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Dad had been pushing himself all week, working from early light to just after sunset. He had done this once before to clear a bit more time for us to play. We had both voiced the opinion that an hour-and-a-half, are less, was just not enough time to really enjoy ourselves.

After watching our usual Wednesday night TV shows, I said good night to dad and mom and climbed the stairs to my bedroom. Entering my bedroom, I removed all of my clothing. I moved to the closet and extracted my dildo I hid, in one, of a pair of shoes I rarely wore.

I had neglected myself all week. I was horny as hell waiting for dad to tell me what was in the works.

My bed sat next to a wall with a window positioned about midway of the bed. I opened the blind, revealing a spotless night sky with a full moon shining into my window.

My dad’s cock was the only one I had seen in quite some time and it was natural, I suppose, that my mind would wander there. I smiled remembering the arching streams of his cum, the amount of it and his growling moans as he ejaculated. I was amazed that a man his age could still get such a rock-hard erection. But what did I know!

I began to caress my ample breasts, thinking about my father talking me into taking my bra off. Funny, when you think about it, it took more begging, pleading and reasoning on his part to convince me to shed my bra than it did my panties. You could see the hunger in his eyes as he studied my ample breasts for the first time. He commented on the size of my nipples and how hard they were.

You would think after seeing his daughter’s pussy, seeing her breasts would be a non-event, but he seemed to be just as jubilant viewing my breast for the first time as he did my pussy and ass.

After fingering my clit for a moment or two, I pushed the purple 8″dildo into my pussy. The dildo had balls attached to it, but usually I was unable to get the entire length into me until I had worked myself up to a “lost in lust” frenzy.

My hormones must’ve been shaken up, as I really didn’t desire to reach orgasm without dad being there. Dammit to hell! I was trying to be fateful to my dad. What a dumb ass desire! I lay there for many minutes just stroking the dildo into my pussy, unwilling to put my finger to my clit to get myself off. I drifted off to sleep twice only to awake and find the dildo still inside me. I finally gave up and withdrew it, quickly drifting off to sleep.


I was working myself to death, but it was going to be worth it! I had something special to show my daughter. I had my chores caught up, the fields in good order and I was hoping, as my birthday was Saturday, that I might convince Ella to do something special for me.

It was Thursday evening and after taking my shower, getting something to drink from the kitchen, I found the two girls watching TV. I sat in down and waited a few minutes before speaking.

“Ann, I thought I would go fishing tomorrow.”

“I noticed you’ve been working pretty hard. I think that’s a good idea. I know how you like to fish.” Amy said.

“I thought, if you don’t need Ella tomorrow maybe she would like to go with me? We’ll be home before the kids get off the bus.”

“I’m sure she would!” Amy replied. “She’s been helping me clean the house, getting ready for your party on Saturday.”


“Sounds good dad.” I said casually.

So, now I knew why dad was working so hard. Now! I was tempted to say no, to startle him, giving him a bit of payback for keeping me in the dark. Also, there was the thing about being naked, in a boat, on a wide-open lake. That, I was going to say no to! But I knew, there were lots of secluded, sheltered coves a boater could anchor a boat so it could not be seen from lake view or the air.

Another reason I was up to a “day of fishing”! I knew if there was any chance to meet any new available males in our area it would be at the public boat ramp. Everybody in Kansas fished, summer or winter.

That evening, I laid out my pretty, mid-night blue, one-piece bathing suit and a white T-shirt to wear over it. The color would go nicely with my light, curly, strawberry blonde hair.

Then, as I was beginning to ponder the possibility of awing any man I might cross paths with, instead of pondering a day of sex play with dad, the same guilty feeling of cheating on my husband gripped me again. Damn him! Dad couldn’t possibly think I was going to stay around forever! I made a decision to bring up such a subject in the near future.

Ella and Dad.

Daughter and father pulled out of the driveway, towing a 21′ bass-boat behind the pickup truck. The sun was just beginning to filter through the tree casino şirketleri line.

Thomas had loaded all of the fishing gear that he usually did, as a show of actually going fishing.

