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Another story about nipples and breastmilk for some of my devoted fans.


I was gob smacked with the Google results when I pressed return, there before me were a whole host of entries which sort of looked feasible. I clicked on the first hit and found a list of some forty-eight women of all shapes, sizes and ages. One by one I read their profiles, looked at their galleries and dreamt.

After that first time I made a similar series of searches on a nightly basis and I regularly ended up on the same site looking at the same profiles and imagined what it would really be like and whether it would match my fantasy or wash it away like a damp squib.

Many weeks later I took the bull by the horns and registered for an account using the false name and email of ‘Tommy Tucker’. I’d plucked up the courage to do step one but actually sending a message to one of the women was a different issue, the other problem seemed to be which one.

I wondered about the girl in the same town but decided that could be a disaster if I was seen with her, anyway she only looked like a young schoolgirl although her profile showed her as being mid twenties.

There was a woman of forty-eight about twenty miles away and her gallery of pics looked like she would do but the one that really took my fancy was nearly fifty miles away in a different county.

Oh the decisions one has to make…

Eventually I made one more search in Google and as always I ended up on the same escort site and made the same selection: Search members, then clicked on: Female, Northeast, milking/lactation, search. The mostly familiar list of women came up and I clicked on ‘SexyBetty1987’ for the umpteenth time, I read the profile for the umpteenth time, I read the feedback reports for the umpteenth time and clicked on ‘Send SexyBetty1987 a message’.

There sat before me a mostly empty square box and my mind went blank. I chickened out and closed the window, closed the main window and yet again the escort site disappeared for the umpteenth time.

I finished my G&T, poured another and supped it while staring at the picture of Hazel O’Conner which adorned my laptops desktop, then again opened firefox and found ‘sexybetty1987’ in my history.

I clicked on ‘log-in’ then ‘Send SexyBetty1987 a message’. This time I wrote ‘I see milking/lactation in your profile, can I come to drink your milk tomorrow?’ — Send.

Heck I was shaking, the thought of actually meeting a woman to finally experience my fantasy of breastfeeding was incredible and I nervously watched my inbox for a reply. I sat there for five bloody hours, until gone 2:00am wondering why she hadn’t replied. I went to bed.

7:00am my alarm woke me and by 08:30 I was at work, still nervously watching my phone for any sign of a reply, it arrived at 10:17am: ‘Sorry Tommy, the milking that I do is mens cocks. Good luck, you might need it looking for that. Betty xx”

My feeling of dejection weighed heavily like a ton weight on my shoulders, I felt empty and cold. The next six hours felt more like six weeks.

That evening I sent the same message to ‘Alexi1992’ and receiving a positive message the following morning I quickly made arrangements to make the forty mile round trip for that evening. We met in a hotel car park, she got into my car and made two phone calls then told me to drive, she directed me to a company’s empty car park and made another phone call then we got into the back seat. I didn’t really see how but suddenly her enormous tits were out in the open, actually they were fucking ugly with huge dark blue veins verging on black, dark red stretch marks which looked like a line of claw scratches some four to eight inches long and almost non existent areolas or nipples and she started stuffing them in my mouth. There was no milk and when I complained she fobbed me off with some crap about the women that offered a milk service used a tube or something.

I’d been had by a con artist all right but at £40 it wasn’t worth bonus veren siteler a fight and put it down to a bad experience. However it did taint the whole thing for me.

I sent a different question to the next four women: ‘I see milking/lactation in your profile, do you actually have milk in your breasts for me to suckle? Regards. Tommy.” And some fifteen hours later all four replies had arrived to say none had milk. That evening I sent the same message to a further six women and much to my surprise I received a reply within a few moments from ‘BBWangie’ which simply read: ‘Of course Tommy, why don’t you pop round?’

The butterflies in my stomach felt more like a herd of elephants and I felt sick. Suddenly more than thirty years of fantasy, no make that more than forty, was possibly about to become a reality and I truly didn’t know if I wanted to go ahead. The fantasy had always been a massive turn-on for me and the last thing I wanted was to breastfeed and find that it was actually something that didn’t come up to scratch. I didn’t want to find that my fantasy was a dead duck.

I asked Angie to confirm that she had milk filled breasts and for a phone number, almost straight away there was a phone number which I typed into my phone several times and chickened out before pressing green. Ten minutes later a video of the most gorgeous brown breasts with pretty black nipples. They were being manipulated with beautifully manicured hands and squirting copious amounts of milk. It finished with her placing her fingers in her mouth to lick them clean and a simple “These are waiting for you Tommy.”

