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I’m standing in front of a full-length mirror. I almost don’t recognize the sexy woman staring back at me. I’ve dressed this way for Nick more times than I can count. I’ve always loved the way sexy lingerie makes me feel, but I normally wear something over it – not today. I suppose I look good for a forty-seven year old woman – no unwanted bulges or excessive wrinkles. I’m just five pounds heavier than I was when Nick and I started dating. We’ve worked hard the past twenty-six years to look good and keep our marriage fresh and fun. It hasn’t always been easy being married to someone as hot as Nick. Women come on to him all the time, but he always politely brushes them off. Or at least he does when I’m with him. He used to travel a lot earlier in our marriage, and I know his sexual appetite is strong, so I always wondered if he managed to get through a week without sex when he was out of town. I never brought it up though and neither did he. I’ve never been with anyone but Nick. I’ve been in love with him since our third date back in college and I never wanted anyone else since then. So what am I doing dressing like this for another man?

Our daughter Kara, gave birth to our first grandson a couple of months ago. Nick and I made plans to come down to help with the new baby. I flew down last weekend and Nick was supposed to join me here yesterday. When I called to get his flight information he said he didn’t feel like limping through the airport. He sprained his ankle at the gym the day before I left, so his decision to stay home didn’t surprise me. In fact, I’d say things worked out for the best. I’m staying an extra week because Kara and Brad both said they wanted me to stay longer. I’ve gotten to know my son-in-law much better this past week – much better than I ever planned to know him.

The day after I arrived I overheard Brad on the phone with his friend Greg. I had no intention of listening to their private conversation, but it sounded like they were making plans to get together with a woman they both dated in the past. They planned a full day at the spa for Kara and Greg’s wife Lisa, who gave birth to their son a few weeks before Alex was born. While Kara and Lisa spent Saturday at the spa, Brad and Greg planned to visit some woman named Candi. I walked out to the deck and sat down next to Brad as he finished his conversation. Kara and the baby were napping. I casually mentioned that it sounded like he had interesting plans for the weekend. He had the good grace to turn pink when he realized he’d been caught, but he wasn’t flustered or backing down from his plans. He said he and Kara hadn’t had sex in nearly three months and he was tired of jacking-off in the shower. Over two months had passed since Kara gave birth and she was still reluctant to have sex.

I discovered intimate details about Brad’s sex life during our conversation that day. Both Brad and Greg dated a blond bombshell named Kristi, now known as Candi, in high school. Candi is now a porn star and invited the guys over to watch her new DVD this weekend while she’s in town. Brad and Greg have been close friends since they were young children and often shared their women. That didn’t change after they got married. He told me that he and Kara often get together with Greg and Lisa for sex. That was way more than I needed to know about my daughter’s marriage. He said neither he nor Greg

planned to leave their wives for Candi, but they needed a woman to take care of them and she was more than willing.

It worried me that Brad made plans to fuck an old girlfriend. Whether he believed it or not I could see this woman causing problems in his marriage. Kara might be open-minded about sex with friends when they’re all together, but if she found out about Candi she would be devastated. I asked Brad if he could be happy with a woman sucking him off. He said Kara hadn’t even offered since Alexander was born. I had a feeling Kara was having post-partum issues and maybe that was why she hadn’t thought about her husband’s needs. I don’t know what made me do it, a moment of insanity no doubt, but I asked Brad if I could pleasure him. He surprised me by agreeing immediately. I said no sex though, just oral. He told me he needed it now and proceeded to undo his shorts. I dropped the chair cushion on the deck, knelt between Brad’s legs and spent the next twenty minutes up close and personal with my son-in-law’s big dick. Crazy I know. Fortunately Kara didn’t catch us, because we made no effort that day to be private. I felt so guilty being with her husband like that. But I had no intention of Kara ever finding out and there was no danger of him leaving Kara for me – the same couldn’t be said about the old girlfriend. So I pushed my guilty feelings aside and decided what I was doing with Brad was the lesser of two evils.

Since that first day after our conversation on the deck, I’ve gone down on Brad daily, usually a couple of times a day, in the privacy of my bedroom where Kara won’t find us. This isn’t a problem for me, I love sucking bonus veren siteler cock. Sometimes he lays on my bed and strokes my nipples as I worship him with my mouth. I like it this way because I can take my time and savor him. Other times he stands in front of me and makes me get on my knees, then cradles my head in his big hands while he fucks my mouth. It’s quick and hard, but I like it when a man takes charge. I was nervous when I called Nick, because if he came down to join us I couldn’t invite Brad into my room anymore. And I was becoming alarmingly addicted to my handsome son-in-law’s cock. So like I said, Nick’s change of plans couldn’t have worked any better.

