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This story is purely fictitious and not suitable for anyone that is below the legal age in their country to view pornographic material. All characters involved in the story are either the age of eighteen or older, and belong to myself. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. Reader discretion is advised.

Author’s Note:

I’d like to give a special thanks to Fidget for allowing me to create a story based on their wonderful ‘F.E.T.I.S.H. Ray Tales’ universe. The concept behind the ‘Raygun’ being used in this particular tale was entirely created by them, so go show some love!

(Also, you can blame Alternative Perversion for the delay in this story’s release and its resulting future installments, but you better thank them while you’re at it, because I was totally ready to botch this chapter and end it all just to continue other works!)


This is it!

“Our fanfiction finale!”

Look, we’ve talked about this. It’s not fanfiction unless we use characters and settings from Fidget’s other stories.

“But, the raygun-!”

Has been temporarily reappropriated for our own settings and characters.

“… So, we stole it?”

Goddamn it, no! Fidget gave us, as well as anyone else who wants to write one of these stories, their express permission to use the concept! … Although I guess Edward did technically steal one sometime before the Prologue, but that’s just a part of the story’s goofy meta-narrative.

“Relax, you don’t have to be so defensive. We’re thieves. Let’s just own up to it.”

I refuse to acknowledge anything of the sort.

“Y’know, the first stage of denial is denial itself.”

No, that’s the first stage of grief.

“Pfft. Right. Like I’m going to trust the word of a no-good, dirty thief.”

I’m so done with you right now…

“I love you too. Now, let’s finish off this incestuos circus of sex and perversion!”


“Excuse me?! Who do you think you’re-?!”

We’re doing two more after this one, and we’ll be throwing a new device into the mix.

“Oh… Alrighty, then.”

Yeah. Three more, and then we’re done. Hell, just consider this the beginning of a second arc, or something, foks.

“Personally, I don’t fuckin’ care, but some of the readers are going to be confused and/or annoyed.”


“Hah, well said.”


F.E.T.I.S.H. Ray Tales: Lockdown


Chapter 4:

“A Different Perspective”


The old-timey, red telephone sitting alone on a small stand began to ring, echoing throughout the dark laboratory. It’d been quite some time since it’d last gone off, but there was usually only one thing that anyone on the other end of the line wanted. And that, our dear readers, is the business of the greatest scientist that’s ever lived.

And Zoey, his lovely gothic intern, swiftly snatched up the receiver after the first ring.

“Thank you for calling Edward’s Laboratory, where your fetish is our science project! May I ask who’s calling?”

“Uh, yeah.” The man said, sounding hesitant and uncomfortable, just as most of Edward’s customers did when calling the hotline. “I got this number from a friend of mine in Imperial City, he said that you’d be able to help me out with something.”

“That all depends on what you’re looking for, but Imperial is the main base for most of our clientele, so you’ve most likely come to the right place, sir!” Zoey beamed, trying to be casually loud enough to wake Edward, who was laying face down on the table and snoring at the same volume she spoke. “What can we do for you?”

“Well, I’m trying to get my wife and daughter appointments to have some cosmetic work done, but the entire state is on lockdown, so most of the local plastic surgeons either relocated elsewhere or are out of business.”

“Let me guess, you’d just go out of state to get it done, but you can’t leave, either?”

“I can, but only if it’s just me and the reason is related to work. But yeah, that’s pretty much the situation I’m looking at right now. And my guy told me that this ‘Edward’ guy sells the kind of crazy stuff you see advertised in the Big City.”

“That’s right! Where marketers can’t go because of a nation’s laws and restrictions on certain pornagraphic technologies, we take the initiative and bring the wonders of the future straight to your front door at moderately reasonable prices. You said your wife and daughter needed to get work done, what kind of enhancements are we talking about?”

“Where do I start?” The man laughed. “I’m trying to get them the best set of knockers that money can buy, some high-quality butt implants to match, and some long-lasting collagen injections for their lips.”

Zoey frantically scribbled those options down on a notepad as the phone was being held up to her ear by her bahis siteleri shoulder.

“Anything else?”

“No, I, uh… Wait, what do you mean? What else can you make it do?”

