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It’s been just over a month since my first night with Jennifer. What a month it’s been. She has practically moved in with me and I have never been happier. I hope she feels the same way and I am sure she does. So much has changed and every change adds to my joy of life. The first change was I lost my underwear and my underwear draw, we now have just one draw and only her panties. We share them and everyday she does a panty check to see which pair I have selected for that day. She tells me how wet she stays all day just thinking about me running around in her panties. I know I always come home with a crusty patch on the front of my panties from the things going through my head each day. And each day I cannot wait to get home to Her.

It’s Saturday morning, I wake up before her and just look at her sleeping next to me and feel like the luckiest guy in the world. I want to kiss her, lick her, wake her up and make love to every inch of her but I do not want to disturb my sleeping angel just yet. She needs her sleep. We were up till almost morning fucking our brains out. As quietly as I can, I go to the bathroom to shower and shave. I neatly trim my pubes, keeping just a little hair so none can escape my panties. After I am presentable, I go to our panty draw and select the pinkest frilliest pair for today. Then it’s off to the kitchen and I prepare a tray of fruit and coffee to serve her.

I set the tray down next to the bed, gently I pull the covers off her sleeping form. I lean over and kiss her panty-covered ass and lick up her cheek. That gets her going and she smiles and says good morning. She rolls over and I kiss her panty-covered mound and say good morning back to her. That’s a great way to start the day she says, and I bring up the tray and say it’s just the beginning. We share our food and she tells me she wants to go shopping at a small boutique in south Philly today. How can I resist anything my angel wants to do. But first, I want to finish my breakfast and with that I capture her breast with my hands and take her nipple into my mouth. I love her tits and could suckle on them all day. My hands roam around and squeeze and caress her other breast then work down to the rest of her body.

My mouth follows my hand and soon finds its way to her panty-covered pussy. I just want to crawl right in there and never come out. I content myself with licking over the soft satin covered crotch until I pull them to the side to get at her flesh. Using one finger to hold them to the side, another finger enters her as I suck on her clit and flick my tongue over it. Her hands grab my head and holds me tight as if I ever wanted to leave anyway. She grinds herself against my face and as I look up at her, she has her eyes closed tight and is lost in a dream world. I don’t let her cum just yet and back off a bit to lick up and down her pussy lips. First the left then the right side get long slow licks up and down, then right up the center and then back down again. I nibble and kiss her all over down there then stuff my nose right up her hole as far as I can get it in there. I fuck her with my nose and use my hands to pull her pussy lips as far apart as I can. I am greeted with a flow of juices and she is cumming even thought I didn’t want to let her cum just yet. She moans out load and clamps her legs around my head as her body shudders. I am trapped inside there and can’t move my head. I have no complaints and keep on licking until she releases me.

She says “Oh baby that was great, will you do that for me every morning”. Now let me take care of you. I tell her to wait on that, as this was just for her, something special for my Princess. Now hit the shower and lets get to south Philly and enjoy our day.

South Street in Philly is a great place with lots of freaky people. We wander around taking in all the sights and end up at a fetish-clothing boutique. This is it she says, the place all my friends have been telling me about. Inside they have fetish clothing of all sorts. We have a fun time looking through all the fashions and select a few items for her and I. The sales woman comes up and offers some assistance. When she asks whom the panties and corset are for, I admit the panties are for me and the corset is for her. She says I will look lovely in the panties and suggests a nice garter and hose to accompany them. Jenn and I talk it over for a moment and decide what they hell lets go for it. The sales woman fixes me up with a few additional things and then pulls out a special pair of panties. These have a small hole in the front. Jenn asks about this as its not big enough for a cock to come through. The sales women produces a small leather ring with a leash attached and instantly we know what that is for. Jenn says she has to have it. The sales women directs us to a fitting room and we both try on our new purchases.

Jenn wears her corset and looks so ravishing. It’s black and shinny and has garters sewn right in. With her black panties, black hose and corset, I can barely contain myself. I want to take her right there and my cock is so hard it feels as if it is going to burst at any moment. Jenn has me strip down and places the ring around my cock. Then the special panties and kaçak iddaa she feeds the leash through the hole. I can’t believe how great it feels on me. She plays around and tugs on the leash a few times and laughs. Then the hose and garter belt complete my outfit and in the mirror we look like a scene from a porn movie but we both love it. Jenn and I put our regular clothes on over our new purchases and place our old stuff inside the bag. The leash is stuffed into my panties and I can’t wait to get home and play around with her and our new goodies.

