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I met Debbie by accident, well this whole episode was about accidents, but more of that later. I’d been out having a drink and looking at the talent. I’d gone to one of my favorite bars in town that is quite a popular place, but not too crowded and not too loud with the music that you couldn’t hear yourself speak in there. The place usually had a fair few nice looking women knocking around and I started to chat to this attractive blonde girl. She was in her early to mid twenties I guess and had the classic sexy slim blonde look. I fancied her and we seemed to be getting on alright as the night went on, making small talk and flirting, she had a nice laugh. Of course she was with a couple of her friends, another blonde who had short hair and big tits and who was a little on the plump side, and a tall slim girl with long curly black hair and small titties.

The evening progressed and I didn’t get the brush off so it was all looking good. I bought them a few drinks and they had a few rounds between themselves too (I didn’t drink much as I had my car with me). Unfortunately by the end of the evening Sam (Samantha?), the blonde I was gunning for had had a bit too much and was acting pretty tipsy inside the bar. When we went outside and the night air hit her she suddenly went really green and was all over the place. Well there’s drunk and there’s shitfaced and she was definitely the latter as she started reeling about and talking rubbish loudly. The dark haired friend was still with her and was trying to hold her up and control her, the other blonde had disappeared pronto as soon as we got outside.

Obviously any chance of some action with Sam had gone out of the window at this stage but I stayed with them as the dark haired girl tried to get Sam into a taxi. None of the drivers were having it though, and I don’t blame them the way that she was looking although she had quietened down a bit by now. In the end against my better judgment I came over all gallant, decided to risk it and offered to take her and her friend home as it wasn’t that far, only about 15 minutes drive. The other girl assured me that Sam was never sick and she’d warn me if she thought there was going to be a problem.

We got in the car and made the short journey without any unfortunate incident in the back of my car for which I was both thankful and relieved. Sam was almost comatose by this stage. We pulled up outside a terrace house in a side street and Sam’s friend helped her out of the car, I was going to go up the drive with them when the dark haired girl said.

‘You’d better wait in the car if you don’t mind. Her boyfriend will answer the door and it might get awkward.’

I took her point and went back to sit in my car thinking that I had been led on royally for the evening for a fair few free drinks! At no time had she mentioned living with her boyfriend (not that it would have put me off of a one-nighter). Sitting there ruefully considering this and facing up to an ultimately disappointing evening I looked up to see the tall dark haired girl coming back down the pathway. I wound down the passenger window and she leaned in and that was when I noticed that she was actually quite attractive herself. She smiled at me and said.

‘Thanks for bringing us back, that was nice of you.’

‘No problem,’ I replied smiling back. ‘Do you want a lift?’

‘No, I’m okay thanks. I’ll stay round here for a coffee and then call a taxi later.’

‘Okay then, I’ll see you around.’ I said reaching for the ignition still being Mr. nice and sociable.

‘If you like you could give me a call and we could go out some time.’ She said before I turned the key. I was caught off guard by her offer, but it certainly cheered me at that point. She smiled and handed a slip of paper to me through the window before turning to go back into the house, shutting the door with a wave. I looked down at the paper in the street light, it had her mobile number written on it and her name, ‘Debbie’.

The next day thinking on it I decided that I rather fancied this girl, not just her looks but her straight forward manner too, so I figured that I would give Debbie a call. I rang the number she had given me, and when she answered and I said that it was me from last night she sounded pleased that I had called. We chatted nicely for a little while and then arranged to go out for a meal that same evening, meeting in the same bar again from last night first.

When we met in the bar, Debbie looked stunning, I don’t know how I’d missed how very attractive she was the other night, I guess that I had just been concentrating on pulling Sam, I do have a thing for blondes I have to admit! Debbie was wearing a tight fitting short black dress with black stockings and shiny red little leather stiletto shoes. She was wearing her black curly hair loose and it fell over her shoulders. As I said before, she had small tits, hardly a handful, but they were perky and I don’t mind small ones at all really, in fact I actually find big tits a bit of a turn off myself.