“I wished you had let me in on your little secret a little sooner.” Ella said. “I’ve been horny all week.”

“You’ve been saving up for me!” Thomas said teasingly. “That’s sweet, Ella.”

“As dumb as that might sound, dad!” Yes.” Ella replied.

“I hope you’re going to like what I have to show you today!” He said.

“You’re not going to tell me what it is?” She queried.

“Nope! It’s a surprise.”

They arrived at the boat ramp and Ella was immediately disappointed, seeing only three rigs in the parking lot, all with out-of-state plates. Then, she remembered that it was Friday and that everyone would be working. She helped her father guide the trailer down the boat ramp. They traded places and Ella parked the truck, gathered up her necessities bag and joined her father waiting in the boat, the 150 hp outboard warming up.

Thomas had brought along two fishing poles and a small box of tackle just for show.

The late July morning was already quite warm and Ella enjoyed what little breeze she got behind the windshield of the bass-boat.

Thomas had the power near the max and the boat was making over 50 knots on the smooth water of the lake.

They waved at the occupants of a boat as they sped by.

Ella glanced at her watch occasionally, wondering where they were going and how long it was going to take. Her last look at the time showed that they had been cruising almost a half an hour, but she was enjoying the beauty of the morning and really didn’t care much. It took a little over an hour before Thomas pulled the power back and pointed the boat towards the trees.

Thomas had been here before many times and had powered down the boat at the right place to allow it to drift into the tree line. He retrieved a long pole from the floor of the boat and began to push the boat deeper into the trees.

Ella stared at the water and the trees, but when her father had poled them about 100 yards she looked up to see a small cabin perched on dry ground.

Thomas jumped from the bow, with rope in hand, and tied the boat off to a tree. He helped his daughter climb from the boat.

“Good Lord, dad! How in the world did you find this? ” She exclaimed.

“I built this about three years ago.” He replied. “Well, I found three guys who did not mind working in the winter and they helped me. I used a friend’s large John-boat to get most of the supplies back here and the rest we hauled in overland. In the winter, you can walk back to that rise and from the top you can see our house. It’s dangerous to do in the summer because of the snakes.”

Ella stood for long moments staring at the cozy looking little cabin.

“So you’re squatting on public land?”

“Your grandfather held title to the land 50 feet back into the water. Then, the Corps of Engineers took it for the public good. No one is ever going to know it’s here.”

“Aren’t you afraid that Bigfoot or that swamp creature might come calling?”

Ella asked, half seriously.

“We ran the last Bigfoot out of this region years ago.” Thomas replied. “Besides, I keep a loaded shotgun in the cabin should any hairy beast come calling.” He teased back.

Ella followed her father as they climbed the three steps onto the porch of the cabin. He unlocked the cabin and they entered.

“This is marvelous, dad!” Ella said, noting the built-in single bed, small wood stove, small wooden table, two chairs, sink and storage cabinets and a ladder leading up to a storage area, all in a 12 x 14 area.

“We even have a pump with a pipe far enough out into the lake to have good water. Don’t think I would drink it though.”

Ella sat down on the bed, noting the firm mattress and quilt, and thought how smart her father was. She began to appreciate the seclusion, safety and the time they had to spend in this marvelous place.

Thomas made a few trips back to the boat and they were settled in. He opened the one window in the back of the cabin to let out the stuffiness.


I saw that Ella was tickled to death with the cabin. We had an easy five hours before we had to start back to the boat ramp. She began to look at me with a slight smile on her face, rocking her feet back and forth. I took it as the opportunity to tell her what I had in mind.

“You said you’ve been horny for quite a while?” I queried. “You want to relax for a while or undress and have some fun?”

She answered by standing, removing her T-shirt, dropping the straps off of her swimsuit, casino firmaları unzipping it in the back and pushing it down off of her. I beamed a smile at her, amazed at how swiftly she had stripped.

I began to undress.


I saw my father undressing and it occurred to me that I had never actually seen more than his cock sticking out of his jeans. I sat back down and watched him. He soon stood naked as a jaybird for my appraisal.

