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We arrived at Bob and Janice’s home. They even had valet parking so everyone could get out in front of the palatial front door on the gravel circle in front and the valets took the cars to an area at the rear of by the carriage house that doubled as an extra guest cottage. Quite the setup.

John put the valet ticket in his jacket pocket and two valets opened each of our doors for us to exit. Of course, I had already forgotten my lack of panties and my valet got an eyeful as I stepped out from the passenger side of the car. Score 1 for my husband I sighed to myself. I hate it when he’s right.

Janice and Bob greeted us at the door. “Susie, so happy to see you and John, come in, come in.”

It was starting already. No one calls me Susie. It’s Sue or Susan to everyone who knows me even casually. I couldn’t stand it when my mother called me Susie and she finally stopped that when I went through puberty, thankfully. But I’m pretty sure Janice does it on purpose because she knows it makes my skin crawl.

“Good to see you too,” I lied, smiling as we entered their newly renovated home. It really was beautiful just from what I could see in the foyer, great room and stairs leading up to the upper floor. For all her faults Janice has very good taste and I really do enjoy any party she puts on since she devotes so much time and effort to make it perfect. The last of the guests arrived and Janice led us all to the dining room.

Janice is big on ‘mingling’ her guests for every dinner. She even keeps index cards of each and every dinner: what was served, who was invited and where they were seated for dinner. Little, monogrammed tent cards with everyone’s name on them designated our seating at the dinner table. I know it sounds terribly OCD on her part, but I actually appreciated it very much. Her intent was to make sure people didn’t stay in the same, boring bubble with one or two people every time, even their spouses.

So, it was mix and match at every dinner and everyone would end up seated next to and across from someone they had not been seated with at a previous dinner and never next to their own spouse. It was another aspect of her planning I enjoyed since I did get to have new and interesting conversations at each dinner with someone, I had likely not had the opportunity to talk much with before. And occasionally I got to flirt with a handsome guy I was vaguely attracted to. Not in order to start an affair, but to enjoy another man’s company and hopefully bask in some reciprocal flirtation to boost my confidence. I almost always had good sex with my husband after such encounters.

So yes, Janice is mostly a thoughtful and gracious host and I should just get over my irritation with her. But only as long as I’m sure she’s not up to something with my hubby!

I ended up seated next to her husband Bob on my right. She obviously had been unaware of our ‘near fuck’ experience at our house party some time ago or she probably would have not made that slip. But I had no trepidation over it since Bob hadn’t made any other passes at me since then. She did manage to place my husband next to her at the other end of the table from us. I was thinking that was on purpose, not luck of the draw. Oh well, at least I wouldn’t be next to her.

On my left was Ed C____, local school board president and a bit older than some of the other guests. He was an occasional golfing buddy with my husband and Bob. I had seen his social media posts and knew he was a very politically and religiously conservative person. Quite the opposite from me so I didn’t have any concern that he would consider me his type at all, and vice versa. But he is a very interesting conversationalist who reads widely about history and current events so it would still be worthwhile to be seated next to him.

His wife, Cindy sat across and a couple seats down from us. She and Ed were proof that opposites attract. Very quiet, mousy person, never gossipy and not at all outgoing like her husband. I had seen her social media posts as well. Most of a conservative religious nature, extolling the virtues of a “good, clean, Christian marriage”. Whatever that was. They have 5 kids so at least it included some fucking. At least five times anyway.

Our hosts even had regular ‘staff’ to run the household. Not fulltime, but a maid and two servants who basically helped clean the house and run errands, walk their dogs, and take their kids to the private school. Another element to show they were well off. The kids were with her parents for the evening, for one less distraction, though I always found them to be well-behaved.

But for a large event our hosts also hired a chef and several servers to present the meals. No rushing back and forth from kitchen to table for our hosts. They and the rest of us could relax and enjoy each other’s company free of any stress about the timely arrival of wine, appetizers, main course and desserts. Always perfect. Another reason I actually enjoyed coming to these dinner parties.