We had a drink or two bahis siteleri and then moved on to a small Italian restaurant a bit further down the road where we had a nice little meal. We were getting on really well as the evening progressed, I found Debbie to have a nice open way with her and her smile was lovely. She had a very symmetrical face with cat-like eyes and arching narrow black eyebrows. When the waiter came to ask if we wanted coffees Debbie suggested that we go back to hers for one. I agreed to her idea and got the bill and then we left. As we stepped out into the street I put my arm around her and our lips met in our first kiss, I felt a stirring in my pants.

A short taxi ride took us to Debbie’s flat. We went in through the front door and up a narrow flight of stairs to her front door where Debbie let us in. It was a nice flat, a bit small, but she lived there on her own so I guess that wasn’t too much of a problem.

‘Sit down and I’ll put the kettle on.’ She said disappearing through into the kitchen. I took off my coat and sat down on the sofa.

‘Nice place.’ I called through to her as she made herself busy in there.

‘Thanks, you can put on the TV or find some music if you like.’

I got up and sorted though the rack of CD’s next to the little HiFi and found an old Motown compilation that I put on. I had just sat down when Debbie came back in and handed me a mug of hot coffee.

‘Thanks.’ I said.

Debbie smiled and put hers down on a cabinet.

‘I’ll be back in a moment.’ She said disappearing through the other door of the room.

Probably gone to the toilet I thought and sat back looking around the place and feeling a growing anticipation at the evening’s prospects.

Debbie was quite a while, and then I heard her coming back and looked up. She stood in the doorway of the room smiling and I smiled back big as a Cheshire cat because Debbie had got changed. She was now wearing a short red silky kimono which she let fall open as I looked at her. Underneath she was wearing a tight little black camisole with red ribbon trimmings around the cups that tried to make a cleavage out her small breasts, tiny black lacy knickers and the stockings and suspenders from earlier with the shoes still on too. I love sexy underwear, I really do.

‘Wow! You look great, very sexy.’ I told her.

‘Do you like it?’ She said smiling as she walked towards me.

‘I certainly do, good job that I haven’t got a weak heart!’ I joked.

Debbie folded her legs as she nestled on the sofa next to me and our mouths met in a sweet hot kiss. Our tongues wrestled together and my hands reached around to caress her tight bum. We kissed for a while and then I felt her hand running down my stomach, the palm ending up cupping my crotch and gently squeezing, feeling my hardness. Debbie broke the kiss and smiled at me.

‘That feels nice and big.’ She said, ‘Good!’ She grinned, stroking me through the material.

As Debbie began to unfasten my belt and trouser fly I sneaked a hand round and up between her thighs to run it over the little hump in the front of her black panties, her crotch was burning hot to my touch. We were kissing again and Debbie groaned into my mouth with pleasure as I slipped my hand down the waist band felt her sex. I could feel that she was shaved down there with a patch of cropped hair on her mound above her pussy, my middle finger traced a gentle line up the soft groove that I had found. I curled my finger up and entered warm wetness as her hand wrapped around my shaft and began to make firm slow strokes.

Using her wetness for lubricant I withdrew my finger and began to circle around her clit, being careful not to actually touch it just yet, but to tease her first. Debbie laid her head on my chest and closed her eyes a look of pleasure on her face as my finger continued its action. Debbie lay there for a while and then she began to slip southwards, I had to adjust my position to maintain contact with her pussy. Debbie pushed at my trouser waistband and I lifted my hips so that she could slip them down my thighs. I gasped as I felt her hot soft mouth envelope my cock. She was doing a wonderful job on it, sucking and licking and nibbling whilst still gently pumping it up and down with her hand.

I pulled at her thighs and with an awkward bit of shifting I had got her so that we were in a sixty nine position, Debbie with her head down at my crotch and me with my head between her thighs, her legs going past me to rest on the back of the sofa. I stared at her crotch from close range, bent forward and ran my tongue over the bulge in the material of her knickers. I could taste her through it. I wrapped my arm over and around her thighs and pulled aside the gusset of her knickers to look at her pussy. It was shaved smooth with a close cropped little triangle of very dark hair on her mound of Venus. Her pussy lips were quite slim even though they were obviously swollen with excitement and only just protruded from between the groove making a pretty little pink pout. canlı bahis siteleri That’s good, I like a tidy cunt.

