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At lunchtime, Neil was in the kitchen talking to a colleague and opening a can of soup when Saoirse appeared in the doorway to get her lunch. She stood quietly until the conversation ended and his colleague left and then she approached the sink to wash her cup at the same time Neil moved over to the sink. They danced round each other, Neil narrated it in a series of noises and laughed. “Sorry.” Saoirse said timidly, stepping out of the way and standing back against the wall. “I just want to wash my cup.” she said softly. She felt strangely awkward.

“You could’ve fit in there in front of me.” he said playfully, looking round at her. He tipped his head as if to ask how she was.

She moved to the fridge and took out her lunch, setting it on the counter top and sighing loudly. Neil looked over at her and tipped his head again. “I’m just not feeling work this week.” Saoirse said, wearily. “Is it nearly the weekend?!” she asked, sarcastically. She stood back against the wall and watched him pouring his soup into a bowl.

“It’s only Monday, Saoirse.” Neil said, blankly.

“I know!” she replied, as she put her hands over her face. She took a few deep breaths, sighed deeply and rubbed her eyes, trying not to smudge her makeup. Her phone chimed and when she checked, it was Neil sending a hug emoji. She looked up at him and smiled.

“Got the Monday blues?” he asked, dropping his phone into his pocket. He looked quickly around behind him to check they were alone then tipped his head as he stepped forward and pulled her against him. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and rested his chin on her head as he pulled her into a tight hug. She lay her head against his chest, hugged his waist and melted into his embrace. “What’s up, gorgeous?” he asked quietly.

“I dunno, just feeling really…” she shrugged “… tired, stressed, emotional.” she sighed. “Clients have been so rude on the phone this morning, the atmosphere in my office is tense and everyone is stressed.” she said quietly.

“And you’re the sponge that’s absorbing it all?” he asked. She pressed her chin into his chest, looked up at him and nodded. They heard footsteps down the corridor and stepped away from each other. “Are you using the microwave?” he asked loudly as someone walked past.

She sniggered quietly at him, shaking her head. “No, just blocking you from it.” she said, smiling and moving her lunch box along the counter while she stood in front of the sink.

“Ah that old tactic!” he nudged her playfully as she washed her cup at the sink. She looked up at him standing beside her and rubbed her upper back. She gave him a relieved look. “Do you want to come over after work?” Neil asked quietly.

Saoirse pursed her lips, thinking. “I’m just going to stay at mine for the next few days, I’m not much company in this funk. Sorry Neil.” she said apologetically shaking her head.

“That’s OK.” Neil said softly, leaning down to kiss her quickly. His tone suddenly changed. “Tell us this, what are you up to on Saturday night?” he asked flirtatiously.

“Eh…sorry?” she asked, confused. She looked at him, puzzled, as he put his bowl in the microwave.

He smiled to himself. “Any nice plans?” he asked in his low, soothing voice.

“Eh…no?” she asked, puzzled.

“Funny that, me neither. Could I take you out on Saturday?” he asked, raising his eyebrows at her.

Saoirse’s frown broke into a knowing smile, realising he was trying to replicate the conversation they’d had when he first asked her out 6 months earlier. “You mean like a date, Neil?” she asked quietly, playfully.

“Yeah, Saoirse… like a date!” he said softly, smiling lovingly at her.

“Ah you’re cute!” she said, turning to pat his upper arm. She smiled and nodded at him. “Yes, thank you. I would like that.” she replied.

“I’ll pick you up at 7pm for something fun?” he smiled. She nodded. “That’ll give you something to look forward to.” he said. The microwave dinged as she turned to leave. “Saoirse!” Neil hissed. She turned back and bumped into him as he approached her. “Chin up!” he whispered, looking her in the eyes and stroking her cheek with his thumb. She smiled at him and squeezed his arm.

On Saturday night Neil arrived at Saoirse’s flat at 7pm on the dot. He wore smart jeans, a casual blue shirt and suede tennis shoes. His tight ginger curls were defined with wax and the sides and back of his hair shaved. Saoirse buzzed him in, answered the door with a wide smile and stepped out onto the doormat. She wore floaty, patterned trousers, a black top, a denim jacket and sandals. Her long, auburn hair was styled in loose curls. She hugged him tightly, stretching up right on her tip toes. “Hi Saoirse, you look gorgeous.” Neil said softly, smelling her neck and hair as they embraced. “You smell good.” he murmured.

“Thanks.” Saoirse said, shyly. “So do you.” she smiled, running her hand down over his chest and stood down flat on her feet. He leaned down and kissed her. “What’s the plan?” she asked.

