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I had this dream…

You call; I looked at the phone seeing it was you. I smiled before picking up the phone. I said hello and heard your voice on the other end. It seemed like forever since I had heard it when in reality it hadn’t been but a few days. We chat briefly talking about things, how we’ve been, what we’ve been doing.

Then you tell me you are in town. Of course I don’t believe you as we joke about it all the time. Back and forth we go until you start describing places I’m familiar with. I gasp and whisper no way to you. You laugh. You’re getting such a kick out of it. After calming down from the shock I ask where you are. We decide to meet at the coffee shop in a couple hours.

I get there first. I knew I might as you said you had a meeting and it might run late. So there I sit laptop in hand and begin working. I get lost in it until I feel someone looking at me. It’s you. I smile and my eyes light up. Putting down the laptop I stand and give you a hug. That isn’t enough of course and it leads to a kiss.

Our lips touch and those sparks we felt before fly again. They move slowly on each other, taking their time with the tasting. Then feeling your tongue sweep out and run across the seam of mine. They part allowing you access. The taste of you is addicting and I find myself wanting more. Slowly though it ends as we both realize the public place and the eyes watching.

We say hello and then you get something to drink. I sit back down, turn off the laptop and put it away. My legs move up under me as I sit on the small to person couch. I smile as you move back over and sit down.

We talk about everything. How your meeting went, letting you sarıyer escort vent. Finding out when you leave and all that. Time fly’s as it always does with us. Neither of us wants to leave but I hadn’t planned on staying the night. You ask me though, to stay, to have dinner with you.

I have nothing to wear I tell you and you reply with a no problem. We’ll go shopping. You know how I love it. Its one of my weaknesses and so I agree. We leave the shop and since both have driven I follow you. We arrive at the local mall and go inside. After going in one store I find a very cute red dress. I instantly know its perfect and we purchase it along with a pair of heels.

Then you lean over and brush back a lock of blonde hair and whisper that you have another place to visit. I smile and wonder where and see you steering me to my favorite store. We enter and I’m as happy as a kid at Christmas. You tell me to find something special, whatever I want. I’m off looking around and almost instantly find something.

I hold it up for you to see and you tell me to try it on. I smile at you and walk to the back, knowing your following me. I close the door and begin to undress, my shorts first, then my tank top. It leaves me in only my pale pink bra and thong. I take my bra off and begin to put the corset top on. It is this beautiful sheer white. There are little pink bows in all the right places. The straps for stockings hang on my legs as I move.

There are matching panties and I slip them on. They do nothing to hide the smooth softness between my legs. I hear you then ask how it looks. I ask if you want to see and can hear you moving to the door.

I sefaköy escort open it and you are treated to a sight. I watch your eyes move down and up, then down yet again. I can see you like it. I know your cock does as it’s beginning to grow in your shorts. I ask if you approve and you say nothing. You close the dressing room door and let the bag fall from your hands. You move to me, pressing me against the wall of the room.

Your kiss is fierce and full of need. I can feel your length pressing into my stomach. I gasp and moan into your mouth. My hands move up over your arms, to your chest and then shoulders. I want to pull you closer, my body filled with the same need. I can feel your hands moving to where that scrap of material is between my legs. I know it needs to come of otherwise it will so wet when we try to pay for it.

You move your fingers to the rim of the panties and start to lower them, still kissing me, devouring my mouth as if it were some tasty treat. I can feel the panties falling and I wiggle my hips till they fall to my feet and slip off to the floor. Your hand moves over my stomach, causing it to tighten and the butterflies to continue.

God I think, how much I want you. I’ve thought about nothing but this. Knowing how it fees to have you take me, moving inside me. My fingers move down your shirt to the shorts you have on. I begin undoing them; pulling down the zipper and feeling your cock spring free. My fingers run over you, feeling your hardness. My fingertips run up and down your length. Slowly they stroke you, hearing your muffled groan.

Your fingers slip between my soft folds, rubbing, teasing before silivri escort pushing your two fingers inside. I gasp, my voice almost carried out of the room. The invasion of you catching me off guard but the feeling is so delicious. Your palm rests up against my mound, rubbing in little circles, teasing. One leg lifts, wraps around you and rub’s against your calf.

It’s too much and your fingers slip from the warmth of my pussy. I moan at the loss then I feel you pressing against me, the tip of your cock rubbing against my clit before plunging deep inside. My fingers dig into your shoulders. My head falls against the wall as you move. Your cock hit’s that sweet spot, back and forth. Each thrust deeper and stronger then the next.

Your lips against my neck, kissing and nipping gently up and down till you reach my ear. Then closing over it and whispering that you want to feel me cum, that you want to feel me closing around you, holding your cock tightly. I gasp my breath catching. You move harder, thrusting your cock so deep, whisper cum lover, cum on my cock.

Your lips cover mine just before I cry out. I’m caught up in the sweetest orgasm I’ve felt. My fingers dig into your shirt, your shoulders. It hits hard, rolling through me, sending wave after wave of sensation through me. The walls of my pussy close over your cock, holding you captive and it’s just too much. You find your own sweet release after a few more deep thrusts.

Slowly everything comes back to us, where we are and what we are doing. I smile into your eyes. You laugh knowing I wanted to do this, how we talked about it before. You tell me to get what I’m wearing and I nod. You’ve put yourself together and sneak out the door. I soon follow and we pay for the things we decided on.

We walk to our cars and I follow you. My mind still replays the memory of what just happened. The way it was so raw, so animalistic. It makes wonder what dinner will bring, what you’ll have in store for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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