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June 15th – Cumflation

I’m going to name these entries from now on, could help me find them more easily later.

Anyway, another little aspect of the pregnancy kink ensconced me for several days: this time, I explored cum inflation. My understanding is that it’s basically a fantasy that as a man fucks a pregnant woman, his cum is what makes her belly grow larger and larger. And it can be a much faster process than normal pregnancy, I believe. So that’s what I was working with when I fucked my way through last night’s dream.

The sexual partner conjured for this particular dalliance was someone I actually know, my beautiful 30-something political science professor. We were together in my mind’s approximation of our usual lecture hall, alone save for three students arguing loudly about Palestine towards the back of the room. They ignored our fucking and we ignored their heated exchange, so I guess it worked out for everyone.

There was a king-size bed at the front of the hall, from which the supine professor beckoned me to her with a seductive motion of her index finger. As I approached, she sat up and removed her tight black and white pants suit, dropping it to the floor as she laid back down to wait for me. I suddenly realized I’d been nude the whole time, and the sight of my hot teacher naked got me rock hard before I even climbed onto the bed. She spread her legs, her pussy glistening in anticipation. I quickly positioned myself on top of her and got my dick in there, thrusting with gusto for a mere minute or so before I started to cum.

Once I started to cum, though, I did not stop. I continued thrusting and felt a continuous stream of semen leaving my steadfastly-erect cock, soon noticing her stomach had begun to swell. I shot and shot and shot within her, and her belly grew and grew and grew. The thought that my unlimited load was what made her more and more pregnant kept me extremely aroused throughout. After 5 minutes or so of this, she looked as though she was about to deliver twins, but the inflation was solely in her bump, nowhere else on her body. It was some hot stuff, I’ve got to admit.

I felt slightly alarmed at the idea of inflating her any further than the full-term twinner look, so I pulled out at that point, my dick spraying the still-shooting semen all over her bump in a surprising display that could hardly have been more up my erotic alley. I’ll be masturbating to that sight for a good long while to come, I can tell you. I got so excited by this, in fact, that I woke up cumming in real life. Luckily for my nightwear, though, my stream of cum was limited by the usual physical constraints and wasn’t an unlimited hose shooting everywhere. That really would have made an even more annoying mess than usual.

June 20th – Mom’s Mature Friend

I guess I’d seen a few things on the forums about people being turned on by mature pregnant ladies, but it hadn’t particularly interested me and I did not purposefully pursue it for a lucid dream. Last night’s lucid dream revolved around it nonetheless, and actually turned out to be a great deal of transgressive-feeling fun. The setting was my parents’ house, in which I found myself alone amidst many shelves of photos of people with no discernible facial features. A creepy start, but I decided to just take it as my sign that I was dreaming and hope that whatever came next would go in a more pleasant direction.

There was a knock at the door, and I answered it in my navy blue bathrobe. It was one of my mother’s friends from work whom I know as a casual acquaintance, and she wore a loose green coat and gray sweatpants. She was about my mother’s age, mid-50s, but had always been very attractive to me, with long red hair and a toned yet curvy physique. “Is your mother home?” she said quickly the moment I opened the door. I told her she wasn’t, but invited her inside, having her take a seat in the living room and offering her a can of seltzer.

She seemed extremely nervous, one of her knees bouncing up and down rapidly and persistently and her eyes darting around the room. “Is everything all right?” I asked after several minutes of silence, and she finally made eye contact with me. “Well…” she trailed off. “I don’t want to burden you with anything, I’ll just wait for your mom if she’ll be getting escort bursa back soon.” [Side note: the dialogue is really getting a whole lot better, right? I’m impressed with my brain.] I explained that I didn’t expect her back for a few hours, and assured her that I was more than willing to listen to and try to help her with whatever was making her so anxious.

“All right,” she relented, removing her coat slowly. It revealed a tight white t-shirt over a substantial baby bump, which she cradled protectively. “I’m 54 years old; I was not supposed to even be able to get pregnant. I don’t know what to do, my life is ruined…” she trailed off as her eyes welled up with tears. I moved from the recliner to the cushion next to her on the couch and put my arm around her shoulders. “It’s going to be okay,” I assured her. “Being pregnant is not the end of the world, nor is having a baby. You’re going to get through this.” She shook her head emphatically. “You don’t understand. I couldn’t even keep a boyfriend before, never mind now that I’m a knocked up cow! I’m going to be alone forever!” She was full-on crying now.

With the hand not draped over her shoulders, I slowly reached in towards her belly. She didn’t stop me, and I made contact and started gently rubbing the firm bump. “You’re beautiful. Any man would be lucky to have you. I know I’d certainly feel lucky to have you!” I’m much more daring and forward in these dreams than I could ever imagine being in waking life. “I know this pregnancy was a surprise, but maybe it was a good surprise, you know? Some people really, really appreciate a beautiful pregnant woman.” She stopped crying and looked me in the eye. “Like you?” I nodded slowly and emphatically, taking her hand and standing up. We went straight upstairs and into my bedroom.

