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(All characters are 18+).

I stepped into the waiting room. It was a typical, doctor’s office style waiting room with nothing to convey the services offered, and I was relieved at the discretion.

The receptionist, a young redhead, greeted me with a smile.

“Hello, do you have an appointment?”

I stammered. I had imagined this moment for years. My knees felt weak.

“Um, yes, for six thirty. My name is Nora.”

“Welcome Nora. Go ahead and fill out this form, have a seat and we’ll be right with you.” She handed me a clipboard, and I took a seat on one of the couches.

The form instructed me to indicate my fetishes. I glanced sheepishly around the empty waiting room, before taking my time to thoroughly fill out the form, using as much detail as possible. I wanted no stone left unturned. This was not an inexpensive venture, and it had taken me ages to come up with the funds.

I returned the form, face down, and walked back to my seat. My pussy tingled and my ears burned, thinking about the cute redhead perusing the answers on my form. I wondered if she ever partook in the services offered by the company she worked for.

I did not have to wait long before a tall brunette entered the room and called my name. She wore a tasteful, sleeveless white dress that displayed the tops of her large breasts.

“Hello Nora, follow me.”

She led me to a small bathroom with an entrance and an exit door.

“You can wear as much, or as little clothing as you’d like. Arrange your hair comfortably. There are some outfits for you to use if you’d like. Have a great time.”

I walked into the bathroom and immediately stripped to my panties, letting my tits fall free and ignoring the slutty outfits on the rack behind me. I was eager to get going, so I spent little time fixing myself up, only taking the time to arrange my hair in a bun on top of my head. I surveyed my body in the full length mirror, noticing the crotch of my panties was already wet. I turned around and looked at my butt, which was barely covered by the thin fabric. My imaginings made my clit throb. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I slowly opened the door to the next room, growing a little bolder when I saw it was vacant except for a massage table in the center. It was shaped like a Y, and as I grew closer, I realized that the lower part could be opened to create a horizontal X frame. I felt my pussy gush. I climbed onto the white leather table, extending my arms over my head, my feet together.

No sooner had I mounted the table than a woman entered the room from the other side. She had short black hair and bright blue eyes, and was totally naked. Her pert breasts bounced just slightly as she walked, and I tried not to stare at her soft pink nipples. She was smaller than me, toned, and gorgeous.

“Its okay, you can stare,” she giggled, grabbing her breasts and giving them a playful squeeze. I blushed profusely.

She walked around the table, strapping down my wrists and ankles. My entire body was flushed with heat. The crotch of my panties grew wetter.

“You look like you’re eager to get started! I strapped down your wrists and ankles, are you comfortable?”

“Y-yes,” I stuttered, my heart racing that she noticed my wetness.

The order of ways I would be ravaged was not known to me, so I was unsure what would happen next. I became highly aware of my exposed body, especially my defenseless armpits and nipples.

She wasted no time.

“You want to be TICKLED, don’t you? Where would you like me to start?” I couldn’t answer. I could scarcely breathe. “Not talking, huh? Maybe we can loosen those lips with a little toe tickling. How about that?” She walked down to the foot of the massage table. I kept my bare feet submissively still.

She had long, manicured nails that ended in a soft point, and she wiggled them at me. My feet tingled in anticipation. “Tickle tickle tickle! Here I come for these tickly toes!” With that, she started gliding the tips of her nails from the base to the tip of my toes, tickling underneath them. I squirmed and grinned, and my toes twitched, but I kept mostly still. I could easily have laughed, but I was the type to play hard to get. I wanted to be tortured, and I knew that giving in would reduce the intensity. “Awww, we do have some ticklish toes. How about the arches?” Her nails wandered down to my arches, gliding across them in slow strokes. I clenched my teeth and curled my toes, causing my feet to wrinkle a bit. “No no, no curling!” With one hand, she pulled my toes gently back and pulled my arches taut. Then she started tickling in earnest, quickly scribbling her nails across my helpless arches. I began to giggle a little.

“Hehehehe… shihihit… ohhh shihihihit…” I muttered, not fighting her tickling nails. I rubbed my legs together to assuage my burning pussy. My heart was pounding.

“Ohh yes, ticklish feet. I think we’ll move on now, though. We’ll come back to your belly, but right now, I’m interested in these casino şirketleri PITS.”

I was not sure what expression flashed across my face, but the gorgeous girl next to me looked delighted.

“Oh yeah. We’ve got some ticklish pits, I can already tell. Have you ever had the titty and pitty treatment? It makes my pussy wet every time. Here, let me show you.”

She lifted one finger from each hand. My stomach dropped. I knew what was going to happen, and I was afraid I would cum right then. I stayed totally still.

“First we start tickling the pit… just oooone finger… then we start tickling the nipple… just tiny little flicks.”

Her first nail softly scratched my armpit, and the other gently flicked my nipple, which immediately grew hard. It tickled immensely, and I tried to pull my arm down, but it was no use. All I could do was giggle helplessly and squirm against the table.

“Hehehe…oh nohohoh…pleehehhease…not the pihihit…not my armpihihit and nihihipple..”

She smiled. “Oh yes. Your armpit, and your nipple. I could tell you’d love this. You have such sensitive nipples, and your pits are so ticklish. You love this, don’t you? Your panties are soaked. Maybe I’ll get that little clit next.”

She continued to tickle as she spoke, and my legs clenched as she mentioned my clit. I giggled uncontrollably as my pussy dripped from the titillation of my helpless armpit and nipple.

“Hmmm…” My beautiful torturer mused, “I could use a little help, I think.”

