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Jason and Amanda had been dating for almost 8 months. Their relationship was going as perfect as any relationship could. There was, however, one small problem. Amanda and Jason lived nearly 9 hours apart. They had met the year before at a volleyball tournament hosted by Amanda’s school. Amanda was a cheerleader, and Jason was playing volleyball against the team from Amanda’s school.

Amanda first noticed Jason when he dove for the volleyball. She heard the sound of his skin rubbing against the hard tiled floor and looked his way. His muscular body with his dirty blonde hair just laid on the floor as he realized that the ball he had hit, had fallen to the floor just alongside of him. Jason shook his head and glanced at the cheerleaders, catching Amanda’s eye. He didn’t hold contact but Amanda could feel her body giving herself away. Looking around to see if anyone had noticed her flushed cheeks, she squeezed her legs together to try and calm the growing heat between her legs.

While he was playing, Amanda couldn’t help but keep her eyes glued to Jason’s body. The sports uniform he was wearing didn’t do justice to his physique, and Amanda imagined herself undressing him there on the gymnasium floor. She shook her head and looked away. She didn’t understand why he was making her feel this way. She had never had sex before, but she knew that she was going to have to relieve herself of this overwhelming sexual tension as soon as she found time between games.

Jason’s team had won that match and was sitting off while two other teams were playing, so he ran to the fountain to get a drink. While running by the girls’ locker room he noticed Amanda push the door open and walk inside, her short cheerleading skirt inch its way up her leg making Jason want to see more.

Jason didn’t know what was happening to him either. He had just caught a glimpse of this girl walking into the locker room and yet his body was reacting as if he had seen her naked, goose bumps invading every inch of his body.

Jason walked around the corner and waited for this mystery girl to return. About 10 minutes later, the door reopens and out walks Amanda. Jason’s heart skipped a beat as his eyes fell upon her flushed face. Amanda nervously looked around the corridor wondering if anyone had any idea of what she had been doing while in the locker room.

Amanda walked around the corner and bumped into Jason. Looking up and catching his eyes, a lump growing in her throat, she gulped and said, “I’m sorry.”

Jason smiled and looked into her deep blue eyes, “it’s okay sweetie, I was just standing here in the way. My name is Jason.”

Amanda returned the smile and giggled, “my name is Amanda. I saw you playing. You can play really well. I mean your team.” She was nervous and didn’t know what to say to this guy who she had just thought about while in the locker room fingering her wet pussy.

Jason laughed. “Yea, we’re not too bad. Speaking of games though, I have to return. We play next. Talk to you later?!”

Amanda waved to Jason as he ran down the corridor and back out into the gymnasium. What was she supposed to do with herself?!

Jason asked Amanda out later that day and though they lived so far apart from each other, both knew that there was something between them that had to be kept alive. That was eight months ago. Since then both have graduated, Amanda began working at a local convenience store and Jason at his uncle’s garage. No longer did they have the time to get together on weekends and holidays and it seemed that their relationship was slowly dying.

“Amanda baby, I miss you, but there is nothing I can do.”

“I know Jason. I just want to cuddle. I miss spending time with you.”

That was how their nightly phone conversations began and ended nearly every night.

Neither of their parents believed that Jason and Amanda should be seeing each other. They still had a while to go before either should be in a serious committed relationship they believed. Both sets of parents did trust their children however and knew that they were not sexually active, and were very proud of them. How many teenagers were still virgins at 19?!

Both Jason and Amanda didn’t know what was coming over them. Secretly they would look at each others pictures and undress each other in their mind while masturbating. Jason’s hand would be wrapped around his hard 7 1/2″ cock, pumping like mad while imagining it was her hand. Amanda’s fingers would pump into her wet pussy and flick her clit, imagining it to be him. How many restless nights would go by like this?!

Finally both Amanda and Jason had a weekend off where they could spend time together. Jason climbed in his old car and drove the nine hours to Amanda’s house. Amanda had cleaned up the guest room and even went to the store to buy some of Jason’s favorite food since he was staying the weekend.

Jason arrived Friday night at 6:15, and Amanda rushed out to meet him. Amanda had to stand on her toes escort izmir to wrap her arms around his neck. Standing at 5’11 Jason had to reach down to meet Amanda at her height of 5’6. He leaned in and gently kissed her on the lips and then took her in his arms and twirled her around.

