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Before dinner, Jessica jerked me off onto her tits. I had spent all day in the office and my balls were swollen, so when she took off her top and started pumping my cock, I came pretty quickly. Like a good little vixen, Jessica kept stroking every drop of cum onto her chest, even sticking out her tongue and licking the tip of my cock for a few more morsels.

Dinner was at IHOP with Jessica’s friend Melanie and her new boyfriend. Melanie was a slut and a cocktease, and had a reputation around town as an easy lay. I thought Melanie was hot as balls, especially that tight perfect ass. For months, I had been begging Jessica to invite Melanie to our bedroom, so I could smoosh my face into my girlfriend’s pillowy tits while the thin slut Melanie rode my cock. Jessica said no every time I asked, which was a bummer.

Jessica was a thick bitch, with huge titties and hips that are easy to grab as you fuck. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than a curvy girl who slurps down cock like a milkshake. And Jessica spills flesh out of a bikini in every way a man could want. Really, with tits like hers, there is no such thing as a conservative outfit. Every piece of fabric stretches and strains under her body until she’s just dripping sex.

But every once in a while, I’d get a craving for a thin tight slut like Melanie and my eyes would wander. It wasn’t just her cute ass and adorable tits. Melanie’s life was like a porno designed by a horny teenager. She lost her virginity in a gang bang with her step brother’s hung friends. She got two thugs from rival gangs to spit roast her, and then drain their loads into her mouth like a mixing pot.

But most famously, and most frequently, she was a sucker for any big cock that swung her way. Melanie would approach strangers in the grocery store if she thought they had a big bulge. She hung out naked in men’s locker rooms (nobody fucking protested to the hottie sprawled nude on the carpet) looking for big dick. If you were under 6 inches, Melanie wouldn’t give you a second glance. But if you were well hung, then everything and anything was on the table, at any time.

To be perfectly honest, my cock was 5.8 inches, slightly below Melanie’s prick size minimum. But I was hoping that if it ever did happen, Jessica could cash in on years of friendship with the big cock slut to get my underachiever into the most well fucked pussy in town. It’s not like Melanie would actually fucking pull out a ruler to measure my cock, but with a size queen like Melanie, I guess anything is possible.

But Jessica said no to a threesome every time. It’s not like Jessica is a prude: I’ve heard the stories of what kind of trouble she got into before she settled down with me. With knowledge of all the black cock that has passed through my girl, it’s a wonder I can stay hard inside that seriously fucked pussy. Not that Jessica and I fuck too much any more. At the start of us dating, we were having sex pretty regularly, but it’s slowed down a ton. She’ll jerk me off onto those massive breasts, and then sit on my face for an hour each night while she watches the Daily Show and creams.

Anyway, Jessica and I arrived to dinner and Melanie texted saying she would be late. Even after licking all my cum off her tits, Jessica said she was still hungry so we got her a salad to start. Sitting across the table, watching my big titty girlfriend eat was hypnotic. She looks like a Carl’s Jr ad, if she were blonde. Let’s just say that when she drizzled a glaze over those lettuce leaves, I was thinking about drizzling another kind of glaze all over those tits.

“So what, Melanie is bringing a new boyfriend, right?” I asked. Jessica nodded. “His name is Grant. I haven’t met him yet but he’s a real fucking stud. I’m serious, you wouldn’t believe the cock this dude is packing. We both know Melanie likes them long and thick, but she’s struck the real white whale with this one. Can’t be under 12 inches. Huge and veiny, with these big hanging balls. She’s texted me like 600 pictures of the thing since she started fucking him. I’m obsessed with it, I can’t get my hand down into my pants fast enough when she sends me a new one.”

I got a little nervous thinking about my girlfriend fisting herself looking at another dude’s dick. Especially one that was literally bigger than two of mine stuck end to end. Damn, and he was coming to dinner too. But it’s not like I could say anything. Jessica knows that I’m jerking it to porn and Facebook bikini photos of her friends. I mean, she’s the one texting me pics of her friends in the changing room, tits out and everything. But she always knows that they never have a body that comes close to Jessica’s fuckable curves. I couldn’t say that for my cock against Grant’s.

It took them long enough, but Grant and Melanie finally arrived. Watching Melanie come through the door in her booty shorts made my cock start to rise. Even though I had just cum less than an hour ago all bahis siteleri over Jessica, if there was any fuck slut in the world who was going to give me a stiffie, it was Melanie. I reached across the table in my lap to try to get Jessica to press down on my cock. She jerked her arm back and shot me a glance. “Hey y’all,” she said, turning to a smile as she greeted the new couple. I waved.

