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Asswink Booty

For ShadowRosie and Poh Mi

It had been almost seven months since our first experience in bisexuality. Our experience was excellent and very rewarding for both of us and it had made our union more solid. Plus, we were the best of friends, sharing everything with delight. Our sex was never better; illuminating, sensual and utterly satisfying. Our anniversary was coming up and an idea had formed in my head, one that I would make happen.

Rita and Mo were a solid couple now and heading toward becoming engaged. We played with them several times with “play” being the operative word. We tried and enjoyed every fantasy we’d shared and we were really wallowing in our new found freedom. And actually, we’d all become much closer to each other. I respected and admired Mo for his ability to cut to the chase; he was forthright and honest. We’d become very close friends, advising each other in business, too. He admired me for my common sense approach to nearly everything. We all regarded each other as family. It was a heady time.

My business had grown exponentially. With some guidance, and some connections, from Mo, I was becoming very successful. As the head of my company, my income took a great leap upward and I handsomely rewarded my staff with more responsibilities as well as bonuses for each successful project. Fortunately, all our projects were wildly successful and led to more creative, and larger, projects. Combined with Ellen’s income, we were loaded. We were on a roll.

By doing extensive research, I’d found a place to celebrate our fourth anniversary. Ellen had suggested that a nude beach was one of her fantasies and so I had found a small, very exclusive five-star luxury resort on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. For adult couples only, it allowed for full nudity except at meals (where you were requested to wear a pareu). It was quite expensive, too, but what the hell, if you’re going to go – go big or go home, right? Also, I had plenty of money coming in so it was no sweat covering the tab. I told Ellen to free her schedule for two weeks and I placed a reservation for a beachfront suite to time around our anniversary. I didn’t tell Ellen where we were headed, just to bring suntan lotion. She tried unsuccessfully to reveal my surprise but I was good and the secret held. As our departure grew closer, we both became more excited.

We spent most of our free time getting into shape. I’d put on a few pounds and so I had to work a bit more than Ellen, who looked fine bordering on exquisite. During this period, she kept trying to squeeze the surprise out of me but I stayed mum.

“Okay, don’t tell me. Just give me a hint, pleeeze?”

“Sure, here’s a hint. Sun and sea. There you go.”

I received a big raspberry. I never gave in, even as we arrived at the airport. I got a big “ooooh” when we checked in at AeroMexico. I escorted her into their private lounge to await boarding our flight and received another “ooooh.”

“Only First Class for my love,” I said.

“You know I’ve never flown First Class,” she squealed.

“Only First Class for my love,” I repeated. We had about a hour before boarding and so we took advantage of the free breakfast and we also stocked up on snacks. We relaxed in big Eames loungers and felt mighty grand. When the steward came over to tell us that our flight was now boarding, Ellen asked if we could take the chairs with us. Unfortunately, the answer was “no” but she took it in stride as we were escorted into the plane. Fortunately, the plane’s First Class seating was almost as comfortable.

The flight was uneventful and we landed early at Cancun International Airport. We were met by a chauffeured Escalade limousine for the hour and a half ride to the resort. We shared the ride with another couple, Richard and Gwen from Scotch Plains, who were a bit older. Privately, I told them that Ellen didn’t know our destination and to please not spill it. They smiled approvingly. They, too, had never been to this resort and were very much looking forward to it. They had been to Cancun twice before and told us what to expect, where to tour and several other tips. They did say that this resort was the most luxurious destination in the region which only made Ellen more excited.

As we reached the entrance of the resort, I noticed Ellen’s brow furrow with a mix of curiosity and awe. As we drove through the heavy tropical foliage, she began to smile. The limo pulled up and bellmen opened the doors, another scurried to retrieve the luggage. We were guided to check-in and within a few minutes were placed on a golf cart and driven to our room. It was a small casita on the beach, furnished to the nines and extravagantly luxe. It had a open plan: a large living room and entertaining space, a separate bar/kitchen, a separate bedroom (very large) with an ensuite bathroom (with a large oval bathtub and a large walk-in shower). Light poured in from every angle. Our porter explained the many amenities, like wifi, and then explained the rules of the otele gelen escort resort. First, he told us about the spa and suggested that we make appointments, he told us of the times when meals were served, he told us where the hotel shops were located (and mentioned that marijuana could be purchased there),and he told us to reserve a beach tent, as well as an umbrella, beach toys and kayaks. He said there were trips off the property to the nearby Tulum ruin and the town. He said we should check with the desk for those dates. As for the rules, there were few: nudity was allowed all around the two-hundred forty acres of the property except within the restaurants where a pareu was the minimum required (and he mentioned that they were pareus for us in our wardrobe closet, and they were ours to keep), fraternizing with the staff was prohibited, open sex was frowned upon (however the beach at night was recommended), and that whatever occurred within the rooms was our business. I tipped him well and he excused himself.