Dad was a handsome man, and I told him so, as I now saw his flat belly and muscular body. His cock stood at the ready but was not yet as hard as I had seen it. He would soon be taking care of that!

“I have something to ask you, Ella.” Dad began, with some hesitancy in his voice. “Will you get me off today?”

I heard his words but it took a moment for them to sink in. I jumped up off the bed!

“No, dad!!” That is not going to happen!” I exclaimed, not the least bit concerned with a squirrel might hear me. “Dammit! You always do this! You keep pushing and pushing and pushing. I showed you my pussy the first time, right out of the box! But no, you had to have my panties off and then my bra.

Now, you’re asking me to jerk you off! What the hell?”

“I was just thinking, since it is my birthday tomorrow, that you would do something special for me?”

I sat back down on the bed feeling defeated. He always said things that made me give in, to do what I didn’t want to do. Damn him! Anyway, it wasn’t like I was going to do something I wouldn’t like.

“What the hell!” I said. “Go wash it, dad.”

I rose off the bed, gathered up the heavy quilt, folded it a couple of times and placed it on the floor. Before he began washing, I saw dad reach for a clock and set the alarm. Good idea I thought. I dropped to my knees and stared at the wall until he finished washing his cock and returned to stand in front of me.

His shaft was big veined and curved upwards slightly. It’s domed head slightly darker.

I began toying and fondle it with the fingers of my left hand as dad looked down at me. He reached to stroke my nipple with his finger.

“Don’t!” I commanded.

I gripped it hard! Loosing up a bit, I began to stroke it. Dad’s cock was soon rigid and I began to tighten the foreskin as I pumped backwards. The domed head of this cock blossomed, widening the pee hole, and I looked at the hole as it began to ooze a little bit. With my thumb, I spread the slick moisture over the head.

“That’s good, sugar.” Dad whispered.

I was never going to admit it, but I was enjoying pumping dad’s cock. Hell, I really enjoyed pumping any cock.

In my past life, on occasion, I had succumbed to the desire to suck a cock, and I was pondering should I give dad a real treat. Pondering this, my right hand drifted to my mound, my middle finger probing between my labia. I needed to get the blood boiling before I made such a decision.

“Oh fuck, girl!” Dad exclaimed lustfully, as my mouth closed lightly over the domed head of this cock. I didn’t suck on it, but let it slide in and out of my mouth loosely.

He placed his hands on my head.

“Put your god damn hands down! Straight down like a statue.” I commanded. “You touch me again and I’ll stop!”

To show him I was serious, there were a few minutes before I took the domed head back into my mouth. Truth be known, I couldn’t help myself.

My right hand left my pussy and I cupped his balls, squeezing them tenderly. Dad’s soft moans were pretty much continuous now.

I removed my hands, placing them on the back of his thighs, and began to consume his length into my mouth. I gagged a little at first as I always did, but soon I was taking all of his length and placed suction on it as I pulled from it. Dad’s ass began to thrust slightly.

I looked up at the dad while sucking his cock. He was staring down at me with a blank look and half closed eyes. My right hand went back to my pussy and I began to pump dad’s cock once more, with determination and more suction on his shaft. His moans and body language told me he was close and I took my mouth off of this cock, stroking it fast, gripping it tightly.

“AAGGgggggggg! AAggggggggggggg!” He growled.

The first eruption of cum blasted onto my forehead, stringing down onto my nose, over my mouth, onto my chin. The second eruption hit the middle of my chest slightly above my breast, stringing down about 5 inches. The other two hitting below my belly button, one actually stringing down my mound.

“Oh my! Oh my! Look at that!” I joyfully extolled, the whole time dad was ejaculating all over me.” I love it!

As dad stood shaking, I couldn’t help but wonder what güvenilir casino that huge amount cum erupting with such force must feel like going into a woman’s belly.

As he took a few unsteady steps backward, I stood and I moved to the sink to clean up. Secretly, I slipped my forefinger through the splat of cum on my cheek and tasted it.