Melanie sat next to my girlfriend, and the fucker Grant took a seat next to me. He wasn’t what I expected from Jessica’s description of the horse-hung stud. Instead of big and buff, he was kind of lanky, though really tall. He had a bad smell, like body odor and cigarettes, but with a skank like Melanie, I shouldn’t have expected James Bond in a suit. Across the table, I watched Melanie give a wink to Jessica, as if to say, “Did you check out the bulge?”

Instinctively, I shot a quick glance to the lap next to me. Grant was fucking hung all right. He had on gym shorts that were no match for the bulge he was packing between his legs. I mean, it looked like a roll of cookie dough, but even longer. With all that slack, and with the flimsy gym shorts, he was risking the tip of his cock to just dangle out the right leg. Good thing he was so tall.

I’ll admit, seeing Grant’s bulge was a little sexy. I’m not gay or anything, but it was hard for my mind to see that thing and not picture it splitting open sexy little Melanie from the inside. Like, can you imagine Melanie’s tiny tight body taking in all that fucking cock, inch by inch by inch? God, the idea of him spinning that slut on her back and feeding his whole length to her pussy was better than any porno I could think of. No wonder my girlfriend was dripping wet every night from looking at it.

Everyone ordered pancakes, plus my girlfriend got a side of bacon. I drooled a little thinking about how that bacon was going to make her thick fat ass even juicier. There was no denying it: my cock was rock hard under the table with these two drop-dead sexy ladies across from me. Melanie especially, casting out natural “fuck me” eyes that made her even more irresistible. She was telling a story about her writing class, and what a perv her professor was and how she was worried she might fail. I wasn’t listening but I sure was paying attention.

When the conversation died down, Jessica started asking Grant about himself. “So what do you do?” He shrugged. “Play lacrosse with the city college, and I sell weed on the side.” “Oh sweet, I like to smoke but I haven’t done so much since I started dating him.” Grant turned towards me. “I’m not much of a drug guy,” I answered, but he didn’t seem to care. “You’re missing out. Melanie and I blazed on the way over and I’m pretty chill right now.” He glanced over to Jessica. “Do you want to get high now? I have some out in the truck, it would only take a second.” I looked at Jessica, then back at Melanie. “Go ahead,” I answered, then slyly added, “But Melanie, why don’t you stay here and keep me company.” She scooted out of the booth so Jessica could exit and soon enough, I was alone across from Melanie.

“Jessica’s tits look fucking amazing tonight,” Melanie said, right off the bat. So fucking sexy. She was right, too, and I told her that. She smiled. “Have you been fucking her senseless like she deserves?” I hesitated with my answer, but Melanie didn’t wait. “That’s okay, I know the details. Jessica and I text each other everything.” “Like what?” “Like the fact that you eat her out every night and make her cum like an orange juicer.” Holy fuck Melanie was getting me hard. Even the way Melanie moved was sexy.

“Did you see the way my boyfriend was checking out her tits?” Melanie asked. I hadn’t noticed anything, but now it seemed obvious. “Grant is a very sexual creature, and he fucks me senseless, but I can’t offer him the giant fucking rack like Jessica can. The things we used to do before she starting dating you. We would pick up guys together, I would make out with them while Jessica let them fuck her big tits and then lick their asshole clean while he fucked the shit out of me. We could have done wild things to a guy like Grant if you weren’t in the picture.”

Melanie continued. “Man, he really like those tits. Grant’s jaw was on the fucking table practically while he was listening to her talk. Like, did you see the drool coming down his chin? Jessica knew it too, she was shaking those things all throughout, trying to get more of his attention. I warned Grant too, I said, this chick we are having dinner with, she’s my friend and she’s got the biggest fucking melons you’ve ever seen. Delicious big knockers that she can really fuck with. But she’s got a boyfriend now.”

Melanie was getting hot and heavy now as she kept going. “So I said to him, listen, if you want to fuck this slut I get it, those fucking tits, right? But she does have a boyfriend and he’ll be there. And she loves him, even if they haven’t had sex in a while and canlı bahis siteleri she’s been touching herself like crazy to pictures of YOUR MONSTER COCK. I don’t think it’s going to be so easy for you to get her alone. It’s not like you’re going to be able to pick this slut up under the nose of her own fucking boyfriend.”

