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My wife, Jan, laughed and shook her head. She was reading an article in a magazine she had. I asked her what was so funny. She told me all about the story. It was about the dogging craze that was erupting all over Europe, especially in the Netherlands and England. I looked over he shoulder and read a few excerpts. It was not graphic language naturally but there was little doubt about what the story entailed. “Can you believe these wives going out to park in some deserted place so they can have sex with strangers?”

I thought about my own past of years before when I was a single male traveling around the country. I was never in one place long enough to meet the nice girls. I also went into the army at fifteen and my formative years were spent learning how to kill other human beings. For sex I found it expedient to visit adult bookstores and adult movies where guy always gave me a blow job. I actually earned a little cash this way. One night I sucked my first cock and from then on I was hooked. For several years this was my sex life, getting sucked and sucking other men’s cocks. I told Jan that I could believe it. A couple of years before Jan and I had a confessional.

I told her all about my glory hole life and she told me all about the guy’s that she had sucked. She had been pretty much of a young slut. She sucked her first cock and it was the start of her cock sucking years for her. By the time she was twenty five she had sucked the cocks of over a hundred men. She had let a few fuck her but what she said she really got off on was when a man would cum in her mouth. These days she only swallowed my cum and she did this several times a day when we fucked, which was often. Naturally I was not as young as I once was and the amount of sperm that I ejaculated was smaller, but Jan said that it was sweet and she loved it.

That story ended up being the source for many fantasies between us while we fucked. Jan even though she is touching on fifty she is still as tight as can be. Her men that she had fucked all were pretty small. She would let the guy’s with the large cocks know that she would only fuck small cocks. She did such though and she could deep throat a cock like crazy. Mine is just a little over seven inches and pretty thick but she told me of some of the cocks she sucked and they were huge. She also said that she liked to feel the larger thicker cocks.

I told her that I felt pretty much the same. If a guy had a small cock I really wasn’t interested but when presented with a large cock I usually went all the way down on it and. Like Jan, I would let the cock shoot into my mouth while I held it a scant inch away. I loved the taste of cum like Jan. I told her that most men’s cum was pretty bitter but that it still tasted like cum. In our discussions over the years casino şirketleri we both agreed that older men’s cum tasted better and that real young boys, eighteen years or more tasted even better. After that their cum was pretty sour till they got older.

Once several months before Jan and I were at a bar. I had went to the bathroom to take a piss and while there I saw the cock on the guy next to me at the urinal. He was huge. he had caught me looking at it ans it started to get hard. We got to talking and he said that only men could really deep throat him. I felt like bragging on Jan and I told him that my wife could do it. I then told his that I had never seen it but that she had said that she could swallow some pretty large cocks. After I got back to our booth, the guy came around to chat. I think that he wanted to see my wife. I had told Jan that he had a large cock and she smiled at me. “Do you think I could suck it for him?”

To make a long story short, the other guy Jim, was sitting across the table from us. The conversation had gotten to where Jan had my cock out and Jim had his out also although I couldn’t see it. At one point Jan bent low on the seat and felt across to Jim’s cock. “Oh Russ he does have a large one…here honey feel it.” I got a little red faced and told her that I had felt of it at the urinal just before another guy came in. Jan looked around and since we were in the back of the bar, it was also dark there, and no one was around Jan looked at me and said, “Sorry Russ but I have to do this.” She then went under the table for about a minute in which I saw Jim get a big smile on his face and then tense up and get very red in his face. It was perhaps the fastest blow job in history.

After Jan was back up and she looked at me smiling. Jim had to go to the restroom again to clean up. Jan looked at me and kissed me as soon as he left. She had a wad of cum in her mouth and said that it was fitting that she shared his cum with me. “It tasted so good when he first started shooting in my mouth that I saved this for you,” she said. That time was about three months before we read the article and we still talked about it. Jan was amazed at her self for doing it and I was more than amazed. The thing was that we talked more and more about it. The article was just icing on the cake.

That night as we fucked and I had my cock in her I asked her if she would like to suck Jim’s cock while I fucked her. She came the best she ever did with me. We began to talk more and more about dogging and she said that it should come to America. I told her that it had years before but it just was having sex with strangers and didn’t have a label then. I was the one that asked her if she would like to have some anonymous sex with strangers. She countered by asking me casino firmaları I would like to suck a few cocks. We both laughed. Jan and I had just decided to dogg some.