He took eryaman genç escort her hand as they walked out to his car. “Well ‘the plan’ is supposed to be a bit of spontaneous fun but since you like to know what’s ahead of you…!” he widened his eyes and smirked. “A casual activity, dinner and maybe a few drinks.” he said, raising his eyebrows.

“It’s been quite a week at work, I wouldn’t mind getting really drunk tonight.” she giggled.

“Say no more! We can drop your stuff off at mine and Uber into the city centre?” he asked. She nodded.

They played minature golf, laughing and playfully teasing each other as they made their way around the course. Next they ate dinner in a trendy burger restaurant nearby, the atmosphere was laid-back and they both felt relaxed and comfortable. They teased each other, chatted and made each other laugh. Then they moved on to a small, popular bar in the city centre and ordered cocktails to begin with, taking their places at one of the only empty tables indoors, right near the bar – Neil on the bench against the wall and Saoirse on the chair opposite him. They spent the next couple of hours engrossed in each other, in their own world together, talking, laughing, joking affectionately with each other and drinking. Saoirse moved to sit on the bench beside him once the bar got busier and louder. Neil cocooned her in his arm, playing with her hair and stroking her arm and shoulder and Saoirse playfully stroked and squeezed his thigh and chest while they kissed, talked and flirted.

“Are you feeling less…” Neil shrugged his shoulders “than you were on Monday?” he asked.

Saoirse smiled and nodded. “I would call it ‘meh’ and yes, it took until about Wednesday but I got over it. Until next time.” she pursed her lips. “Was your week busy? What were you up to?” she asked, sipping her drink.

He hesitated. “Ehhhhhmmmm…” he hummed, thinking.

“Nothing?” she laughed, looking intently at him. “Not a lot if you have to think about it that much, I guess!”

“I was trying to think of something funny to say!” he smirked.

“Oh!” she mouthed apologetically. She nodded and waited a moment. He still said nothing. “What did you actually do?” she asked. She waited impatiently. “Well?” she asked, smiling at him, tilting her head as he finally met her gaze.

“Cycled round the office on a little tricycle, did some juggling and just generally entertained everyone.” he said, sincerely pleased with himself.

“Brilliant!” she said, sarcastically. He mocked an offended look. She nodded once and raised her eyebrows. Neil hid a smile by taking a gulp of his pint of Guinness and tickled her neck with his fingers.

“Nah, we got loads of new equipment delivered and had to open it all and test it and shit like that.” he said enthusiastically.

“I bet that was like Christmas to you!” she smiled. His eyes lit up and he nodded, finishing the end of his pint. He held up his glass and nodded to hers. “Ehhh…OK, just ONE more for me. I haven’t been this drunk in ages…and I haven’t been this drunk around you before!” she giggled.

“That makes two of us! Jack Daniels?” he asked. She nodded. “Single?” he asked. She wrinkled her nose. Neil laughed. “Oh yeah…’one more’, is that right Saoirse?” he teased. “Say what you mean sure!” he laughed.

“I’ve been on doubles all night. I meant just one more drink, not one measure.” she giggled, embarrassed. “Double, please, with Coke.” she said politely, smiling at him. She handed her empty glass to him and he went to the bar, returning with their drinks and a tray of Tequila shots. “One for the road, Neil?” she laughed.

He nodded, set the drinks on the table and sat down. “Don’t drink them if you don’t want to but I thought it’s only right to end a night of drinking with shots!” he said. He lifted his pint and they clinked ‘Cheers’ before sipping their drinks.

Someone appeared from the crowd asking to take Saoirse’s vacant chair, they both looked up briefly to agree and then all three of them suddenly stopped and stared at each other. It was one of their colleagues, Connell. His eyes widened and a shocked but thrilled smile spread across his face. “Well, well. Love’s young dream!” he remarked.

Saoirse raised her eyebrows and smiled with her lips closed, waving her fingers at him. Neil tipped his head. “Alright Connell?” Neil asked with a content smile on his lips as he sat with his arm comfortably around Saoirse’s shoulders. Connell nodded, agreed and lifted the chair as he looked between the two of them. “Have a good night, mate.” Neil said as he moved away from them. “He thinks he’s got the scoop of the year now!” Neil said into Saoirse’s ear. She rolled her eyes. He laughed. “Place your bets please.” Neil said, stretching his neck to look across the bar while drumming his fingers on the table.

“I bet he’s out with that crowd from Accounts.” Saoirse said, bowing her head and gulping her drink.

“And we have a winner! Yeah…oh…they’re all trying to look over here… but ankara escort bayan they can’t see cos that pillar’s in the way.” he laughed, looking down at Saoirse, putting his arm round her again and squeezing her arm.

