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Author’s Note: This story is a continuation from my previous account, Holdinon, of which I can no longer access due to forgetting the password and having disabled the email account linked to it. Anyways, I will be continuing the story from this account and hope to keep everyone happy and entertained. I am sorry for the long delay, and hope to regain the positive following I had prior to going away for so long.

Also, I would love to hear from everyone their thoughts. Please leave comments and rate; even if anonymously. If you have any ideas you would like to see added to the story line, leaving a comment or providing feedback is a great way to let me know. So, without further ado, let me get to it.


I sat behind my desk, trying to distract myself with some work as the morning bell rang. Students soon began filing in and taking their seats to await the start of their school day. Because of my time with Sage, I have changed my teaching style some to keep to my desk more often. Rather than lecturing the class from the front of the room and moving about to keep the students on task, I have since started just giving the students a simple writing prompt to start class, possible silent reading time from an assigned novel along with worksheets to go with the readings. Such a teaching method is hardly the best to engage students, but my new relationship with my mistress was more important to me than anything else, so I just went through the motions to keep my job, and to keep the students from moving around the room.

The day started just like the new usual for my classes, and I kept to my desk as the students quietly worked. I continued to input grades and check emails to keep from focusing too much on what was to come at lunch time. Unfortunately, my phone buzzed with a text message from Sage which immediately brought my mind back to the gutter.

“Hey SLUT… I just hung something from your door knob. Go and get it now. It’s not something you want anyone else seeing.”

My jaw dropped, and heart began beating harder with the worry of not only what Sage ha left hanging on my door, but having to get up and go get it with all my students in the room. My outfit was a bit on the risqué side being that I was wearing my black leather zipper heels, tight white yoga pants, and a tuxedo shirt that had a sheer back. However, I had to get it done soon, before the item was noticed by anyone passing in the hall, whatever the item might be.

I took a deep breath to steady my nerves, push out of my desk to stand, and began to walk past my students to my door. I tried to act as confident as possible, and it didn’t seem any of them really took note of me other than glancing up from their readings to see who was moving. I’m sure my clicking heels brought attention to me as I moved as well. I reached the door, kick the door stop with my foot, and opened it before stepping into the hall. I wedged it open with the stop and then reached on the other side to find what Sage had left. Upon touching it, I immediately knew what it was; it was the ball gag she had me wear this morning as she ravaged my ass in the quad.

With my pulse quickening, bahis firmaları I did my best to ball up the gag in my fist to best conceal it from my students, and then made my way back to my desk. Upon returning, I hid the item in my lower desk drawer, and tried once again to distract myself in work. This time I had more success, and soon the class periods began to go by without much thought. That is until fourth period arrived, Sage’s class, and my mind flew back to all the devilish possibilities she could come up with for our lunch time activity.

As usual, she pretended not to notice me, and I was forced to try and not look at the slow moving clock every chance I got. Then with twenty minutes left in class, something new happened; Sage texted me during her class period. She had never before done this and I knew it meant she wanted to toy with me before lunch came, and the message certainly indicated that exactly.

“Almost lunch time subslut… I bet you are soaking with anticipation. Wouldn’t want to get those pants all wet, so how about you take them off… NOW!”

I gulped after reading the message, but knew better than to go against my mistress’ wishes. Instead, I put my phone down on my desk, and did my best to take off my pants without being too noticeable. I was rather successful and got them down to my ankles where I had to figure a way to get them off over my heels. Thankfully, my desk’s lower drawer provided the answer as I simply opened it up and turned to look as if I was filing papers. This allowed me to bend down and unfasten my shoes before taking my pants the rest of the way off. As I did, I could see the gag within the drawer looking back at me and reminding me of just how risky I have been behaving.

With the pants off, I put them in the drawer with the ball gag, and got my heels back on. As I closed the drawer and turned back to facing straight my phoned buzzed once again with a text from Sage.

“Impressive teacher SLUT, someone most really want a trip with her Mistress. Let’s see how far you are willing to go though… unbutton the bottom three buttons on your shirt.”

Without hesitation, I did just as commanded and was left sitting behind the cover of my desk with just the top two buttons fastened on my shirt and a pair of heels. There were no more messages from Sage for the next five minutes, but with ten minutes left in class she broke the silence so to say with a new text.

“Ok my SLUT, ten minutes left… undo the top button.”

With a bit of tremble in my hands I reached up and quickly unfastened the top button, leaving only one holding it on. I was certainly showing a considerable amount of cleavage, but not too much to draw a lot of attention. I wasn’t able to dwell on it to long because almost immediately I got another message from Sage.

“You love this don’t you? How far are you willing to go?”

It was a tough question to answer, but I knew there was only one true answer to be given. I had to listen to my inner slut and give her what she wanted. I rapidly typed out my answer back.

“As far as it takes. As far as you push me. NO LIMITS!”

