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Jenna Hunter nervously walked up the walkway towards Dr. Michael Smith’s research complex as the Las Vegas sun streamed down upon her five foot frame. As she strode, her long brown hair danced from side to side, curling slightly at the ends in the middle of her back, which was covered by her tan business jacket. Her half hour drive out to a secluded part of the Nevada desert had given her plenty of opportunity to contemplate her task at hand. Jenna had been working for a small but quickly blossoming magazine, as a writer, for about three months when her boss offered her a story she just couldn’t pass up.

Her boss told her of a Dr. Michael Smith, who was rumored to have engineered a special plant, which, when crushed and smoked in a small dose, could transform any woman into a sexual goddess, insatiable and highly orgasmic. Evidently, the doctor’s methods, and subsequent findings, for testing the effects of the “sex herb,” as it had been nicknamed, were unknown. An inside source at the lab where the experiments were taking place informed Jenna’s boss that Dr. Smith was looking for a person who could record his findings, and, in turn, her boss suggested to Jenna that she be the person to record Dr. Smith’s results. Jenna had been promised by her boss that if she could get a feature article about the plant’s power, she could secure a position as junior editor of the magazine, which would be a big jump up the power ladder and not to mention a big jump up the pay scale. Junior editor at twenty five years old? Jenna knew it was an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Now, even though the young writer felt that the story was one she had to pursue, she also had a few reservations about the subject matter. Jenna had never really had a serious boyfriend because of her commitment to her classes at college and then her career after graduation. Sure, she wasn’t completely naive about the subject of sex, but she definitely couldn’t be considered sexually adventurous. As she reached the glass door of the research complex, her heart beat quickened and she knew there was no turning back.

Upon entrance into the lobby of the complex, Jenna was greeted by a stunning blonde behind the reception desk. “Good morning, welcome to the Smith Research Center! I’m Rachel. You must be Ms. Hunter,” spoke the blonde, cheerfully. Slightly surprised that the receptionist guessed that she was Ms. Hunter, Jenna greeted the blonde, Rachel, and shook her hand. As they shook hands, Rachel stood and walked around the desk and informed Jenna that she’d be taking her to Dr. Smith’s observation room. During the walk down the pristine hallway towards their eventual destination, Rachel chatted away about anything she could think of.

“Well, Ms. Hunter, I must say, you sure did pick a good day to start your research. Today’s observation has been two weeks in the making. Ya’ see, Dr. Smith decided that he wanted to see how a woman would react to large doses of the herb and also how horny he could make her if he made her watch nothing but porn all the time and wouldn’t let her masturbate at all. “Overload” I think he called it. Anyway, today he’s going to let the patient have sex with one of our male volunteers. It should be really interesting. Don’t ya’ think?”

Before Jenna had time to respond, Rachel cut her off.

“Anyway, here were are! Just go through this door. Dr. Smith is expecting you.”

With that, the energetic blonde scampered off, leaving Jenna at the doorway of the observation room. It was now or never. She took a deep breathe, smoothed her tan skirt and opened the door.

As she stepped inside the dark room, she was immediately struck by the rooms design. It was very narrow, with a row of seats, almost like ones found in a movie theater, facing outwards towards a floor to ceiling glass wall, which overlooked a completely white room furnished with a sterile looking bed directly in its center. The lighting of the white room was very stark, bright and was in grand contrast to the room she found herself in. Suddenly, a voice broke through her illegal bahis thoughts.

“Ah, Jenna Hunter. A pleasure to finally meet you in person. I’m Dr. Smith.”

“Dr. Smith, it’s very nice to meet you. Thank you so much for allowing me to come here to witness your research first hand,” Jenna responded.

“Please, have a seat, the viewing is about to begin,” Dr. Smith continued. As they sat, the doctor began to run through the event which the duo were about to witness.

“Today is a very important stage of my research. As I’m sure Rachel told you, about two weeks ago, I chose one particular patient who showed a very strong reaction to the stimulant to be the first person in the world to experience a Total Sex Overload, or TSO for short. My aim is to ascertain just how far a woman can be pushed sexually until she can no longer control her actions. She will be totally driven by her need for sex and will not want anything more than to feed her desire. Now, I don’t mean this to come across as gratuitous, but I do intend to understand what are acceptable and unacceptable ways which the stimulant can be used. My hypothesis is that the young woman we are about to see will be absolutely uninhibited sexually and eventually will become completely exhausted, maybe even unconscious as she tries to please herself. I want to pay special attention to her physical changes, as well. Whether she has an increased number of orgasms. Whether she has heightened arousal, that sort of thing.”

After his explanation, the solitary door of the white room before them opened and a man in scrubs entered. He lead a red-haired woman with small breasts, topped with inch long nipples into the room. She was blindfolded and completely naked. Her pussy was totally shaven and she walked as though she had to pee. Dr. Smith informed Jenna that the subject was walking in a peculiar way because of her extreme state of arousal.

