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My voyeur husband watches me

As Jim and I laid together in our bed following our wonderful love making session, Jim said, “Baby, I want to watch him fuck you.”

“I don’t know. I think that might freak Stephen out if he knew that you knew about this. Also, I can use the fact that we can’t let you find out about our little tryst as a way to keep some level of control over this wild situation,” I responded.

Up till this point, I had been sharing every detail of my involvement with Stephen with my husband, Jim. And Jim had been enjoying these incidents vicariously through their retelling. Now he wanted to actually witness these sexual, but loving, encounters.

“He would not have to know I was watching, or that I knew,” Jim replies.

“How do you think you could accomplish that?” I asked.

Jim thought for a moment. “Tomorrow I could pretend to leave for golf. You could signal me somehow when you and Stephen go out to the pool or the spa, and I could sneak back into the house and watch from our bedroom window. You could bring him into our room and I could watch quietly from the closet through the louvered doors.”

I knew I should protest this crazy idea. However, in the end, I knew I would do just as Jim asked; after all, I always did. And, deep down, I knew I wanted Jim to see me getting fucked by my young lover. I did enjoy sharing my experiences with my husband. It made my pulse quicken just thinking about it. So I nodded, and I started hatching my part of the plan.

This was going to be an interesting and wild next few months with my lover, Stephen staying in the house with Jim and me!

Jim established the signal system for Sunday’s adventure. He would leave for his golf outing, (which he had already canceled.) I would lure Stephen to the pool or hot tub. I would signal Jim by turning on the front porch light immediately before we went outside. Jim would sneak back in the house and observe our activities from our bedroom window, which overlooked the pool and spa.

If I was successful in luring Stephen back into our bedroom, when Jim saw that we were coming back in the house, he would hide in the closet. Jim could then observe Stephen and me silently through the louvers in the door. He had a nice chair set up in our walk-in closet, so he would be fairly comfortable playing the voyeur.

What could possibly go wrong, right? I am still surprised I agree to these types of plans. I mean, how would Jim explain sitting in his car, parked in Stephen’s parent’s driveway across the street as he waited for his secret signal, if he was asked what he was doing by a nosey neighbor on their way to church? I was very apprehensive about this whole plan. But being the good and very obedient wife that I am, I agreed to go with the play my role in this tawdry conspiracy, as instructed by Jim.

The next morning, as we gathered around the breakfast table together over coffee and bagels, Jim indicated to Stephen and me that he was leaving for the golf course around 10:00 a.m. and would likely be gone most of the afternoon. The smile on Stephen’s face at this news was priceless. His mind immediately leapt to thoughts of ‘another afternoon of fun with Cindy!’.

I had already ‘tempted up’ the hot tub to a comfortable 100F in preparation for my seduction activities. While February in Houston was not bitterly cold, it was too cold for a pool. But it was perfect weather for ‘hot tubbing’.

The backyard was isolated from outside view by a 6 foot fence and large shrubs. Our privacy would be protected (from everyone except Jim).

Jim left on schedule. As Jim pulled out of the driveway, I turned to Stephen and asked if he would like to join me in the hot tub. He was enthusiastic in his acceptance of my invitation.

“Should we wear suits, or bath ‘au natural’?” I asked.

“I have never gone skinny dipping before.” Stephen replied.

“Well then, this can be another first for you.” I loved it every time I knew I was forming memory that for the rest of Stephen’s life he would remember as ‘the first time I did this, it was with Cindy…’. I do not know why it pleased me so much to create ‘first-time memories’ with him, but it did.

I gathered up a couple of large towels, donned my robe without anything underneath, and waited for Stephen to join me in the kitchen. I could feel my pulse in my clitoris and my vagina getting wet in anticipation of Stephen’s and my activities this morning. Stephen came in wearing a pair of gym shorts and tee shirt. The crotch of his gym shorts was poking out nicely as well, indicating that he was equally aroused at our prospects for intimacy.

As we started out to the spa, I handed Stephen the towels, and said, “I’ll meet you out there in just a second. Take the cover off the spa for me.”

I rushed back to the front door and turned on the porch light. When I returned to the spa, Stephen had removed the cover, and was waiting for me.

I walked up and opened my robe as sensually as I could, letting it drop to the ground casino şirketleri before climbing into the tub. Stephen smiled broadly, pulled off his shirt, and removed his shorts.

