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The next day at work Rachel was nervously anticipating Todd’s phone call. She had her cell phone in her hand the entire day. She was so ready to get the car back because Will had been distant to her again this morning. She could tell he was still very upset about losing the car.

Finally, after lunch, Todd called her phone. She hurried to get out of the office so that she could have some privacy while she spoke to him.

“Tell me you have good news,” Rachel said impatiently as she ducked off into a dark corridor on the 4th floor of her office building.

“Actually, I have good and bad news,” Todd said, which made Rachel cringe. “I’ll give you the bad news first.”

“What now?” she asked desperately wanting to know what the problem was.

“Chino wouldn’t budge. I tried to give him the parts he wanted in exchange for Will’s car, but he told me to fuck off and said if he wanted the parts that bad he would just take them from me. So, he basically laughed at me for trying to get the car back for those parts I have. I tried to persuade him, but he wouldn’t budge. I brought up the time I helped him out of a jam, but he said that it wasn’t worth a car.”

Rachel’s stomach turned over and her knees weakened. She leaned against the wall and nearly vomited. She had went against everything she knew was right and performed sexual acts with not one, but two, of her son’s young friends apparently for nothing. Tears started to form in her eyes and she didn’t say a word into the phone. That’s when she realized that Todd told her there was good news.

“Todd, what is the good news?” she snapped, implying that it better be good.

“Chino said there’s a way you can get the car back,” Todd replied excitedly.

“How, Todd?” she said impatiently.

“He’s willing to race for it. If you beat him, he will give the car back.”

“How the fuck am I going to beat him in a street race Todd!” she said angrily.

“I don’t know; that’s the best I could do. You’re lucky he’s even considering it.”

“You have to race him Todd. That was part of the deal that I get the car back, by whatever means necessary,” she said.

“Hell no, I’m not risking my car, that’s worth way more than what we agreed on. Besides, Chino would crush me. My car could not beat his. The only person I know with a car that can beat Chino’s is David.”

Rachel felt faint for a moment. Of all the people Todd could’ve said it had to be David.

“David could beat Chino?” She asked.

“He’s probably the only one around here with a chance.” Todd replied.

“I don’t know Todd, are you sure this is the only way?” Rachel asked.

“That’s the best I can do Ms. Rowland,” Todd said.

Rachel stared at the ceiling for what seemed like hours trying to decide just how she was going to proceed.

“Thank you for your help Todd, I’ve got to go.” Rachel said before hanging up the phone. “

Rachel stood there silently for a very long time lost in thought. She knew she was going to have to ask David to help her out, but she also knew that after the last time, doing so might lead somewhere she wasn’t sure she should go. The thought of seeing David again gave Rachel chills. Every night for the last few weeks she’d thought about the young man. Just seeing him yesterday was enough to get her breathing heavy.

“What if he won’t help me?” Rachel thought to herself.

Rachel thought back to the first time she enticed David to help get her son the car he wanted. She smiled as she remembered the way David was almost drooling as she was bent over the hood of Will’s car acting like she was looking at the engine. She knew that if she tried hard enough she could get David to do what she wanted, but was she prepared for the consequences? What was she willing to do if David said he wanted something in return for the favor? As she thought, her mind drifted back to her son Will. She felt so sorry for her son the way he had been acting lately. He wouldn’t talk to her much or even glance in her direction. There was no way she was going to go on with things like they were.

“Whatever it takes.” Rachel said defiantly as she walked back to her office.

Later that day David was at his house just finishing his shower. He’d spent the better half of the day riding around with Will talking about losing the car to Chino. David felt really bad for his friend but there was nothing he could do. After dropping Will off at home David had washed and waxed his new car. His dad was very proud of him for graduating high school. He spared no expense when he got David a black Dodge Viper. He had to do some calling around because they don’t make them anymore but nothing was too good for his son. David had done some work to the massive V10 engine, making it even more powerful. He even secretly added a nitrous kit that even his dad didn’t know about. David sat there staring at his car when his pocket began to vibrate.

“Hello?” David asked putting his cell phone up to his ear.

“David….hi. This is Rachel….Rachel casino siteleri Rowland. How are you?” Rachel asked nervously.