A few nights later we dressed to go out. I guess I should say that we undressed to go out. Jan wore a wrap around with no panties or bra under it. It had one sash that went across the front. If she undid this sash then she could open the dress and show her entire nakedness. Jam gave me a preview of what she would do and I got hard instantly. Jan had a dark bush, that I loved. Most men wanted their wives to shave but not me. I wore a pair lo low cut jeans with no shorts on. It made my cock outline stand out larger than it was.

There was a perk on the edge of down town, well away from, skid row. I remembered it from my cruising days. I told Jan to wait in area where it was secluded by large bushes just on the side of the bath room. I went inside and wasn’t at all out of place. It had been several years since I had been in there but I swear that it was like yesterday. There was a man at the long urinal and he was fisting a nice sized cock. I looked at it and he sided over to me. I reached out and felt it and he did the same to me. I told him that my wife was outside waiting. At first he seemed nervous but followed me out. It was dark so we didn’t even put our cocks away. That’s the picture that Jan saw when we approached her. Two men with their cocks sticking from the front of their pants. I took Jan in my arms and kissed her as she reached out and felt my cock and his at the same time. I could hear her sigh deeply.

I got beside her and undid the sash and opened her front to his eyes. When he saw my naked wife there I swear his cock got larger. Jan and I were kissing as I did this. Jan unbuckled his belt and the man did the rest as his pants fell down to his hips. I took Jan’s hand off mt cock and whispered that she should get a good feel. She hefted his balls with the freed hand and leaned toward him. I don;t know if she did that on purpose but the guy thought that she wanted to kiss him and mashed his lips to hers. They locked in a passionate embrace while she felt all over his cock and balls. I went down and took his cock in my mouth while Jan felt him. I heard her moan in his mouth. Then I heard her whisper something to him and then she was there next to me bent over his crotch. I let his cock out of my mouth and she took it right away and sucked it in.

For the next few minutes Jan and I swapped the man’s cock and forth. I would suck and lick his balls while she took his cock deep in her throat. Then she would do the same while I would suck him in. The man began to fuck into out mouths faster and we knew that he was going to cum. I had to push him away from face fucking Jan . I didn’t want his güvenilir casino shooting down her throat where she couldn’t get a taste. I had to forcefully hold his cock away from her mouth as Jan opened and stuck her tongue out. I swear that the guy had the largest load I had ever seen . I saw the thick rope of sperm shoot and land in the back of Jan’s mouth. She took the wad of cum and swallowed it. While she was doing this he shot another wad. I took this one. We did this back and forth till his cum just bubbled from his cock head. She licked it down as soon as it would fill where I had my fingers wrapped around the head. They acted like the sides to a pool and it kept filling up with sperm. Jan and I slurped the cum up like it was ambrosia. In a way it was. It still tasted like cum but it had a sweet after taste to it.

It seemed like forever we were down eating his cum but it was actually like five minutes before we had all his cum licked up. Jan straightened up and kissed the man with her sperm coated mouth. I was in a sexual heat as was my wife. We were still agitated from sucking our first cock together.

I whispered in Jan’s ear as she kissed him, “Do you want his cock in your cunt Jan…do you want his to fuck you?” Jan looked side ways at me and nodded her head as she kissed him. She broke away from kissing him and the first thing she asked was how we should do it. I gently pushed the man up against the side of the building and told Jan to back up to him. The man had already lifted the back of her dress up.

I reached between her legs and grabbed his cock and rubbed it in Jan’s cunt hair. her slit was wet and when I started to rub his cock in her slit it slipped in. He drove it in her as best he could. Jan spread her legs wide and she fucked back at him. I dropped to my knees and masked my mouth to her cunt with his cock fucking into her. Jan turned her head town him and they kissed while he fucked her. It only lasted a couple of minutes but I felt the cum surge through the thick tube on the underneath of his cock. He fucked her a few more strokes till he went limp and slipped out. I sucked the cock in my mouth before letting it fall and mashed my lips to my wife’s sperm leaking cunt. He had shot a lot in her as I was still eating her out ten minutes later. They kissed and I could look up and see his driving his tongue in her open mouth and then her thrusting her tongue down his throat.

After we said a few quite words and the man gave us his card and begged us to call him soon. When we got to the car i looked at Jan and could see that her mouth was red and raw looking. She had kissed him so hard that she looked like a teenager on her first date. I bent across the seat and kissed her. I could still taste his sperm on her lip’s. “Did you like that Russ…did you like it…can we do it again?” I kissed her and told her yes three times. I said yes that I loved it. I told her yes that we could do it more and I said yes that I was going to take her home and fuck all night long. More to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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