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A/N — Hello to my followers and anyone new who might be reading something I’ve written for the first time. Now, I’m not sure if people would agree, but I like to think that, even though nearly all my stories are in this category, I still try to keep my stories grounded in at least some sort of realism. Yeah, this is all fantasy but it’s best to keep it at least a little realistic, though sometimes the realism is a little thin.

This offering, however? The premise I thought of amused me, I started writing, ran with it, and here is the end product. Also trying something new in that I’m tying it into the little world I created in ‘When the War is Over’. Due to the differences in time, there won’t be any character crossover, but there’s a good chance I’ll be using the same setting for other stories, if inspiration strikes

As usual, the proviso — all characters involved in sexual scenarios are 18+.

The title is Latin for ‘Family Secrets’, if you were wondering.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Comments and feedback always appreciated. If you leave feedback, make sure to attach an email address as I will generally always try and reply, even if just to say ‘Thanks!’ Nearly all feedback I’ve had, for any story, has been positive, which is nice, considering this is really just a hobby.


Present Day

There is no greater feeling than sitting on your veranda on a warm spring afternoon. It’s even better if you’re holding a cold drink, preferably of the alcoholic variety. Light breeze, just enough to take away the worst of the heat, as even a spring day in country New South Wales can be blisteringly hot during late October. The chirping of insects all around, the chorus of the country. I sat on the old yet comfortable couch, not really thinking of too much. If I put my mind to it, my mind would be working at a million miles an hour, a million different memories. Most of them good, some of them bad, a few rather heart-breaking. But when you get to my age, I guess one does start to feel a little nostalgic about my youth. It wasn’t that long ago, but long enough that I’d wake up occasionally with aching muscles and tired bones.

I heard the screen door open, glancing to see my sister step outside. As beautiful as ever. She’d always been a beauty. I’d always thought that, though it took me a long time to come to terms with my feelings about her. About more than one woman in my life, being completely honest. She was holding a book in her hand, no doubt looking for me so she could curl up and read in peace. She was barefoot, noticing her nails were coloured a bright pink. I almost snorted as she bounced onto the couch. “You know, you’re old enough to know not to do that, Jen,” I muttered.

“I know, but then I don’t get to annoy you.” She kissed my cheek. “And no matter how much I annoy you, you’ll always love me.”


She kissed my cheek again. “Say it.” I grumbled again, another kiss on my cheek. “Say it,” she said softly.

“I love you.”

She turned my chin with a finger and kissed me softly on the lips. “I love you too. Now, you sit there and provide me with comfort while I read.”

“Where’s Mum?”

“Napping already. What the hell did you do to her?”

“Well, she insisted I put her into a ‘sex coma’ after lunch. What mother wants, mother gets. And I certainly didn’t hear any complaints from her when I left a second load deep inside her.”

“She’s a sixty-four year old woman, Mark!”

“She said she’ll slow down when she needs a new hip. Doesn’t need one yet, despite what I seem to do to her on a nearly daily basis. Not like I’m getting any younger either. Wrong side of forty now.”

“Don’t they say ‘life begins’…” That did make me snort. “If you need cheering up…” she whispered, running a hand up my thigh.

“Read your book, beautiful. I’m just sitting here, relaxing.”

“And Claire?”

“She had some daddy-daughter time this morning. She’s probably lying back on her bed, smiling away, chatting with her friends about it. ‘My daddy made me cum so hard this morning’. And no doubt her friends will be telling her the same. Hmmm, maybe a brother or uncle for one or two of them, I guess.”

“We are very lucky women to have you, Mark. What about Lisa?”

“She called me earlier. Our son is nervous as hell. She’s confirmed he’s definitely a virgin. Nearly came in his shorts just seeing her naked the first time. He’s still convinced it’s all a ruse. Might need to phone him tonight, have a heart to heart, let him know his father approves. She said nothing has happened yet.”

“No seconds thoughts from Lisa?”

“None whatsoever. She’s completely adapted to the life. She’s known about me making love to my mother and sister for near two decades now. She’s worried I’ll be jealous of my son. Hell no, I know what he’s about to experience. Once he’s over his nerves, he’ll be just fine. Make his old man proud by making his mother orgasm.”

She kissed my cheek güvenilir bahis again. “I’m glad you’re not feeling jealous about it. I know it might be difficult for you.”