The sales woman asks us if we are new to this and we tell her how we just meet a month ago. She hands us a card and tells us about a club not far that caters to people like us and that we should check it out. It’s in an old theater and its very private. The Queen is a friend of hers and we should tell the Queen she recommended us. Jenn takes the card and thanks the sales woman for all of her help. Once out on the street, we walk around in a kind of euphoria only lovers seem to experience. We end up at a bar with a definitely gay crowd and decide to go in for a drink. In the bar people are wearing all kinds of fetish clothing and doing all kinds of things. Its mostly lesbians in there but there are enough men around so I don’t feel too out of place. Jenn and I sit a while and have a couple of drinks.

As we are drinking, Jenn and I do a little petting under the table. As if I need it, wearing the cock ring and the other things we just bought combined with seeing Jenn in her new clothes and knowing she has them on underneath has me so hard I am about to cum in my pants. Jenn leans over and asks if I am feeling brave. Of course I answer yes. She pulls the zipper of my pants down and fishes around drawing out the leash. Then she stands, tells me she needs another drink and leads me to the bar. I can’t believe I am going along with this but it just feels so right. Most people do not seem to notice but we are gathering a few stares. Jenn orders our drinks and very calmly walks me back to the table. I am relieved to be back at the table but the experience was exhilarating. I don’t know how but I am even harder then I was before. My panties are soaked with my pre-cum and all I can think about is getting some relief. An attractive woman in a mans suit approaches our table, she leans over and says something to Jenn.

Jenn stands and hugs this person then turns to me and introduces Sandra as an old friend from college days she hasn’t seen in forever. Sandra and Jenn start chatting away giggling and catching up on old times. Jenn asks me if I would get us another round of drinks, which of course I am only too happy to oblige. What I didn’t expect is for her to hand the leash to Sandra who quickly rose and leads me to the bar. I wasn’t prepared for this and not sure of what to think, but I ordered our drinks and Sandra lead me back to the table. Only the adrenalin flowing in my veins surpasses my embarrassment. Especially as Sandra tugged rather roughly on the leash a couple of times to keep me up with her. After the drinks, Jenn asks if I would mind if we went to Sandra’s place for a while. I don’t mind a bit and she tells me to stow the leash back inside my panties. We head off and after a short walk, arrive at Sandra’s place.

We all get comfortable, Sandra opens a bottle of wine and the girls keep on chatting away like best buds reunited after years of being apart, which I guess they are. All I can think about is what Jenn and I are wearing under our clothes wishing we were back home so I could fuck her brains out. My cock has been hard and leaking for hours, my balls are killing me, partially from the leash but mostly from my desire to fuck. I hear Jenn telling Sandra that I can eat pussy better then even she can. Jenn brings me into the conversation and informs me that Sandra was her first girl sex experience and that they played together for a couple of years while in college. Sandra is a confirmed lesbian and hasn’t let a man touch her in years, but after Jenn’s bragging about my skill and telling her about what I am wearing and how sexy I look, she wants to have a little party right here.

Jenn stands, quickly discards her outer layer of clothes revealing the corset, stockings and panties she just acquired from the Fetishes boutique. Damn she looks ravishing and the impact of what is about to happen has just started to make its way into my brain. God really played a terrible trick on man, gave him two heads but only enough blood to operate one at a time. And right now all my blood has gone south. Jenn reaches out for me, takes my hand and has me stand before her. She removes my shirt and then opens my pants, as my pants hit the floor, my panties, garter and stockings are on display for Sandra’s inspection. Jenn pulls the leash from the panties and hands it to Sandra. Sandra’s eyes are wide open and I can see the lust boiling over in them. She takes the leash and remarks how sexy I look all dressed up but Jenn you look even hotter she says and embraces Jenn with me standing just 2 feet away. Sandra is all over Jenn and I can see who the man in their relationship was or is.