His penis stood our in front of him, partially erect, almost parallel to the ground. His broad shoulders and chest, and his flat, ribbed stomach muscles framed his growing erection magnificently. He reminded me of the statue of David, only now ‘my David was getting a hard-on’ right before my very eyes.

I loved watching Stephen grow erect; I loved knowing I was the cause of the erection. Stephen started to climb in, but I stopped him. “Stephen, wait a second, just stand there. I want to watch your penis grow for me. It is absolutely a beautiful sight.”

Stephen stood in front of me, proudly displaying his growing cock, which was now about three quarters erect. I looked towards the bedroom window and wondered if Jim was watching yet.

I moved to the side of the spa, such that I was in profile to the bedroom viewing area, and motioned for Stephen to come towards me. Leaning over the side of the spa, I pulled his penis towards me, and smiled towards the bedroom window, giving anyone who might be watching the best profile view I could.

As I took Stephen into my mouth, I thought, ‘I hope you are watching and enjoying this, Jim.’

I sucked Stephen just long enough to get him fully erect, and then invited him into the spa with me. We began kissing immediately, and passionately. He caressed my naked breasts, and I gently massaged his erection.

His fingers quickly found there way to my vulva, and he teased my clit, gently masturbating me as out tongues played tag. I quickly forgot about my ‘voyeur husband’ and I was lost in my young lovers’ attentions.

Stephen tried to penetrate me with his fingers, but he quickly learned what all of us more experienced ‘hot tubbers’ know, the warm water washes away a woman’s natural lubrication; and penetration with fingers, or a penis is very difficult and somewhat uncomfortable.

But the external stimulation on my clit was wonderful. I directed Stephen to focus his attention on my erect and engorged clit. I became increasingly aroused. I broke our kiss for a moment.

“Stephen, let me teach you one of the most wonderful things about a spa.” I stood up, turned towards the edge of the spa and knelt down on the bench so that and one of the jets was directed right on my clit. “Stephen, stand behind me and hold me in place. And play with my breasts. Don’t let me move away from the jet” I instructed.

Stephen moved behind me, his stiff erection pushing firmly into the crack of my ass, his hands reaching around and cupping my breasts as I braced myself against his strong chest. And I let the jetting water start to work its magic on my clit.

I loved the feeling of Stephen’s erection pulsing and humping against the cheeks of my ass, as the powerful jet stream stimulated my clitoris. The pressure from the jet bordered on being too intense. Without Stephen to restrain me and hold me in place, I would involuntarily spasm and pull away from the jet. But Stephen was forcing me to remain in place, and to maintain the pressure on my extremely sensitive clitoris, against my natural reaction to pull away. The dominance of his restraint, and the submissive nature of my being restrained, only added to my pleasure.

“Oh god, that feels good!” I liked being held this way, and feeling his erection pressing up against my ass. This was so sexy. I was rocking my hips as the jet teased my clitoris, bringing me closer and closer to my first orgasm. I knew it was building rapidly inside me now. Stephen pushed his hips forward, pressing his cock into my butt crack, forcing me up closer to the jet nozzle, which increased the intensity of the water.

I leaned my head back on Stephen’s shoulder, and he kissed me deeply as he pulled my nipples. I moaned as I sucked his tongue and I started to cum. The intensity of the pulsing jet on my clit became intolerably intense.

“Oh god, I am cumming. It is too much. Shit, I can’t take this.”

But Stephen held me in place forcing my orgasm to continue as I bucked my hips splashing water wildly, alternating between relishing the pleasure on my clit, and trying to wiggle free to stop the unbearable intensity of it all. My entire body convulsed in waves of pleasure.

“Shit, Stephen, please. It is too much.”

It was several seconds before Stephen released his vice-like grip on me and allowed me to squirm free out of the way of the jet, but it seemed like an eternity when it was happening. The forced continuation of my orgasm as Stephen held me in place added to my pleasure.

“Oh baby, that was sooooo intense.” My breasts were still heaving as I tried to recover my senses. Stephen continued to hold and caress me as I came down from my high.

I had forgotten all about Jim during the intense orgasm. I suddenly realized I needed to move this party into the bedroom where he could listen and watch.