I decided to make the first move, taking off my bathrobe to reveal my full nudity and bump-inspired erection. “Can I see you?” I asked gently. She didn’t take her eyes off my cock, but she did nod and begin to remove her shirt, then her pants, then her underwear. If she had been 34 she still would’ve looked good for her age; I guess this undermined the mature angle a bit, but it was what it was. It was a stunning preggo body in front of me: smooth round belly and still-perky engorged breasts beckoned me to caress them. I didn’t resist; I closed the gap between us and began touching her all over. She grabbed my dick, one thing led to another, and I was fucking her from behind in beautifully short order. I held her solid yet soft bump from behind throughout and came in only two or three minutes.

As so frequently happens, my dream orgasm became a real-world orgasm and I woke myself up by cumming in my bed. It was cut short a bit, but still a really great experience. I don’t think I’ll be able to look at my mother’s friend the same way again, though. Oh well.

June 23rd – Candid Issues

The “Candids” section of the pregnancy fetish forum has fascinated me lately, both for its sexiness and its moral ambiguity. I don’t really think it’s right to take pictures of these unsuspecting pregnant ladies in public without their knowledge and post them online for all us perverts to enjoy, but I cannot deny that the whole thing really, really turns me on. So I wasn’t surprised when last night’s dream was about candids.

I was in Target, but, from what I saw of the store, all they sold was pencils and chewing gum. Luckily for me on this occasion, a cute, heavily pregnant young lady seemed to be in the market for some chewing gum. Wanting to place myself close to her, I pretended to shop for gum myself. Eventually, when she was at just the right orientation facing away from me but with her bump very much visible, I pulled out my phone and tried to act as though I was responding to a text as I opened and aimed my camera. The pregnant woman wouldn’t have noticed my taking the shot, except, in a moment straight out of a nightmare, the picture-taking sound effect went off loudly in the quiet store.

She immediately whipped her head around and stared at me, storming over as soon as she caught the guilty look plastered across my face. “Let me see that phone,” she was shouting before she was within 10 feet of me. Trembling slightly with anxiety, I reached out and handed her the phone. She quickly got görükle escort into the photo gallery and saw the picture of herself.

“You fucking pervert,” she began. “It’s your right to just take a picture of whoever you want, right? What are you gonna do with it? Jerk off, I bet. Fucking deviant! You like pregnant girls, huh? You like my belly? There’s a BABY in there, pervert! You like thinking about the fucking baby growing inside me, that gets you off? Are you a pedophile? Is that it? Honestly, I don’t understand what’s going on here. I am just about to call the cops on your creepy fucking ass. Why the hell shouldn’t I?”

I stammered incoherently for a moment, glancing at the dozen or so people the commotion had attracted, half of whom were now filming our confrontation with their phones. She leaned in closer to me and spoke softly so the crowd couldn’t hear our conversation:

“Listen, I get it. It pisses me off a little bit, yeah, but I get it. I’m curvy as hell, I turn heads all the time, the fucking hormones are driving me wild. I get it. It’s really feminine, I clearly let someone fuck me at some point, my boobs are getting ridiculously awesome. On and on and on, right? I understand where you’re coming from, but you can’t be taking pictures of fucking strangers in public to use however the hell you please. Jerking off to it wouldn’t even bother me that much, but I know you people post this stuff online, and it stays there fucking forever. That shit is scary, and it’s a real violation. Do you understand that?”

I nodded quickly and vigorously to indicate my understanding.

“All right, fine,” she started to wrap up. “That picture was pretty flattering, honestly. I’m sending it to myself, then I’m deleting my number from your call history, then I’m deleting the picture from your phone. You can’t have it. I’m sexy, I know it, and I’m the only who’s allowed to have the proof of that and do whatever the fuck I please with it. I’m not gonna call the cops or yell for security or some shit, so don’t piss yourself. Get the hell out of here before I change my mind.”

I pretty much ran out of the store and to my car. The dream ended as soon as I closed my car door, finally feeling a bit safe. No wet dream this time, I can tell you that. Crazy mixed messages from this intimidating woman, and so much fucking guilt for even looking at candids in the first place, never mind trying to take them myself.

They can be so goddamned hot, though…

June 26th – The Superhero

Looking at everyone’s specific kinks on the forums, it seems like a lot of people inject some fantasy/sci-fi/etc. elements into their fetish. I think I can see how that could spice things up interestingly. For my money, the most intriguing idea I looked into was bringing some sort of superhero into the sexual mix. I read a lot of fanfic stories that utilized this angle, even watched a few cam girls who made some videos while cosplaying.