Both knew that the weekend wasn’t going to be very exciting. Because of working all week both were extremely tired and knew that nights were going to end early and mornings they would sleep late. But the moments that they would spend together would be precious, even if Amanda’s parents had to be there most of the time.

Amanda and Jason drove to the local movie store and rented Jacksons Fall. This wasn’t a movie that either would enjoy, but they had to rent one which Amanda’s parents would also watch, and the couple didn’t care a lot since they could cuddle on the couch.

The night ended at 10:30 when Amanda yawned and told Jason that she had to go to bed. Jason understood since he was also tired and both got up to walk to their rooms. They came to the guest room first and Amanda gave Jason a kiss on the lips and then headed down the hall to her room. She heard the floor squeak behind her and looked around to see her parents also going to bed. It was obvious that Jason and Amanda would not be seeing each other after they headed to their separate rooms since, between the guest room and Amanda’s room, was Amanda’s parents room. Amanda knew that her parents would be sleeping lightly with Jason in the house, and would probably even sleep with their door open.

Amanda lay on her bed staring at the ceiling wondering about what Jason was up to at this moment. Was he asleep? Or was he lying awake, as she was? She thought about how his lips had grazed her before they headed to their separate rooms and her body tingled with excitement. She reached over and turned off her side lamp then traced her fingers along her stomach. She didn’t understand why her body behaved this way at just a kiss. Amanda circled her nipple and gently pinched it while letting out a sigh. Her right hand trailed down her stomach and beneath her pajama pants finally residing next to her pussy which she knew needed some attention. She closed her eyes and brought herself to an orgasm before falling asleep with her hand still inside her pajama’s.

Jason thought of what Amanda was doing. He didn’t know her to be the sexual type and thought of her lying asleep in her bed. Even the thought of her body drew his cock to attention. The thought of her rounded curves, flat belly, and 32B breast made his cock drip precum. He pulled the covers back and pulled his boxers down enough to release his straining cock. Letting out a sigh of relief, he pumped his cock until streams of hot cum spurted out onto his belly, and then he fell asleep.

Amanda woke up the next morning at 11:30 and walked down the hall and into the kitchen. There was a note on the table from her mother. When reading it, she noticed that her father was out in the garage doing some work on his motorcycle and she had ran to the grocery store to pick up some things that she needed. Then the thought crossed her mind: she and Jason were in the house . . . alone. Her heart began to race and thoughts trailed to what she should do.

She laid the note on the table and walked cautiously down the hall to the guestroom. If she went in there and was found by her parents, she would definitely get in trouble. Her father was only outside the house and her mother was no more than 10 minutes away. But she didn’t care. It wasn’t as if they were going to do anything, she just wanted to wake him up.

She laid her hand on the doorknob and turned it. Slowly she pushed the door open as not to wake him up. She reached her head in around the door and saw him, still sleeping, in the bed. She looked at him asleep, his dirty blonde hair so messed up, and his right arm laid behind his head. He looked so peaceful; Amanda didn’t know if she should wake him up or not.

She pushed the door the rest of the way open and stepped inside. While she walked across the room, Jason woke up, and was startled. He sat straight up in bed and looked into her gorgeous blue eyes before sighing in relief that it was only her. She smiled and looked back at him, blushing since she was embarrassed that she had startled him. She looked at his naked chest and trailed her eyes down across his stomach where they were held by something there.

“Jason baby, what’s on your stomach,” she said as she stepped towards him and reached out her hand.

Jason flushed as he remembered what he was doing the night before. However, he didn’t have time to hide himself before she had reached him and placed her hand on his stomach. He could feel himself harden at her touch and drew his breath in deeply, squirming to hide his growing erection.

Amanda suddenly realized what it was and grew even redder, pulling her arm back. “I’m sorry baby.”

“Um. . .,” was all Jason could manage to escort izmir squeak as he looked into Amanda’s eyes once again.

“Do you always do that?” Amanda asked.