“Not at all. My father and I talked about it often. I didn’t replace him, but there comes a time when a son deserves some time with his mother. He’s young, virile and just perfect for Lisa. She’s still my wife, we’ll still share a bed, make love, and grow old together, but she’s now getting her first taste of it, and I know it’ll change her. It will change all of us, but in a good way.”

“I’m yours and only yours forever,” she whispered into my ear.

She snuggled into my side, kissing the top of her head, earning one of those smiles I’d grown to just flat out adore over the years. She was the other side of forty like myself, but I would still have thought mid-thirties at most. Maybe I just looked at her differently to most people. Brunette, blue eyes and a pair of dimples that made any man weak when she smiled. But those lips were just made for kissing. It was the freckles that definitely made her cute at times, standing out more whenever she got some sun. Like me, she was rather tanned, though hers was from relaxing by the pool. I earned mine from working outdoors.

I sipped at my drink, watching the world go by. Eventually, a neighbour from down the road, a gentleman everyone called ‘Old Bill’, walked by our front yard. He had his granddaughter by his side. “G’day!” he called.

“Alright, Bill,” I called back.

The pair walked over the grass towards us, both removing their hats as they stood under the cover of the veranda. “You remember my granddaughter, Mary, right?”

“Of course. How are you, Mary?”

“Oh, I’m just fine, Mark.” I heard the tone. I knew the tone very well. Nineteen years old and… well, the pair were holding hands in a particular way that told everyone their relationship. She probably had cum running down her legs, though I didn’t look down. And I wouldn’t have a clue who it was either. I’d heard stories about her wild side.

“How’s your mother?” Bill asked.

“She’s having a nap.” Bill smirked. “Yes, yes, you know what it’s like, you randy old bastard.”

“It’s been a year, Mark. How’s the family?”

“Jen and I are fine. Right, Jen?”

“Try not to think too much about it,” she whispered, “But I’ve got my big brother to take care of me.”

“Mum… It’s obviously difficult. Not so much the husband part, that was name only, but they were each other’s best friend for forty years. It’s why she needed me after lunch. Needed to be loved.”

“Your mother is a good woman. Keep looking after her.” He paused and smirked. “And fucking her, of course.”

Mary giggled, though it wasn’t a secret to anyone.

“It’s what I promised Dad, Bill. My sister. My mother. Aunts. Nieces. Cousins. All of the women folk. I’m not the only man, but, well, considering everything the last couple of decades…”

“Share some last words?”

I looked away. “Yeah, I said I was sorry what I was said all those years ago. He’d long forgiven me. Long forgiven me. But I still remember the look in his eyes when I said it.”

“You were younger, Mark,” Jen whispered, “And… it was a shock…”

“Still, I accused my father of that. And everything that happened…” I sighed. “At least we got to say goodbye. And it’s good to know he’s no longer in pain.” Chuckling, I added, “Probably upstairs fucking his mother.”

“That randy old girl? She’s probably got two of her sons filling her up as we speak!” Bill exclaimed. He wrapped an arm around the waist of his companion. “Will you be joining the festivities next month?”

“When did we last miss the annual family fuckfest, Bill?”

“If you’re polite to Mary, I’ll let you fuck her.”

“Really, granddaddy?”

“Would you like Mark to fuck you?”

“Only if it’s allowed. You know you, my uncles, my brothers and daddy are more than enough for me.” She kissed his cheek before whispering rather seductively, “But I definitely love my granddaddy’s massive cock.”

Chuckling, shaking my head at the same time, I added, “Think I might be one man too many, Bill.”

“Well, I think you have more than enough women to satisfy as it is, Mark. Anyway, just thought I should stop by, offer my condolences after a year. I know it hasn’t been easy.”

“It hasn’t, but we’ve managed.” I offered my hand, Bill accepting it. “I’ll see you soon, Bill.”

“Of course.”

Watching him walk away, Jen lowered her book and kissed my cheek again. “You miss him,” she said softly.

“I know I’m not the only one, Jen. Mum hides her pain well, generally by throwing herself at me at every opportunity. How about you though?”

“I’ve got you. And you know you’re all I ever wanted.”

She wasn’t wrong. And that’s exactly what caused all the problems so long ago. I simply hadn’t known the truth about her, about the family, the secrets of where they were from, everything.