Melanie’s warning about my big titty girlfriend got me worried. It had been a long time since she went out into the truck with Grant and his horse cock. Was it really possible that she had whipped out her big tits and was currently stroking off that prick? But I took a breath. I could see them out the window of the restaurant, the truck was right there. I could see Jessica and Grant in the front of his truck, smoking weed maybe a little too blatantly. Nobody was naked, nobody was fucking around. “Melanie, you fucking liar,” I said, smiling, “You’re trying to freak me out for no reason. Look at them out there, they’re not even fooling around” Melanie sighed. “Dude, I’m not lying to you. The point is that they could be. You think that if you weren’t sitting right here, her tits wouldn’t be popped out of that tight fucking shirt? Of course they would.”

I reached across the table and grabbed Melanie’s hands. “What about you, Melanie? You just told me how you and she used to take guys together. Why don’t you come back home with Jessica and me? Why don’t you slip off that outfit and dance naked with her, and let me fuck you both?” Melanie didn’t pull her hands back, so I kept going. “Take that tight little ass of yours and plant it on my face and I’ll show you what kind of pussy eating I can do. Sure, I don’t have a huge cock like Grant but I’ll make you cum ten times harder using just my tongue.”

Melanie leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “Why don’t you and Jessica come back to Grant’s place after dinner?” I looked at Melanie and nodded. I don’t care about that fucker Grant or his huge cock, but I was looking at Melanie’s body and I couldn’t say no. As long as I could plant my face in Melanie’s round tight ass, who was I to complain?

After dinner, I paid for the group since Grant and Jessica were too high. Everyone piled into Grant’s truck, expecting me to drive. “No come back here, sweetheart,” Grant said to Jessica when she tried to get into the front seat. As I took instructions from my phone on where to drive, Grant blazed up with Jessica and Melanie in the back. He sat in the middle, with one hand on each girl’s thigh. I wanted to say something, to tell that big dick prick to lay his hands off my woman, but then I thought about how badly I wanted to get some action with Melanie so I stayed quiet. Keeping my eyes on the road, I only imagined Grant groping my girlfriend’s tits.

They were whispering something I couldn’t hear. Jessica called my name. “Babe?” she said, stoned out of her mind. “You wouldn’t mind if Grant took out his cock back here, would you?” I glanced behind me, past Grant’s shit eating grin, to Melanie. She shot me a cold look that confirmed that this wasn’t really a request. “Of course that’s fine,” I lied. Grant pulled out his huge white cock where I saw it in person for the first time. In the rearview mirror, I could see Melanie curled up next to it, her arm waving above it to demonstrate just how girthy Grant’s impressive penis was.

The rest of the car ride was painful as I waited for things to escalate. Grant couldn’t keep his cock still for a moment. He was waving it around, making both girls smile and giggle. He rubbed it against Melanie’s thighs, then had the audacity to rub it against Jessica’s. She didn’t try to stop him, only smiled as the heat of its bulbous head pulsed against her tan skin. I was waiting for him to go farther, so I could stop the car and make a scene. Instead, he only kept playfully rubbing it against my girlfriend, her holding it for a moment, until we arrived at his apartment.

At Grant’s place, I sat on the couch with my blazed girlfriend, gripping her tightly with my arm around her fit curvy waist. I pressed her against the corner, trying to make sure Grant wouldn’t sit next to her. He hadn’t put pants back on, and had taken off his shirt. With Melanie, Jessica, and I still clothed, the buck naked Grant looked like a Greek God. His cock and balls swayed low as he stepped around the carpet. Melanie helped him pack a bowl across the room as I hugged my girlfriend. He pressed a button on his phone and music started to play. Jessica, suddenly alert, leapt up to dance. I asked her to sit back down, but she wasn’t listening. She grabbed her shirt sensually, twisted her knees and danced to the floor, smiling and grooving to the music.

As Jessica danced, Grant came over and planted himself in the seat where she had been sitting. He didn’t seem to notice me one bit. He was grinning and hollering at Jessica as she danced, egging her on. I saw her smile back at him and respond, jiggling more flesh, sticking out her ass, shaking her canlı bahis shoulders so her big tits moved. Grant grabbed his cock and waved it at her from the couch, and my stoned girlfriend giggled and took her top off to the music. My cock stirred seeing her sweaty brown tits dangling free.