“Well, right now you’re sitting at about one-hundred-thousand dollars for a remote controlled slave-collar that can turn women into busty bimbos, but only physically.” She said, watching Edward flinch awake at the mention of money, his eyes snapping open just before slowly sitting up from the cluttered metal table that his upper body had been laying on. “If you don’t mind doubling the price, we can make that device have their personalities be overwritten to match their new bodies.”

“Oh, no thanks.” He chuckled. “I’ve already got something for that, but I appreciate the offer.”

Zoey furrowed her brow, but ultimately didn’t think much of his statement. Her job was uncomfortable enough considering she sold people customized pervert technologies that allowed them to reshape the world around them into an adolescent fantasy, so dwelling on things that creeps like the man on the phone was saying would only serve to cause her to worry about things beyond her control. It was best to just take the order, collect payment, and move on to the next caller, whenever that may be.

“You’re welcome!” She said, putting on her best cheery, soulless, customer-service voice for him. “If that’ll be all, then-“

“Sorry, hang on one sec… What’s up?” The man said, sounding as if he pulled away to talk to another person about what he was doing for a brief time. “Actually, my son wants to know if you can add something that’ll make them, uh… stretchier?”

Zoey stood there in silence with wide eyes, witnessing Edward aimlessly throw together and weld bits and pieces of electronic scrap and circuit boards together as she suddenly began to hear the sounds of high-pitched complaints and grunts coming from the other side of the line.

“Ow! C’mon, not so f-fuckin’ hard! Oh shit!”

“Go easier on your sister, Jerry.” He chuckled. “She’s not as broken-in as your mother.”

“I-I think I understand.” Zoey stammered, wanting nothing more than to slam the phone down on the base at that point. “That’ll be an extra twenty-thousand, but it is doable.”

“Y’know what? If I’m spending this kind of change, I might as well go all out. Got anything else in mind, Jer’?”

Edward’s hands stopped working for a moment, looking up from across the lab towards Zoey with an impatient expression on his bearded face.

“That could come in handy with half of the neighbors, sure… Uh huh… Hahah, why? … Fine, fine… Damn, that idea does sound pretty hot.”

Zoey returned the look Edward was giving her, then shrugged as she tapped her foot as the man and his son talked things over.

“Okay, so throw in an option that can change people’s gender, something that’ll let us cum as much as we want without tiring out, go ahead and add a feature to make our dicks bigger if we want, and have it so that it can change someone’s weight and height.”

“Mhm, mhm.” Zoey said, tapping her pen against the notepad when she finished scribbling his requests. “That brings your total to half a million dollars.”

“Done!” The man happily said. “So, what, do you need my credit card info?”

Zoey nervously spent the next couple of minutes writing down the man’s payment and personal information down on the notepad in her hand, and was overjoyed to hang up on the man.

Seriously, that was one really fucked up family, she thought to herself with a shiver.

“Done.” Edward said in the very dim lighting of the laboratory, holding up what looked like a plain, black, television remote control in one hand and an elastic, rubber collar in the other. “Gimme your notes.”

“Wow.” Zoey stepped across and over the many bits of scrap and empty beer bottles littering the path towards him, then traded the notepad for the remote and collar for a curious inspection. “I don’t know if I’m more impressed by how fast you put this together, or by how good your hearing is.”

“What do you mean?” Edward asked, turning to switch on his dinosaur of a desktop computer, illuminating the bald man’s tired, grim face as he put a half-finished, black-paper cigarette between his lips. A thin, metal tube automatically extended from his labcoat’s collar once it was stationary, then produced a spark and a small blue flame on its own, innighting the pricey tobacco stick as he inhaled.

“I could barely hear the guy through that cheap phone, but you were scribbling what he wanted that thing programmed with as fast as he spoke.” The remote in her hands was littered with all sorts of deviant settings, Zoey saw, and the collar looked like it was made purely out of cheap rubber with no circuitry attached. “Honestly, you’re only sucking your own dick on that one.” He grunted, storing the man’s credit card information in a simple “.txt” file for later use. “I couldn’t canlı bahis siteleri hear a word of what either of you were saying, but I did hear what all you were writing down, despite the speed.”

“… Wait, what?”