After cleaning up, I placed the quilt back on the bed and sat down studying dad.

“That was a hell of a birthday present, Ella.” Dad said. “How about I give you a back rub to show my appreciation.”

I reclined back on the bed and rolled to my chest, indicating my approval.

Dad began to rub my neck and shoulders working down my back. He returned to my arms, working his way down again.

“May I touch your ass?” He queried, with hope in his tone.

“Just watch yourself.” I answered.

He began to squeeze my buttocks, in a noble effort, working his way down the back of my thighs, my calves and then my feet. I purred like a kitten in appreciation.

“Ella, it would give me so much pleasure if you would let me nibble on your ass just a moment.”

I did not answer, but after a long moment, I felt his lips on my ass and his teeth nibbling lightly.

“That’s enough!” I commanded, as his tongue slid up the crack of my ass.

I flopped over and motioned for him to continue the massage. He began rubbing my shoulders, staying well clear of my breast, making his way down to my hips, legs, knees and feet. After a minute or two of the foot massage;

“I suppose, since tomorrow is your birthday, if you would like, you can suck each one of my nipples for a whole minute.” I offered.

I closed by eyes, felt his lips suckling and I began counting slowly, very slowly.

“The other one.”

I shooed him away and pointed towards the end of the bed. I propped the pillow up against the railed headboard, positioning myself with my knees high, feet flat on the bed and spread my legs, exposing my pussy for all the world to see. My forefinger and middle finger of my left hand began to stroke and explore my pussy. With my right hand, for the benefit of my father, I pulled at my pussy lips.

I did not shoo him away, when dad moved to the side of the bed and sat down. I watched him with much interest, seeing the desire and intense curiosity in his eyes.

“That’s the prettiest thing I have ever seen in the world.” He said just above a whisper, amazement in his tone. “You’re beginning to get a little hair.”

“Is it prettier and mom’s?” I hated myself the instant I uttered the words.

“It’s much prettier!” He answered.

I did not shoo his hand when his finger brushed over my mound.

“Ella, let me do that for you. Please, let dad do that for you.” He pleaded.

I knew, again, I was letting him talk me into going a bit further. I withdrew my own hand and smiled at him.

His upturned finger took my breath away when he flicked my clit ever so tenderly. Again, again and again, the tip of his finger lightly stroked my clit with a feather light touch. I closed my eyes feeling my body flush. The minutes ticked by and my body was beginning to tremble a bit.

“NO! DAMMIT!” I shouted, as my eyes popped open and my legs slammed shut, feeling his finger leave my clit and poke the entrance to my pussy.

It was all I said. I relaxed again and closed my eyes, spreading my knees once more. His finger returned to my clit. As the long minutes pasted, I let myself drift into sexual bliss, the coziness of the warm cabin, sexual intimacy, incest that it was, with my father and the knowledge that we were safe and secure from discovery in the deep woods.

With such a feather light touch, the orgasm rose slowly, taking hold of me slowly, causing my body to shake uncontrollably when it finally took hold.

“MMMMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMM! MMMmmmmmmm!” I moaned, not warning or needing to be very vocal.

“That was very, very good, dad!” I told him, when the orgasm had faded away, giving him a big smile. “Come up here and cuddle with me a while.

I had not intended to drift off to sleep, but I did. The alarm clock woke me up and I saw dad dressed and preparing things to leave. Had he slept? I found it odd that he would leave me lying nude. Had he found it erotic, stopping to study me whenever he desired.

I was feeling groggy as I dressed. I noticed familiar stains on the floor. I followed them, seeing there was a string of strain on the 1×6 bottom bed rail. I was sure they had not been there before, which left only one reason for the strains. Dad had please himself, using my sleeping nude body for stimulus. What the hell! It made be smile.

The grogginess did not leave me until I asked my father to stop about halfway to the boat ramp and let me swim for a while. The water was cool and refreshing. It was a marvelous day. I loved my daddy and found him sexy. I had kept my “no intercourse” pledge to myself!

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