Sandra begins removing her clothes while she’s fondling kaçak bahis Jenn and under that suit she’s a very well built attractive woman. Her bra and panties are a matched set of jet-black gleaming silk, very feminine, which I wasn’t expecting. Sandra pushes Jenn to the couch, removes her panties and spreads her legs, crouches between them and dives into her pussy which is just where I want to be. I am feeling left out but the sight of what is happening before my eyes is beyond my wildest imagination. Jenn looks over at me and then says something to Sandra. Sandra pulls on my leash and instructs me to lay on my back under her so I can eat her as she eats Jenn. I lay under Sandra as she is crouched in front of the couch and eating Jenn, I start to taste her. Her pussy is completely shaved and her lips are much larger the Jenn’s. She tastes great and I really start to get into this. She is already as wet as can be and I am sure she loves eating Jenn’s pussy as I eat hers. As I lay there beneath Sandra, my cock is sticking straight up begging for release.

Sandra is moving around eating Jenn and I grab a hold of her and try to steady her over my face as I suck up her juices and lap over her pussy. Then everything shifts, Jenn gets down on the floor, takes my cock in her mouth and we form a daisy chain of three. A lot of shifting around is happening as I hold on to Sandra by her hips keeping her pussy and my mouth in contact. Sandra is doing the same to Jenn and watching this happening is so erotic my blood is like lava flowing in my veins. Jenn sucks my cock deep into her throat and starts milking me, her hand rubs my balls and squeezes them gently. I am going nuts and after just a few minutes explode down her throat with a river of cum. Jenn makes like a Hoover and sucks down every drop. My cumming sets her off and she shudders with a climax of her own and I just wish it was my face between her legs getting to lap up all the juices which I know are flowing. Jenn keeps up her sucking and I continue my tongue lashing of Sandra’s pussy. My finger goes deep in her hole as I suck on her clit, she’s grinding herself against my face and seems to love what I am doing. I take my finger out of her pussy and slide it over her asshole. Slowly, I slide it inside her, it’s so tight I can just barely get it in past my first knuckle. While I am doing this I can see her relentless assault upon Jenn’s pussy. We are like three wild people out of our minds with lust. The sounds of slurping and moaning are filling my ears. As I continue I suddenly feel Sandra’s asshole tightening even more around my finger and her pussy unleashes a torrent of flow that fills my mouth and covers my face. She’s cumming and flowing like a river. I keep on lapping trying to keep up and suck up every drop, with my hands I pull her pussy hard against my face and suck for all I am worth.

We take a break and Sandra states she needs another drink. She brings the bottle of wine down and we all share a glass. Sandra states, “Wow Jenn you are just as delicious as I remember you, and Rick you do eat pussy every bit as well as Jenn was telling me. I thought she was just making it up but you are a treasure.” My ego is flying high and I feel pretty pleased with myself. She continues telling me how my style is different from a women’s and that I am more aggressive and she likes that. Jenn is smiling and states that she has never had a man do for her what I can do. Sandra looks over to Jenn and asks, “Do you mind if I taste his cock, it just looks so cute in those panties and he’s so adorable in those hose”. Jenn says feel free to, if its ok with Rick, its ok with her. Sandra removes the leash and collar from my cock and lays me down on my back. She tentatively holds my cock and with just the tip of her tongue tastes the very tip of my cock.

Humm she says not so bad, and slides her mouth engulfing it all. Right now I wish I had a bigger cock for her but 6 inches will have to do. As she gets into my cock, I see Jenn moving around and she starts licking up Sandra’s legs. She heads up to her pussy and digs in where I had just been. I can see the look of satisfaction come over Sandra’s face as Jenn does her thing to her. We continue like this for a while and I feel as if I have died and gone to heaven, but little do I know the best is yet to cum. Sandra releases my cock and moves over me placing it right at her cunt, she lets it slide inside her very slowly. Her hands are on my shoulders and she begins moving up and down on my cock. Jenn meanwhile, decides she doesn’t want to be left out and sits on top of my face. The girls are facing each other as Sandra rides my cock and Jenn rides my face. I see Jenn reach out and play with Sandra’s tits and Sandra does the same in return. They lean forward and lock in a kiss and I am sure their tongues are playing around with each other’s. I am pinned down and can hardly breath, I feel somewhat crushed under both of these women but wouldn’t trade places with anyone for all the money in the world. Right now I am in a state of bliss words cannot even come close to describing.