“Don’t worry about it.” Edward said, turning in his stool and rolling on over to a strange, blocky machine. Once in front of it, the dirty, metal machine hummed to life and spit out a small black cloud of smoke from the exhaust vents on top of it. He held up the notepad to his face and punched in the address that had been given into a calculator that was both crudely wired into and taped onto the strange contraption. “I just hope Trixie finds that stupid raygun in case this ‘Victor Jordenson’ guy gave us a fake card number.”

“Yeah… She can usually recover one of your rogue gadgets in twenty-four-hours, but it’s been nearly three days since you hired her for the job. Do you know if she’s getting close, or if she’s even okay?”

“I talked to her this morning over the phone, she said something about sand in her asscrack, started screaming at Omicron about being a slut for some reason, aaand then her phone cut out, I think.” He said, and then a square vent opened up in the center of the strange machine’s front-side after he finished entering the address, followed by an inward, pulling force that resembled someone opening a window in a spaceship. “I’m sure Trixie’s fine, and I damn sure know that she’ll do anything for a bag of cash!” Edward shouted as he snatched the items from Zoey and slipped them in through the opening, then pressed a button on the side of the machine, and the vent closed shut, allowing him to be easily heard once again. “Either way, and ultimately, I don’t know, and I don’t care. She’s tougher than she acts, and that’s saying something… Dangerous little bitch.”

Zoey, her long black hair and spotless white labcoat a disheveled mess from the miniature wind-tunnel that’d opened in the lab so suddenly, just stood there wordless as she wanted to ask her boss what the hell that machine is and where the remote control disappeared to, but was also afraid to know because of his fondness for giving explanations that could send her spiralling into an existential crisis.



“Ohh, fuck!” Jerry grunted, burying his nine-inch cock deep within Connie’s red, swollen pussy as he pushed her face down into the carpet. “That’s it, take it, you fuckin’ slut.”

Bent over with her ass sticking up, Connie’s entire body trembled as Jerry pumped his first load of the day into her sore cunt. It felt great, as usual, but constantly having her pussy, ass, and mouth pounded for the past few days from her brother and father was certainly taking its toll. Once his thick cock stopped twitching and filling her hole to the brim, the dull, painful ache she’d recently come to know returned, quickly killing the bliss that her string of mini-orgasms brought her.

Jerry slowly pulled out with shiver and a satisfied sigh, disappointed that he was still only able to fit three-fourths of his still-hard prick into her after all of the abuse he and Victor had enacted upon it. The two naked siblings rested there on the floor for a bit after that, both of them completely naked with Jerry simply sitting on his ass while the side of Connie’s face was on the floor and her perky, cum-drooling ass was still high in the air. Using the last of her remaining strength, she placed her hands on the carpet and lifted herself up onto all-fours, then slowly rose to her feet before pulling up the pair of jeans short-shorts around her ankles and putting her arms back through the sleeves of the pink tank-top that’d been pulled down around her midsection.

“My turn.” Victor said, sitting on the couch and only wearing a light-grey robe as he casually stroked every inch of his mighty, foot-long cock. “Get over here and make that mouth of yours useful, princess.”

Connie licked her lips at the sight, almost instinctively following her father’s instructions as she imagined his oversized dick sliding into her mouth and pushing against the back of her throat, filling it all to its limits. She took a step in his direction but stopped instantly, gently moving her jaw around and wincing at how sore it was. Fuck, she thought to herself, if that fuckin’ thing he and Jerry ordered worked as well as the stupid raygun they were poorly keeping secret from her did, then maybe she’d be more inclined to continue after having it used on her.

“Sorry, dad.” Connie said, rubbing the backs of her jawbone with both hands with a sincere frown. “Maybe later, I’m still pretty fuckin’ sore from last night.”

“Oh.” Victor said, returning her frown with a guilty one of his own as he recalled getting a bit carried away after zapping his daughter with the Raygun and thoroughly exploring the “facefuck” fetish before going to bed last night. The spirit seemed willing, but the flesh was definitely canlı bahis strained, he thought to himself. “I understand, sweetie. You should go and put an ice pack on if you think it’ll help.”

“Might as well give it a fuckin’ shot.” Connie groaned, then limped off to the kitchen, leaving Jerry and Victor alone in the living room. The two looked at one another and shrugged.