“Hi Rach…I mean Ms. Rowland. I’m fine.” David replied with his heart beating very rapidly. He’d wondered if he was ever going to talk to Will’s mom again after what happened.

“That’s good…listen David….I need to talk to you about something. Would it be alright if I came over for a little while?” Rachel asked.

“Uh…umm…sure. I’m at home by myself right now. My dad’s out of town and my mom’s visiting her sister so if you want to come over that’s fine.” David replied nervously.

“Ok, I’ll be there in twenty minutes. Bye.” Rachel said hanging up the phone.

David stood in the driveway with his mouth open for a few seconds before jumping into the air. He was very excited that Rachel was coming over. He didn’t think he’d ever see her again but here she was instigating a meeting.

“I’ll bet Will’s car has something to do with this.” David thought to himself. Whatever the reason David didn’t care, he was just glad he was going to see Rachel again.

Rachel had just hung up with David and now she was sitting naked on her bed. She’d just gotten out of the shower and she had just barely worked up the nerve to call David. She realized that no matter how long she took it wasn’t going to get any easier so she decided to just go for it. She reached into her drawer and pulled out the same black skirt and tube top she wore the first time she went to David needing something. After getting dressed Rachel looked at herself in the mirror. Just the thought of what might happen next caused her legs to tremble. After psyching herself up, Rachel walked downstairs. Before she made it out the door her son Will shouted to her from the living room.

“Hey mom, where you going?” Will asked.

“I’ve got some errands to run. I’ll be back later.” Rachel replied as she opened the door.

“See you later, I love you mom.” Will hollered back.

Rachel smiled broadly. Her son hadn’t said much to her for a few days. Will telling her that he loved her was a welcome change. Rachel smiled as her son’s heartfelt comment galvanized her resolve. She walked to her car with a purpose. After a very short drive Rachel pulled up at David’s house.

“Here goes nothing.” Rachel said as she adjusted her breasts and applied some lip gloss.

The walk to the front door was the longest of her life. Rachel stood frozen for a moment before ringing the doorbell. It wasn’t very long at all before the door opened and she was face to face with David. Neither spoke for a minute or two. Rachel was looking down at the ground and David was awestruck at Rachel’s beauty once again. He thought it was kind of amusing that she was wearing the same thing she wore on that fateful day.

“Well, are you gonna stand there all day or are you going to come in?” David smiled.

“Thanks.” Rachel replied as she looked up at the young man.

David led Rachel into the living room and had her sit on the couch. David sat down beside her but not inappropriately close. As Rachel sat down her very short skirt rode up her legs a bit but she made no effort to remedy the situation.

“Well…what can I do for you?” David asked taking notice of Rachel’s legs.

“Did you hear about what happened to Will’s car?” Rachel asked still looking at the floor.

“Yeah, I did. What a shame to.” David replied.

After all this time thinking about what she was going to do if she ever saw David again Rachel couldn’t bear to drag out this ordeal any longer than needed. Beating around the bush would only make things harder.

“David…in the interest of my sanity I’m going to cut to the chase here. I know that some guy named Chino has my son’s car. I also know that if I can find someone to beat him in a race he will give the car back.” Rachel said looking David right in the eyes.

“That’s a very tall order Ms. Rowland. I only know about Chino because of the stories I’ve heard. I don’t think you should be dealing with him at all.” David said actually concerned for Rachel.

“I know it’s not going to be easy David…that’s why I’m here. I asked around and you are the only person I know with a car fast enough to beat Chino.” Rachel said sliding closer to David.

“You want me to try and race Chino to get Will’s car back?” David asked sarcastically.

“David I wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t important. Please David, would you help me?” Rachel begged.

Rachel grabbed David’s hand and put it on her thigh. She knew she was throwing herself at the young man but she had to for her son.

David’s eyes lit up as he felt Rachel’s warm soft skin under his hand. He thought this might be how things ended up but he wasn’t sure it was worth the risk. He could lose his car, his dad would kill him, was having sex with Rachel one more time worth it?

“I don’t’ know Ms. Rowland. If I lost, my life would be ruined.” David said sadly.