We were only at appetizers isvecbahis yeni giriş when Janice began to regale her guests with the travails of finishing and decorating the house: the cost, the endless difficulties working with designers and decorators who did not have her same level of sophistication and sense of style, etc. I couldn’t help letting out a barely audible sigh listening to her. Bob obviously caught my reaction and I noticed a wry smile of amusement cross his lips as we exchanged sideways glances. He was equally amused by his wife’s dramatics. It was heartening so see this side of him since I usually assumed he was totally in her thrall and would never give a hint to anyone that he thought her behavior was a bit grating at times.

The servers made sure everyone’s wine glass was full while we had appetizers and salads. I tried to keep track of my intake, two full glasses in one evening are plenty for me. But it was hard to keep track since my half-full or quarter-full glass would end up full again before I had a chance to tell the servers no thank you. I knew my husband would have an even harder time keeping track since he usually didn’t care in the first place.

Though the other guests probably didn’t pick up on it, I could tell from my husband’s demeanor and body language that he was flirting quite eagerly with Janice. And Bob could tell the same from Janice’s behavior. I heaved another barely audible sigh and shook my head just slightly in annoyance while I smirked to myself at the sight. Again, my sideways glance revealed Bob had pretty much the same reaction, with a slight chuckle to himself at what he felt was immature, but harmless behavior by his wife. I appreciated having someone at least silently in agreement with me on the topic of Janice, especially her own husband.

I was enjoying some good conversation with Mr. C_____ on my left so it was easy to ignore Bob and Janice and enjoy myself. And I was having such a good time that I had long forgotten my lack of underwear. That is until I caught Ed in a very brief glance down my dress as I was leaning over to talk to him. He didn’t know I had caught his brief glance but I now realized I had been exposing myself to him all evening whenever I turned to talk to him. I didn’t have to look down at myself to know that my breasts, nipples and all were visible to him as he sat higher than me and it only took a slight turn or lean on my part to offer up the rest. Well, that’s a bit awkward I thought to myself. I wonder what he’ll have to say to Cindy when they get home tonight. Then I realized, probably nothing since he would have to admit he had been staring down my dress and ‘good, clean, Christian Cindy might not take kindly to that.

As I was mulling that over in my head, I suddenly felt Bob’s hand rest on my right thigh, under the table but above the hem of my dress rather than on my bare flesh. A good thing or I might have given a visible start that would have been hard to hide. Hmm, it felt nice. I didn’t flinch or attempt to pick up his hand and remove it from its resting place. The wine was contributing to my lack of inhibition.

In fact, watching our spouses continue their stupid flirtation brought out my best impulsive behavior. I pulled the hem of my dress up and let his hand rest on my bare thigh. He gave me a slight glance, then leaned over to whisper in my ear, “I’m glad you wore that dress tonight.”

There was only one proper response to that. I opened up my legs several inches for him. He responded as intended, moving his hand to the inside of my thigh now. Now I was really feeling warm down there. Wet, in fact. I wasn’t listening to the rest of the conversation going on at the table now, it was all just background noise, like static from a radio.

We both affected an air of nonchalance that hid our under the table dalliance from everyone else. But my heart was definitely racing and my breathing was getting a bit unsteady from the stimulation of just having his hand inside my thigh.

I shifted in my seat slightly so I could pull my dress up as far as possible under the table without anyone seeing what I was doing. Bob’s hand could roam wherever he wanted now. Or where I wanted it. It only took a few seconds for him move a bit further up. Right up against my uncovered pussy. He happened to be taking a sip of water at that moment and he gasped, then went into a brief coughing fit. I clamped my thighs together tightly to keep his hand in place and made a show of patting him on the back a few times.

“Are you all right, darling?” Janice asked from the end of the table.

I answered for the still coughing Bob while keeping my death grip on his warm, now very moist hand between my thighs. “Just had some water go the wrong way. He’ll be fine in a moment, won’t you Bob?” He nodded silently holding his napkin to his mouth to lessen his coughing and it was over quickly.

He glanced at me with eyes that seemed as wide as saucers. I smiled back sweetly and innocently. He probably isvecbahis giriş thinks I’m crazy and he’s in over his head. Which was probably not far from the truth. I realized a bit too late that I had probably gone well over my two glasses of wine limit.

