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This is the latest instalment of the Ellie series and, if you are interested in back story and following the narrative I recommend reading the earlier Chapters first.

I am very new to writing on Literotica, so please consider leaving some feedback or comments when rating as this is hugely informative about how I can improve and make my writing better…

In my stories, I try to provide a realistic yet fantasy narrative which mixes a range of themes but that does occasionally involve non-consensual situations, watersports, humiliation and sexual rivalry. If these things are not your scene, please stop here and go enjoy a different story. It not my intention to offend anyone and I want my stories enjoyed by people of all sorts of backgrounds and genders. If you are hard or wet, enjoy yourself…

With that out of the way, please enjoy the next chapter…


Ellie and I ended up talking for an hour post-coitally. Our hands gently caressed each other at times and, at one point, Ellie softly ran her little finger along the shaft of my semi-hard cock. Teasing more, she then backed off when it throbbed and swelled appreciatively.

As well as finding her incredibly sexually appealing, I was attracted at how effortlessly she flitted between flirtatious and sexy to slightly shier and vulnerable before switching once more to sarcastic and silly, making me laugh with her terrible attempt at accents.

“So,” she said in, what she assured me was a Hercule Poirot Belgian accent, but to me sounded more Australian, “in the case of the missing shirt I have considered many bits of intriguing evidence…”

She stroked her chin several times, as a detective might stroke a beard contemplatorily. She then continued to look wistful while slowly dropping her hand and instead stroking her right breast, all of which made me laugh and the ludicrous act she was performing.

“You’re a dick, Ellie”

“Silence! This is clearly a dick!” She continued in her ridiculous voice while giving my cock two brief strokes with her thumb and forefinger.

“Now, where vas I? Ah yes, ze missing shirt! I have surmised, using my legendary powers of deduction that one of two possible things has happened.”

She paused for dramatic effect before continuing. “One. The subject was so intent on getting his grubby paws on a sexy piece of ass that he clean forgot to vere a shirt in the first place. To this end, I prezent exzibit one, a lustfilled dickhead” she gesticulates my way, as if presenting the prizes on a game show.”

“Come on then Sherlock, what’s option 2?” I chuckled.

“Who is Zis Shar-lock of whom you iz speaking?” responded Ellie, the ridiculousness of her deteriorating accent only matched by the fact she was completely naked beside me. “Ah yes! Ze second solution to zis crime is quite remarkable, but I have put zee clues togezzer and am shirt-ain I have solved it.”

Ellie broke character to descend into giggles over her pun as I whacked her with a cushion from her bed.

“Bet you a blowjob you don’t get it right” I boasted.

“You are on!” Grinned Ellie, a little too quickly in hindsight, “If I am right you can go down on me until I’m finished with your tongue.”

As we jokingly shook on the terms of our bet and my cock began to stir in anticipation of Ellie wrapping her lips around the head of my cock as soon as she’d guessed incorrectly.

“All zee evidence suggests that…” she paused softly running her hands over her breast and lightly tweaking the firm nipple at the centre. “… ze shirt was left with Laura in ze Student Union bar!”

Ellie burst into laughter at my dumbfounded expression before sliding herself down in the bed and opening her legs wide, opening her wet pussy to me quite deliberately. “She texted me you muppet, and told me She’d snogged you. You know when she gets drunk she acts out that stupid fantasy about stealing boyfriends. Why do you think I phoned you masturbating? I needed to get you over here away from her before she got any more ideas!”

“Now I believe,” she said, placing her fingers between her legs and slowly caressing her clit as she spoke, “you have work to do.”

She gently but still firmly grabbed kaçak iddaa my hair and pulled me down between her thighs until I was met with the aroma of her sex and my tongue tasted her wet juices. She’d clearly been excited about this ever since I’d made that stupidly overconfident bet.

As I slowly licked her, my tongue lightly drawing the letters of the alphabet over her swollen clitoris, each one causing another ripple of pleasure and a sharp intake of breath from the insatiable Brunette beneath me, we were suddenly interrupted by a knock at Ellie’s door.

“Oh for fucks sake!” Breathed Ellie as she indicated that I should not stop, “Don’t… even… thinnnnkk… about removing that… t-t-tongue.”

A few moments later there was another knock at the door, more insistent than the first. As I paused momentarily and pulled away from Ellie, to an audible sound of frustration, She mouthed at me urgently “Get rid of them!” Before replacing my tongue on her clit with her own fingers and slowly continuing to masturbate.

As quickly as I could, I threw my boxers on and padded over to the door, opened it and was surprised to recognise the person on the other side. There stood Laura, looking gorgeous, still in her school girl outfit, her blonde flowing hair loose and shaken out, but with slightly glazed eyes that suggested she was a little worse for wear in the alcohol department.

Coyly, she looked at me, slowly and carefully licked her lips while watching my eyes to ensure I was watching her. “I’ve brought your shirt back, that game was no fun once you’d left. Not disturbing anything am I?”

