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Chapter 1: Entrée

I looked at her through the crack of the partially opened door, trembling with the usual anticipation. I was naked, collared, on my hands and knees and was holding the folded leash in my mouth. I always hand my Mistress the leash when she arrives. She stopped when she finished her ascent and stood where she was at the far end of my hallway. She was carrying a shopping bag in one hand and turned in my direction. She stood with her back to the neighbor’s door and facing me. She cocked her head and smiled when she spotted me peeking, waiting as I was. I wondered what she was up to until she snapped her fingers and pointed to the spot on the floor directly in front of her. I knew better than to hesitate, swung the door open and nosed my way out into the hall.

It was always something new with her, some new humiliation for me to deal with. Our entire relationship was promising to become a long voyage in humiliation and I wasn’t sure how far I could go. I wasn’t sure how far this Mistress could take me, but time would tell. I moved through the doorway cautiously wondering what I would do if my neighbor came through his door right then. Sure my Mistress was in front of the door and I’d have time to get up and run, but being completely naked added a daring dimension to the scenario. Ever since we’d met and agreed to play this game, I have been forbidden to stand or wear clothes in her presence. I crawled while my eyes darted about and my ears stayed tuned to every sound. I was amazed at how different everything looked from down here and how small I felt. I crawled across the dirty carpet and up to my Mistress. I bursa escort knew the routine and though nervous, acted as playful as I could.

There I was, in the hallway of an apartment building, completely naked, on my hands and knees. I was red with shame and shaking with a fear of being caught in a most humiliating position. Still, I jumped up on my back legs, put my hands up to my neck and strained my neck in order to hand my Mistress the leash. My hard-on bobbled in front of me and brushed against her denims, causing me to forget everything else and hump the material. My Mistress took the leash from my mouth and smiled at my indiscretion.

“Woof, woof, woof,” I barked out in a coded message that told my Mistress how happy I was to see her. She looked pleased with me and I was glad.

“Heel,” she finally said and I obeyed going to all fours. I crawled around to her left side and took my place, no longer thinking about my neighbors. My Mistress’ punishments had become quite severe and now I did my best to avoid them. My eyes dropped to her left foot and I waited for that first step. As I waited, I moved from knee to knee, adjusting and readjusting my posture. I knew she was waiting for my ass, head and nose to be high enough, for my poise to be perfect. In a pique I glanced back over my shoulder and prayed the neighbors weren’t looking through their peek holes. I continued adjusting my posture and praying we would soon reenter my apartment. I looked up to my Mistress and saw her looking about, looking proud and almost hoping someone would appear. She looked down at me and shortened her grip on the leash, bringing me in close. görükle escort She pulled on the leash, till I went up on my finger tips and my side bumped against her leg.

Training me to be an obedient puppy and humiliating me are my Mistresses main objectives and things were just beginning. I caught her first step and began crawling along beside her, while trying to remember everything I had to do, in order to crawl correctly. I suddenly became even more aware of my nakedness, my balls bobbling and my cock swinging under me as I moved. I wondered how I must look and what a neighbor would think if they saw me like this. My Mistress yanked the thought from my mind when she spotted it. With a yank on the leash, she reminded me that I was not to think about shame, but about obedience only. I left a long strand of pre-cum in my wake, a characteristic of mine that my Mistress has come to adore. I leak everywhere she takes me, in a long sticky strand that never seems to end. She tells me it has become a conversation topic among certain friends. Once inside my apartment and the door was closed I went into another happy to see you routine.

Although we’ve only known each other for less than two weeks, my Mistress has already learned to control me. She has learned how to manipulate me, to degrade me and has me performing the most disgusting acts. She has learned to control me through my organ and she controls it very well. With her left hand she brings me pleasure and keeps me on the brink of an ejaculation, keeps me panting. She keeps my balls swollen and my cock hard, drooling and humping the air. Since I’m allowed escort bayan to use her hand when ever it becomes available, which can be at the strangest times, I am always watching for it. I never know when it may drop from a chair rest and dangle within reach, but when it does, I jump up and race to it. Sometimes I need to test it, to warm it up by kissing and licking at it. Like a lover, I need to arouse it first, to suck on the digits and thumb, to turn it over and open the palm up. When I feel I’ve succeeded, I can hop up and place my boner into it, hoping the fingers will close around it and I can begin humping. Once I get it to hold me, I can usually hump to my hearts content and am forced to clean the hand only a couple times during a long siege. If Mistress is watching TV at the time, I could hump for an hour or more, as long as I do not ejaculate! At these times, I drool so profusely I’m forced to hump over a plate or towel.

It’s the right hand of my Mistress I fear. Her right hand brings my punishments, whether with palm, paddle or switch. Her punishments have become quite profound in the short while we’ve had together and she is getting better all the time. I have truly come to fear them and will do almost anything to avoid one. Not only does she get me crying in moments, she has found ingenious ways to hold me in place. Gagging me has become a necessity as well as tying my hands in front of me so I can’t reach back in defense. One of her favorite ways of spanking me is to gag me, tie my wrists together and then tie my balls to a cinder block I’m straddling. She can get me blubbering from around the ball-gag and yanking on my balls to escape her right hand. Then get me crying for an ejaculation while humping into her left and all at the same time! Today was to be different again. Today my Mistress was having a guest and I was making my entree into society.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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