I stretched my tongue out and ran it up and down between those delicate lips and I heard and felt Debbie moan with pleasure, my cock still in her mouth. I lapped away like that for a while and then using my fingers I pried her cunt open to take a good look inside. I stretched her wide and took in every detail of the lovely pink interior. Her clit was small with a narrow little hood, it stood out like a little button as I exposed it. Her vaginal entrance, a puckered ring looked tight too and I could see white juice seeping from inside her love passage. I leaned my head forwards and delved my tongue in there to taste her and felt her cunt envelope my face in hot wetness.

I really went to work on her pussy using every trick I knew, licking, sucking and nibbling to get her off. Debbie was moaning louder and louder and louder as I drove her towards her climax! It was becoming a race between what I was doing to her and what she was doing to me and I was having trouble holding back But then just as I could hold out no longer she began to pant and groan urgently and was actually orgasming just as I went over the edge myself and felt the glorious release of shooting into her greedy hot mouth!

We collapsed in a spent heap together and lay there for a while recuperating from an intense experience. Coming round I said to Debbie.

‘That was wonderful, thanks.’

Debbie shifted from her rather awkward position to sit next to and cuddle up to me on the sofa.

‘My pleasure.’ She said smiling, adding. ‘You were pretty good yourself!’

I was pleased at the compliment, I like to think that I know how to satisfy a woman.

We sat for a while and then Debbie asked me if I would like to stay the night? When I agreed she led me through into her bedroom where in bed after a quick cuddle I was ready for action again and after going down on her sweet pussy for a while we fucked in a variety of positions, laying, standing and from behind before I shot my load into her with a groan of pleasure. Debbie certainly enjoyed her sex and was quite uninhibited. We cuddled up and drifted off to sleep. I left early in the morning to go home and change for work and we arranged to speak later on the phone.

We did speak again on the phone later on that day talking for quite a while and eventually arranging to go out again on Tuesday evening. Having spoken for some time earlier that day I was surprised to find when I checked my mobile again later to find that Debbie had left a message for me. I pressed the buttons to listen to it and got a rather strange recording. There were rustling sounds and then an extended splashing sound like water being poured away and then some more rustling and finally the sound of a toilet being flushed. I laughed when I realized what must have happened. Debbie had gone to the loo and had somehow pressed the redial button on her phone whilst messing about in her handbag and had managed to inadvertently send me a recording of her having a piss! That got me thinking about her hot little pussy again and made me hard. I decided to keep the message and play it back to her when we went out on Tuesday night, it should give her a laugh.

I went round to Debbie’s and picked her up and we went out to a different bar. Once again she was wearing a short dress, she’s got nice shapely legs and likes to show them off. She looked very sexy. We had a nice evening, it was quiet it being a Tuesday but we were feeling intimate anyway. A while into the evening I remembered the phone call and taking my mobile out of my pocket I said to Debbie.

‘Oh, I got your message the other day.’

Debbie looked puzzled.

‘What message? I haven’t left you a message.’

‘Well it was from your number, look, take a listen.’

Debbie took the phone from me and looked at the number.

‘That’s my number, how strange.’ She said scrolling through the options to listen to the call.

I sat there smiling as the message played and Debbie began to giggle and go red faced.

‘Oh dear! I sent you a message of me in the loo by mistake, I am sorry.’ She laughed.

‘It’s alright, I saw the funny side of it. I just didn’t know that you were that kinky is all.’

Debbie gave me a wicked look.

‘You might be surprised.’ She warned me sexily.

‘Only pleasantly.’ I countered, we were developing a nice rapport between us.

A few drinks more to round off the evening out and then we found ourselves back at Debbie’s flat. As I sat in the lounge Debbie said to me.

‘Wait here a moment and I’ll get changed into something a bit more sexy if you like?’

‘Sure, no problem. I’m all in favour of that.’ I assured her as she disappeared out of the room.

Soon Debbie came back and leaned in the doorframe.

‘What do you think?’ She asked standing there.

She was wearing a black see-through body stocking that had suspenders around the bottom holding up sheer black canlı bahis stockings on her slim legs and calf length shiny leather boots with pointy toes and high heels.

‘Yeah, you look hot Debbie, very hot!’ I told her in admiration, thinking what a lucky sod I was right now.