Ellen was over the top. She danced around the room, checking into everything. She opened the bar and popped a cold bottle of champagne. We drank straight from the bottle, champagne frothing out of silly grins. I flopped down on the king-size bed and watched her happily cavort and jump up and down on the bed. I suggested that we put on our pareus and tour the grounds as it was still quite early in the day.

“I have a better idea,” she said, “first let’s fuck like the hedonists we are!”

“No, I think that we should let this place get us really good and horny first.”

“I’ll already horny as hell!”

“Good, come on, let’s trip out.” I pulled a joint from the complimentary gifts on the living room table and then I stripped down, walked out to the veranda where I parked myself on a two-person lounge and lit up.

“Okay, you win.” She stripped and joined me. I passed the joint as she read to me from the Hospitality Guide. “Oh my, this place is “all-inclusive. It says here that we should order breakfast in the room the night before. Oooh, the menu looks great…Everything except the store, the drinks and the spa services are included…”

“Great. We’re saving money already!”

“…trips are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Let’s book the trip to Tulum first.”

“…and book the trip into town on Thursday.”

“Hmm. Today is Saturday. I think I’ll book the Spa on Monday. Let’s see what services I’ll book…massage, of course…get my hair and nails done…and full wax…”

“Go crazy!”

“Come on, let’s explore.” I took one more hit while she grabbed the pareus and a couple of large beach towels.

We walked from the veranda onto the beach. It was a snug cove and there were about twenty couples spread out along the shore.

“Whee!” Giggling hysterically, my naked bride turned cartwheels in the sand. “Last one in is…” She was gone before she finished the sentence. I strolled down to the water and dropped the stuff. I joined her in a flash.

“Oh, my God. I’m dead and gone to heaven! This is a dream, I swear. Pinch me!”

I tweaked a lovely nipple, maybe harder than I intended.

“Ow!” She smiled. “Thanks. I really am in heaven. This is everything I’ve dreamed about.”

We played in the gentle surf for a while. The sky was a cloudless azure. The sea was equally turquoise. And we were starkers. This truly was paradise. As we left the water, we stopped and stared back at the scene. Then we turned around and took in the entire resort. The beach was lined with casitas, some larger than others. In the center, was the main buildings and a large pool with a laughing crowd at the swim-up bar.

“What are you looking at? You’re not supposed to stare!”

We turned to the voice which came from a large, perhaps six-foot statuesque beauty, all bronze and with nice very large breasts laying on a towel, her equally tall and buff partner next to her.

“Sorry. We were just taking in the resort. We weren’t staring at you. Actually, we hadn’t got there yet.” I smiled.

“I’m only kidding. Stare all you want. I take it that this is your first time here.”

“Are we that obvious?” Ellen asked.

“Yes, it’s obvious that you are newbies. That’s okay, we all were once. Grab your stuff and join us.” She waved to a waiter who came down the beach.

We spread our towels in the sand and set ourselves down. They sat up. The waiter came up and she said, “Is a pitcher of Margaritas good with you?” We nodded. “Also, can we have some snacks? Bring anything delicious.”

“Yes, Madam.” Off he went.

“I’m Sherry and this is my main squeeze, Kenny. We’re from Connecticut.”

We introduced ourselves. “I take it you’ve been here before.”

“Yes, we’re regulars. This is our fifth visit in as many years. After our first time, we agreed that there was no point ever going anywhere else. This place is excellent.”

“That’s good to hear. We’re plenty impressed pendik escort thus far.”

“It only gets better. What brought you to this place.”

“Ellen once told me that she’d never been to a nude beach so I decided to surprise her and go whole hog. We just got here about an hour ago.”

“You made the right choice. And you haven’t even experienced the night parties yet!”

“I can hardly wait,” said Ellen.

“I hope that you guys aren’t shy or inhibited. Anything goes here.”