If that wasn’t enough, a few minutes later I could feel one of Bob’s fingers up against my pussy slowly, gently, working its way into me. Just the first knuckle, but enough to move against my clit, just so. Now it was my turn to think HE was crazy and I was in over MY head. I opened my legs as wide as possible for him and took in a deep breath to hide my racing heart and accelerated breathing. He took the hint and entered me further and continued his gentle stroking. I suddenly realized that if this went much further, I might reach a climax right here at the dinner table. I couldn’t believe no one had a clue what was going on by now. He took advantage of the greater access to stimulate me even more. I really must be crazy.

“Susie, are you COMING?” Janice’s voice came from the end of the table. Bob’s hand left my crotch like a lightning bolt. Jesus Christ, she knew EXACTLY what we were doing!

“You don’t want to miss the tour, do you darling?” She said, and I saw everyone starting to rise from their chairs. I breathed a very huge sigh of relief this time and Bob and I exchanged knowing glances. Apparently, we were going to get the grand tour while the table was cleared and before dessert and coffee after we returned. Probably good timing since I had no idea where Bob and I would have ended up with our play time.

I rose from my chair to the left, away from Bob in order avoid any suspicion that we were somehow joined at the hip tonight, or in my case, at the crotch. Mr. C_____ reached out his hand to me like the proper gentleman I already knew he was, as I got up. And of course, I had forgotten that I had hiked my dress almost to my navel to accommodate Bob’s digital wandering. C_____ was the only one to get an eyeful as my dress slowly slid down, getting momentarily hung up on my visibly moist bush before finally falling to its proper place just above my knees. Holy Fuck. Could things get any worse? I could only offer up an embarrassed, meek smile to my surprised table mate.

“May I say you are an incredibly attractive woman in so many ways, my dear Susan,” he murmured to me so no one could hear. He had seen just about everything I had to offer tonight, that was for sure.

“You’re too kind, but thank you.” I couldn’t help thinking that he assumed my impromptu displays had been solely for his benefit and not the terrible mistakes they actually were. I figured I should take some opportunity before the evening was over to explain to him how and why it happened so he wouldn’t draw the wrong conclusions or spread some gossip about me to his wife or other guests.

Of course, the explanation would be a bit difficult for the religious Mr. C_____: “I decided to go without underwear tonight to piss off my husband. And my dress was pulled all the way up so Bob could finger me properly during dinner. Gosh, I’m such a silly goose, aren’t I?” Of course, most of all I hated my husband for being right about my lack of underwear causing a disaster tonight.

But for now, we were all admiring their newly remodeled and redecorated home and it was worth the time, even listening to Janice, since it was all well done. She kept my husband by her side, the considerate bitch, I thought. Thankfully both Ed and I were at the rear of the group as we moved through the house. That would make it a bit easier to have a brief discussion out of earshot of the others if the opportunity arose and before he talked to others about my performance. His painfully quiet wife was also up to the front, and she was the last person I wanted to hear me explaining why I had been exposing myself to her husband all night.

Ed was already appreciative at being by my side so he could keep taking the occasional peek down my dress as we walked along. I made an extra effort to stand up straight and even tugged at the back of my dress a bit to reduce the amount of visible cleavage.

We toured all of the downstairs rooms and kitchen, trying to stay out of the way of the staff working on preparing the final stages of the meal, then to the grand staircase at the front of the house to view the upstairs.

Janice spent a good deal of time showing us all the Master Bedroom and en suite, very spacious so that almost the whole crowd could fit in and see all the fixtures–twin sinks, a jetted bathtub and walk-in shower, Italian marble on the floors and the bedroom had doors opening onto a large deck with a magnificent view. Very impressive.

Janice had already told the group they would take a separate rear stairway to the finished basement level with entertainment area and fitness center and their very sophisticated home office. As the group started to leave the bedroom and go down the hall, I realized this was a good moment to pull Ed aside and explain what seemed isvecbahis güvenilirmi inexplicable. We were the last two in the bedroom when I whispered to him, “I need to talk to you for a minute, about tonight.”

He seemed a bit surprised but smiled back, “Sure, I’ve got more than a minute if you need it.’

