him—I want you to show him the pussy he’s going to fuck. Spread my legs so that he can get a good look at me.” He walked to one side of the bed, put his hand around my ankle and pulled my foot to the corner. He repeated this on the other side, leaving my reddening cunt fully exposed to John. It was freshly manicured by my husband just that afternoon, shaved around the lips and clit with a dollop of decorative hair left above them; he was very careful to make it look just right for the guest I would have tonight. John was staring at it, then at my face, then back to my pussy. My husband’s penis was quite erect, poking just above the waist strap of the little thong.

“Please remove my guest’s clothing so that I can see him naked,” I said to my husband, then to John, “Do not help in any way. Let him remove all of your clothing for you.” My husband started immediately, unbuttoning and removing my guest’s shirt. After unzipping and removing John’s pants, I told him to feel John’s dick through the briefs bayburt escort that remained and tell me about it. John wasn’t so sure about that and I told him, “Let him feel you. I think he will get rather excited with a dick in his hands bigger than his own.” Indeed, my guest began to become erect in the hand of my husband, who said, “Ah, yes, it is rather large.”

“Yes, I know. I had him send pictures of it by email, and I’ve been thinking about fucking it ever since. Remove his shorts. I want to see it.” He pulled off my guest’s shorts. His penis was semi-erect as it first appeared, and it pulsed and grew with each heartbeat. I remembered the pictures he’d emailed; in several it was erect, and I became more aroused watching him rise to full erection in my actual presence, anticipating the pleasure I had in store for myself.

“Sit,” I said to my husband and he did so in a chair that had been drawn near the edge of the bed. “Do not touch yourself or either one of us without my permission.”

“Of course,” he replied.

I now turned my full attention to John. “Have some wine, and please pour some more for me. He did so. As he stepped to the side table for the wine, I was tantalized watching his erection wag with each step. He wasn’t as big as I’d had before I was married, but after fucking only my husband since we’d married, I was really looking forward to being stuffed by this stranger.

Full disclosure: I fucked around quite a bit before I met my husband with numerous boys and men. There was even a woman in the dorm who I allowed to finger my clit to orgasm, and I returned the favor, when we just happened to be extremely horny and in the shower together, but that happened only once, and we talked later about how enjoyable that little session was but that we really preferred a good fuck. However, my husband’s experience was very limited; in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if his tales of the few times he’d had sex prior to meeting me were concocted and all he ever did was masturbate.

Ah, but I wasn’t thinking about that as my guest refilled our wine glasses. He poured the wine, handed it to me, and sat naked on the bed next to me. I was still lying spread-eagled on the bed with my pussy fully visible to both men. I told my guest, “Please sit so that I can see your penis.” He turned slightly so that his erect dick was pointed straight at my face.

I didn’t get too nosy while looking into his, uh, qualifications on the internet, but wanted to know more about him, to become even more aroused by learning more about his sex life. I asked, “Are you married? You have a ring, I see.”

“Yes, I am.”

“Then why are you here planning to fuck me?”

“Well, oddly enough, my wife and I have an arrangement much like you and your husband. She never initiates sex. But once it’s going, she’s a submissive little pervert. She gets excited when it seems like I’m forcing her to have sex, or when she wants to pretend that’s the case. And she really gets off when I tell her about my activities with other women.” I looked at my husband; his erection was quite taught listening to this. John continued, “For some reason, she thinks that all men cheat, and told me early in our marriage that she would allow me to take other women as long as I told her about them, reasoning that if she knew about it, it wouldn’t be cheating.” I thought that did indeed sound like my husband’s and my current circumstance.

“Does she not wish to take other men?” I asked.

“Not to my knowledge, but if she did it would be fine with me. I’d just want to know about it and not be played as a fool.”

I was looking directly at his penis when I asked, “When was the last time that was in your wife’s pussy?”

“A week ago, Saturday.”

“When was the last time you fucked someone besides your wife?”

“A couple nights before that. I told her I had a date with a fuck buddy before I left the apartment.”

“What did she say when you got home?”


“Tell me about fucking her last week.” I was becoming very aroused, dripping wet and heavy feeling.

“I started kissing her neck, feeling her through her clothes, making her certain that I wanted to make love to her. While I was doing that, she asked, ‘Was she pretty?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Did she suck your dick?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Did you lick her clit?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Did it feel good to have your dick in her pussy?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Did you fuck her slow or hard?’ ‘She wanted it slow.’ ‘I want you to have your way with me now, do whatever you want you nasty man.’

“I tied her to the bed, bound at the wrists and ankles, and I didn’t even have to feel of her. With her legs tied apart like that, her pussy was gaping open and her juice was dripping out.”

I couldn’t help myself. I reached down with my hand and began rubbing my pussy. He noticed, and I said, “Keep talking.” My husband was staring at me. He was rock hard.

