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It was half past nine when Daisy finally woke the following morning. Blearily trying to focus on her alarm clock, a feeling of panic immediately passed straight through her. She leapt out of bed, pulled on her dressing gown and rushed into Thomas’s room. It was empty. Indeed, the whole house was empty. It wasn’t until she saw a note on the kitchen table, written in Nick’s bold, confident hand, that she finally released the breath she’d unconsciously been holding.

“Good morning, Daisy. The boys and I have had breakfast and are just going to walk to school. I hope you don’t mind but Thomas has given me his key, in case you sleep in, and we’ve also grabbed some spare bits of Thomas’s uniform, to kit Zach out today. I’m going to walk into town and sort out a locksmith. Sorry if you had a disturbed night. Nick.”

A flash of guilt passed across Daisy’s brain, knowing that she should have been there to take Thomas to school, as she had done every other day of his life. But then could she really be held responsible for not waking up? Nick had stayed in her room for several hours using his nimble tongue and agile, energetic fingers to drive her to the depths of pleasure and desire with which she had previously been entirely unacquainted. He had finally allowed her to rest when, an exhausted, shaking wreck, it was clear that she had nothing left to give. Just the mere memory of what he had done to her body made Daisy blush with a confusing combination of shocked embarrassment and a lustful desire to experience so, so much more.

It was several hours later when Daisy heard a knock at the front door. By that time, she’d managed to have a long, deep bath, eat a substantial breakfast and even partake in some light housework. Opening the door to allow Nick into the hallway, her lungs seemed to seize up as she held her breath for the longest time. Last night, the lights had remained off, so this was the first time their eyes had locked, since all the unmentionable things he had done to her. Nick’s lips twitched in recognition of their shared experience.

‘Morning you,’ he said softly. ‘How did you sleep?’

‘For some reason, I woke up during the night,’ replied Daisy. ‘And it took me ages to get back. But once I eventually did, I slept like a log, thank you.’

‘Ah, that’s really annoying, isn’t it? When you wake up and can’t immediately fall back to sleep.’

‘Annoying isn’t the first word that springs to mind,’ smiled Daisy shyly. She glanced down at his long fingers, her internal muscles automatically clenching from the remembered pleasure they had recently guided her through.

‘Any idea what caused you to wake?’ He was toying with her now, his eyes dancing mischievously.

‘No idea at all,’ replied Daisy, refusing to accept the bait. Nick laughed.

‘Thank you so much for taking Thomas to school.’

‘My pleasure. It felt like the least I could do, given it was my fault you didn’t get your requisite eight hours,’ he grinned. ‘I’m sorry if last night happened a bit out of the blue. I think you were right about my medication. It definitely removed some inhibitions that would normally have forced me to maintain some distance, in the company of somebody I barely knew.’

‘Oh, right,’ said Daisy, feeling slightly deflated. ‘You’re forgiven, I guess.’

‘Well,’ he said, placing a couple of shopping bags on the floor and sitting down at the kitchen table. ‘You’ll be glad to hear that I’m meeting a locksmith at my house this afternoon so we’ll be out of your hair soon. Although I might need to blag a lift to the garage, if you don’t mind? To pick up a replacement car.’ Daisy was surprised by the wave of disappointment she felt.

‘Oh, of course that’s no problem. And I’m sure you’re anxious to get back home again.’

‘Anxious isn’t the first word that springs to mind,’ admitted Nick.

‘Would you like a drink?’ asked Daisy.

‘No, thank you. There is something I do want, though,’ he replied, glancing at his watch. ‘And I’ve got two hours to dedicate to my pursuit of it. Can you guess what it is?’

‘Umm, no,’ she breathed, trying to ignore the overwhelming buzzing that had suddenly taken over her senses.

‘I desperately want to take you back to bed and continue where we left off last night.’ Daisy gasped at his confident, unexpected request. ‘Would you like that too?’

‘Umm, I…’ she stumbled. ‘It’s the middle of the day!’

‘So it is,’ he observed conversationally. ‘Fortunately, what I have in mind can be enjoyed at any time.’

‘Oh,’ replied Daisy, feeling confused. ‘Is this the effect of your painkillers again?’

‘Nope, I haven’t taken any this morning.’

‘But you said you wouldn’t normally be like this with somebody you barely know.’

‘That’s right. But, after last night, you can scarcely accuse me of not knowing you. So, please will you join me?’ he smiled, standing up and holding out his hand. Barely believing her own actions, she rose to her feet and allowed Nick to lead her purposefully out of beylikdüzü escort the room; Daisy in one hand, shopping bag in the other.