I just didn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri know.


Around twenty and more years earlier…

Fucking in the front passenger seat of a car is never particularly comfortable. My jeans were around my ankles, my shirt on the seat next to me. My girlfriend, Lisa, was straddling my lap, all her clothes atop my shirt next to us. She was busy enjoying my cock at that moment, slowly riding me. Our lips rarely parted. She’d been chewing gum so I could still taste the mint in her mouth.

“Love your cock,” she moaned before kissing me. I grunted a reply, not really trusting my voice. My only aim was not to cum until she had an orgasm. “We really need to book a hotel again soon.”

I grunted my agreement. We were both university students. Both still living at home. Her parents didn’t approve of gentleman visitors staying the night. I was kicked out by 11pm. She was nineteen years old, but as far as they were concerned, she lived under their roof, she abided by their rules. Even being in her room before 11pm gave us little privacy. Door wasn’t allowed to be locked. More than once, a parent would burst in. They hadn’t caught us yet. As for my living situation, I just didn’t like the idea of fucking my girlfriend with my sister in the next room, parents in the house, and the fact Lisa and I liked to make a lot of noise.

So we resorted to fucking in my car and occasionally booking a hotel room for the night. At least we could really let loose in a hotel room. Whenever we could afford it, we’d arrive at check-in time, leave for a quick dinner in the evening, and leave as late as possible the next morning. Whoever was covering reception would have known we’d spent the entire time fucking.

“Oh fuck, Mark,” Lisa moaned.

I grabbed her arse and started to thrust, her next kiss hungry and passionate, her tongue sliding into my mouth. She moaned as I felt her pussy start to grip my cock, the sign of an imminent orgasm. “Fuck, what you do to me,” she groaned.

Slamming herself down on my cock felt wonderful, and as I started to move my hips, her orgasm hit her hard, throwing her head back as she gripped my shoulders tightly. I blasted into her within a few seconds, groaning as loudly as I could, the release just what I needed after a long week of studying. Once her orgasm passed, she relaxed forward against my chest, wrapping an arm around her hot, sweaty body.

“Well… that was…” I muttered, trying to catch my breath.

“We really need to book a hotel room more often so I can just get this dick all night.”

She lifted her head to meet my eyes. Hers were a glorious chocolatey brown, matching her hair colour. Her cheeks were rather bright, her lips parted. She was still completely turned on, her breathing heavy. Her breasts were not large, a B-cup at most, but she had the most fantastic pert arse on any woman around.

I still wasn’t sure how we ended up together. We’d been dating since we were sixteen. On the surface, I was your typical young Australian bloke. All about footy, cars, girls. Yes, I studied hard, but like most young men, I had to put on an act. Tough. Stoic. One of the lads. She was completely different. Incredibly intelligent. Quiet. A kind soul. She had a small group of friends, and seemed to enjoy being anonymous, whether at school and later at university. I thought she was gorgeous, no matter what anyone else thought. She had unique interests which very few seemed to share.

It’s why I loved her. With her, I could enjoy things I would never admit to the guys I played footy with. Happily going to watch off-beat plays and musicals, and strolling around galleries of art, taking in all the culture on offer. Granted, Sydney in those days wasn’t a cultural mecca. You took what you could get. But if I told the guys I played footy with, I’d immediately be called a poof or a pussy.

Stepping out of the car, she wiped herself down with tissues I always kept in my car, then she carefully wiped down my cock before stepping out to get dressed. Leaning against the bonnet, I pulled out a pack of cigarettes, lighting one for each of us. We only ever smoked after sex. No idea why we started doing it. I didn’t really like it, but it was another thing we did together.

Leaning into me once we’d finished, I wrapped an arm around her, kissing the top of her head. “Guess we’d better get me home soon,” she said, hearing the sadness in her tone. Both of us wanted nothing more than to sleep in the same bed every night. But we simply couldn’t afford to live away from home yet. We worked part-time but barely made enough to afford a couple of nights out a week and to cover expenses.

I sighed, turning her chin to kiss her, caressing her cheek. She smiled slightly. With Lisa, I could be who I wanted to be. Nothing was an act with her. The only other people who knew the ‘real’ me was my family. Even my father knew it was all an act in front of my friends. iddaa siteleri I didn’t mind as I loved my friends too. I think my best friends knew I had some other interests contrary to what was usually expected of a young man at the time.