‘Come on then.’ She said motioning me to follow her.

I got up and went with her through to the bedroom. Debbie got onto the bed and I followed her kneeling on the covers and embracing her in a kiss, running my hands over the sheer material on her shapely bum. Our tongues jousted in hot mouths and then Debbie broke off and pushed me back separating us. She moved up to the end of the bed and reached under her pillow to pull out a shiny chrome vibrator.

‘Would you like to watch me play with this for a while?’ She asked me saucily.

‘Yeah, that would be nice. You go ahead and have fun.’ I replied sitting back.

Debbie propped herself up against her pillows and sat spread legged before me. There was a soft hum as she switched on the vibrator. Debbie ran the tip of the device over her pert nipples that showed through as dark circles in the material of her body stocking making them stick out even more. Then she traced a line down her body to her crotch with the tip of the vibrator, running it up and down the center when she got there, following the dark crease. She pinched a nipple with the other hand and looked at me as she pushed the end harder into the crotch.

I was enjoying the show and still keeping my attention on Debbie I slipped off my jeans and pants and stripped to my T-shirt. I took hold of my erect cock and slowly began to rub it. Debbie smiled and then reached down to pop the studs on the crotch of her body stocking exposing her pussy which for tonight she had shaved completely bare. She reached around underneath her bum and spread the slim lips of her pussy wide revealing the pink inside whilst she toyed at her clit with the vibrator from above. Debbie began to wriggle her hips and moan quietly. I was getting very tempted to jump in but decided to try and just enjoy the wonderfully erotic show that I was getting here. Debbie changed the angle of the vibrator and began to insert it into her hole, working it in and out gradually pushing it in further each time. The buzzing sound got softer every time that the shiny chrome vibrator disappeared from view. Debbie was breathing quite hard now and as she pushed the vibrator in and out of her pussy she was rapidly circling her clitty with her other hand bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm.

‘Shall I make my self cum?’ She panted to me.

The way that she was going I don’t think that I could have stopped her and anyway it was so nice to watch her getting herself off.

‘Yes, go on Debbie, make yourself cum while I watch.’ I urged her.

Debbie renewed her efforts rubbing franticly at her clit and moaning on each breath until with a heavy groan she climaxed hard closing her thighs in on her hands.

‘That was nice to watch.’ I told her when she had regained herself a bit.

‘I hope you appreciated it, that’s not something that I’d do for everyone you know?’

‘Mostly just for yourself.’ I laughed snuggling up close to her.

Debbie smiled and picked up the vibrator from the bed and switched it on again. She took hold of my cock and began to run the buzzing machine up and down my shaft circling the head. The vibrations tingled through my length feeling very nice. Debbie held the end to the slit in the top of my cock head and pushed my foreskin up and down over it enveloping the tip of the toy. The sensations were intense and clear juice seeped out of me and made everything slick. She played with me like this for a while and I was starting to get near when she stopped and looked at me as if she was trying to make up her mind about something. I glanced at her puzzled and then a naughty look came over her face.

‘What are you thinking?’ I asked her.

‘You know that message that you played me earlier?’

‘Yes.’ I said. ‘The one of you in the loo?’

‘That’s right. How would you like to watch as well as hear?’

‘Watch you taking a pee?’ I asked surprised.

‘Yes.’ Smiling at me.

‘That sounds like a kinky idea, but yes I’d like to watch you do that if you’re going to let me.’ I said happily accepting her offer.

I’ve never got to see a woman peeing before, sure I’ve seen a few pictures, but never had the opportunity to see it for real or thought of asking to see it. The idea turns me on as it’s kind of a taboo and one of those private lady things that men don’t get to witness, I liked the suggestion a lot.

Debbie grabbed my hand.

‘Come on then, I’m bursting I’ve been holding it for ages wondering whether or not to ask you.’ She said leading me through to the small bathroom. I had thought that she would probably sit over the toilet with her legs spread so that I could see, but instead she kicked off her boots and stepped into the combined bath and shower. She still took hold of my hand and pulled me up and in with her. I wasn’t sure what she wanted as we turned around standing and facing each other. Debbie let go of me and stood with one leg up on the side of the bath as she reached down and spread her pussy lips open.

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