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He closed the door to the motel room and walked over to her. He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. Their tongues meeting, moving over each other, searching the others mouth and blending together as one. She ran her tongue slowly over his lips. Gently biting at his lower lip as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. She moved closer to him and could feel his erection growing hard as she continued her kisses. Her hand reached down to touch his cock through his pants and she could feel the heat of his body in her hands. She pulled at his shirt and lifted it over his head.

Her hands caressed his chest, she lightly ran her fingernails over his skin and felt him shudder in response. She stood close enough so that he could feel her hard nipples poking into his chest as she began to kiss him again. His neck, shoulders, lips, eyes, she wanted to kiss every part of his body, to taste and feel every part of him. She needed to hold in her memory the shape of his hands, the feel of his skin, the smell of his sex, and his taste for the time that they would spend apart. They never knew how long it would be until they could see each other again and she longed for his touches when he was not with her.

He caught her hands in his. “You are mine, for the next few hours, and I’m going to make sure that you know that.” He told her in a voice filled with passion and longing.

“I am going to give you all the pleasures of the body and mind that I have dreamed about during the past few weeks, and you love, are going to see how very much I want you.”

“The rules of the game are simple, I can touch you anywhere and anytime I please, but you can only touch me when and where I tell you too. Are you willing to play my game?” he asked.

“Oh darlin, you know I would do anything to give you pleasure” she grinned, ” I would love to play your game”

“Little bird, tonight güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri your pleasure is my pleasure, the only thing I ask of you is to keep your eyes open and look at me when you cum. I want to see the passion in your eyes and on your face.” He answered.

He took off his clothes. Standing naked before her, letting her eyes gaze over his body before he began to undress her. He unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. He began to kiss her neck, her perfume filling his nose with a sweet floral smell. One he had come to associate with her. She had on a blue lace push up bra, revealing more than it concealed. He left it on her for the time being. He unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor, she took a step out of it and kicked it aside. She stood in front of him in her bra, pantyhose, and white high heels.

“There, that’s enough for now,” he told her as he lead her to the bed. She lay down and opened her legs to him. Slipping one shoe half way off her foot, as she smiled at him.

“You are teasing me a bit, ” he laughed. “Now it’s my turn.”

His hands started at her feet, removing both shoes and massaging her feet from the toes to the heels. He bent down and began to kiss her toes, ran his tongue over her arches and was surprised to find that she had perfumed her feet as well as her body. The realization that she had dressed and perfumed for his pleasure made his cock grow even harder than what it already was. His kisses trailed up her legs, he licked behind her knees and she moaned in pleasure. He rolled her over on her stomach and continued his kisses on her back. His hands kneading each cheek of her ass and then moving up to rub her shoulders. She sighed and lay under his hands completely relaxed.

He loosened her bra then, and removed it as he rolled her to her back again. Her nipples stood straight güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri up and he took first one then the other into his mouth to suck on it.

He placed his cock near her mouth.

“Suck me, not enough to make me cum, just enough to excite me more. I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Her mouth greedily took him in and her tongue began to move on the head of his cock. She sucked gently, running her tongue along the skin just underneath the head of his cock. Then she began to lick up and down the shaft. He moaned and let her continue that movement for a few minutes telling her how good it felt. Her mouth slide onto his cock again and he let her taste it for just an instant before he pulled away from her.

He stood up and walked to the table in the motel room. Her eyes turned toward where he stood and saw that he had in his hands a pair of scissors and a red rose. He returned to the bed lay the rose beside of her and opened her legs wide sliding his knees between them so that she couldn’t close them. Her pantyhose still on he began to lick and kiss her pussy. Her hips began to move and soft moans escaped her mouth.

“Not yet baby, you can’t cum yet, I get to tell you when”

He took the scissors and split the crouch of her pantyhose. The cold metal felt very erotic against her skin and she was surprised by that sensation. He tossed the scissors to the floor and began to kiss her pussy lips. His tongue darted in and out of her and he drank from the wetness of her sexuality. Again, he brought her right to the brink of orgasm and stopped.

This time he picked up the rose and began to softly touch her face with the silky petals. He moved it to her neck, her shoulders, her breasts. He sucked on her nipples as he moved the flower between her breasts and then teased her with the petals by feather touching her hard güvenilir bahis şirketleri nipples. Her moans grew louder and her breathing was fast and shallow by the time he began to use the rose to tease her pussy lips. He parted the lips with his fingers and ran the soft petals over her swollen clit. Her hips bucked beneath him and he could see how wet she was, droplets of moisture hung on the soft red hairs covering her sex.

He brought the rose to her lips once more, letting her taste herself as he had tasted her. The rose dropped from his hands as he replaced the soft petals rubbing against her lips with his own lips, kissing her deeply with pent up passions.

Their eyes met and he looked into the pools of deep blue, that locked their intent on his. He could see the passion and lust in her eyes, feel it in the heat of her body and it almost drove him over the edge in itself.

He knew that she was way too wet to take her in anyway but from behind. He asked her to move to that position and never bothering to remove her pantyhose he entered her. Her soft pussy closed around him, she was wet and tight as he plunged in and out of her holding onto her hips tightly with his hands so his cock wouldn’t slip out of her.

Again and again he moved inside of her, fast and then slow and she met his every thrust with one of her own. He withdrew from her. It was time, they both needed release. He stood at the side of the bed, rolled her to her back once more and she placed her feet on his shoulders.

“Cum for me now baby, and don’t close your beautiful eyes, let me see your pleasure” he said as he entered her again.

One, two, three thrusts and her orgasm overtook her. Waves of passion filled her and her pussy walls tightened on his cock until it felt as if she were milking him. Harder and faster he moved into her, as her orgasms continued. He felt his own climax approaching and as he released himself into her, their eyes locked together. Riding a storm of passion that few lovers ever know, they floated in each others heaven for a few seconds.

Breathing heavy they collapsed on the bed. Needing to let their bodies rest and satisfied, at least for the moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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