I called her over to me. “Yes babe?” she asked me, brushing her melons up against my shoulder. “I think this has gone too far. Can’t you see the way that big cock stud is oggling you? I mean, he’s stroking himself right next to me, drooling all over you.” Jessica leaned in closer until I could feel her hot breath on my neck. “Just let it happen, babe. Let me fool around with him and you can have your time in the sun with Melanie. Wouldn’t you like that?” In the moment, all I could think about was the big beautiful pair in front of me and how much Grant wanted to rub his face in them. But then I thought about the sex vixen across the room, and I nodded.

My girlfriend stood up from me sensually and grabbed Grant’s hand, pulling him across the room as she sauntered towards Melanie. Grant, hard cock poking out in front of him, lunged forwards, groping my girlfriend’s tit with one hand and yanking off her shorts with the other. Her juicy ass swaying, her big tits bouncing, Grant rubbed his cock against my girlfriend’s thigh and dug his lips into her neck, making her tilt her head and moan slightly. She whispered something into Melanie’s ear as Grant licked her shoulder, and they called me over to the middle of the carpet.

“Before Grant fucks me,” my girlfriend said, “I want to make sure you feel comfortable. Okay baby?” I looked down at Grant’s stiff cock and gulped. “Take a look at my titties.” She started bouncing up and down slowly, her big breasts floating out of step with the rest of her body. I was mesmerized. Grant’s raging boner was leaving my mind as every thought I had was replaced with those tits. Jessica saw the glazed look come over my eyes as my heart quickened and my cock got hard. There was no one else in the room but me and those bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, tits…

“Let me see that cock,” a voice whispered. I immediately shed my own pants, my attention never swaying from Jessica’s heaving bouncing chest. Beneath me, Melanie was down on her knees, my stiff little cock on one side and Grant’s twisted fat boner on the other. “Shit, bro,” Grant sneered, “You’ve been fucking this chick with that thing? How do you even tit fuck her? Boobs like hers need a cock that can actually fit all the way through them.” Some other time, this would have bothered me, but Jessica’s tits had made me a drooling animal.

With two cocks to choose from, Melanie slipped her lips around Grant’s enormous third leg. I heard her sloppily gagging as my girlfriend instructed me to lay down on the floor, beneath her. “Open your mouth, baby” she said, squeezing her breasts with her elbows, “I want you to eat this pussy like your whole life depended on it.” As she lowered her cheeks onto my face, I started licking furiously, flicking her clit with my tongue as her warm thighs squeezed my face. Her gaze was glued to Melanie’s sloppy blowjob, something I could only hear with my busty goddess girlfriend on top of me. “Holy fuck Melanie can take that thing down,” Jessica squealed.

“Stop,” Grant commanded, yanking Melanie off his cock. “I want the titty bitch to suck me off now.” Wordlessly, following his command, my girlfriend lifted herself off my face and crawled over to where Grant’s wet shaking cock dripped onto the carpet. I saw her open her mouth and lurch forward to accept it into her throat, but before contact my view was blocked by the heavenly perfect ass of Melanie. “Hey boy,” she teased, shaking her ass over my face, “Ever flicked a girl’s shit box?” Before I could even comprehend what that meant, Melanie’s spread ass cheeks were planted on my face and I was lapping at her asshole and drooling down my chin.

As I licked Melanie’s tight hole, I heard my girlfriend gagging on Grant’s cock. With Melanie’s sweaty flesh pressed onto my face, my cock had already been rock hard. Now it was twitching and squirting bits of precum. “Looks like someone wants some release,” Melanie said, rising off my face. She spun around, sitting down on my face backwards now, her small hands reaching down my stomach. “Keep licking that asshole,” she ordered me, “And I’ll give your little cock some love.” Warm wet lips engulfed my prick, licking up my precum as a thin hand cupped my balls.

“Get the titty bitch ready for my cock,” Grant yelled, and Melanie’s warm body left me on the floor. I turned around slowly, my cock still aching and ready to burst. Grant was on the ground, his hard cock in between my girlfriend’s breasts as she stroked him off. And sweet sexy Melanie, hands crawling underneath my girlfriend’s thighs, slipping inside her and making her drip wetness onto the carpet. I was once again mesmerized by the sway of Jessica’s huge breasts. She needed two hands to stroke the entirety of Grant’s perfect penis, and still her tits were taking on a fair share of the work. My girlfriend’s eyes were sharp and lusty, and she moaned whenever Melanie pressed inside her sweetly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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