Rachel saw the trepidation güvenilir casino in David’s eyes so she decided to try something more overt. She leaned in and kissed David on the lips. Rachel moaned as her tongue tasted David’s lips once again. The boy she’d been dreaming about was right next to her and she was losing control like she knew she would. David opened his mouth to welcome Rachel’s tongue. The girl of his dreams was once again his.

“David, please….I’ll do anything….please help me get my son’s car back.” Rachel begged again.

Before David could answer Rachel pulled his hand under her skirt. Having David’s hand so close to her pussy drover her wild. Not wanting to fool around anymore Rachel reached her slender hand over to the bulge in David’s pants.

“Oh my god…” David moaned as Rachel rubbed his cock.

David stared at the beautiful woman in front of him throwing herself at him to help her son. Was she worth the risk of losing his car? Was she worth the risk of his dad disowning him? One more look at her dark eyes begging him was enough. Ever since he could remember he’d had a crush on Rachel. After what happened between them he’d fallen in love. As much as he wanted to throw Rachel onto the couch and fuck her brains out he knew that if he played his cards right he might get so much more.

“Ms. Rowland….Rachel…. please stop.” David said removing his hand from under Rachel’s skirt.

“What!?” Rachel asked confused.

“Please stop.” David said again as he took Rachel’s hand off his cock reluctantly.

Rachel was in shock that the young man hadn’t succumbed to her advances. She had absolutely no idea what to do. She sat there like a deer caught in headlights.

“Listen…Rachel, I really like you, a lot. I think about what happened between us all the time. I know you’re here now because you want to help your son. I appreciate what you’re trying to do, really I do. But all you had to do was ask me. I’d do anything for you.” David said honestly.

Rachel’s eyes welled up with tears and she began to sob uncontrollably. After the last few days of wondering what to do, of wondering if she was doing the right thing. Hearing David’s kind words meant the world to her. With tears in her eyes Rachel reached out to hug David. David rubbed her back as she cried.

“It’s ok Ms. Rowland, I’m here for you.” David said softly.

“Thank you sweetie…thank you more than you know.” Rachel sobbed.

After a few minutes Rachel released David and looked at the young man. His shoulder was soaking wet were she’d cried. She rubbed his shirt and smiled a bit.

“I’m sorry…” Rachel said.

“Don’t worry about it.” David laughed.

“David…I can’t thank you enough for doing this for me.” Rachel said.

“Like I said, all you had to do is ask.” David replied.

Rachel stared at the young man for moment. He was so handsome, and to be doing what he was to help her was unbelievable. Her heart warmed as she wiped her eyes.

“When’s this race?” David asked.

“I don’t know, I guess I’ll have to find out from this Chino guy.” Rachel said.

“Do you even know where he lives?” David asked.

“Not really, but I can probably find out.” Rachel replied.

“That’s alright, I can find out. I’ll call you tomorrow when I know something.” David said putting his hand on Rachel’s shoulder.

David led Rachel to the front door and told her to go home and get a good night’s sleep. She thanked him again and before leaving she kissed David on the cheek.

“Thanks for making my night David.” Rachel smiled.

“Anytime pretty lady.” David replied before watching Rachel walk to her car.

After Rachel left, David sat on the couch for a while thinking about the situation he’d gotten himself into. After a bit of thought he decided that he didn’t care about anything but getting on Rachel’s good side He’d gladly trade his car for a chance with Ms. Rowland. He went up to his room and thought about Rachel until he fell asleep.

Back at her house Rachel was in bed thinking about how sweet David was. He could have easily taken advantage of her. She probably would’ve even enjoyed it. Just the thought that someone would help her without wanting anything in return made her smile. It’d been so long since she thought that someone cared about her besides her son.

The next day Rachel left early from work and met David in a restaurant parking lot where his Viper was parked. Rachel smiled brightly as she saw David leaning up against his car. He was like her knight in shining armor. Without him helping her she had virtually no chance of getting her son’s car back. David was all smiles himself as saw Rachel walking briskly towards him. As she neared the car Rachel didn’t know what to say so she just stood there for a moment twirling her hair nervously.

“So, are we still doing this?” David said breaking the silence.

“Yeah, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous.” Rachel replied shyly.

“Don’t canlı casino worry, you’ll be with me. Well I guess we’d better go. I’ve got to be back soon to run an errand for my dad.” David said.