“Like I said, I can hardly wait. And it’s hard to be inhibited when you’re sitting across from two gorgeous nudes.”

“You’re hardly cans of Spam, yourselves. I think you both look quite tasty. What do you think, Kenny.”

“I agree, my dear. Quite tasty!”

Fortunately, the waiter appeared and set up a small table. He poured the drinks in chilled goblets rimmed with salt. On the table was a mixed grill of tempting hors d’oeuvres. Kenny signed the tab, tipped him and he nodded his thanks as he shuffled off.

“Thank you. The next round is on me,” I offered.

“That’s okay. I pretty sure that we won’t make it to another round,” said Kenny.

We drank and nibbled and small-talked until the pitcher was empty. “So, let me ask you? Are you guys plain vanilla,” Sherry inquired.

“No,” Ellen said, “we’re married and bi…but we only play together.”

“You are our kind of people. We’re of the same proclivity. It’s a little unusual to find another bi couple here. Usually, she is and he isn’t. It’s refreshing. Oh! Ray, you’re getting hard!”

“Yeah, well, we’re newbies. I have to say the eye-candy is spectacular.”

“I agree,” said Kenny, who cock had grown as well.”

“My puss is dripping,” Ellen added.

“Mine, too. What say we walk over to our casita?”

We got up and picked up our stuff. Ellen took the empty pitcher and I picked up the table as we turned to walk up the beach. The waiter saw us and waved to us that we should put down the table.

“Don’t worry about that. They do everything for guests here. They’ll even wipe your ass you ask them!”

We followed them back to their casita, which was larger than ours. “We’re just a few down from here,” I noted.

“Follow me,” said Kenny. He led us into the bathroom and turned on the shower. “Ladies?” He gestured toward the shower. There was room for maybe eight people in the shower and with multiple shower heads, water cascaded all over us. Soon, hands were everywhere. Satisfied moans were there, too. Sherry’s breasts were a festival of flesh, her nipples jutting out. Ellen sucked one into her mouth. I reached over and stroked Kenny’s cock. He responded by nibbling on one of my nipples.

Sherry turned off the shower and pushed us out. “Come on, let’s get crazy.” She led us to the bedroom where she plopped down and spread her legs. All of us jumped on and began to kiss and caress her.

“Taste her, Ray. She has the sweetest pussy.”

“Well, I could debate that but instead I’ll leave it to Ellen’s cunt. Taste that, Kenny.”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

The woman lay next to each other waiting for our tongues. They did not wait long. I dived into Sherry’s vulva and was greeted with a mouthful of her nectar. I have to say that it was indeed flavorful as well as copious. She had a large vulva in keeping with her large frame and I soon found that her clit was very large and quite prominent as well. It fell between my lips and engorged quickly feeling like a miniature penis. I sucked on it vigorously causing her to arch her butt and groan.

Meanwhile, Ellen was on the receiving end of Kenny’s mouth and her wriggling about exemplified her delight in his oral technique. Both women were enjoying themselves and both were approaching their first orgasm when Ellen yelled, “Switch!”

She rolled over onto Sherry and they began to mash their groins together in a wild frenzy. Kenny and I watched with a combination of fascination and admiration. Both our dicks were hard and pointing north. Kenny’s penis was nice, about seven inches and cut with a prominent flared head, which was bright red. I leaned over to take his member and as I did so, he turned around to position us in a sixty-nine. He was above me and fed me his cock, thrusting it and filling me.

Since this was only my second cock (the first one was attached to Mo and I had sucked him several times), I took a special interest in investigating this most male organ. It was uniquely different in that it had a slight curve upward, his helmet flared more and had a bit of a larger piss slit, and his balls and scrotum were smaller and more compact. They certainly seemed to fit my mouth better. Back to the glans, I felt the spongy head slide along my tongue and as I sucked on it, I could feel the rest of his penis get stiffer. I ran the tip of my tongue into his slit and tasted what must have been the residue of piss. He groaned and pushed in deeper and deeper until he reached my throat. rus escort He began to slide back and forth until, and to my surprise, he unleashed a volley of spurts that quickly filled my mouth with his salty cream. He was panting and appeared to be out of breath as his orgasm abated. He slowly slipped from my mouth.

“Sorry,” he said, “that felt great and I was so horny.”

“It’s okay,” I said, “I understand. I’m plenty horny, too.”