I rang the number and described the previous meeting, she promised to only take the money if she was everything she had described then gave me an address, we agreed on eighty pound for half an hour. I showered and drove seven miles, found the block of flats easily, parked and pushed number twelve on the door entry panel.

“Hello.” The loudspeaker squawked.


“It’s Tommy?”

“Come on up, first floor turn right.”

The door lock buzzed and I pulled, climbed the first two flights of stairs and turned right. Ten, eleven, twelve. I tapped twice with my knuckles. It opened and I was greeted as the door opened by a dark brown vision of beauty dressed in only a pleated skirt no more than four inches long.

“Come in Babe.”

I was shaking with nerves which must have shown.

“Oh Babe, come in there’s no reason to be nervous, I’m not going to bite… well unless you want me to.”

She closed the door and moved in close for a kiss, this was a lovely full on kiss on the mouth with both arms hugging my head and those lovely round breasts and pointy nipples boring holes in my torso. I can honestly say I had never been kissed like this before in my forty years of girlfriends and wives, if this was all I got it would be worth the quite modest fee but it became apparent there was more to come when she led me to a bedroom and stripped me like a child before pushing me backwards towards her pink satin sheeted bed and laid me down with my feet still on the floor beside the bed.

She followed me and sat, straddled, across my hips with her hands on my chest. I truly didn’t know what to do, I was so nervous that I was still shaking and in desperation I garbled out the question: “Why are you B,B,W,Angie?”

“My name it Angela…”

“I understand the beautiful bit but you’re not fat are you?”

“Tommy, I think I’m loving you already.” She had a big smile on her face. “But…” she slapped her tummy, “I’d love to get rid of this… and this,” she slapped her thighs.”

“I like a little bit of flesh on my women, I always have. Especially after dating a girl who weighed five stone.”

“Five stone?… You’re joking right?… There can’t have been anything of her.”

“Like sleeping with a bike frame.”

Angie laughed. “I like that description. I’m nearly double that and I used to be four stone heavier than this. bedava bahis I was definitely a BBW then.”

“She couldn’t wear a bra as she didn’t have any tits to hold it in place.”

“Oh dear,” she ran her hands from her thighs, up her stomach to her breasts, “not like these girls then?” and gave them a squeeze, milk sprayed from both nipples and my already hard willy jerked. She looked down at it in front of her stomach, “Oh you like that then.”

“Oh yeah.”

Angie squeezed them several more times to splash milk over my stomach and chest, some even reached my face. My willy was doing an involuntary merry dance in time with the boob action.

Suddenly she lurched forward so quickly I thought she’d fallen over and I tried to use my hands to save her but… but she dropped down very carefully despite the speed to take her weight on her hands on the mattress each side of my head and stuck a nipple in my mouth.

My head screamed out in silence: “This is it Terry, years of waiting and yearning about to be the most amazing experience ever, or for my fantasy to come tumbling down like a pack of cards.

The chunky nipple was in my mouth and I sucked, fuck all happened. Sure I enjoy sucking and licking nipples, after all they are my favourite but my instant thought was: ‘here we go again…’ I sucked, I licked round in circles, I licked across the chunky nub, I bit, and sucked some more but nothing. Sweet FA. Not even a hint of the taste of milk… ‘Another fucking cheating fucking liar. Terry you’ve got mug plastered right across your head in big letters.’ The silent words rattled around in my brain as I tried my best to draw something out of the… yeah I had to admit to myself she does have very sexy breasts.’

“Tommy stop you’re hurting me.” Brought me out of my self pitying state, “Stop it.”

I did stop sucking, biting, I wasn’t sure where I was with it but I stopped.

Angie sat up and lifted the breast up to look at it, “It’s ok darling, he didn’t mean to hurt you.” then she lifted it further to give it a kiss. My willy jerked hard and spewed white stuff up onto her belly and breasts. “Oh he likes that doesn’t he?” still talking to her breast.

Angie lifted her head to look at me, dropped the breast which bounced a couple of times before stopping moving. “Tommy you have to get a lot more of my breast into your mouth, not just the nipple before you latch on and suck. Like this.”

She lifted the other breast to her open mouth and drew the whole areola and loads of the boob into her mouth before closing her mouth onto it. Next came the sucking and I saw the way her cheeks were pulled in and alternated with what looked like a chewing action. She released her breast from her lips and it dropped down to its hanging position, and let a fair amount of white liquid run from her mouth down her breast and my stomach.