“That’s how it’s going to be from now on until it’s common knowledge, we’ve just gotta let it happen organically.” Saoirse said, sitting up straight. Neil laughed at her choice of words but agreed, taking a gulp of his pint. They looked each other in the eyes, smiling with mutual giddy excitement and not speaking as they sipped their drinks for a few moments. “I’m waiting for them all to need to go to the bar all of a sudden just to have a reason to walk past us.” Saoirse said.

Neil stretched up again and looked across the bar then sat back, shaking his head and frowning at her. “We’re old news already, Saoirse!” he laughed. Saoirse pretended to wipe her brow as if she was relieved. He pulled her in towards him and kissed her. She melted into him, sighing with relief into his mouth. She turned further towards Neil, pushing her body against him and stroking her hand down his neck onto his chest. Neil’s hand found its way from her shoulder, down her back, over her hip and onto her ass. They stopped kissing, gazed at each other, Saoirse licked her lips and Neil smiled. Neither of them broke eye contact.

Saoirse smiled, suddenly feeling self-conscious under his gaze. “You know that 93% of communication is non-verbal?” she asked. Neil nodded. “You definitely exceed that.” she said.

He nodded. “You’re more verbal than me!” he smiled, wiggling his eyebrows at her. She pursed her lips and bowed her head down into his chest trying to hide an embarrassed smile and he chuckled, stroking her back.

“So I’m the other 7%?” she asked, looking back up at him.

He took another gulp of his pint and shook his head. “Nah! You know that 95% of our relationship is non-verbal communication?” he asked. “So you’re the other 5%.” he said. Saoirse’s eyes flashed wildly at him and she bit her lip. He laughed at her reaction.

Saoirse’s hand stroked up his thigh and gently grabbed his crotch. “I never realised you saying ‘our relationship’ could get me so wet!” she said in his ear. She felt his cock twitch and he shifted in his seat and cleared his throat as she sat back to look at him. He blew on the fingernails on his right hand and polished them on his shirt as he smirked at her. She laughed and rolled her eyes at him.

He tipped his head, looking intently at her with a fire in his eyes. She returned his gaze, nodding slightly and licking her lips. He looked at the table. “You’ve got 4 shots and half a drink left to tell me what you want when we get home.” he teased in his soft tone.

“Ooooohh!” she said and a sly smile spread across her lips. She nodded, keeping her hand on his crotch and hooking her right leg over his right knee. “Hmm what am I in the mood for?!” she said, looking at him. “Maybe some nice hard sex.” she said playfully squeezing his semi-hard cock and glancing down at his crotch.

“Maybe?…” he asked, frowning at her. “Actually, hang on…’NICE’? That’s not a compliment!” he laughed. “I can do hard, Saoirse but nice? Nah!” he teased, shaking his head.

She shrugged. “Depends how I’m feeling once you’re inside me.” she said. He inhaled loudly and she felt his cock harden in his jeans. “Might lose all my inhibitions.” she said quietly, looking in his eyes and sipping her drink.

“Ooohhffft…” he said, as they continued gazing at each other. “Inhibitions? You?” he said in a mocking surprised tone. “I’m saying nothing, Saoirse!” he teased, holding his hands up. She gasped and he chuckled his cheeky, giddy giggle. He grasped her right thigh and pulled her even closer to him so that she almost straddled his right thigh. She gave him a warning look, reminding him they were in public, and he eased, letting go of her to take a few sips of his drink.

“What about a really slow, wet blow job?” she asked quietly, leaning into him. She ran her hand up his torso, paused at his chest and stroked the chest hair that poked out of his shirt just short of his collarbone. He raised his eyebrows then furrowed his forehead in thought as he looked at her, taking another sip of his pint. She waited, holding his gaze and her hand glided up to stroke his beard. He nodded, gently thrusting his hips towards her and a wry smile spread across his lips.

“I’m in the mood for you to sit on my face,” he said quietly, with a glint in his eyes. “So I didn’t trim my beard, just for your pleasure.” he said, rubbing his beard and smiling wickedly at her. She parted her lips, closed her eyes very briefly, frowned and sighed. Neil chuckled and leaned down to her ear. “That was almost half-way to your O face.” he whispered, holding her face in his hand and kissing her neck in soft, lingering kisses that brushed the bristles of his beard gently against her skin.

“That was a preview for later.” she whispered. She took a few deep breaths. “Is ‘stop’ still sincan escort the safe word?” she breathed in his ear, clutching his elbow and shuddering at his touch and his breath on her neck.

