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The day was going to be a busy one. The kids were arriving at 5 PM. Jonni and Ross had wanted to visit the Flea Market at Fletcher’s Falls, a small, artisan type town about a half hour’s drive away, and they figured to spend some time at “The Falls” before being home by 3:00 PM so they could meet the caterers and each pound back a cocktail or two before the kids arrived.

Still flushed with the pleasure and warmth of last night’s Jacuzzi-wind-up to the exquisite dinner at The Bay Restaurant, Jonni was moving slowly this morning. She thought the day was going to get warm so she chose her outfit accordingly.

Closest to her skin (for Ross and her) this morning was her two piece black lace swim suit. Over top, she chose a loose fitting, dark purple velour stretch pant. She had added a stump pocket but the nature of the fabric with its looseness and draped texture allowed for a tantalizing quiver of fabric at the top of where her left leg would have been if the accident had never happened. Down the entire sensuous length of her fabulous right leg, the fabric twisted, turned, draped and caressed her leg. It was a VERY sexual vision. Her top was a light and loose cotton blouse that she tied at the mid-riff. For her shoe she chose a maroon-wedge-sandal with 2″ platform sole. A pair of black elbow-crutches completed the tasty picture.

With a thermos of coffee spiked with Kahlua, the two got away from the McShayne house about 11:00 AM. Ross knew of a back road that meandered through some very lush farm-land so they began a leisurely trip to The Falls.

Something Ross had been wanting to talk about with Jonni before the “beau & babie” meeting was his desire for her. And I guess he also wanted to talk about her desire for him. It had been a few months since Madelaine’s party and Ross had thought of no other woman for a second other than Jonni since then. He felt as if he was in love with the most beautiful, bingöl escort the most complete woman in the world. She excited him physically and mentally and she stirred his emotions. He anticipated every day that they were together with a smile and a tingle in his loins.

“It’s one thing to whisper these thoughts into your ear, my dear, but its also important to talk about these things when we aren’t arousing each other.” Ross said. “I have told you that I love you Jonni. I believe that! You stimulate my mind, you tickle my sense of humour, you constantly arouse my curiosity. And of course you physically stimulate me more than I could ever have hoped, at 45, to be stimulated. I love your smell and the scent from your hair. I love your dark, curled, long hair and I love looking into your eyes.

“I believe also that we could be a very wonderful couple together. It may seem odd to say all of this because we have only known each other for a couple of months. It’s also odd for me because your unique physical feature of being one legged happens to be one of my long-time abiding fantasies. I love you Jonni and I would love to be your partner forever. Will you marry me?” Jonni’s heart had been racing as Ross spoke. She felt flushes in her crotch, breasts and stump. She knew too, that this man was special. That he could ignite her passions, could stimulate her mind and physically satisfy her like nothing she had ever experienced before.

She turned in the seat and draped her leg over Ross’s lap. “My sweet Ross, I love you too! A man and a woman should be able to melt together like you and I do. I’ve fantasized that forever! Your voice, the sound of your breathing, the way you use your hands to speak, and yes, your scent, they all make me quiver. If I had 2 legs I suspect I would be swooning with desire but with my one leg trying to stand strong, I feel able to love you too for the rest of my life. Yes, bitlis escort Ross, I will marry you.” He pulled the van over to the side of the road and the two embraced passionately.

“The Falls” hove into view and the two decided to stop first at the “Gull’s Roost”, a favorite restaurant overlooking the actual waterfall that gave the town its name. Ross found a parking spot next to the door and assisted Jonni out of the van. Hopping briefly as Ross gathered her crutches from the van, Jonni felt giddy with emotion. As Ross handed her her “fore-arm sticks”, she grabbed Ross and pulled him to her into a most wet and passionate kiss.

Now it was Ross’ turn to swoon and Jonni had to hop a little more than normal to restore stability to the clenched couple. Jonni’s elation reminded her of the euphoria she experienced that first real date, when Ross had coaxed her into wearing a sexy-high–heeled-shoe while the two of them were “high-heeled-dancing” in her apartment.

It was two VERY GLOWING people who walked and crutched across the restaurant to a wonderful two seat booth that overlooked the lake. As Ross watched Jonni crutch so elegantly, with her special fluid motion, to the booth, he beckoned the Host to bring champagne and glasses immediately.

Jonni reached the table, turned and sat gracefully, swung her right leg around and into the booth and bum-hopped her way in. Ross followed her and indeed, PUSHED her legless left side into the booth so that when he stopped, they were closer than close to each other as Ross reached for Jonni’s chin and pulled her face to him and into another one of their passionate, sensual, wet, kisses.

Two people could never have been happier. The champagne arrived and the Server was professional enough to just unobtrusively open the bottle, pour, and place the two glasses close to the entwined couple and say, “congratulations!” It felt right for the two bolu escort of them to do the entwined-arm-stare-into-each-other’s-eye-toast with a champagne glass so they did. Turned as they were to each other, Jonni was able to snug up close to Ross so that she was offering her legless left side touch to touch with his right thigh while she draped her leg over his lap and they kissed again. After the first entwined-toast, they unwrapped and stared into each other’s eyes while they toasted family, friends, relatives, neighbours, spirits, and THEMSELVES. They professed their undying love for each other all the way through to the bottom of the champagne bottle.

The last drop of the nectar was a reminder that there was still a HUGE day ahead. After paying the bill, they agreed to allow themselves an hour or so in the Market before heading home to prepare for Jonni’s kids. With Ross always on Jonni’s empty left side, they leisurely strolled through the Market. Ross often rested his strong hand on Jonni’s back and guided her swing this way or that. They enjoyed showing a piece to the other and telling a story about it.

The real story though was Ross and Jonni. It was their feelings, their personal power, their devotion, passion and worship of each other that was as strong as any ever known before. Jonni was as wet as she has ever been in her life and she was wishing that she had worn something more suitable than her swimming suit as under wear. Ross was excited and engorged. His body vibrated with pleasure knowing that this woman had agreed to marry him. To share her space and life with him!

The next day after the kids had arrived and Jonni announced their plans, the kids just beamed. It was as if they had been waiting for this moment and the welcome of Ross as a new member of their family.

“We have seen how happy you have become these last several months Mom. Clearly Ross is good for you,” Lianne said. “Mom, we’ve seen your spirit triumph and grow so much over these past few years. I think that it should take Ross and his two legs to help carry your wonderful spirit. Let’s get on with this and have a “family initiation. Ooops, sorry, a “wedding!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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