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(This story unlike the first is based loosely on a true series of events. Names were changed and locations withheld to protect the not so innocent. The characters in this story did in fact meet online on Christmas Day 2013 and then in person several times over the following five and a half months).


A few weeks had passed since Katie and her “Uncle” Scott’s tryst. For his part Scott had been discreet and not really acted any differently around her, especially when others were around. She was waiting for another chance to fuck him but was being patient. Respectful not only that he was married but also a long-time buddy of her dad. The experience had awoken a curiosity about others in her. Her limited sexual experience had been with guys her own age. To say that being with an “older” guy before that evening was something she had considered would be laughable. Now though she found herself giving some a second look or two. This included “Uncle” Johnny, who was another one of daddy’s flirty friends but she immediately ruled that out as tempting fate. She was afraid that she or they would be caught and excommunicated. Next were her regulars at work which she thought would be easy enough, considering several of the other girls did just that but also felt like that would be a precarious situation if things went poorly. She’d seen more than one heated exchange at work and thought to herself “too much drama.” Last and what seemed to be the least likely option was a chat room acquaintance whom she’d met just a couple of days after her encounter with Scott.

Up until that day she had never replied to even one guy above the age of 30 but now she was regularly chatting with (we’ll call him Derek, just as a precaution) a married guy in his mid to late 40’s (who knows what’s true in chat and what’s not?).

Derek seemed like a nice guy and didn’t try to strip her out of her virtual clothes in the first 10 seconds after they met. Katie found that the two of them had a great rapport and he was awesome at role playing! Step daddy and daughter was their favorite scenario to play out. During their chats the thought had entered her head on more than one occasion “He can talk the talk but can be walk the walk?”

They had been chatting randomly about his work stuff one night after finishing a role play, when he said something about her hometown. Had she told him where she was from?, she thought to herself. She was certain that she hadn’t, being very protective of that information. Yet here he was telling her that he was in fact going to be on a work trip and would be there for an entire week. Should I tell him?, she pondered. Falling prey to temptation she finally did.

Upon learning of Katie’s hometown and the possibilities, Derek was beside himself with excitement. He would chat with her often and even text her about the things he wanted to do to her, which to his disbelief she seemed to be just as excited about as he was. When the day of his trip arrived She agreed to meet him outside of his hotel after work on Monday night. She would watch him safely from her car and if she felt comfortable she would get out and come inside with him, no promises though and she assured him that her two best friends knew where she was and would be checking on her regularly. They in fact had no idea where casino siteleri she was and would not be checking on her. She would be receiving her regular random texts and would reply as if to let them know that she was okay. In order to ensure the faux texting take place She started a group text about a guy that had been coming into work that they all thought was a stalker or serial killer. She laughed to herself at the irony, with her meeting a total stranger at his hotel. What she had done as a precaution was write down Derek’s name and phone number on a piece of paper and left it on her desk at home, just in case.

When she arrived she texted and told him which entrance she had parked by but not what kind of car she was driving, if she didn’t like the looks of him she would simply drive away. She watched the exit door with anticipation and a couple who were just arriving enter the hotel passing Derek as he exits right in front of them, holding the door open for them. Polite, she thinks to herself. She sits completely still in the dark for several moments watching him. He doesn’t seem deranged or too dorky for an old guy she muses, causing a smile to cross her lips and ease her stress slightly. “Am I really doing this?” She says softly to herself.

The buzz of her phone wakes her from the semi trance she was lost in at the moment. Derek was texting, wondering if she was still there or had changed her mind? With that Katie opened her door which drew Derek’s attention to the car. When she stepped out he strained to see her as she was still in the dark. She approached slowly and entered an area which was better lit. As she does so a huge smile crosses his face, which she returns.

“Thank goodness! It’s really you! I mean, those were your real pictures.” He exclaims. “You can’t imagine the nightmare scenarios that were running through my head.” He says to her.

Katie begins to laugh “You wanna bet?”

Derek immediately sees the irony of his statement and begins to laugh. “Yeah but who in their right mind would use my pictures to Catfish a younger girl?”

This gets a giggle from Katie, who counters “don’t be silly, you’re hot!” Pausing for effect she adds. “For an old guy.” And just like that the online rapport transferred to the real world, which was the best that either could have hoped.

Derek seemed shy at first which Katie thought was cute and also a relief that he didn’t immediately cross lines that she wasn’t quite sure about yet. He held doors open for her and walked a respectful distance behind her directing her to his room, which she was sure was an attempt to get a better look at her. She had dressed conservatively with a loose, slightly baggy sweater, a white tank underneath, some jeans and a pair of slip on flats. Nothing too exciting but also easy off in case she was into him. They entered the room and again he put her at ease by offering to sit on the sofa rather than the bed, he was playing this perfect she thought. Not too aggressive but also flirty enough to know that he was just waiting for the green light.

He had put her at ease with his approach but it’s what he finally said sitting across from her on the little sofa that put her over the edge. With a big grin and a slightly nervous laugh he says “are we really doing this?” güvenilir casino

Talk about a sign, deja vu or whatever you want to call it, Katie immediately flashed back to her car in the parking lot outside and saying a version of that phrase to herself. She immediately becomes the aggressor moving to Derek and straddling his lap. Sitting on her knees facing him she leans in for their first kiss.