He sat back slightly, looked her straight in the face and nodded. “‘Stop’ always means stop, Saoirse.” he said in his soothing voice, holding her reassuringly round the waist with his right arm and gazing at her. “Are you OK?” he asked.

She smiled and nodded. “Mm hm… You’ve got me all wet and I’m weak at the knees.” she said quietly, biting her bottom lip and watching his face. “Not sure I’m fit to be out in public any more.” She pressed her tongue up against her top lip trying to supress a teasing smile. “I’m quite drunk…and we might get asked to leave soon.” she giggled, glancing quickly around them. They both sat up and looked around, lifting their drinks and shifting in their seats.

They finished their drinks while Neil ordered an Uber and then held his first shot glass up, Saoirse smiled and lifted hers, clinking against his and they downed their shots. “Eughhh fuck that’s awful!” Saoirse coughed. Neil screwed up his face. “Next!” she called, lifting another shot. Neil shuddered and laughed. “Yeah, you’ll not be laughing when I vomit on you!” she joked. “Right, come on, next one!” she said, ushering him to lift his second shot. They clinked their glasses and downed their second shots. “EUGH I HATE THIS STUFF!” she laughed.

“Ok, only 2 more… can you do it?” Neil asked. Saoirse exhaled sharply and nodded at him. “2 in a row, down the hatch Saoirse!” Neil said, lifting both shots, clinking against Saoirse’s shots and they downed them both one after the other. “BOOM!” Neil said, hi- fiving her. Saoirse spluttered as she swallowed the last shot, Tequila dribbled down her chin and she put her hand to her mouth. Neil lifted a napkin and dabbed her face. “Are we drunk enough?” he asked, making a face. Saoirse laughed, nodded and kissed him, stroking his beard. Neil stroked her thigh and nodded towards the door. “So…home?” he asked in a low voice. Saoirse nodded once. Neil stood up and to the side, holding out his arm signaling her to pass him. He grasped her hips from behind as she slid past him and she felt his cock hard in his jeans, against her ass. He grasped her hand and they walked through the crowded bar, passing the table of their colleagues near the door. Many of them turned round to greet them but Neil didn’t stop. “Have a good one, folks!” he said and Saoirse smiled at them as they passed the table and stepped out onto the street.

When they reached Neil’s flat he opened the door then stood back to let Saoirse in first. “You left the hall light on!” she said. “Imagine how bad your carbon footprint is!” she joked.

“That’s so you don’t fall up the stairs!” he laughed as he shut the door and they stumbled up the stairs into his flat. “Or would you rather go to the Emergency Room tonight?” he asked. Saoirse shook her head. She stopped at the top to try and take off her sandals, hopping as she struggled to open the small buckles. Neil grabbed her by the waist with his right arm and tried to pull her sandal off her foot with his left hand. They wobbled together and fell against the wall.

“Wait, Neil! Don’t break the strap!” she scolded, slapping at his hand. He let go of her and pushed off his shoes as she unbuckled her sandals and slid them off and they kissed, frantically undressing each other and discarding their clothing along the hall as they flung his bedroom door open and stumbled inside.

Neil threw himself on the bed and wolf-whistled as he lay back admiring her naked curves. He pulled Saoirse down on top of him, she bent her knees, straddling him and leaning up over him as they kissed, grinding her hips against him. She softly kissed her way down his body, stroking his skin gently and Neil twitched and squirmed. Saoirse stopped and looked up, giggling. “Ooh… are you ticklish, Neil?” she asked, her eyes wide with delight. He shook his head unconvincingly and she traced her fingertips in small circles over his abs until he laughed and admitted it. “Oh this is fun! Normally I’m the only ticklish one.” Saoirse laughed. Neil nodded and folded his left arm behind his head and hummed, looking down at her as she reached his thighs. She kissed his inner thighs and teased her fingertips lightly over his taint, his balls and up his thighs. He gasped and twitched at her touch and Saoirse smiled lustfully making eye contact with him.

Saoirse lifted his cock and gently pulled back his foreskin, looking him seductively in the eyes as she softly flicked her tongue over the head. He sighed and reached his right hand down to stroke her cheek while he watched her slowly slide her mouth over his cock. He panted and groaned at the sound and feeling of her wet mouth working up and down his cock and she rolled his balls gently between her fingertips. She paused occasionally to work up more saliva and looked down as she let it drip in strings down his length before she forced her mouth around his cock again. She held him tight in her hand and stroked him firmly as she sucked, running her tongue over his head and tasting the slight sourness of his pre-cum. She looked up at him, Neil groaned and breathed her name, grasping her arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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