“Yeah, I don’t want this to take any longer than it has to.” Rachel said.

David opened the door for Rachel. She smiled and hopped into the passenger seat. David groaned to himself as Rachel got comfortable in the seat. Her attire was appropriate for her work but it was still sexy as hell. Rachel was wearing a tight navy blue skirt ending at her knees with a split in the back, a white buttoned up blouse that strained to conceal her 34C breasts, a navy blue jacket, and high heels. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and she wore glasses which only added to her hotness.

“I bet the men you work with can’t keep their eyes off of you.” David smiled.

“Awe, thank you David,” she said while blushing. Rachel was beginning to feel like she was in high school again, having a crush on some sweet, cute boy in her class.

“I didn’t know you wore glasses,” David said starting up the car.

“I only wear them at work when I use the computer, but sometimes I like to keep them on to complement my outfit, so that I can look sophisticated.” she said tilting her head and smiling. They both laughed as David pulled out of the parking lot.

The drive to Chino’s was pleasant, and their conversation flowed naturally, with the occasional flirting. David couldn’t help but stare at Rachel’s toned dark legs. Rachel noticed David’s wondering eyes but didn’t think twice about it. She was more worried about making the arrangements with Chino. She didn’t want anything to go wrong.

Chino was staying at a house he was currently renting with a group his friends. He rarely stayed in the same place for more than a year, hoping to keep a low profile. His house was on the outskirts of town off an old country road. It took a while but David finally found his secluded driveway off the country road. The driveway was very long and they could see the house nearly three hundred feet away. It looked to be a very nice house that you would never think a guy like Chino would stay in. As they got about halfway up the drive they reached a large metal gate with thick steel bars. David looked up and saw a security camera pointed at them.

He pushed the button on the little speaker box. Someone in a rude, thuggish voice asked who he was and what he wanted.

“I um… I’m looking for Chino,” he said trying not to sound intimidated, even though he clearly was.

The gate slowly opened and Rachel and David felt relieved. “That was easy,” he said as Rachel smiled. She reached over and held his hand. Both of them were a little worried after hearing all the bad stories about Chino.

David parked his car in front of the luxurious home. He noticed all kinds of nice cars parked in the huge garage. That’s when he spotted his old car.

“Look!” he exclaimed to Rachel and pointed in the direction of Will’s ride.

“Oh, thank god he still has it,” she said.

Suddenly, some mean looking Latino guy came out of the front door and stared at David’s car. There was music blaring in the background inside the house.

“Ok, you stay in the car,” David said taking a deep breath.

“Be careful…”Rachel said quietly.

The guy standing on the front steps was very intimidating. He was large and muscular, and he had tattoos all over his arms. His gold chains sparkled in the sunlight, and his bald head looked to have been just shaved.

David got out and approached him.

“Who the fuck are you?” the guy said taking a sip of the mixed drink he was holding, while staring David down.

“Are you Chino?” David asked.

“I ask the questions homes, not you,” the guy replied.

“I’m here to challenge Chino to a race; he’s got a car I want.” David said, getting straight to the point. The guy threw his cup into the bushes and charged down the steps towards David. David flinched a bit, but he didn’t want to look like a wimp in front of Rachel so he stood firm.

“Who the fuck are you comin’ to my crib tryin’ to challenge me!” he said getting in David’s face. He cocked his arm back as if he was going to punch, so David backed up a bit.

“So you are Chino,” David said looking at the angry guy. What David didn’t know was just how paranoid Chino was about strangers, especially ones who challenge him to street races. This paranoia was the result of Chino being busted by undercover cops on multiple occasions. Just as Chino grabbed David’s neck and pushed him up against his Viper, someone called his name from the front door of the house. Simultaneously, Rachel had jumped out of the car to help David get Chino off of him.

“Chino! Wait!” the voice said. Chino let go of David’s neck and turned around.

David caught his breath and looked up to see who was running towards them. It was Todd.

“Todd!” Rachel yelled. “Get this animal off of David!”

Chino ceased to notice Rachel as he wondered what Todd was running out there for.

“He’s cool, man,” Todd said running towards them with a beer in his hand. “This is the guy I was telling you about. He wants to challenge you to a race for my friend Will’s car you won last weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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