‘What’s in the bag?’ asked Daisy, as Nick walked to the far side of her bedroom and drew the curtains.

‘Fun stuff,’ he replied, raising an arched eyebrow.

‘What will the neighbours think about the curtains being closed?’

‘That you’ve got a migraine? Or that you’re a very lucky girl?’ he suggested. ‘Can you get yourself into bed, minus your clothes please? I’ll be back in a moment,’ he said, before leaving the room. Daisy jumped into bed, removing everything but her underwear from beneath the safety of the duvet cover. Part of her simply couldn’t believe she was being so daring; this behaviour was so out of character for her. But on the other hand, last night Nick had awoken something which had been slumbering deep inside for her entire life. Could she really bear to refuse another opportunity to experience such amazingly pleasurable sensations with this ridiculously sexy man?

When he returned a few minutes later, Nick was still wearing all of his clothes, accompanied by a large smile. He looked down at Daisy contemplatively, inwardly amused by the way she had pulled the duvet up to her chin, to ensure all of her body was covered. They both knew she wouldn’t be so prim and proper shortly.

‘I’ve got good news,’ he explained. ‘The boys aren’t here this time.’


‘So, this time, you can really make some noise.’ Daisy gasped at his audacity.

‘Didn’t I do that last night,’ she stuttered.

‘Not by a long shot,’ he replied with a chuckle.

‘Aren’t you joining me in bed?’ she asked, already aware of arousal pooling between her legs.

‘No. I’ve got to leave in a couple of hours.’

‘And that’s not long enough?’ she asked, shocked.

‘For the first time we make love? No way,’ replied Nick, shaking his head. ‘Not least because I’d want to cuddle you all night, not just get dressed and leave. So, what are you still wearing?’ he asked suspiciously.

‘Just my bra and panties,’ murmured Daisy embarrassed.

‘I need you naked for what I’ve got planned,’ he explained, provoking a shocked gasp from his matter of fact tone. ‘So, either you take your underwear off voluntarily, or I take it off for you. What’s your pleasure?’ With a flushed neck and wide eyes, Daisy visibly struggled under the duvet to remove the final two offending items before dropping them onto the floor.

‘Better,’ he confirmed.

‘So, what’s happening, if we aren’t making love?’

‘Simple. I’m going to give you more pleasure than you can probably handle.’ And with that, Nick carefully placed his shopping bag on the floor and smiled. ‘Turn over.’


Nick had been gently massaging Daisy’s body with his warm, oily hands for some time, his concentration largely focussed on her tight shoulders and buttocks, where she seemed to hold the majority of stress. When he occasionally allowed his hand to drift down towards her thighs or the sides of her breasts, Daisy groaned in hopeful anticipation. By the time he had finished, her body was totally relaxed but she felt sexy, wanton and desperate for more.

‘Lie on your side for me?’ he murmured eventually. At length, Daisy wiggled herself into position as Nick laid down and curled up against her back, spooning her. He placed his hand on Daisy’s hip and began to rotate his fingertips gently over her sensitive skin. Unconsciously, she sighed at the incredible sensations that his touch provoked.

‘You love being stroked, don’t you?’ he whispered.

‘Mmmm,’ she replied, as his hand moved up across her rib cage. It was an entirely inadequate response, but all she could achieve at that moment.

‘And I love touching you Daisy,’ Nick explained as he allowed his hand to migrate to the underside of her breasts, gently rotating his palm across the soft skin. ‘You have no idea how much pleasure this gives me too.’

With fingers still lubricated in oil, leaving the base of his palm on the underside of her breast, he drifted his thumb and forefinger teasingly upwards. Once he had tormented her for as long as she could bear, he lightly squeezed either side of her erect nipple. Daisy groaned throatily in response. Her whole body pressed back into his, her hips naturally grinding against Nick’s solid erection, very obvious despite the layers of clothing he still wore. A low, untamed growl arose from deep within his throat as he leaned in and gently ran his teeth along the length of her neck, making her cry out in anticipation. He slowly twisted his thumb and forefinger against her now throbbing nipple, forcing Daisy to writhe against the sheets. Automatically, her hand migrated behind and started to stroke Nick’s impressive erection through his soft jeans.

‘Ahhhh,’ he sighed at length. ‘You need to stop that now.’ Wrapping his hands around both of her wrists, he raised beyoğlu escort them masterfully to the headboard where he held them up with one hand. With his other hand, he picked up Daisy’s knee, and gently laid her leg back over the top of his stacked legs. This had the effect of opening her pussy lips wide and providing him with easy access.

