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Special Thanks to Mark for helping make this story even hotter then it was before he branded it with his flare for making it sizzle. This Dance is for you.

What an unexpected night. First my day was brightened when the front office announced Mark was here to see me, a salesman, who came every six months or so to try to convince me to leave my current supplier for his company. All to no avail, my supplier and my company’s owner are old friends, but I always enjoyed my conversation with the tall, distinguished looking man, a few years older than me.

As always, he takes my rejection gracefully, but again with a smile, says he’ll try again. At the door he stops, “Kat?” I look up. “Would you be interested perhaps in meeting for a drink tonight?”

My stomach flutters, there is nothing more I’d like. But how many times had I gazed at his wedding ring wishing it weren’t there. Now, my eyes go to it, hopefully to convey my concern. It isn’t there, my mind screams.

“About six months ago,” he explains. “This isn’t a date. I don’t do that yet. But I’d enjoy adult company. My weekends are with my kids. My days with co-workers. I’d like to spend time with someone I choose to spend time with.”

I hear myself agree to meet him at the Irish Pub down the street. I call my friend. She agrees to take her kids to my house, and wait for my children to get home from school. “Will I be spending the night in your house?” she teases. I feel myself blush as I tell her no.

“I should change the locks on you, so you can’t come home.” she says laughing. My best friend. We call each other the Single Mom Support Group. We are there for each other. What I’m asking of her today, she’s asked of me countless times. She’s a lot more confident in the dating arena than I. “The problem for you,” she’s always telling me, “is you are waiting for love to come along. A girl can’t make love come along, but a woman sure has a lot of influence as to when sex comes along. And sex will make him come back. And maybe if he comes back enough, love will come along too. At least, you’ll save on batteries,” she kids.

Drinks become dinner. I listen to his woeful story, the dissolving of a marriage. I’ve heard it before, lived it myself, and I know that the beşiktaş türbanlı escort telling softens the blow a bit. And it works, some, for him. He relaxes, and we end up at a place with a dance floor. It’s been ages, since I danced, but I love moving my body, with him. I think of another kind of dance I’ve always wanted to do for a man.

There are more drinks, too many. We are too drunk to drive. We discuss it seriously, adult enough to not push it. His house is nearby. He offers me his guest bedroom. With it, is what I suspect is a bogus assurance to behave. He’s a man after all, hurt, drunk, and if his eyes tracing my body on the dance floor are not lying, he’s attracted to me. But as women have done for eons with men, we hear their lies, hope they are not lies, but are ready to deal with them if they are.

He settles me into his guest room. He kisses me goodnight, almost chastely, less a kiss than I’d given him if we’d been able to part company back at my car. He’s so sweet.

I lay in bed waiting for him to come to try to make his move. I’ll send him away, I tell myself. I think I will.

He does not come to me. He is truly a gentleman. I am warmed by that. I am a little hurt. I am relieved. I am confused.

There’s a man in the house. I marvel as I snuggle down and hug the comforter. I don’t need a man in my house, or my life. But still I marvel, There’s a man in the house. I never feel unsafe when its just me and my kids, but tonight it feels nice to know, There’s a man in the house. I like the feeling.

Sleep doesn’t come. I hear music. I slip out of bed, and find him in the living room. He’s having a moment to himself, in an environment that comforts him, the soft seductive vampy kind of music, lights off, candles dancing in the dark room making shadows move. He’s sitting in his recliner when I softy call “Hey Mark”.

He looks. I’m standing in the doorway, and he strains to see what I’m wearing. Sometimes, under my business suit, I wear a sexy teddy. It’s feel on my skin like that of a secret lover.

I walk to the stereo, feeling his eyes on me. I turn up the volume and the music too. I start dancing for him, moving to the rhythm of the music. Hips swaying beşiktaş ucuz escort back and forth, hypnotizing him.

There’s a man in the house. I’m going to make him feel like a man.