“So, do you think that Edward guy is legit?” Jerry asked, standing up and walking on over to the opposite end of the couch from where his father was sitting. “Half a million bucks is a lot to risk on something that could be a total rip off.”

“Jerimiah Richmond is downright the sketchiest man that I’ve ever had the pleasure of selling furniture to, and that’s saying something if you take into account all of the scumbag salesmen I’ve worked with throughout the years, but the man isn’t a liar.” Victor said, his hand not missing a beat as he continued to jack himself off when Jerry plopped down on the couch and began doing the same. “If he vouches for someone and their services, you don’t want to ask questions, and you can damn-well expect a quality product.”

“If you say so.” Jerry said, not all that worried about their family’s generous amount of funds running out now that he managed to set up accounts on several different websites that allowed or hosted pornography on them. He’d only submitted the video he took of Victor and Connie fucking for the first time, one of his mother giving him one hell of a titty-fuck, and several well-angled snapshots of his family posing in sexy positions. Of course, he had to label everything with the “step” prefix, considering incest wasn’t exactly a legal act in their country. That alone probably killed the appeal for some folks, but they’ve gotten quite a bit of views and positive reviews in just the twenty-four hours that the accounts have been active.

“I just regret not asking that girl on the phone when it’s going to be here.” Victor said, using his free hand to pick up his cell and go to his recent calls. “I suppose I can call them back and-“

Before Victor could finish, he was cut off when a small, rectangular hole opened up in the ceiling above the center of their long, five-seater sofa. Out of the endless abyss, two items fell from the multi-dimensional rift and gently plopped down on the couch, leaving both father and son speechless and mildly terrified. The hole closed half a second later, and the two looked down at the plain, grey, television remote control and rubber collar that lay between them.

“-find out…” Victor mumbled, then swallowed hard. “Wow.”

“That was awesome.” Jerry said with a chuckle, slowly leaning over and taking the cheap-looking device in his hand with wide eyes, still masturbating with the other. “Something tells me that this thing might actually work.”

“Does it have everything I asked for?” Victor asked, his tone switching from amazed to dead-serious in a flash as he grabbed the collar and briefly inspected it. “This thing wasn’t cheap.”

“Pretty sure, yeah. I’m not seeing anything that we didn’t ask for, anyway.” He said, smiling from ear to ear.

The face of the remote control didn’t have as many buttons as a standard television’s would, but it did have an option for everything requested. Starting from the bottom and going up were seven sets of two buttons that had up-and-down arrows on each respectively that were labeled: “Height”, “Weight”, “Cock”, “Balls”, “Lips”, “Butt”, and “Boobs”. Moving up towards the upper-end, there were only four small push-buttons labeled in the same fashion: “Sex Change”, “Genital Swap”, “Elastic Orifices”, and “Bottomless Balls”.

In all honesty, the F.E.T.I.S.H. Raygun that was tucked into the couch-seat beside his father had a much cooler appearance, but the remote control in his loose grip made him feel just as powerful and unbound by the world’s restrictions as his other reality-defying toy did if it actually worked as advertised, Jerry thought to himself as his sensitive cock was already back at full-mast.

“I don’t remember you mentioning anything about swapping genitals though, but that might just be them overthinking what we asked for.” Jerry said with a nervous laugh, tossing his dad the remote. “Could be fun, I guess.”

“Whatever you say.” Victor mumbled, catching it mid-air and then furrowing his brow as he checked it out, wondering who in God’s name would want to see a man with a vaj or a woman with a dick. “I think they might have put it on here just to charge me another fifty-thousand.”

“Hm, maybe.”

“Hey, boys.” Samantha said, her sultry voice dripping with lust as she stepped out of the hallway and into the living room. Her long, blonde hair was done up in a ponytail, she was wearing a plain, white T-shirt that was tucked into a pair of stone-washed jeans, and she stood taller than usual thanks to the sleek, black heels on her small feet. The amount of makeup on her face was a bit excessive but well done, as if she were a casually-dressed, ruby-lipped prostitute going out to score some cock. “Do either of you sexy studs want anything from the grocery store before I leave?”

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