I tried for several nights to conjure specific superheroes I thought might be fun into my dreams (imagine a heavily pregnant Black Widow in that gloriously tight bodysuit…), but have failed thus far at anything that particular. Last night, though, I did manage to have a fling with a sort of generic pregnant superhero my subconscious came up with. Potentially relevant to the sex we had, her powers included supersonic speed, flight, and superhuman strength.

I met her at a bank when she foiled a robbery taking place a few feet away from me as I waited to trade in some rolls of dimes for rolls of pennies. The robbery didn’t really scare me in the dream, as all they were trying to steal was a water cooler, all the sodas in the employee refrigerator, and one small box of pens. To accomplish these objectives, they came armed with wet towels they could snap at the bank tellers. Didn’t seem terribly serious to me, but our hero flew in and killed all four of the robbers immediately…better safe than sorry, I guess? I got over the unnecessary murders pretty damn quickly, as she was a gorgeous blonde clad in skintight spandex and hugely pregnant.

When she finished with her violence, she came directly over to me to ask if I was okay. I told her I was, that they hadn’t taken my dimes or snapped any towels in my direction. She nodded bursa escort bayan solemnly: “Thank God.” Knowing without a doubt that all this ridiculousness was a dream, I asked if she wanted to go someplace more private to get to know each other better. Picking me up and carrying me effortlessly (and holding me right against that bump!), she began our flight to the top of a nearby skyscraper.

I got a great deal enjoyment out of rubbing her bump, boobs, and crotch during our minute-long flight to the skyscraper’s roof. When the hell else am I going to be able to do such things while suspended hundreds of feet in the air? Brief but satisfying, and she wasn’t complaining.

A little too late I realized that I’d only fantasized about superheroes possessing powers that could really make sex interesting and intense, and not thinking about the exact ways in which such things could be achieved. I didn’t think of how brief our times in the air would probably be, for example. I also didn’t think about how her speed and strength powers would combine to make her ride my cock so fast and hard that I came and was jolted awake in 20 seconds. Superheroes really need to stick with fucking other superheroes is the lesson here, I think.

June 30th – Long-Lasting

I thought it would be super cool if I could fantasize my way into being able to last a really long time during dream sex, putting off orgasm until I made the conscious decision to cum. It is not, it turns out, all that hard to make that happen once you’re decent at lucid dreaming. Apparently, though, it is hard for your subconscious to conjure up a pregnant lady who won’t get bored and check her watch repeatedly while you’re fucking her for way longer than she’d like.

Am I really that bad at sex, even in my controlled dreams? Whatever, lesson learned, I guess. Self-esteem took a tiny hit, though.

July 3rd – The (Regular) Hero

As you probably noticed, my foray into superhero sex did not go particularly well. Regular old heroes, though, seem to always be having great sex, during crises or after saving someone’s life or whatever the heroic event happens to have been. If movies and television are to be believed, that is. A situation in which I saved a woman’s life could very well lead to a fun sexual encounter. A pregnant woman would probably be even more grateful, as I would have saved both her and her unborn child…

Fuck it, why not make her pregnant with twins, all the more grateful and ready for post-stress sex! Bonus: larger baby bump! And yes, I realize this all sounds absolutely monstrous, to save lives aiming for mercenary, erotic gain, but, once again, these are artificial, subconscious-produced dream-people. Those sorts of ethical considerations are pretty solidly beside the point of this whole lucid dreaming endeavor. So, last night I went on a hero’s adventure, and I don’t feel guilty about it in the least!

We were in a large city being actively bombed. Who needs the grim political details? Bombs are dangerous, and I saw one falling toward a woman with her leg stuck under the remains of a destroyed door. I pulled her out, saving her life. She was heavily pregnant with twins and extremely upset by the fact that her husband died just a few minutes ago (again, this all sounds pretty cold, but…all pretend!).

We hustled into a nearby basement of a bombed-out building, huddling together in the tight quarters of a metal-doored closet. I figured we’d be relatively safe there from the bombs and the warriors’ attempts to capture us (I don’t know, there were probably warriors around somewhere, don’t worry about it). Both of us had an unholy amount of adrenaline running through our veins, but she still took the time to express her gratitude to me for saving her life. Our clothes were close to destroyed, one of her breasts hanging completely out of her torn shirt, though I didn’t want to mention it and embarrass her (it’s fucking fiction, relax, I’m not some sexually exploitative monster).

Tight quarters, tattered clothes, intense emotions…it’s not so surprising that something happened between us in that closet. She cradled her lovely 8 month twinner bump protectively in both arms, and I reached out to touch it…in order to reassure her that we were safe now. We were soon embracing, then kissing, and yes, even in this tiny space we managed to make love.

And yeah, fine, I feel guilty, even though none of this was fucking real. Uggghhhh! Stupid moral compass doesn’t turn off as easily as it used to. That’s aging for you.

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