“Oh casino firmaları Stephen, that was wonderful. Thank you for that. Thank you for making me cum like that,” I said as I leaned my head back to kiss him again. I reached behind me and grabbed his firm erection in my hand. “Let’s go inside and make love. I want you inside of me.”

Stephen responded to my offer and my touch as I hoped he would. He moaned, thrust his hips forward in timing to my fist pumping up and down, and said, “I can’t think of anything I would rather do.”

We climbed out of the spa, and toweled each other off a bit. I put on my robe, and Stephen just picked up his shorts and shirt and headed inside. His erect penis swayed proudly in front of him with every step he took.

“Damn, you look good sporting that magnificent hard-on. Is that all for me?”

“Every bit of it,” he responded, “Every inch belongs to you, Cindy. Only you.”

His response may me smile. Yes, this young man was mine, all mine; at least for now.

Stephen started to steer me down stairs to the basement as we had done yesterday.

“No, Stephen, I want you to take me in my own bed today. I want you to make me cum in my ‘marital’ bed. It will mean more to me there.”

I know it did not make any sense, but women in heat don’t need to make sense, do they? I needed for Jim to see, hear and even smell the sex between Stephen and me. It needed to be that real to him. “Go grab a condom, or two, and come into my bedroom. Jim won’t be home for several hours.”

He bolted down stairs, taking two steps at a stride, his erection flopping wildly in front of him, slapping up against his firm abdomen along the way. I quickly went into the bedroom, and quietly opened to door to our closet. Jim was there, his trousers open and his erect penis in his fist, staring at me with wondrous amazement.

I put my finger to my lips to tell him to remain silent. I winked, removed my robe and stood there for a brief moment in my naked and aroused glory. Then I smiled coyly as I shut the door and said simply, “Showtime.”

I lay propped up on some pillows as Stephen entered the room. He had the bag of condoms in one hand.

“Stephen, I don’t think we are going to need all three dozen today.”

“Maybe not, but I did not want to be caught short, just in case.” He quipped back at me.

He was still fully erect. “I love how hard you get, and how hard you stay. You do have a wonderfully hard, long and thick penis.”

Stephen set the bag down and climbed on the bed, crawling between my legs. He placed his hands on each knee and opened me, exposing my pussy fully to his gaze. He looked at me with as much admiration and love as anyone ever has.

I was very aroused, but the spa had washed away most of my lubrication. I explained to Stephen that I would need a little ‘attention’ to get really wet again.

Stephen certainly had an answer to that problem. “Cindy, can I taste you?”

“I thought you would never ask. Yes, of course you can. Be gentle and concentrate on the clitoris; that’s my ‘little nubbins in the front’. That is the ‘seat’ of a woman’s pleasure.”

He got into position and slowly began to lick and kiss my clit. He was experimenting and learning along the way. I held his head with my hands, signaling to him where to stimulate me and what to do.

Stephen took my erect clit into his mouth and gently sucked it, pulling the blood deeper into the sensitive nub. “Oh baby, that’s perfect. Yes, oh yes. Oh my that feels so good.” His tongue sent an electric shot of pleasure through me.

“Oh baby, you are making me so hot, it is so sensitive down there,” I moaned.

I looked over at the closet door, knowing my audience was hidden only a few feet away. I silently mouthed ‘I love you’ towards my husband. And I did love him; in fact, at that moment, I loved both of my men, completely.

I then returned my attention to my young lover who was driving me crazy sucking my clitoris. “Oh baby, can you feel my clit growing in your mouth? It feels so huge right now. You are sucking the blood into it. It feels so sensitive, so engorged; it feels like you could make it pop in your mouth.”

I was being particularly verbal now for Jim’s benefit. I wanted my husband to know and understand what I was experiencing.

Stephen then changed from sucking slowly to sucking harder, more forcefully. “Oh baby, too much, too much. It’s too sensitive.” I arched my hips up against his mouth.

“Baby, would you touch my pussy while you suck me? Touch me with your fingers.” I pleaded. I wanted Jim to experience the orgasm vicariously that was rapidly building inside of me.

Stephen’s fingers found my opening and slowly penetrated me while he continued to suck me. He penetrated me with two fingers right off the bat. I felt him stretching me open, wide with a circular, massaging motion. God it felt good.

His fingers quickly opened me up and found my g-spot. “Oh baby, that’s it. You are opening me up so wide. You güvenilir casino are reaching inside me. It feels like your fingers are all the way up inside my womb. God, you are driving me crazy.”