Driving her home, I stopped on the street, the light still on outside. That meant her parents were still up. She didn’t exactly have a curfew but I knew her parents were of the ‘old school’. I’m fairly sure they knew we had sex. At least we were safe as she was on the pill. Turning to kiss her, I stroked her cheek again, her eyes expressive as always.

“I wish I could invite you in,” she whispered, “I’d love to wake up in your arms tomorrow.”

“Once we graduate and start working…”

I kissed her softly, sliding my tongue into her mouth again, playful as always. She eventually broke away, seeing her eyes turn towards her front door. It wasn’t open, but I could only assume someone was behind the screen door. “I love you,” she whispered before she quickly got out, turning to watch her walk towards the door. I called her name before she opened it.

“I love you too.”

I noticed her glorious smile form, blowing me a kiss. Only when she was inside did I pull the handbrake and drive home.

Pulling up outside home, the lights outside and in the living room were off so I assumed everyone was in bed. No real surprise on a Saturday night. Mum and Dad had probably been down the club, my sister, Jennifer, perhaps out with her friends. She’d turned eighteen a couple of months back and was enjoying being considered an adult. As far as I knew, she was being sensible. We lived in a four room house, quarter acre block in the western suburbs. Both parents worked five days a week, Mum returning to the work force once my sister was at school, though I knew she was considering a switch to part-time. It’s not like my family needed the money. My sister was now at the same university as I was. I was studying literature, though was considering a switch to teaching, while my sister was studying to be a vet. I still wondered how she was going to cope with treating sick animals, and god forbid, putting them down.

Not wanting to wake anyone up, I slipped inside without a sound, closing and locking the door with only a light click. Maybe if I’d made more noise, what I heard next would have stopped…

My room was at the end of the hallway. To get there I had to pass by my sister’s bedroom, the bathroom we shared, and the spare bedroom that was used as an office, storage, and as a guest room whenever relatives stayed. I was tempted to enjoy a quick shower but I heard noise come from my sister’s room as I passed by. It was a giggle I knew well. What stopped me in my tracks was what she said.

“Oh, that feels really good, daddy.”

Okay, that doesn’t sound so bad. Maybe she had a guy in there and she was playing with a kink? What I heard next chilled me to the bone.

“Well, my little girl does taste wonderful.”

That was the voice of my father. My fucking father!

I opened the door without thinking. Her bedside light was on, so I could see she was naked on the bed, resting back on her forearms. Her legs were spread. Between her legs was the head of my father. Both looked my way in surprise. “No, no, no!” my sister cried.

“What the fuck?!” I roared, striding forward and grabbing my father by the hair.

A brief description of our respective sizes is required. I was twenty years old at the time, six-two, around one hundred kilos. I’d enjoyed time at the gym and I played second row for the local footy club. I was the kind of guy on a night most people didn’t fuck with except idiots who wanted to take a shot at the big guy. Good thing I was only ever violent on the field.

My father was six foot, but he was slim compared to me, spending his days in the office, weekends pottering around at home with his wife, the occasional game of golf with work colleagues at most. I’d sometimes join him for a round on a Saturday if I wasn’t busy.

I put a fist into his gut, causing him to double over. “Stop!” I heard my sister scream, “Mark, stop!”

My father was now on his knees, grabbing him by the collar and dragging him into the lounge room. I clocked him across the cheek, watching as he fell into his armchair as I turned on the light. “How long have you been grooming her, you piece of shit?”

“Mark, you’ve got it wrong…” he croaked.

I balled my fist, ready to hit him again. My sister appeared, having thrown on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. She stepped in between my father and I. “Mark! Please!”

I looked at her in surprise. “What the fuck is going on?!” I shouted, “Jen, you can’t possibly be telling me you want this? He’s your fucking father!”

“Mark, please, just listen,” my father started to say.

“Listen to what? You’ve obviously spent years grooming her to agree to something as depraved as what I just witnessed, you sick piece of shit. Fuck this, I’m calling the police.”

“Don’t move a muscle, young man!” Mum called. I glanced to see her standing at their bedroom door in a robe.

“And why the hell shouldn’t I? Do you have any idea what your husband was just doing to your daughter?”

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