“I sat over her on my knees with my hard dick in her face and said, ‘This dick was in somebody else’s cunt a couple of nights ago. Suck it.’ I stuck it in her mouth and fucked her face like it was a pussy, and she got extremely bebek escort hot. I told her, ‘I came in her pussy. I fucked her cunt like I’m fucking your mouth now, and came in it.'” She pulled away and ordered, ‘Lick me, now.’ I got down between her legs, put my face up to her, and began licking, went straight to her clit. She pumped her hips up and down, returning my face fuck, I guess.”

“Did you make her come?”

“As I was licking her, she kind of stiffened up and asked in kind of a whisper, ‘When you licked her clit, did she come on your mouth? Come on your tongue?’ I lifted my face away just long enough to say, ‘Yes,’ then went back to work. She came on my mouth in about 5 seconds. When she was through, I simply got up and fucked her. A nice long one. I’d pull out and stop every now and then until I couldn’t hold off any longer.”

“Did you come in her pussy?”


“Come put your dick in my mouth. Fuck my face like you did hers.”

I lay back and he kneeled over me. I licked my lips to get them good and slick, and then just opened my mouth—saying nothing because it wasn’t necessary. As he brought his penis to my lips my husband strained to get a good look. As John placed the head of his hard dick in my mouth I spat on it to make it good and wet, then worked my lips and tongue around it. He pushed it in very slowly. My husband was beside himself trying to watch from every possible angle, and his excitement was extremely rewarding to me.

John pulled his dick out just a bit then pushed back in, repeating slowly until he could push in to the point that his pubic hair was on my nose and his balls on my chin. I loved him treating my mouth like a pussy and reached down to touch myself. As I did so, I saw my husband petting his hard dick through the sheer thong, and broke away from John. “Stop that now!” I ordered him. “You are not to do anything until I tell you that you can, do you understand?”

“Yes, sorry.”

I said, “John, I want you to help me with my clit now. Lie down beside me and stroke it for me.” Then I said to my husband, “Stand at the foot of the bed so you can get a good look.”

My husband did so. John, being quite an expert, played with my breasts for a bit, and then sucked on my nipples. My hips humped up and down and he hadn’t even gotten to my pussy yet. “Yeah, suck my nipples while my husband watches you. Make me want to fuck you in front of him.” Both men maintained fine erections at this point, though I really wanted to deal with John’s larger one first, and without much more delay.

John’s hand finally reached my pussy, and he began stroking my clit very slowly. I said to my husband, “Look what he’s doing to me. He’s stroking my clit and I’m letting you see it. I’m being a slut and it’s your fault, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

My perverted husband just answered, “Yes, I see. That’s good…” and his voice trailed off as he was lost in watching me being horny with another man.

I told my husband, “Get my vibrator, the small pink one that looks like a tube of lipstick. Now!”

He did so quickly and handed it to me, and I told John, “You rub clits very well, but now I’m ready to see how well you fuck.”

As John lay above me on his hands and knees, I told my husband to stand beside the bed so he could see my pussy getting fucked. He watched as I reached down and grabbed John’s hard dick with my left hand, pulled it to and centered it just inside my pussy lips. “OK, very slowly. Push it all the way in,” and he did. His face was flushed and red, as was my husband’s. It was incredibly exciting to have two horny men with me, one of them with a very large dick that was now in my cunt and felt so very good. I can not describe adequately how very good it felt, and it gave me goose bumps as he pushed it in, pulled it out, and pushed it in, over and over again. I looked down and watched as his dick, slick with my juice, pulled out, then pushed back in, just wonderfully exciting and nasty. And it was a stranger’s, not my husband’s! And my husband stood watching, just as horny and waiting his turn.

I was near coming from sheer excitement and told John, who was obviously not near his climax, to just push it in and hold it. He did. I reached down with my small vibrator and after some maneuvering, held it directly to my clit. I told my husband, “Watch very carefully,” and he leaned to within a couple of feet of where John and I were joined. This was just too much for the state I was in. I told John to pull out just a bit so my husband could see my lips wrapped around his dick. As he did, my husband leaned closer, no more than 8 or 10 inches away from my pussy that was playing hostess to another man’s erect penis. He said, “It looks nasty to see your pussy lips around his dick like that. I can’t wait to see you make him cum.” With that, and the vibrator working my clit incessantly, I lost control. I stiffened, groaned, and began a very strong orgasm, the most intense I’d had in quite some time. I pull the vibrator away, and John pushed himself all the way in. In orgasm, my cunt gripped and released John’s dick repeatedly, spastically, intensified by the almost total shamelessness of it happening as my husband looked on. As my orgasm began to subside, I dropped the vibrator and told John to fuck me. “Just fuck me until you come in my pussy while my husband watches us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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