I step away from my reflection in the mirror. Today is Saturday. Kara and Lisa left for their spa day an hour ago, and Brad took Alexander to spend the day with his parents right after the girls left. Brad gave me the lingerie this morning and said this would be my outfit for the day. I don’t know his exact plans for us, but I have a feeling he wants more than a blow job. I’m nervous. As much as I enjoy sucking Brad’s cock, I just don’t feel right about fucking him behind Kara’s back. My pussy has no problem with it though. I’ve been wet all morning just thinking about it.

Brad calls up to me from the living room. “Come on down Julia, I’m about to start the movie.”

I make my way downstairs and my entire body blushes. No one has seen me this way but Nick. I’ve been told that I look much younger than forty-seven, but the fact is, I don’t think I can compete with Kara’s supple young body. It would be embarrassing if Brad takes one look at me and says, thanks but no thanks. I walk up to the sofa and Brad is only wearing his boxers. He looks up at me and his blue eyes darken. “You are so damn sexy Julia. Come sit down.”

I start to sit next to Brad, but he pulls me onto his lap, my back against his bare chest, and we’re facing the TV. He flicks the remote and the large screen is filled with a busty blond. “Since I cancelled on Candi and Greg today, she gave me a copy of her new movie to watch at my leisure. I thought we could watch it together.”

The first few minutes are uneventful as the “story” unfolds in preparation for the upcoming fuckfest. When Candi strips onscreen for her lover and his best friend things heat up for Brad and I as well. “Candi’s tits have doubled in size since high school; she’s had some help there. These beauties are the real thing, aren’t they Julia?” His calloused fingers pluck my hard nipples. I moan in response. Candi spreads her legs and the camera zooms in on her pussy as she strokes it. “Candi’s pussy is sweet though. Greg and I spent a lot of time between that girl’s legs our senior year. She was a little wildcat and the three of us had some kinky nights. I bet Greg will enjoy catching up with her, finding out if her pussy is as sweet as we remember. I’m thinking you can make me forget all about Candi.” Brad opens his legs beneath mine, spreading my own legs wide open. His left hand leaves my breast and his fingers delve into the split crotch of my panties. I’m so wet it’s almost embarrassing, but Brad moans his approval as his fingers deftly explore my sensitive folds. He pushes two fingers deep into me and I buck against his hand. I haven’t been fucked in over a week and I’m desperate for a man. His talented fingers pushing into my greedy pussy feel like heaven. Brad doesn’t know it but he owns me right now. I’d literally do anything to keep him inside me.

“It felt good all week when you sucked me off Julia. I went to bed every night with images of my sexy mother-in-law on her knees in front of me, sucking my dick into her sweet mouth. A couple of times I jacked-off in bed next to Kara, thinking about you. I need your cunt Julia, I need to fuck you baby. You’re not going to deny me are you? Tell me you want my dick inside you. I need to hear it.” The sexual antics of trio on the large screen no longer matter as I frantically ride Brad’s fingers. I’m desperate to feel him deeper. He suddenly pulls out, leaving me aching. “Tell me Julia.” His fingers impatiently rip the crotch of my panties, leaving me wide open and aching for his touch again.

“Please Brad… Please, I need your cock.” I’m nearly out of my mind with need. I’ve never felt so empty. I forget all about my no sex comment from earlier this week. My pussy is in control now.

“You want me to fuck you baby? You want my dick to fill you up?” His fingers are teasing me again, flicking back and forth over my clit.

“Yes, yes please Brad, I want you to fuck me. I need your cock, please…” I’m begging him now. I love it that he is in control, taking what he wants, pleasuring me just enough to make me beg for more. I crave sexual dominance from my lover and my son-in-law is more than man enough for the job.

Brad lifts me up and I turn around to face him. He kisses me lightly at first, his tongue teases my lips open and I nearly sigh in relief as he explores my mouth. I need him inside bedava bahis me, and for now I settle for his tongue. I suckle him, pulling him deep in my mouth, twirling my tongue with his. My fingers thread into his thick, soft hair as I suck his tongue, giving it all the attention I’d given his dick each time I went down on him earlier this week. His fingers stop teasing my pussy and he reaches between us to pull out his cock. He rubs the head up and down my slit, getting it good and wet before pushing into me. I moan into his mouth. He feels good inside me, so long and thick. I feel his wet finger at my anus and he gently pushes into the tight hole. I was aching and empty all week, and now his tongue, cock and finger are all invading my body. I reluctantly break our kiss and buck frantically, riding his cock and finger for all I’m worth. I’m so close. My body has been craving sexual release and my son-in-law’s double penetration is just what I needed. “Brad… Oh, Brad, I’m coming.”