Jason’s mind wandered in space. Should he tell her? Would it gross her out? “Baby, I love you. And you excite me. Last night I came to bed and I couldn’t stop thinking about you. If I didn’t relieve myself I knew I would explode, but after I did, I guess I just fell asleep.” His eyes fell to the side and he glanced out the window at the blue sky. “I’m sorry.”

“Jason, it’s nothing to be sorry about. I understand, I do it too, but you should be glad that it was I who found you and not mom or dad.”

Jason’s eyes bolted to her face as he heard those words. . . I do it too. His cock twitched and he realized that he was going to have to once again relief himself of the sexual frustration he was feeling. He squirmed and smiled at her.

Amanda sat on the bed and looked at him. She reached for his hand and he traced his fingers along hers. As she stood up she looked at him and said, “mom and dad are outside. If you want I’ll cook you breakfast. I’ll be in the kitchen.” With that, she left the room.

Jason let out a sigh of relief and pushed the blankets back from his body. His stiff cock was making a tent in his boxers and just the thought of Amanda being so close to him as his cock was so hard made him moan.

Amanda turned around in the corridor. What did Jason want for breakfast? Bacon and eggs? Toast? Waffles? She sighed as she knew that she should’ve asked him before hand. She noticed that he hadn’t shut his door yet, so he wasn’t getting dressed and she stepped inside. Before she got a chance to say anything, she stopped dead in her tracks as she saw his cock standing at attention. Jason’s eyes were closed and his head was tilted back. She knew what he was thinking when he said her name and reached for his cock. Placing his hand on his shaft, he moaned and started to pump.

Amanda was getting wet between the legs. She had never seen a man’s cock before and seeing Jason masturbating was enough to almost send her over the edge. She crept back out the door and went to cooking breakfast. She didn’t care what he wanted anymore, but she had to get her mind off of what she had seen him doing. As she stood in front of the stove cooking bacon, Amanda felt Jason’s hand gently brush her sides and reach around to her stomach where they locked together as he kissed her neck. “Good morning beautiful.”

Amanda didn’t know what to do. How should she respond? She had just seen Jason masturbating, and saying her name. She was as horny as hell, and she didn’t know how to control herself. Her whole body tensed and she felt her wetness slowly begin to trickle down her inner thigh. Jason felt the tenseness and let her go. He knew that she wasn’t used to him being this forward since they weren’t allowed by either of their parents, and neither was experienced. But after cumming again this morning, the love he felt for her went beyond anything he had ever felt before. No girl had made him feel this way.

Amanda finished getting breakfast and they both ate in silence. The rest of the afternoon Amanda spent helping her mother with errands, and Jason spent helping Amanda’s father with his motorcycle. No matter what Amanda did however, she could not stop thinking about Jason pumping his cock and moaning her name, which kept her pussy soaking wet, all day.

Saturday night came and Jason and Amanda once again drove to the movie store. They returned the movie they had watched the night before and rented The Unlikely Spy. Once again it was not a movie either would enjoy, but they rented it so that it would please Amanda’s parents.

Saturday night ended a littler later since the movie wasn’t over until almost 11:30. Amanda stood to her feet, said goodnight to her parents and looked at Jason. Jason stood up said goodnight and both headed to their individual rooms. Amanda stopped in front of Jason’s door and looked in, her mind bringing her back to that morning when she had seen Jason’s cock in his hand. She shook her head and looked into his eyes. “Good night baby,” she said as she stepped up to kiss him. He reached down and kissed her lips, gently nibbling on the lower one. Neither had felt such passion before. Jason’s heart once again began to race as he pressed his tongue past his own lips to touch hers. Of course Amanda was not a child. She had heard of French kissing and even tried it with a previous boyfriend, but this was different. Her heart also skipping a beat and she opened her mouth slightly to invite his tongue. This kiss was different and she felt the heat once again rise between her legs and Jason felt his cock slowly begin to rise.

Before either got a chance to do or even say anything, they heard a cough. Amanda looked down the corridor and saw her parents. She blushed and looked into Jason’s eyes before whispering, “sorry baby. Have fun tonight. I will.”

She turned to walk to her room while Jason walked into his and shut the door. “Good night mom. Good night dad.”