Laura then surprised me by pushing past into Ellie’s room and making a deliberate point of rubbing her ass across my, still rock hard, cock which was currently tenting my boxer shorts.

As she made her way further into the dimly limit room, the only illumination coming from a film on Netflix that Ellie and started earlier but then turned the sound down while we talked. Laura spotted Ellie masturbating with her eyes closed unaware of her presence. “Awww, is Andy not fulfilling you sexually Ellie” announced Laura brashly, startling Ellie, her eyes immediately snapping open and adjusting to the gloom.

“Get out Laura! You drunken bitch…” firmly stated Ellie, “Can’t you see we are a bit busy here? Andy here just lost a bet and I want his tongue back between my legs.”

Whether it was the alcohol, the sexual lust or just bloody-mindedness Laura made no attempt to move from there she was, instead turning to me with a smile as I stood there, my eyes popping out of my skull at the scene from a porn film in front of me. “Why are you making bets with a slut like her, when you can have this?”

As she spoke Laura calmly slid her school skirt up to her waist revealing her shaven and wet Pussy, glistening with sexual anticipation. Slowly she locked eyes with me and, as if Ellie wasn’t even in the room she started to masturbate right in front of me.

Ellie, her calm demeanour uncharacteristically falling for a second sat up in bed, annoyed. “For fuck’s sake Laura, get out now, you are drunk! Or have you forgotten what I did to you last time you fucked with me in this room. Did you need another reminder?”

Without even batting an eye, Laura smoothly turned to face her rival and, temporarily removing her moist fingers from between her legs issued a challenge. “Seeing how you love a bet so much how about this one? Thirty minutes, Andy can’t get involved, whichever of us can bring themselves to Orgasm the most times wins… or are you not women enough?”

I was about to step in, ignoring the raging erection screaming for attention in my boxers, to try to calm the situation down, but before I could speak, Ellie fired back, typically unable to resist a wager. “Whatever you want you slut! I look forward to kicking your ass. How about winner gets the loser as their slave for the next 24 hours?”

“Fine with me!” Shot back a cocky Laura, making a play of taking her white shirt off to reveal her perfectly firm breasts straining at the their lace prison.

“I should warn you though, I am going to love cumming multiple times in front of Andy as he masturbates to my cunt” said Laura evily, as drunk on lust as she was kaçak bahis on alcohol and without her breaking eye contact with me. “My only rule is that Andy can masturbate as much as he wants in the next 30 minutes, but when I win, you are BOTH my slaves for 24 hours… agreed?”

“Babe!” Said Ellie, sexily looking at me in the eyes and immediately losing any of her sexual aggression from her interaction with Laura. “Enjoy every minute of the show, trust me when I win this, I will give you so much more to enjoy. You ok with this?”

I wasn’t really sure what to say or think, I managed to nod or agree somehow, all the time in a wave of sexual hunger, scarcely believing what I was witnessing in front of me.

With that Ellie grabbed her phone, set a timer for 30 minutes and with a final pause challenged Laura one last time, “You sure you want this Laura, last chance to back out before I make you my bitch.”

Laura just laughed and unfastened her skirt, letting it fall to the floor and stepping out of it. “I am going to love having you eat this sweet pussy Ellie, in front of your boyfriend as I play with his cock.”

Ellie indignantly pressed start and laid back on her bed and immediately began caressing her clit and exploring her pussy with her fingers. As before, her eyes rolled back into her head and I knew she would be imagining all the sexy things she was going to do with me later. As my eyes moved from Ellie’s masturbating body on the bed to Laura I became confused. Instead of frantically maturbating she was instead calmly and carefully removing the remainder of her clothes and shoes before sauntering over to me and, before I could stop her placing her lips on mine and passionately kissing me.

As I pulled away shocked she moved her lips to my ear and whispered. “Ellie should really think before accepting challenges, especially from girls pretending they are drunk. Enjoy this!” With that she slowly walked over to Ellie whose heavy breathing was indicating she was approaching her first orgasm already.

All of a sudden, Laura pounced, grabbing Ellie’s arms from their sexual activities and forcing them both above Ellie’s head on the pillow and quickly swinging her left leg over Ellie’s head. Laura smothered Ellie’s face in her wet pussy and clamped her thighs together ensuring that Ellie was well and truly trapped.

Startled, Ellie had no time to respond as she went from being close to orgasm one second, to being pinned beneath a very wet Laura, with an immediate sickening realisation. Not only had Laura not broken any terms of the bet, but to compound the problem, with her hands pinned there was no way she could touch herself and compete against Laura in the completion of her masturbation wager.

Laura looked down between her naked breasts and directly into Ellie’s eyes as she slowly began to finger herself and, almost imperceptibly, slide her vagina back and forth over Ellie’s face, her cute, small nose sending bolts of electricity through her as it rubbed against her swollen and sensitive clit.