“That’s it Julia. Ride me baby, ride it out. Ah fuck, that’s good, squeeze my dick baby. I want those cunt muscles to milk me. I’m almost there Julia. Fuucckkk…” I can feel his hot cum shoot into me. His cum runs out of me and up my crack, providing extra lube for his probing finger. The room is filled with the sound of sex, Candi screaming in ecstasy as she’s filled with two cocks. Brad and I are breathing heavy as we calm down after our orgasms. I’m no longer riding him but he hasn’t pulled out of me yet. “That was a great start to the day Julia. But I have three months of fucking to make up for and Kara won’t be home until this evening. Before we’re finished you and I will have fucked in almost every room in this house.” Brad stands up and I lock my legs around his waist. His softening cock and finger are still in me. We leave Candi on screen with her men and he carries me to his and Kara’s bedroom.

No, this isn’t good. I can’t fuck Brad in the bed he shares with my daughter. I already feel guilty enough. “Uh Brad, why don’t we go to my room instead?”

Brad chuckles. “Don’t worry, we will. But I want you in my bed first. Obviously Kara and I fuck here. But this is also where I watch Greg eat my wife’s pussy. That makes me horny, so I bury my face in Lisa’s wet snatch and eat her out. And there’s nothing hotter than pushing my dick into Lisa’s tight cunt while I watch Greg drill into my wife. Damn, if this bed could only talk. Next time I fuck Kara here I’ll be thinking of riding your sweet pussy in the same spot.” He pulls his finger out of me and I whimper.

I feel Brad’s cock twitch inside me as he talks. I didn’t really need to hear details of what happens in their bed, but I’ll reluctantly admit to myself that it made me horny listening to him. “Does it turn you on Julia? Hearing what your daughter and I do in this bed with our friends. Knowing that you’re lying in Kara’s bed with my dick pumping into your pussy instead of hers? I almost wish I could brag about this to Nick. I wonder how he would feel knowing your pussy belonged to me while you’re here. Tell me your pussy is mine Julia. Tell me it’s mine not Nick’s.”

I moan as Brad lays me back onto the unmade bed. His cock is almost fully erect inside me again. “Tell me this is my pussy or I’m pulling out Julia. I’ll leave you horny and aching for me.”

“It’s yours. My pussy belongs to you Brad.” I’d tell him anything at this point. Anything to keep him buried inside me. My lust and aching need for this man is scaring me.

“Fucking right this pussy is mine. And my dick is all yours baby. Until you leave next week my dick belongs to you, not Kara. I plan to fuck you all day Julia. I’ll fuck your sweet pussy until it’s raw.” Brad hooks his arms under my knees and pushes deep into me. His balls slap against me as he relentlessly begins to pound into my pussy. The smell and sound of hot sex fills the room. I hear the buzz of Brad’s cell phone on the nightstand. His phone is in front of their wedding picture. My beautiful daughter in her wedding gown is smiling at me. This isn’t right; what I’m doing with her husband while she’s away. My body tenses up; I have to tell him to stop. We can’t do this.

Brad saw me staring at their wedding picture. He reaches over and pushes it down on the nightstand. “Forget about that picture Julia. Kara will never find out about this. She will never know that I fucked her mom in our bed. This is just between you and me.” His thrusts have slowed and he let my legs down. “Julia look at me.” I look up at Brad and he smiles at me as he slowly moves in and out of my body. “This feels good doesn’t it baby? You like the feel of my dick inside you, stretching your tight cunt. I can’t tell you how much I needed this. From now on, every time you come to visit us I’m going to fuck you Julia. I’ll find a way for the two of us to be alone, even if it’s just a quick ten minute fuck, but I will have you whenever I want from now on. You’re mine now. Do you understand?” Brad reaches between us and plays with deneme bonus my clit.