“If you’ll notice, her hands are held out in front of her by the aid in order to keep her from touching herself. The blindfold is necessary because I was concerned that she would try to engage the male aid in sexual congress and this would have voided the period of sexual deprivation.”

As Dr. Smith spoke, Jenna watched intently while the aid stood in front of the redhead, holding her hands. The patient fidgeted in place, her pedicured feet tapping from side to side. Jenna noticed that the inside of the woman’s thighs were wet and glistening. A stream of her arousal ran down her leg.

Then, Dr. Smith picked up an intercom receiver and spoke, his voice filling the barren room in front of them.

“Okay. Thank you Rick for escorting the patient down to the observation room. If you will, please let go of her hands and exit. I will send for you when you are needed during phase two.” The aid released the girls hands and to Jenna’s astonishment, the red-haired woman’s hands shot immediately down to her pussy, playing with herself.

As the aid, Rick, exited, Dr. Smith spoke to the woman.

“Alyssa, please remove your blindfold and lay down on the bed. After that, you may do whatever you wish to pleasure yourself.”

The redhead, Alyssa, reluctantly took one hand away from her pussy and removed her blindfold. She dove onto the bed and spread her legs in one smooth motion.

Alyssa’s hands were a blur as she frantically rubbed her beautiful, dripping pussy. Her moans filled the empty room, bouncing off the walls. Jenna stared at the woman lying on the bed, squirming and writhing as she slid four fingers into her pussy, pushing her hips into the air. She finger fucked herself with her left hand as her right hand slid under her ass and began to rub at her tight asshole. Under her there began to exist a large wet spot on the bed as her juices freely flowed from her hole, coating her hands and dripping down off of her ass to the bed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Smith calmly took notes in his notebook. Jenna couldn’t take her eyes off of the woman in front of her. Jenna could see that Alyssa had goose bumps all over illegal bahis siteleri her body. The redhead’s nipples stood at attention, begging to be sucked. Her mouth was slung open gasping for air as she grunted and moaned, sweat lightly covering her beautiful form.

Suddenly, Alyssa let out an animalistic groan and screamed, “Ohhhh God! Yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” As the girl climaxed for the first time in two weeks, she began to slap her clit and she fingered her own asshole, her red painted toe nails curling and clutching at the white bed sheets. She came for what seemed like ten minutes, her body shaking and spasming. Then, she flipped over onto her stomach without letting her hand leave her desperate pussy. From this angle both Jenna and Dr. Smith watched while Alyssa rubbed furiously at her clit, her little asshole clenching as her tight little ass swayed invitingly back and forth. Her face was buried in the pillows at the top of the bed and she continued to rub herself as though her life depended on it.

Jenna was able to look away for a second as she sensed movement from Dr. Smith. He had pressed a button and then, almost instantly, the door to the white room opened again. The male aid, Rick entered. This time however, he wasn’t wearing scrubs. In fact, he was totally naked.

Alyssa turned her head to look at the man who had entered. She immediately stopped toying with her pussy and ran to the man, wrapping her slippery legs around him and shoving her tongue passionately down his throat. She slid down Rick’s well built body and took his cock in her mouth. As she sucked, her one hand went straight down to continue its assault on her wet twat, while her other hand grabbed Rick’s ass, driving his cock deeper into her mouth. Alyssa’s lips pressed firmly up against Rick’s balls, his entire shaft down her throat. The red-haired girl’s head bobbed frantically back and forth, saliva drooled down her chin dripping onto her chest, over her erect nipples and to the floor. Jenna had never seen anything so purely animalistic.

Alyssa sucked and sucked, seemingly more and more horny as time passed. Her right hand had now joined her left hand at its task of playing with her pussy. She was quite a sight– her spit and sweat flying off of her face, fingering herself with a cock buried in her mouth. Then, Alyssa spoke for the first time, her words garbled as she didn’t bother to take Rick’s penis out of her mouth.

“Oh, yeah baby, fuck my mouth. Ohhhh, I’m gonna cum just from sucking your cock.”

Alyssa began to hump her own fingers and she jammed the cock in front of her deeper still down her throat. She was moaning and whining and finally let out a loud scream, indicating her second orgasm. A stream of liquid ran down her thighs as she kneeled in front of the aid.

At once, she stood, her pussy still spilling her arousal, and grabbed Rick’s cock. She pulled him manically over to the bed. From Jenna’s standpoint, Alyssa’s green eyes showed no sign of rational thought. She looked delirious, only interested in fulfilling her burning need to cum.

As Alyssa bent over facing the bed she looked over her shoulder, speaking again.