‘Mmmm, that’s better,’ murmured Nick, gently running his fingertips along the inside of her recently exposed thigh. ‘Try and keep your leg there for me?’

For some time, he ran his fingers around and between Daisy’s slick, swollen folds, his light, teasing touch making her cry out with frustration. In time, his hand moved momentarily away from her body and she could hear the rustling of a carrier bag.

‘What are you doing?’ she whispered.

‘You don’t want to know,’ he chuckled. ‘Certainly nothing good.’

Moments later, she jumped as a low humming sound commenced.

‘Have you ever used a vibrator, Daisy?’ asked Nick intimately. Her tensing body, accompanied by a swift gasp, provided him with the answer he required.

‘No,’ she replied with a faint shake of her head.

‘Hmmm, you’ll enjoy it. I promise,’ he murmured. Suddenly, Daisy cried out as the vibrating object was unexpectedly rolled around the outside of her swollen pussy lips.

‘What are you going to do?’ she panted, testing how hard he was holding her wrists by pulling down slightly and discovering that he had her firmly pinned to the bed.

‘I’ll talk you through it,’ he murmured. ‘We’re starting off with a little bullet vibrator to get you used to the sensations. I don’t want to completely blow your mind straight off.’

‘Why? What else have you got planned?’ gasped Daisy as the vibrator was stroked gently around her clenched pussy.

‘Don’t worry about that for now,’ he replied, a smile evident in his tone. ‘One thing at a time. Now, how does this feel?’

‘It’s nice,’ she sighed. ‘It could almost be relaxing if you weren’t here.’

‘Good, it should be,’ explained Nick. ‘I’m just gently laying the length of it on you without any pressure.’ After listening to Daisy sigh deeply for a little while, he began to roll the shaft up towards her clit, causing a fast intake of air into her lungs. ‘You’re much more sensitive here so it suddenly becomes a lot more intense.’

‘Yes,’ she gasped.

‘And then what we can do,’ he continued. ‘Instead of using the flat shaft of the vibrator, is to use the end instead.’ Slowly, he did just that, rolling the tip of the bullet around the swollen entrance of Daisy’s slippery pussy.

‘Oh!’ she breathed.

‘Is that nice?’ murmured Nick. ‘How about if we let it glide inside you?’

‘Ohhhh!’ groaned Daisy loudly as the vibrations entered her twitching body and were rotated slowly against her sensitive flesh.

‘Mmmm,’ he sighed. ‘That sounds really good.’

For some time, he played with her, enjoying the various sounds of unparalleled pleasure Daisy was making, without ever pushing her towards orgasm.

‘Although, of course, the most intense location isn’t here,’ he explained after some time. And with that, he repositioned the vibrator, rotating it ever so slowly around the outskirts of Daisy’s clit. She reacted immediately, her entire body stiffened whilst her arms pulled down hard in a failed attempt to escape.

‘No!’ she breathed, as Nick’s hands, which continued to encircle her wrists, held her firmly in place.

‘Then, I’ll slowly bring it closer and closer,’ he sighed, ‘until eventually…’. As Nick gently nudged and circled the deep vibrations around Daisy’s highly sensitive nub, she bellowed in uncontrollable pleasure, on and on.

‘Oh my God,’ she panted eventually, still spasming from the pleasurable aftershocks.

‘Mmmm, that certainly sounded really nice.’

‘More than nice,’ stuttered Daisy. ‘Completely amazing.’

‘I’ve only just started,’ he grinned, as he re-focussed the vibrations and coaxed her body to escalate once more.

Eventually, Nick ceased his games. Putting the bullet vibrator to one side, he released Daisy’s limp arms and pulled her back towards his body.

‘Ready to try something else?’ he asked cheekily.

‘No,’ she groaned, overwhelmed with the intense pleasure she’d just experienced.

‘I bet you are. But the first thing you need to do is relax. Take in a nice deep breath, that’s it,’ Nick instructed as he gently circled his hand across her stomach and lightly stroked her soft skin. After a short while, he reached out for an object and switched it on. The sound made Daisy jump; the deep vibrations suggested they meant business compared with the small bullet he’d used up to that point. Gently placing the wide, vibrating, bulbous head against her wet, swollen lips, he swept it around her tight opening. Groaning loudly, she abandoned herself to the sweet sensations coursing through her body.

‘And now the fun really begins and I get to thank you properly for bomonti escort what you did for me,’ smiled Nick as he gently began to push the instrument incredibly slowly inside, pausing regularly to allow her to take deep, shuddering sighs.

‘Oh my God,’ she groaned at length, stretched wider than she had ever known.