Jason’s heart was still beating. As he laid on his bed his mind kept thinking about those last words. “have fun…I will.” His cock was throbbing. As he pulled down his boxers once again to let out his straining cock he looked down to see a purple head with a drop of precum on the top. As he touched the underside of the helmet he moaned. Jason could imagine Amanda’s hand wrapped around his cock, or better yet, her mouth, and he became frustrated. Jason wanted Amanda badly. He wanted not only to be pleased by her, but to please her. She was in her room at the moment fingering her hot, wet pussy and there was nothing he could do to help. The thought, though frustrating, made him ever more excited and as his hands brushed against his balls he could feel the cum bubbling inside getting ready to shoot. He pumped a few more times and gently squeezed his balls with his left hand, hot streams of cum once again littering his stomach. He remembered the morning when Amanda had seen it dried to him and so he reached over and wiped it off with a Kleenex from the side table, and then rolled over to fall asleep.

Amanda thoughts were on Jason. She could still remember this morning when she heard him moan her name. It still made her pussy very wet and she didn’t know what to do. She climbed into bed and reached both hands up under her pajama top. Reaching her tits she cupped them and rubbed them, pinching her nipples. She moaned and let her right hand trail down her stomach to her pussy. Her fingers brushed against the blonde pussy hair and along her clit. When she flicked it she body arched and she drew in a deep breath. How she longed for Jason to be doing this: His fingers flicking her clit, diving deep into her hole. While her thoughts remained on Jason, her whole body shuddered and her back arched as she brought herself to an orgasm. Then she too, fell asleep.

Amanda awoke Sunday morning to a knock on her bedroom door. As her eyes open and adjusted to the sunlight poking in her bedroom window her mind wandered. Was it Jason at the door? Oh how she wished it were. At just the thought a shiver went through her body and goosebumps formed. She swallowed. “HELLO?”

“Amanda honey,” her father spoke through the door, making Amanda sigh in relief and frustration that it wasn’t Jason, “your mother and I are heading to church. Would you and Jason like to go with us?”

“No dad, I’m too tired. This is the last morning I get to sleep in again for god knows how long. I’m just going to sleep some more.”

“Okay sweetie. We’ll be home around one.”

With that, Amanda heard the floorboards squeak beneath her fathers footsteps. The sound of her parents talking, the front door shutting, and finally the car start up and pull out of the driveway, followed.

Amanda turned and glanced at the clock. It was 10:15. Almost three hours before her parents would be returning. Just the thought made Amanda instantly wet. Her fingers trailed down her stomach once again and cupped her pussy, outside her pajamas. She could feel the heat rising and she sighed. What should she do? It would be wrong for her to go against her parents wishes. Even against hers, since she did promise herself no sex until marriage. But she was so frustrated. Amanda was sure it was Jason who she was going to marry. And even if it wasn’t, her pussy needed undivided attention, which she knew that Jason could give her.

She stood to her feet and walked out into the hall, past her parents’ room and stopped in front of the guestroom. She heard Jason breathing heavily and knew that he was still asleep. She opened the door quietly once again and stepped into the room. Walking across the room she moved slowly so as not to wake him. When she reached the bed, he still hadn’t woke so she climbed on the bed with him and put her arm over his side. She gazed at his face. It was perfect. The one scar over his eyebrow, from hitting a volleyball pole at a game was evident, but it only made him who he was. Amanda couldn’t imagine him without that scar. She traced his lips with her eyes and down his body. The blankets only covered up to his waist and she knew that if he would wake up, he’d be hers.

Amanda closed her eyes and let out a sigh. The heat between her legs was still growing and she could feel body trembling for attention. Amanda felt warm breath against her forehead. She opened her eyes and glanced up. Jason was awake and looking her in the eyes. “Good morning sweetheart,” he said and kissed her on the forehead, “what are you doing in here?”

“Mom and dad are gone to church,” Amanda said nervously.


Both just laid there. Neither moved for what seemed like eternity. Amanda looked into his gorgeous green eyes. Jason returned the stare and it felt like he could see into her very being. He knew what she wanted, and he also assumed that she knew what he wanted. But if she didn’t want to make the first move…

Jason traced his fingers along her jaw line and Amanda tilted her head. “Jason… kiss me!” Amanda said anxiously.

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