Both women are moaning out and I can only see up Jenn’s back as my vision is blocked by her ass, and what a beautiful ass. illegal bahis I can’t get enough of it and as she leans over to Sandra it causes her pussy to open wide over my mouth making it easy for me to lap way up inside of her. I have lost all track of time and have no idea how long we have been like this but I know it’s been a long time as my jaw is about to break and my tongue is feeling worn out. Both women seem to have forgotten there’s a real live person under them somewhere and they are using me as a toy for their own pleasure. I love it and never want it to stop. I want to cum and want to buck my hips to get what I need to cum but the weight of these two are too much for me and I can get any motion going. I hear them both cry out in orgasm and collapse into each other’s arms. Locked together, they fall off of me and I am please to get the break. I move around and pull Jenn up onto her knees and hands. I get behind her and slam my cock deep inside her. I love doggie style it’s always been my favorite position. Sandra just watches as I slam myself in and out of Jenn. I can’t wait to cum and keep slamming in and out as hard and as fast as I can. Jenn is so wet there is no resistance to slow me down.

I see Sandra moving but pay no attention as all I can think about is fucking Jenn. I feel my balls tighten and the cum rising inside me as it gushes out of me and deep inside of Jenn. Thank God for the release. I feel so wonderful as I lay down over Jenn and just hold on as my heart is pounding inside of me. After a moment, Jenn gets out from under me and we sit there feeling so fully satisfied and content. Jenn tells me I look all a mess, my panties are crunched up, my garter is twisted and my hose are drooping. Not to mention we all both sweating profusely and her corset is hurting. Just as we start to get up to go to the bathroom, Sandra returns with something in her hand.

Remember this Jenn she asks, and I see what it is, a strap on with 8″ dildo. Jenn breaks out in a fit of laughter and says yes she remembers it well, very well. I have never seen a woman with a strap on before and I am intrigued by the possibilities. Sandra is all smiles as she states what good for the goose is good for the gander. She tells Jenn to get me up on my hands and knees and the reality of what she just said hits me like a wall of bricks. I start to protest but Jenn tells me to take it like a man. Sandra straps the device to herself and opens a tube of lube. Sandra gets behind me, rubs over my panty covered ass and then pulls my panties down exposing me in a very vulnerable way. Using the lube generously, Sandra greases me up and slides a finger in and out of me. After a bit, she adds anther finger and I feel as if I am being stretched wide open. It hurts a bit and I lung forward. Sandra says “Hey Jenn, how about you sit on the couch and spread your legs, Rick you get in front of her and put your face right in there”. We both do as she commands and I feel right at home with my face between Jenn’s legs. Sandra gets behind me as I lean over the couch between Jenn’s legs and start licking her pussy. I feel Sandra again slide a finger into me and move it around. This is followed by a second finger and then a third. It’s not so hard now that I am busy eating away at Jenn who’s getting to watch the show from a great vantage point.

Sandra withdraws her fingers and replaces them with the dildo. I feel a little pressure as she starts to slide it inside me. It’s tight and it hurts but I push my face deeper into Jenn as she continues her assault on my ass. Sandra is being very kind and gentle as she applies more and more pressure working that monster inside of me. I gasp out a couple of times and she slows to allow me to get used to it. Soon she lets me know I have taken the whole 8″ of dildo and its buried way up inside of me. She just holds it there as I get used to the feeling. I enjoy the feeling of fullness and ease off a little on Jenn’s pussy. A sudden slap across my ass brings me back to attention, then another and another. Sandra is slapping my ass and telling me what a slut I am and I am going to love how hard and long she fucks me for. I think I am in trouble but I am sure Jenn will protect me.

I feel the dildo being withdrawn from my ass and then suddenly it is stuffed way back up inside of me. Then its moving back out and then rammed back in. I am hurting a little but the good feeling is outweighing the bad and I like the feeling of having it all the way inside of me. She picks up speed and starts ramming her cock in and out of me, fucking me like a man. My cock is responding getting hard again but this feels so different I am not sure of what to make of it. I like it but it hurts and hurts so good I don’t want her to stop. I bury my face back in Jenn’s pussy as Sandra fucks me harder and faster. I feel her ramming in and out and I feel my cock getting harder and harder. Jenn cries out this looks so hot she loves seeing me getting fucked as she grabs my head and crams it against her pussy. I feel trapped by these two women and love every minute of it. Sandra hit’s a switch and I feel a buzzing coming from the dildo, its vibrating deep inside of me and takes me to new heights of erotic ecstasy. Sandra slaps my ass some more and continues fucking me hard and fast. I feel Jenn cumming against my face and I feel as if I am going to cum but it’s a different feeling then I have ever experienced before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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