‘You’re doing really well,’ he acknowledged, kissing a line along her shoulder. ‘But we’ve got a little way to go yet and the girth gets slightly wider towards the end, I’m afraid.’ With a secret smile, he applied a steady pressure to enable the thick shaft to continue on its slow, yet unrelenting path. Nick found himself relishing the sound of Daisy panting and grunting, knowing full well that she would soon be driven way past any measure of control.

‘I should explain, this vibrator is anatomically designed to fairly relentlessly stimulate your G-spot. You’ll probably start to feel it’s effects very shortly,’ he explained. ‘Just keep breathing, Sweetheart,’ he added, as she clenched more tightly around the device and took another deep, shuddering breath.

‘Ah yes,’ added Nick. ‘And then of course, there are the rabbit ears. They aren’t vibrating at the moment, but I think you might have just felt them sink down against you?’ Daisy failed to provide a literate response as the gadget found its maximum limit, placing exquisite pressure simultaneously deep down on either side of her clit as well as her G-spot, whilst it stretched open her tight, dripping pussy.

‘So, what I’m going to do next is turn the rotating beads in the shaft on,’ he explained, flicking a switch.

‘Oh fuck!’ she cried, clamping down hard around the vibrator, as her hips thrust forwards in surprise.

‘Just try and breathe,’ murmured Nick. ‘Orgasms are much more intense if you let them build slowly. Having said that,’ he grinned, ‘I’m going to be ramping things up shortly.’

‘No! I can’t cope with anything else!’ cried out Daisy, still trying to process the amazing sensations coursing through her body.

‘And yet I know you’ll manage just beautifully.’

Having given her a little time to acclimatise, Nick spoke again.

‘So, next I’m going to turn on the vibrating rabbit ears,’ he explained. ‘To start with, they’ll just be on the lowest level but as you’ve never experienced anything like this before, I’m sorry but it’s going to feel seriously intense. Just remember, I want to hear you scream so don’t let me down.’

The rabbit ears in question had previously burrowed their wicked way through to the optimal location. As a result, they could now be found clamped firmly down either side of her clit, trapping her sweetly in position. Gently, Nick allowed the instrument of sweet torture to slightly withdraw, repositioning them so they were only just in contact with her body. For just a second, he pulsed every function on. The reaction in Daisy was instant and violent. Her hips bucked forwards and a cross between a sob of desperation and a cry of ecstasy echoed across the room.

‘Oh God!’ she exclaimed. ‘Please! You can’t do that!’

‘But I am doing it, Daisy,’ Nick replied, sending a second pulse shooting through her, quickly followed by a third and fourth, smiling at her desperate cries and writhing body.

‘God, you’re amazingly wet,’ he sighed, as the hand which was holding the base of the vibrator came into contact with her flowing juices. ‘Despite the fact that all I’ve heard from you is “no” and “can’t”, so far at least your body is willing to admit how much you’re enjoying this.’ Smiling, Nick gently pushed the vibrator deeper inside, clamping the rabbit ears more firmly down against her throbbing clit.

‘I’m going to leave the vibrations on for longer than a pulse next time,’ he explained.

‘No, you can’t, please!’ objected Daisy.

‘There you go with those negative words again,’ teased Nick. ‘Why don’t you substitute them by saying “yes” instead?’

‘Seriously Nick, I won’t be able to cope.’

‘Good,’ sighed Nick. ‘Then we’ll actually be getting somewhere because I don’t want you to cope. I seriously need you to lose control, Daisy.’ And without giving any further warning, he turned the vibrations on for a good long time. The change in Daisy was immediate and intense and she quickly achieved a string of orgasms that caused her limbs to thrash violently as she screamed out uncontrollably. Once he was content that she had fully ridden the full wave of her pleasure, Nick ceased the clitoral vibrations, allowing the vibrator to continue its gentle rotation inside her. Daisy was barely capable of breathing, yet alone saying anything.

‘Well done,’ murmured Nick, pulling her body towards his, to hold her firmly as she recovered, gasping and shuddering in his arms. After a little time had passed, he tenderly kissed her neck. ‘Can you manage another one of those for me please? Daisy moaned throatily in anticipation but he made her wait.

‘God, yes,’ she groaned eventually.

What’s it worth?’ teased Nick, pulsing the vibrations on for a millisecond and then back off again.

‘Anything!’ cried out Daisy.

‘Anything, huh?’ he teased. ‘In that case, I’d like you to accompany me to dinner this weekend. We’ll get a babysitter to look after the boys for the evening.’

‘Okay,’ she croaked.

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