Time was not an issue or a consideration as the two made out. They kissed each other as passionately as lovers who had known each other’s every curve and every flaw, even though this was the first time that they were exploring one another. She thought this was different than the experience with Scott, that was by chance and yes it might happen again but she wanted this, craved it somehow. Derek for his part was gentle and considerate, Katie was sure still hoping not to spook her somehow. One thing was certain, his cock was as ready as it could be she felt it under her as she was grinding against his lap.

Derek’s hands move under Katie’s sweater and lifted it up and over her head. As they break their kiss to remove the sweater he looks at her still in awe of his amazing luck. “You’re sure?” He asks and gets a nod of her head with her bottom lip tucked lightly under her top teeth. The two move to the bed shedding jeans and tops in between stolen kisses. Derek lays her back on the bed as he pulls her panties down past her hips and off of her slender legs. He moves onto the bed in between her legs, lightly kissing his way up the inside of each thigh, making his way slowly to her bare pussy. Looking up at her, she watches this man she has just met reach out and stroke her lips with his tongue.

His touch was light and to her surprise he knew where everything was. Silly girl, she thinks to herself with age comes experience. I guess he can in fact walk the walk. A long soft moan escapes her lips as he strokes her clit with his tongue. “Where’d you learn to do that?” She adds as she grabs fistfulls of his hair.

He laughs a muffled laugh by a mouthful of Katie’s young and delicious pussy. It’s been so long since he was in his 20’s he found himself wondering if all 22 year olds tasted this good. He was determined now given the circumstances to make Katie cum with his tongue. He’s rewarded in short order as she pulls him tightly into her pussy. His mouth and nose buried, for several seconds, in her folds as she begins moaning loudly. “Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh!” Derek continues to lick and suck at her clit as she rides out her climax on his tongue.

It was a surreal moment for Derek whose wife would rarely cum, which in large part is why he was here and cheating with this tight, young and gorgeous brunette. Just like Uncle Scott before him, it didn’t take long for Derek to become smitten by those big brown eyes. “That was intense.” He quipped as he pulled away. He was about to learn that young Katie cums quickly and often which further endears her to him after years of disappointment in that department, not for a lack of trying on his part.

She giggled at him. “Uh, yeah it was.” Katie layed almost motionless as he planted soft kisses on her stomach and moving upward. He worked with one hand to unclasp her bra while nibbling on one of her now erect nipples through canlı casino the very thin material.

Looking up as the bra falls away his only words are “You’re sooo damn gorgeous.”

Her smile his answer as she pulls him up to kiss her. She tastes herself on his lips and tongue, her hand reaching down between them. She stops cold and pulls back to look at him. “You still have your boxers on?” A grin flashes across her face as she pushes him over with him not offering even a little bit of token resistance. “I wanna see!” she places her fingers under the waist band and tugs. Derek lifts his hips for her allowing her to almost yank them to mid thigh in one motion. Although not as thick as Scott, the length was there she thought. Measuring just under eight inches his cock stands straight up as he lowers his hips back to the mattress. “Yum!” She says with a wink. “Just like in the pictures you sent me.” She lowers her head and kisses the tip. “I’ve been waiting for this” She says as Derek pulls her on top of him. “Hey!” She protests.

“That’s going to have to wait.” He says kissing her as her legs straddle his hips. “I’ve been waiting to fuck you for almost a month.” He looks into her eyes and she’s taken aback slightly by his intensity. “What do you want Katie?” He asks.

“What do I want?” She asks searching his eyes wondering if he’ll laugh.

“Yes!” He laughs at her uncertainty, even though it’s understandable given the circumstances.

“I mean, you’re going to think it’s silly.” She looks as if she’s about to cry.

“C’mon, I mean it. No games, no role play, this is real life. What do you want? What do you really want?” He asks again, still searching her eyes.

“Make love to me.” Is her reply as she rolls to her back. “No one’s ever really done that before.” She says. “I know, it’s silly to ask you.” Her eyes break contact with him “but we, I mean, it just seems different.”

Derek pulls her chin up and her eyes meet his again. He gives her a soft kiss “I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do our first time.” She responds favorably to his gentle touch and was in awe of this ‘stranger’ who didn’t seem to be in any hurry but wanted to take the time with her that no others ever had or even seemed to care to try. The two of them kissed and touched each other, their bodies intertwined. What could have lasted five minutes Derek later thought (if he were lucky) stretched into a marathon of love making.

He entered her slowly and with purpose wanting her to feel every inch as he sank into her. Their eyes locked on one another’s, hands gripping the other’s body. Katie would cum for the second time right away from the intensity of the bond they had. Her pussy squeezing Derek’s cock as he held her buried deep inside of this amazing young beauty. He fought off his own climax several times during the evening, pausing to kiss her or marvel at her big brown eyes. He thought that this was as close to heaven on earth as he would ever be, in these moments at this time. Katie would cum two more times but during her fourth and final orgasm that evening he could no longer hold back and she felt him explode inside of her for the first time. The two locked together in an embrace as he had the experience of a lifetime given to him by a girl who was young enough to be his daughter. It was hard for him not to think about in the aftermath because after all that was the fantasy that brought them together in the first place.

Now though, he had no desire to be a fantasy but her reality. At least as long as she’d let him hang around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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