“Please Rick, fuck my pussy! Fuck me like a whore! I need your cock! Play with me! Use me!”

Rick then spoke for the first time. “Oh you little slut, I’m gonna fuck you. But first, I wanna taste you.”

With that, Rick knelt down and buried his face into the waiting pussy of the manic Alyssa. Alyssa gripped and clutched at the bed sheets, letting out a dramatic, “Ohhhh fuck!” as Rick’s tongue lapped at her pussy from behind.

Alyssa’s drool cover face was buried into the bed, while Rick grabbed her by the hips and licked at her hole. He was taking long, fluid swipes at her pussy with his tongue, allowing his mouth to get to the area between her pussy and her asshole before flicking his tongue back over her clit. Each time her clitoris was stimulated, a small drip of her arousal would fall to the floor.

Alyssa’s legs were shaking and her begging canlı bahis siteleri increased as her hand had flown back behind her, clutching Rick’s head, pulling his mouth into her pussy, his nose touching her asshole. Rick then reached up with his right hand and began to tease his finger against her tight little asshole.

“Yes! Finger my ass! I love it! Eat my pussy and fuck my ass, eat my ass!” Alyssa was basically in hysterics. Rick obliged her. He began to lick from her clit to her asshole in long strokes prompting the redhead to announce an impending orgasm.

Then, much to her panic, Rick stopped licking her. She hissed in protest, almost crying out, “No, no, baby! Please, suck my clit… I’m so close! Don’t stop, I need it! I have to cum! Eat my pussy and ass!” Rick’s response soothed the young woman. “Oh, you’re gonna cum, but you’re gonna cum on my cock!”

Instantly Rick stood and slammed his cock into the red-haired woman. She squealed with delight and pumped her hips back towards Rick and more importantly, his cock which filled her. Within seconds of giving her his cock, Alyssa came, thrashing around as Rick continued to pump her pussy. Alyssa was clawing at the bed sheets, spasming and humping back towards the source of her pleasure. Her asshole was clenching and releasing as the orgasm tore through her.

Rick continued to fuck Alyssa, slapping her ass and pulling her up with her hair.

“Oh God yeah! Pull my hair, I’m bad… I’m a bad girl! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck yeeeeeeees! Slap my ass, slap it!”

As he fucked her, Rick slammed his bare hand down onto Alyssa’s ass, eliciting high pitched squeals and moans. He took one hand off of her hip and stuck his fingers into her mouth. She took his digits into her waiting mouth, sucking and drooling all over his hand. She was now in a standing position as Rick pistoned his cock in and out of her cunt. Alyssa pinched and pulled roughly at her own nipples, lost in total sexual abandonment. She turned to face Rick, her face skewed in pleasure. She licked at his face, searching his lips for his tongue. She found it and lapped at his open mouth, spitting into it. Rick smacked her ass harder and put his thumb to her waiting asshole, inserting it. This sent the little redhead over the edge. This time when she came, Rick pulled his cock out of her and a stream of juice flowed from her hole. She collapsed onto the floor as she sat in a puddle of her own arousal. She was shaking uncontrollably.

Rick quickly took his cock in his own hand and started jerking off over the squirming, moaning, writhing mass that used to be Alyssa. She incoherently babbled in a moaning type of communication, “Ohhhhhh… fuck… yeah… yeah… cum on me, my tits… ohhhhhh…”

All of a sudden Rick’s ass cheeks clenched and he shot a huge load of white cum at Alyssa. It hit her in the face, coated her hair and dripped down onto her sticky, slimy, sweaty, cum drenched body. She rubbed Rick’s cum into her tits, pinching her nipples. Her hand went to her mouth as she devoured his cum. As soon as she swallowed, her pussy visibly spasmed and her girl-cum shot out in one final squirt. She lay there, quiet, unconscious, her two fingers up her cunt, covered in cum, and totally satisfied.

Jenna sat in awe and amazement. Dr. Smith reached over and grabbed the intercom.

“Okay, Rick, thank you very much. Please pick Alyssa up and put her on the bed. I want to see what she does when she wakes up later on. After that, you may go. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Rick proceeded to lift the naked girl. As he did so, a flow of pussy juice spilled out of her exhausted body to the floor. He placed her on the bed, covered her and left the room.

Before Jenna had time to say anything, Dr. Smith spoke with smooth confidence and poise.

“Okay, well that went as I thought it would. Now, if you’ll please follow me, we have a lot more to do today.”

Dr. Smith got up and walked to the end of the room, towards another door. Jenna quietly followed. She looked down at her seat, hoping that Dr. Smith wouldn’t notice the wet spot she had left there.

As they exited the room, Jenna struggled to get a grip on what exactly she had gotten herself involved in. Yet, she knew deep down that she didn’t want to be anywhere else.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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