“Good, now let me get serious.”

He slipped my hard spear between his lips and started to suck me vigorously. His balls rested on my my face and I nuzzled them. His fingers played on my ass. I looked over at the woman who were also in a sixty-nine. Between the squishy sounds were little sounds of joy and extreme, exciting pleasure. I turned my attention to my extreme, exciting pleasure. Kenny sure knew how to suck. He had considerable experience, of that I was certain. And, I suppose, I had pent up this orgasm for a few hours and so, my body started to shake. I was trembling as I shot burst after burst of my seed. Kenny was quick to suck the glans tenderly as more cum flowed forth. He was swallowing and nothing escaped his lips. my cock popped out of his mouth and I lay back, sweating, panting, and feeling very very satisfied. This blow job was intense, to put it mildly. But in some ways, it felt empty, almost textbook.

At about the same time, I heard Ellen grunting, a sure sign of orgasm. Moments later, Sherry began to yell, “Yes, yes, yes” in a constant steam with a few obscenities thrown in. She, too, was cumming intensely. The two rolled apart gasping to catch their breath.

Finally, Sherry said, “Oh, girl. You did me right. That was great. Kenny, you could take a few lessons from her!”

It was quiet for a few minutes as we all had to recover. Sherry sat up and proclaimed, “And that’s how we welcome newbies to paradise! We’re better than the check-in desk!”

We laughed and agreed with her good sense. She added, “I’m sorry that we’re leaving in two days or I could make you two a regular thing. Let’s be sure to exchange numbers so we can all meet when you return.” We agreed. “But now, if you don’t mind, let me chase you out. I think I need a nap.”

“That’s a good idea. Ray, let’s head back to our room. I need you in me.”

“Whatever you say, my love.”

Our room was only two casitas away but as we passed the first casita, a smiling naked couple on their veranda waved to us. I was sure that they had heard the whole thing. And we didn’t care. Once inside our casita, Ellen jumped my bones. And man, was she tight. I was reminded of Earl Butz, Richard Nixon’s Secretary of Agriculture, who once told the press, “All a man needs in life is a tight pussy, a loose pair of shoes and a warm place to shit!” I considered the wisdom of his words. I also chose not to share them with El, which might have been a good thing. Or, maybe, she might have laughed. Still, now was hardly the time.

Did I mention that Ellen was tight? Slipping the Sword Excalibre into her velvet sheath was one of the great pleasures of the universe – any universe. When she kegelled and gripped me, it was oh so good. As I slid in and out, she squeezed and released, squeezed and released, squeezed and released. And, on my downstroke, I pushed in deeper until she was squeezing my root. I only took about ten deep dives until I felt her juices coating the insides of my thighs. A few strokes after that, she gave me ‘the grunt’ and quickly came, thrashing her head from side to side. This was a particularly good orgasm.

“Oh, that was sooo good,” she said dreamily. “I needed you in me so bad.”

“Even after the orgasm from Sherry?”

“I faked it.”


“Yeah, she wasn’t that good. She didn’t hold a candle to Rita but she talked a good story. When she started to cum, and I was really working on that huge clit, I’d had enough and so I faked mine.”

“Hmm.” I was wondering if I could tell if she ever faked it with me.

“No. I know what you’re thinking. I’ve never faked it with you. See, it occurs to me that while I like pussy, I just love your cock the most. So I must be bisexual on the hetero side. Still, she was fun to play with…those big tits, geez.”

“Well, he gave me an ace bj, that I can attest to. He knew all the right spots. But, it wasn’t so much fun. The whole thing felt a little disappointing. Fucking you now was so much better. We fit together so well.”

“True that. But now, I’m all hopped up. Are you hungry? I am a little. Let’s go back to our tour and grab a bite by the pool.”

“You have the best ideas.”

We cleaned up and put on our pareus which were flimsy and nearly see-through. Wearing it made me feel Polynesian, and maybe a little hedonistic. We walked through the main building and checked out the restaurant and gift shops. I was amazed at the marijuana store and bought some fancy pre-rolls. Then we walked out to the pool, which was quiet. There were a few people sunning out on the chaises. There was a bit more action in the grille. We took a table under the awning.

“May I get you a drink?” asked the waitress. She was a cute woman in a spellbinding uniform. I could see nearly all of her little panty clad ass. We ordered soft fruit drinks and she left.

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