“Yes. I’m yours Brad.” My eyes squeeze shut. My needy body is in control and it does as Brad commands. My guilt over what we’re doing is pushed out of my mind. Our fucking is less frenzied this time. Brad pulls out of me and tells me to get on my hands and knees. He gets behind me and l feel his cockhead probing my folds before pushing into me again. I moan. He is so much deeper inside me this way. Brad’s hands cup my dangling breasts as he rides me. His balls slap my clit with each thrust.

“You know Julia, I was thinking maybe I should call you mom. Would that turn you on? Umm, yeah I think it would. Your pussy feels so good mom. Ah, fuck yeah, squeeze my dick mom. You like feeling your son’s big dick inside your pussy don’t you? I love fucking my mom’s tight little cunt while my wife is away.” Brad’s words are turning me on. It’s sick I know, but I do like that he’s calling me mom while he fucks me. He reaches down to play with my clit. “I’m going to suck this later. Would you like that mom? Watching your horny son suck your clit. You’ll like the things I can do with my tongue. Then you can come in my mouth while I eat you. But first you have to come on my dick. Come for me mom.” My body spasms uncontrollably at his command and seconds later I feel his release deep inside me. I’m no longer thinking of Kara or my guilt over fucking her husband. My only thought right now is that my son-in-law will be eating my pussy later.

Brad pulls out of me and goes to the bathroom. He comes back with a wet washcloth and cleans both of us up before tossing it on the floor. He lays down on the bed next to me and reaches for his phone. I hear him chuckle a few seconds later and I look up at him. “Candi sent me a couple of pictures and said it’s not too late to join them.” I looked at the first picture on his phone. A handsome blond man has his eyes closed and his tongue in her pussy. Greg definitely seemed to be enjoying himself. The next one he took of her swallowing his dick and she texted, this could be you, come on over. Brad laughed again. “Nothing Candi likes better than two dicks at the same time. I need to delete these. I don’t want Kara or Lisa to get ahold of it.”

It bothers me that if I hadn’t offered to pleasure Brad earlier this week he would have been there with that woman now, right along with Greg. “Are you sorry you chose to stay home today instead of joining your friends?” Pillow talk with my son-in-law is slightly awkward.

“How could I be sorry about fucking my sexy mother-in-law? I’ve wanted to do you since Kara first introduced us. I was just thinking that I should have invited Greg to join us today instead of him going to Candi’s hotel room. What do you think mom? Would you like to suck your son’s dick while his best friend fucks your pussy? Greg was jealous as hell when I told him you were on your knees for me every day sucking me dry. Since you’re staying an extra week I’ll try to arrange some alone time for the three of us.” Brad’s hand slipped down to my mound, his fingers teased my pussy. “Mmm, fuck mom, you’re wet for me again…”


Brad and I fucked several times that day, just as he’d promised. But since Kara came home that evening we haven’t had much time alone. Brad gave me a gift one evening when Kara made a quick trip to the store. It was four dozen pair of crotchless panties. He told me to throw away all of my old panties and only wear the ones he bought me. He said from now on he wanted my pussy covered in something he bought. We did a quick sixty-nine there in my bed, finishing only minutes before Kara came home. I’m going home tomorrow and I had plans to go out with Kara, Lisa and the babies to shop, but Brad told me he booked a suite for us at Canyon Beach Resort, so I cancelled my plans with Kara so I could spend the day with her husband. I don’t even feel guilty about it, just anxious and horny.

As we enter the suite I saw an odd contraption hanging from the ceiling, then I looked over at the huge bed and Greg is already lying there nude, stroking his cock. Brad didn’t mention his friend would be joining us. “It’s about time you two showed up.”

Brad reaches around me and whispers in my ear as he starts unbuttoning my blouse. “I hope you don’t mind that I invited Greg to join us. His family owns this resort and this is the family suite. Well the men in the family use it, I don’t think any of the wives are aware of it.” Brad made quick work of my blouse and skirt, they both hit the floor. His fingers flick the front clasp of my bra and my breasts spill out. His large hands cup my breasts and he pinches my nipples. “Hey Greg, let’s put her in the swing.”

“Fuck yeah. Let’s get this party started.” Greg climbed out of the bed as Brad quickly shed his clothes behind me. They led me to the dangling black swing. I nervously hold onto Brad as he and Greg strap me into the soft leather. It is surprisingly more comfortable than I expected. I’m cradled in a soft cushion that molds to my behind and abruptly stops mid-way at my ass cheeks. The straps force my legs wide open. Both men are staring at my dripping cunt. “Your mother-in-law is so hot. Damn you’re lucky. Think she can take both of us?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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