The combination of him sucking my clit and massaging the front wall of my uterus was too much for me; I could not hold back, I started to cum instantly.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming. You are making me cum again. Damn I love this. I love you and what you do to me. ” I shouted loudly and passionately. I bucked my hips wildly, pushing myself against his probing fingers and against the sucking of his lips and tongue. I held his head in place as I ground my vulva against his mouth and tongue.

As the waves of my orgasm crashed over me, my sounds became incoherent moans, I was babbling nonsense, but the passion contained in these moans was clearly evident to Stephen and to Jim. Both knew that I was thrashing about uncontrollably experiencing one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.

After the third, or maybe fourth, wave of gut shaking climaxes, I could not go on, “Baby, I need to stop. Please, I can’t take any more of this. It is too much.” And I forcefully pushed Stephen’s head away from my pussy, breaking his suction on my clit.

He looked up at me, proud; very pleased with his ability to drive me to orgasm. He knew that he had complete control over me now. I knew it too.

“Baby, will you fuck me now?” I reached for the bag of condoms, and began unwrapping the only protection I would need.

I really regretted not being able to let him take me ‘bare back’. I wanted his seed inside me. But this was a small price to pay to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. I needed to correct this situation; to get on the pill so I could take him ‘skin-to-skin’ and have him ejaculate his semen where it belonged – deep in my womb.

After rolling the latex barrier on to his rigid tool, I lay back ready to accept my young man. I was giving myself to Stephen as fully and completely as I could as Jim watched from a few feet away.

I beckoned Stephen to approach me. “Stephen, come fuck me. I want you inside me. I want you to stretch me open like you did yesterday afternoon.”

He climbed between my knees, spreading them as wide as he could, his thick, firm cock pointing upward towards my chest and face. I took hold of his shaft. I had to actually bend it downward slightly to position it at my vaginal opening. He was so hard, so erect that his cock wanted to point further up, towards the ceiling rather than towards my open and waiting pussy.

He slowly penetrated my opening. I could feel the latex sheave head pass my outer folds, stretching me opening as it did. I could not have accommodated a thicker erection in my tight pussy. He filled me completely, stretched me a bit, in fact. I could feel him forcing me open, stretching me wide with every inch of his slow penetration.

He rocked back and forth, gaining depth with each stroke. I felt my pussy open to accommodate him as he did. He was banging my cervix, deep inside me and rubbing on my g-spot.

I tried to wrap my legs around him, but he held my legs at the ankles in his strong hands, raising my legs up above my head, not letting me go. He was taking me his way now.

He then started to raise my ankles up, pulling them over his shoulders. This forced my ass off the bed, leaving my weight resting on my shoulders. My ankles were by his ears now. I was totally and completely vulnerable in this position. He was in complete control. He could do whatever he wished with me in this position. I was helpless, and I loved that feeling. I love being completely vulnerable to my man.

With my ankles around his neck, my ass in the air, I could feel the bulbous head of his cock rubbing hard against the front of my womb. He was pushing deeper than ever before into me, stretching my open more than I had ever been before.

Stephen began pounding my open pussy more vigorously now. He was pulling all the way out of me, leaving just the tip of his erection at my opening before pounding down with all his force deep into me with violent thrusts. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass with each powerful trust. The feeling of the mixture of pain and pleasure as he violently abused my vagina was indescribable. God this was sexy; he was sexy. I moaned loudly and passionately as he fucked me.

Quickly he sent me over the edge again as his punished and abused my vagina with a brutal, savage pounding. I was cumming and I could not stop. Each powerful thrust into me evoke a loud grunt and moan.

“Oh god, I am cumming again. Oh baby, fuck me hard!” My sounds then reverted to being incoherent moans of pleasure.

Each powerful slam into my pussy was only to be followed with his withdrawal and yet another subsequent impaling by his large thick cock.

His paced quickened and I knew he was getting ready to cum. “Oh baby, cum with me. Cum in me. Spill your seed in Cindy’s pussy. Your cock feels so good.”

Stephen made one last powerful thrust and then remained buried inside me, his balls were pushed against my up-turned ass as his penis throbbed violently inside me, pulsing, pumping his semen out. I really wished he could remove that damn rubber and fill me with his seed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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