“See, latch on to as much of me as you can.”

Again a breast was placed in my mouth and this time I opened wide and sucked it in.

“That’s it, now close your mouth and suck.”

I felt her hand giving her breast a little squeeze.

“That’s nice and while you’re sucking bite down gently a bit, no no too hard. Try that again suck and bite.”

I followed the instructions and felt a flood of wetness in my mouth.

“No still too hard. Nip don’t bite.”

I did nip and felt the spray of liquid inside my mouth again, this time I noticed the taste which to this day I struggle to describe accurately, sweet and nutty goes some way towards it but no way does it do the unique flavour justice. I was already lost in the experience which so far was promising to be every bit as enjoyable as my fantasy had predicted and after a dozen or so nips I felt I was the worlds expert.

“OK Tommy enough for now.”

I felt her hand squeezing her breast which had the effect of breaking the seal with my mouth and it simply slipped out. I felt cheated and saddened, almost withdrawal symptoms as she continued.

“That deneme bonus was your first time, yes?”


“Is it good?”

I frowned, “Yearah.” And nodded.

“OK, that’s a start. Look here.” She pointed.

I saw the teeth marks and realised just how much of her breast I unexpectedly had in my mouth.

“You can’t do too much with your teeth Tommy or you’ll make me sore. I need you to use your lips more.”

“I’m sorry Angie.”

“Let’s have another go.”

The other breast was again placed in my mouth and thinking about everything she’d said I carefully opened wide, sucked her in and using my lips nipped her beast. There was a drop of milk, the next nip made her milk spray around into my mouth and from then on there was loads.

The taste improved with the quantity and I soon had to think about swallowing.

Angie groaned a few times and gave me plenty of encouragement for about ten minutes until the milk seemed to have stopped and she sat up when I released her breast.

All that time she was still straddling my hips with my willy squashed between our bodies and I didn’t expect to find my erection had faded away but there was, what I can only describe as a puddle, loads of my pre-cum spread across our bellies.

My disappointment showed when Angie climbed off me but she soon let me know there was more to come. She laid on the bed and told me to get up beside her then pulled my head back to her breast to suckle on the full one. This time laying on my side facing her chest I held the breast I was suckling with both hands.

There I stayed for ten minutes or so until the breast ran dry, by which time I could feel the effect of all that milk laying in my stomach. I felt so satiated and calm, again a description is difficult but sleepy goes some way towards it and I loved the feeling of her breasts snuggled into the side of my head as she stroked my hair.

This was the first time I’d been intimate with a coloured girl and I couldn’t help but admire the silky soft skin and the lovely shiny golden brown hue. I listened as she whispered sweet words of comfort…

Suddenly Angie wasn’t there on the bed and my only explanation being I fell asleep, I turned over to see her sitting on an armchair.

“Hiya Tommy, how do you feel?”

“Mmmm.” I stretched out, “Mmm nice, that was lovely.”

“Was it what you expected?”

“Mmm, actually no it wasn’t. I really expected it to be incredibly sexual.”

Angie smiled. “But?”

“But no, and it seems strange to me that I’ve been cuddled up to a beautiful sexy body, Actually you’re my first coloured woman, and it’s been… well it’s been more… comfortable than sexual.”

“Beautiful sexy body? Thanks for the description of me, is it a problem, me being coloured?”

“No, no far from it, at one point I went through a period of fancying coloured girls but I never seemed to meet any to get to know.”

“And now?”

“Right now I fancy the arse off a truly gorgeous woman who’s sitting there wearing only a pelmet.”

“Even though she’s less than half your age?”


“More like a third.”

“I know you’re young but… I’m sixty four.”

“Twenty-three here.”

“And super sexy at that.”

“Thanks Tommy.” She looked at the clock, “but now I’m afraid I have to throw you out.”

I looked at the clock too, “Is that right?”

Angie nodded.


She nodded again.

“Two and a half hours.” I stated incredulously, “Oh I haven’t got that much on me, I’ve only got the eighty.”

“That’s fine Tommy, I did a machine of washing, fed my baby and did the washing up while I let you sleep.”

“That makes me feel bad but thank you Angie.”

I stood, we kissed again I dressed and handed over the money. At the door we kissed again.

“Thank you for tonight Angie it was really good, can I see you again?”

“Of course you can, you have my number.”

“Thanks again.” We kissed a final time and I stepped out into the corridor then out into the cool night air feeling like a million dollars.


I hope you enjoyed this, please no comments about editing unless you’re offering to help.

Look out for chapter 2.

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