“Ellie, Ellie, Ellie… now I never said I’d play fair did I? Now before I have some fun here in this contest, hold still… I’m just going to make myself comfortable and ensure I win.”

All I could do is sit on the beanbag and watch as this stunning, confident and brash queen sat on the face of my equally beautiful girlfriend and rode it slowly to her first orgasm, deliberately punctuating each new wave of sexual release by describing to Ellie what she was doing and how I was watching.

I knew I should have been loyal and resisted but I couldn’t help myself, my hand slowly found its way into my boxers and, almost against my will began rubbing myself back and forth as I watched the spectacle unfolding in front of me as Laura’s 1-0 lead looked like it would soon be quickly followed by a second orgasm.

Laura never stopped talking throughout the display, seemingly getting off as much from the verbal humiliation of her rival as the masturbation itself. She quickly noticed my hand stroking my cock as it begged for release and crowed with sexual power.

“That’s it Andy, play with yourself, you know it’s always been me you think about when you wank..: and when you… oh god! Mmmmmm… when you illegal bahis fuck Ellie. It’s… it’s me you are nnnngggg… you are thinking about isn’t it. Oh fuck yes, make yourself cum for me, that’s it, cum for meeee… cum… yes cum… OH FUCK… CUMMMMMMMMMM!!”

With that crescendo Laura launched into her second orgasm, the power of which had clearly been intensified by watching me masturbate in front of her and Ellie’s face was coated with a second set of juices as she lay there, her mouth defiantly closed and struggling to free her hands to no avail.

I, however, was in trouble. I could feel the tell-tale signs of my balls swelling and knew I would not be able to hold off long. As I tried every method I could think of to delay the inevitable Laura looked over to me, her composure returning after her powerful orgasm and, with her smile a blend of evil and pure sex she calmly spoke directly to me.

“Hey Andy, I bet you’ve never seen a girl who can do this before…” with that she bent two fingers up inside her vagina and began vigorously fingering herself, her fingers hooked towards herself and performing a ‘come here’ action inside her dripping wet pussy.

The sounds of her juicy pussy being pumped with her fingers punctuated the air as simultaneously both I and Ellie realised what she was trying to do. Ellie struggled all of a sudden with a desperate attempt to turn her head away but Laura just laughed and, as I got closer and closer to the point of no return, carefully and forcefully took her left hand and squeezed Ellie’s jaw until her mouth was forced open. Laura continued to hold her mouth in this way for several minutes as she fucked herself before suddenly, with a scream of ecstasy matched by my own scream of expletives, Laura orgasmed hard and to her delight and my astonishment, began to squirt into Ellie’s open mouth. Over and over more jets of clear liquid squirted between Ellie’s spluttering lips from the spasming pussy of the triumphant Laura as she yelled expletives at Ellie and continued to piston her fingers in and out, almost so fast they were a blur.

I, on the other hand, shot several jets of cum into my shorts and sat, absolutely spent, feeling all of a sudden both still very turned on yet acutely aware of Ellie’s predicament.

Coming down from her very wet orgasm, Laura placed her fingers, that seconds earlier had been pumping away at her vaginal lips, into Ellies reluctant mouth while she picked up the phone with her other hand and giggled.

“3-0 and only 4 minutes left! You aren’t coming back from that Ellie my little slave girl. But just in case you are feeling horny still, let me help you and Andy see who the better girl here is… “

With that she slid forwards, pulled her perfect ass cheeks apart and placed her asshole, onto Ellie’s lips, still wet with the squirted juices she had coated her face with a few seconds earlier. Settling herself back down she idly toyed with her clit while watching me who, to my slight shame, was again stroking my cock to the sight of Laura astride Ellie’s face. Then to my shock, Laura reached back behind herself and placed her fingers between Ellie’s legs and began to masturbate her.

Ellie realised immediately what was happening but with her arms pinned was powerless to stop Laura’s fingers delicately and precisely manipulating her already wet lips and playing with her swollen clit as she tried to keep her mouth closed with the asshole of her rival pressed against her nose.

With growing panic Ellie realised that, despite her current predicament and despite having the ass or her rival pressed against her, she had no way to fight the impending orgasm that was building and, as her breathing grew more laboured, she reached a point that she could not recover from and prepared for being forced to orgasm.

Laura continued to verbally taunt Ellie and describe how she was the better woman while she brought her closer and closer. With horror in her eyes, as she was sent into a crashing orgasm. As she came down from her orgamsic bliss, Ellie realised with frustration that Laura had just forced her to cum as she her face in her ass.

As the alarm went off signalling Laura’s victory and she climbed off Ellie’s face and beckoned me to join them both on the bed, I wondered what the next 24 hours would have in store for us both. I knew one thing though, there was no way Ellie would be letting this happen without getting her own back somehow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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