Dirty dancing for his pleasure as I strip for his eyes only. He feels something soft against his cheek as he realizes that I have tossed my teddy in his direction. Dancing a little closer slipping in and out of the shadows teasing and tantalizing . I move closer as I reach behind and unhook my bra and toss it in his direction. I hear a moan coming from him. My hips sway to the music, dancing before him for his pleasure. Turning around and wiggling my ass, I slip my fingers into the waist band and slowly slide my panties down as I watch him over my shoulder. Bending at the waist with my ass high in the air I slide my panties down and kick them in his direction. All I have left on is a garter belt, stockings and the high heel shoes I slipped back on.

As the rhythm of the music increases so does my dance, getting closer to Mark with each movement. I hear his moan in anticipation of what pleasure I have in store for him. He is bulging out of his pants. He is so hard. He unzips his pants to relieve some of the pressure. He takes himself in hand, and strokes himself while looking at me. My knees grow weak as I look at “my cock” for tonight, it is mine.

I drop to my knees and start kissing, licking and nibbling my way up his body. He’s through being an obverver. He pulls me up until I’m standing straddled across his face. He takes a deep breath of my sweetness and then slowly he starts nibbling on my inner thighs. I moan as I grab the back of the chair and try to get closer to his tongue as he drives me wild. He reaches up and spreads my lips so that he can get to all of me. My hips have started swaying to a new rhythm, the rhythm of Mark’s tongue. He pushes his tongue into my love canal and I moan wanting more. He licks me faster and harder until I cum in his mouth and he drinks my sweetness.

I slide down Mark’s body until I’m resting against his hard cock. I give him a deep long kiss, tasting myself upon his lips. He grabs my hips and shoves his hard cock deep inside me. He feels me squeeze him tight…tighter, beşiktaş üniversiteli escort as I slide up and down on his hard cock. I’m not only being taken, I am taking him.

There’s a man in the house. There’s a man in me.

FASTER…HARDER…DEEPER…ohhhhhh yes yes….he grows harder with each thrust. DEEPER…FASTER…HARDER..TIGHTER … until he gives a mighty push up as I push down on his cock…and we cum together.

I kiss him deeply as I continue to ride his cock, keeping his cock covered in my juices. I reach down and recline the chair a little as I slide up and off his still hard cock and hold my love canal poised over his cock so that our cum drips down on his cock coating it even more.

I lean into him and whisper “hold your cock up, I want you to fuck me in my ass NOW”. His eyes light up and he reaches between my legs and hold his cock upright and I slowly lower my ass down onto his cock. He penetrates my outer ass ring as I relax my still pulsating muscles. I slide my ass down on his cock as he lets out a moan. I push all the way down and sit there with him buried deep in my ass as I rub my hard nipples against his nipples. I feel his hard cock twitching inside my ass and it’s driving me wild and my ass starts wiggling wanting more of him in me.

It’s not until much later, I find out this is a new experience for him. As losing his virginity started him sexual life that culminated in marriage, and much later divorce, taking me in this new way, kicks off the next phase of his sex life in an exciting way.

I start sliding up and down on his hard cock as he pumps into my ass slowly, teasing each other. I lean forward and nibble on his hard nipples as I slide my tongue across them. Mark pushes me back up so that he can play with my clit as he teases my hard nipples as I had done to his.

I squeeze my muscles tight, milking his cock with my ass. Mark feels so good sliding in and out of my tight ass. Driving me wild as I ride his cock harder and faster, taking him deeper as I squeeze tighter. He grabs my hips and groans out “I going to cum” as he pushes deep into my ass. I feel his hot cum blast me and I start cumming with him.

He stays buried deep in me as we snuggle and cuddle, building up our energy for more…of each other. Sleep won’t come this night, but we will.

He’s a damaged man. He’ll heal. I’m part of the healing. Will love come to him, to me? Yes, maybe not with one another, but it will come. And my girlfriend is right, this is better than waiting. This is doing something, if only saving the life of a battery.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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