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Emi had just gotten back from a run and was grinding her sweaty ass into my face when the first party guest showed up.

Her name was Lauren. She looked a lot like Emi, short, big butt, and cute, but she was a dirty blonde in contrast with Emi’s light brown hair. Lauren was one of those feminists that likes to put men in their place, so right as Emi lifted her heavenly ass off of my face, Lauren slapped me and sat down bare assed on me. I barely had enough time to open my mouth before her stream of liquid shit started spewing into it.

Lauren didn’t slow down, in fact it seemed like she was forcing it out as quickly as possible. I was swallowing as quickly as I could, but she was producing the smelly shit faster than I could eat it. After a few minutes I started to see spots since I had been completely cut off from the air while she was using me, and I even thought for a brief moment that this may be my end. Imagine that, death by shit. Thankfully, however, she stood up at that very moment because the shit touched her ass cheek.

I finished drinking her diarrhea as quickly as I could and started to catch my breath as she slammed her ass back down on me, and demanded that I clean up the mess I made on her. It only took about bahis firmaları 20 seconds to lick all the shit from her ass and clean her up completely, but we probably spent another 20 minutes of me just rimming her to orgasm.

After Lauren was finished, I knew I was in for a long night. Apparently a lot of college girls are into dominating men. I guess they just want something more than the sex they can find with pretty much any guy here. Whatever the reason, a handful of women came in while Lauren had been shitting in my mouth.

The next girl, Becca, was really actually pretty ugly. Don’t get me wrong, I love chubby girls, they’re my favorite kind, but Becca did not pack the weight on the right ways at all. On top of that she just came off as nasty. Well, when Becca was using me, she shouted “yeah bitch, keep my shit in your mouth and don’t swallow. I wanna see your mouth filled with my shit!”

Becca had more shit than my mouth could hold, so she stood up and continued to pile the soft shit up on my face. While Becca was taunting me and the other girls were laughing, I glanced around and saw my ex-girlfriend standing there laughing at me and snapping pictures with her phone. I was scarlet from my embarrassment. Kate, kaçak iddaa my ex, was almost as beautiful as Emi. I had always admired her sexy confidence, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that she showed up to this party, but I was still mortified for her to see me like this.

The party dragged on, and each girl brought her own special twist to how she would use me. Some girls even found it in them to shit multiple times. The whole night I was just thinking about the fact that I was still serving my amazing goddess Emi when I consumed all of these girls’ waste. When Emi left, my spirits dropped, but the crowd’s excitement skyrocketed.

Emi didn’t think it was worth her time to stay here and supervise what was already going extremely well, so she went out to have some fun. I agreed, in my head, that Emi definitely deserved to have some fun. She’s so nice to let me worship her all the time. However, when Emi left, the girls at the party seemed to find enough courage to try anything they wanted to.

The first non-toilet activity was eating them out. I had always enjoyed eating women out, and this case was no different. My tongue had gotten really tired by the time they were finished using it though. A lot of them took every kaçak bahis opportunity to make me smell their farts throughout the night too. It was really fun at first, but as everyone’s beer started to take effect, they got more and more violent. Sometimes they would just yank my head by the hair into their ass and bbbbrrrrrrPPPPPP right on my nose, and slam my head down.

Slowly some girls trickled out, and some of the extremely drunk ones stayed and were grinding and humping me while others hit me. I was too weak from all of the repeated facesitting to do anything to defend myself, so they just had their way with me.

Becca was the last one to leave. She made me eat her out so many times and then even made out with me. She forced her tongue in my mouth and aggressively frenched me in what I can only assume was an attempt to make up for her lack of a love life. Becca finally left, and I was alone thinking about how obediently I had just served Emi.

Emi came home visibly drunk and smelling like sex. I was really upset that she had sex with another guy, but I realized that she did need a man to fulfill her other needs since I couldn’t. Emi forced me to suck the cum out of her and the continue sucking until she orgasmed. She fell asleep like that with her ass over my nose and fortunately with my mouth able to breathe a little bit of air. It must’ve been the alcohol, but she farted all night long. I was so lucky to be able to smell her farts all night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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