The last part was in all caps kaçak iddaa for a purpose, to express just how committed to following her every command. Unfortunately, Sage stopped texting me once again. It wasn’t until two minutes before the bell rang that I got another text from her.

“No limits huh? In that case when the bell rings undue the last button, and then once I stand you stand as well.”

She certainly knew exactly how to push me. I sat behind my desk for those last two minutes just staring at the clock and counting down the seconds to the bell ring. With just five seconds left, my right hand reached up and touched the button. It was undone the moment the bell chimed, and I just sat there watching my students getting up and leaving the room. All seemed to be oblivious to my state of undress, and made attempt to even look to me as they hurried off to lunch caught up in the normal conversations of high school students. I looked to Sage who as usual took her time packing her belongings, and then without warning she stood up. I almost froze as she did, for three students were still making their way towards the door, but I did as instructed and stood up as well. I could only hope that the students didn’t turn back and look in my direction, and just kept moving uninterested in my class.

Those few seconds as I watched the last three students exit my room felt like an eternity. With each step they took my heart beat harder, and my mind kept thinking they were going to stop and turn. It wasn’t until all three made their final step out the door that I was able to let my breath out. I looked over to Sage as a shiver went through my body, and I noticed that she too was moving to the door. Rather than exit though she instead went and shut it since I had propped it open earlier.

Sage calmly walked back towards her desk and bag with the slightest sight of a grin on her face. As she reached her desk, she instructed I remove my shirt. It was off immediately, and draped over the back of my chair as I awaited her next instructions. I watched as she pulled out the same strap-on harness she wore that morning, and this time it had a dildo attached to it I had not seen before. It was larger than the black one she had been using over the last few months, longer, a bit wider, and purple. Made of a soft jelly material, it was at least twelve inches long and a good two inches wide. Just as she had that morning she fastened it to her hips and then walked over to me.

My mistress said no words as she came up behind me, bent me at the waist over my desk. I felt the cool ooze of lube begin to pool on my rear entrance, and new for a second time that day I would be taking a good ass fucking. Next, I felt the bulbous head of the new toy pressing its way into my rectum. With just the tip I could tell it was more dildo than I have ever had before. Sage was taking it slow, inching the piece in bit by bit. After a few seconds she spoke up for the first time since telling me to remove my shirt.

“Unlike this morning, I am not going to hammer your whore little ass, but instead slowly penetrate you until every inch of this beauty slips inside you.”

And kaçak bahis that is just what she did. Inch by inch, she slowly sank the purple intruder into me. I could feel it slipping into untraveled regions of my anal track, disappearing deeper into my intestine. It filled me up more than anything I had ever experienced. Once it was completely in to the hilt, and I could feel her hips pressing firmly against my ass cheeks Sage spoke again.

“Very good my slut. All twelve inches hidden in your ass; what an anal slut. Don’t move I have to do one thing real quick.”

She then reached over me, pressing the fake cock a fraction deeper, to grab a large permanent marker off my desk. I heard her uncap it, and then began to use it to write something across what felt like the entirety of my back. I knew full well that with the shirt I was wearing, and its sheer back, whatever Sage had written would be able to be clearly visible no matter what. She capped the maker when finished, reach back across me to put it away, and then spoke once again.

“That looks perfect, and very much describes you. In case you are wondering, I wrote in large capital letters, across you back, ‘ANAL SLUT’. I think that sums up what you have been so far today. Well I think that will do it for lunch time fun; I need to get a bite to eat to fuel up for after school fun.”

Sage then began to withdraw the long fake dong, causing me to no longer have a full feeling but instead left with a feeling of emptiness. She took it out slowly, but it soon left me entirely and was left to hang between her legs. I remained bent over my desk, feeling the gape of my stretched out hole open and close as my mistress took of the harness.

“I think I will store this in your desk for the rest of the day rather than have to continue carrying it in my bag.”

She then proceeded to open my bottom desk drawer to drop it in, but stopped momentarily upon seeing my pants.

“Oh, look at your discarded pants I think it would be really naughty if I took these with me. That would leave you without them for the rest of the afternoon, and that would certainly be daring. Still have want no limits slut?”

I blushed at the idea of having to remain bottomless for the rest of the school day, but responded the only way that would truly satisfy my deepest, darkest desires.

“Yes Mistress, no limits.”

“Excellent. You may stand and put your shirt back on. I will be back after school to continue to see just how far you are willing to go to earn our trip together. Until then, behave yourself like a good little slut.”

Sage then walked back to her desk and bag with my pants, before putting them inside and walking out of the room without even looking back in my direction. There was still about ten minutes left during the lunch break and I simply just sat down in my chair and reflected on what just happen as well as how I would get through the rest of the day without pants. I did open the bottom drawer to look at the left behind strap-on and large purple dildo prior to the bell ringing. It was out of curiosity and fascination that I looked; I wanted to look at what not long before had be completely buried inside me. I was astonished that something of its size could fit completely within me, but as the bell rang I had to close the drawer and attempt to refocus my head on the remaining periods in the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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