“Close the door, I don’t want anyone to hear.” He closed the bedroom door and the hum of conversation of the rest of the guests disappeared. That was a relief, since it meant no one could hear us either.

“I really owe you an explanation about my, um, appearance during dinner. I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea, but I also didn’t want the rest of the guests to hear since they didn’t see anything anyway.”

“Susan, don’t worry. I fully understand, I’m the last person that needs an explanation.”

“You do? What a relief. I figured you’d think I was off my rocker or something.”

“No, no, not at all. I’ve been married almost as long as you and John, I know how these things work.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know a hot wife when I see one. And you’re the hottest one I’ve seen yet.”

“Wait, what do you mean by…”

Before I could finish the sentence, he had one arm tightly around my waist and the other had my dress unzipped all the way down my back before I could say anything else.

“Ed, that’s not what I had in mind…”

Both his hands yanked the dress off my shoulders down to my waist in the next instant. His mouth was on my breast while still holding me in a vice grip with one arm, the other hand reached down to my crotch and started to finger me.

“Jesus, you are so wet already. I didn’t think you were that ready for me Susan.”

That part was accurate. I was VERY ready, not necessarily for him. If Bob hadn’t prepped me so thoroughly and I hadn’t had so much wine with our meal my body’s response would likely have been different.

He lifted me off the floor with one arm and carried me to the bed in one swift motion. He dropped me back on the bed with my legs apart and he had my shoes off, throwing them on to the floor.

“Ed, are you crazy?” I tried to scoot back on the bed to get out of reach while vainly trying to hold the front of my dress up over my breasts. Before I could get far enough, he grabbed the hem of my dress with both hands and gave one ferocious yank, like a magician whipping off a table cloth to leave all the place settings undisturbed. The only magic this time was my completely naked body left behind on the bed as he hurled the dress across the room, well out of reach.

“What a turn on. You’ve been asking for this all night.” He had thrown off his blazer and removed his tie and was now feverishly working on his belt and trousers.

I had definitely been ‘asking for it’, but Ed obviously wasn’t interested in details like who I was originally asking to fuck me.

“I guess you’ve known about your husband’s affair with Janice for some time now. An open marriage is SO hot.”

“WHAT?” I almost yelled.

“He even brags about it once in a while when he’s had a few too many at the 19th Hole after our golf dates.” He already had his jacket and tie off and was working on his belt and trousers.

That asshole! He’d been having an affair all this time! I immediately went from shocked and struggling to pliant and willing. Especially when Ed pulled off his underwear and I got a view of his huge, throbbing cock. I could actually feel the heat of it as it came close to me. I was also getting excited at the thought of fucking on Janice’s bed.

He lifted my ankles up and put my legs up against him until my feet were on his shoulders, and my pussy was against his erect cock. He put one big hand around the side of my waist and used the other to run his cock up and down against my labia a few times. There was no need to stimulate me even further, Bob had me more than ready long before we got to this point.

He guided it into me and now had both hands holding my waist as he thrust in. No short shallow opening thrusts, he went deep from the very first moment and that was more than fine with me.

I was instantly shoving back at his thrusts with my pelvis. His cock wasn’t uncomfortably large but I had trouble imagining it fitting into little Cindy. It also had pronounced curve in it that hit my G-spot exactly right. Even if this going to be quick, it was going to be very good.

“Oh yeah, keep that up Susan, you’re doing great! You’re amazing.” He was thrusting harder and harder and becoming more turned on.

“Cindy just lies there like a corpse whenever I try to fuck her. Nothing like you at all!” Somehow, I was not surprised.

“We’ve barely had sex at all since our youngest was born, I need this. I want this,” he said between grunting thrusts.

I was also getting a psychological thrill knowing I was fucking another woman’s husband just like my husband was fucking another man’s wife, behind my back.

Plus, I was getting someone to do something completely antithetical to his public persona. Ed was doing something 180 degrees from everything he represented by fucking me. If it was ever made public, his career would be destroyed. I must have more sexual power than I imagined for a guy like him to take such a huge risk just to fuck me with such wild abandon.

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