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She sat down on the couch wearing nothing except her lipstick and placed her phone on the table facing her. She leaned back to settle into the couch and made sure that the camera caught her at the right angle. Looking at the screen, she could see from just below her knees to just over her head.

Although she used to be shy, she had become more and more confident and didn’t mind showing off her body when the time was right. She took a minute to watch herself in the small window on her screen running her fingers over her stark white skin across her tummy, up her sides and around her neck. As if this whole experience wasn’t already exciting, her own touch increased her anticipation.

She let her hands drift down toward her breasts and began gently cupping and lifting them slightly as if to show them off to the phone in front of her. The feeling of her hands on her breasts made her dark nipples tighten and beg for attention. She responded by pinching them between her fingers and thumbs. The intense sensations that quickly developed caused her to close her eyes and let her head fall back as she continued to attend to her now very hard, sensitive tips.

But as these sensations grew, they gave rise to need. Her body began to cry out from deep within that she needed something else – more. In response to this call, her right hand drifted down her chest and past her belly button until it cupped the parts of her that were crying out in need. She gasped briefly as her body knew its cry şişli rus escort had been heard.

She was surprised to find that this experience had already been so exciting and stimulating that her lips were already wet in anticipation of her own touch. She began to massage her juices across her mound sighing again with these new feelings.


He sat in his chair and propped his phone on a nearby shelf after they connected on FaceTime. As soon as he saw her in all of her naked beauty, he knew this was a great idea. His clothes sat by his feet folded neatly on the floor and the phone camera was propped so that it framed him in the same way he saw her situated on the screen.

He saw her smile at the camera when she saw him. Her lips, accented with the perfect red of her lipstick, seemed to say, “introduce me to your mother” and “fuck me now” at the same time. She was a true beauty overall from her dark black hair, to her emerald green eyes to her ample breasts to her perfect hips.

His eyes were focused on the screen of his phone as he watched her reach toward her breasts and cup them as if to say, “would you like to suck on these?” He certainly would like to do so, and his body quickly began to react to her and soon his manhood was starting to swell in response to the attention she was giving herself.

He reached down and grasped his growing shaft with his right hand. He squeezed it firmly and it quickly grew, it’s head şişli türbanlı escort swelling and all of its veins engorged. He started stroking himself and with each pass to his tip felt shock waves of sensations move down his shaft and into his pleasure center deep inside his body.

He watched as she touched her own nether parts and was surprised to see her fingers almost immediately covered with the juices of her excitement. Watching her rub herself made him want to simply push forward and satisfy his own needs quickly. But he knew the wait would be worth it.


She opened her eyes just in time to see him grab and squeeze his cock. As it’s veins and head swelled her need grew even more. Mesmerized by its sheer beauty and also by her desire to touch it – to feel it in her, she moved her fingers upward a bit to focus their attention more directly on her sensitive clit. Circling it slowly at first and then gradually more quickly she resisted the impulse to close her eyes again. Instead, she kept them intensely open and focused on his body as he started stroking himself and was staring directly at her.

The intense physical pleasure that she was feeling was joined by a sudden feeling of excitement that came from knowing that she was desired. She loved knowing that it was because of her that he was so aroused. She knew that he was excited by taking in every detail of her naked body.

As she rubbed her clit faster and more şişli ucuz escort intently, she could feel her juices escaping between her lips. She reached down and felt the wetness and couldn’t help but let her fingers follow it to its source and plunge between her lips inside her. As her fingers slid inside, they pressed into the flesh of her favorite spot which was swollen and very sensitive. She started to rhythmically stroke that area and felt the energy of her eventual release building just waiting to be released.

She moved her left hand from its spot on her breast down and used her fingers to resume rubbing her clit. She felt her release nearing and leaned her head back closing her eyes. She felt her body tighten in anticipation and unconsciously hold her breath as she almost passed over the brink of her climax. Suddenly, she felt her muscles began to contract together as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body.


He saw her excitement building as she pushed her fingers into herself while using her other hand to attend to he her clit. He couldn’t help but stroke himself harder and faster as his own excitement grew.

As he heard her almost silent gasp, he saw her body tighten and her forehead wrinkle as her orgasm began. He stroked harder and faster knowing that his own climax was wry close. He felt muscles deep within his body tighten intensely and pause just before they started contracting intensely. As the contractions hit, he let own juices began to spray up onto his chest in repetition until he felt spent and completely satisfied.

He looked back at the phone to see her face much closer, obviously watching him closely. She was smiling.

He picked up the phone, moved it closer to his own face, smiled, and said, “I’ll see you at home tonight!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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