She pushed a button on the side of the table, and two mechanical arms extended. They were surprisingly nimble, and each hand wielded a white goose feather.

“Do you like feathers? How about we let them handle your nipples, while I play with these tender pits of yours.”

I was in ecstacy, of course, but I cried out on impulse.

“Ohhhh nohohoho not the feheheheathers! Please not thahahat!”

My words were useless, as the tips of the feathers descended on my nipples, the soft tendrils flicking back and forth over the hard, sensitive nubs. It tickled deliciously.

“There we go… now for a little more pit tickling…” She moved to the head of the massage table and extended both hands down to my open armpits, using the tip of one finger nail to gently scratch right in the middle of my pits.

“Kitchy kitchy… cooochie coochie coo! Ticklish armpits!” She teased, softly scritching and scratching all around my tender hollows.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I howled with laughter, gently tugging my arms and kicking my restrained feet. My arms were high over my head, and my exposed armpits and breasts recieved the full brunt of the feathery, tickly torture.

“There we go! Laugh for me, sweetie. I know it feels sooo good to get tickled in your favorite spots.”

My heart was pounding, and I was already so pent up with lust. I could have cum right then, but I never wanted it to end. Suddenly, though, the tickling stopped.

“Alrighty, let’s move on to this sweet little belly!” She moved down the table slightly, down to my trembling tummy. I was average build, with a soft, but slender belly. She gently rubbed my tummy with the flat of her hand.

“Aww, a squishy little belly. It looks so ticklish, doesn’t it? I bet it trembles when you tickle it. Let’s give that a try, starting right here…” She plucked a feather from one of the mechanical hands, and started gently gliding the tip over my bellybutton.

“Oh nohoho hehehehehe…” I twisted my body gently, trying to move my bellybutton away, but she followed my movements and only pushed the feather deeper into my button.

“Tsk tsk… now, you know better than to try and hide your tummy from me. I suppose we’ll have to punish you for that. I bet your lower tummy is the worst, let’s punish you there.”

Her words made me melt as I submissively straightened my body, ready to receive punishment.

My lovely black haired captor pinched the top of my panties and lowered them down all the way to the top of my slit, exposing all of my lower belly. With her other hand, she scribbled her nails all over my skin. I erupted with giggles. She was right, my lower tummy was a very tickly spot.

“Kitchy kitchy kitchy! Oh look at this little trembling tummy! Nothing you can do but take it… tickle tickle tickle…”

I laughed openly, sparks flying in my mind. I was sure that she could feel my wetness through my panties. I wiggled my body softly, my tummy twitching beneath her nails. Oh, it tickled horribly, but I was rolling in waves of pleasure. Eventually, she stopped.

“Hmmmm. I know you want to cum, but since you were a bad girl, I think you need a spanking first.”

I stared at her, my face flushed, butterflies in my (still trembling) belly. Was I really going to get a spanking from this breathtaking woman? I could scarcely breathe.

She undid my cuffs. It was then that I noticed an armless chair in the corner of the room. She pulled it closer, and sat down.

“Get casino firmaları over my lap, young lady. You’re getting a bottom warming.”

It took a few moments before I could move, but I stumbled off of the table, and slowly bent over her knee. Her lap was warm. She lifted one leg and hooked it over mine, ensuring I could not move.

“I’ll give you a few warm ups with my hand, but then you’re getting the hairbrush.”

My stomach fell. I felt pretty confident I could take a hand spanking, but a hair brush spanking? My cheeks clenched at the thought.

“Afraid of the hairbrush, huh? Better unclench those little cheeks or you’re getting extra licks.”

I immediately relaxed my butt cheeks.


No sooner had I unclenched than I felt a smack across my right cheek, over my thin panties. It hurt more than I expected, and I winced a bit.

“Be a good girl and keep your butt in the air. Don’t wiggle and don’t try to hide your cheeks from me, and you won’t get extras.”

She sharply spanked my left cheek, and then the spanks began to fall on each cheek in succession. I kept my butt unclenched and let her spank away, pushing my hips up to offer my cheeks to her. Even over my panties, she was surprisingly strong, and each slap had a dull sting. I bit my lip, softly.

“Alright. Your panties are coming down. It’s time to spank on the bare.”

I made no effort to stop her as she pulled my panties down. The crotch stuck slightly with wetness, but she pulled them all the way down to the floor, revealing my bare butt. She rubbed my cheeks.

“The hairbrush is really going to hurt, but I want you to keep your butt up. You earned this spanking, and I want you to take it like a big girl. No clenching your little cheeks.”

She picked up the round wooden hairbrush, and gave me one hard smack on my left butt cheek. I flinched and kicked my leg slightly, crying out a bit. It stung more than I expected, but I kept my butt offered to her.

“Good girl,” she said, and then began spanking in earnest, alternating cheeks.


I wriggled softly on her lap, whimpering with each lick of the hairbrush. I was doing pretty well, until suddenly she hiked her knee up, raising my bottom slightly higher, and began to spank my tender sit spots.

“OW! OW! Wait, please not there! It stings!”

With her free arm, she gripped me tighter across her lap, securing me.

“It’s supposed to sting. It’s a spanking. Now be good and stay still,” she said harshly.


Two hard spanks landed directly on my creases. I felt my eyes well with tears, even as my pussy throbbed helplessly. I clenched my butt cheeks as the stinging spanks continued to fall.

“I told you not to clench your cheeks. Now I’m going to have to spank your thighs.”

I squealed in protest, clenching my legs together.

“No, please don’t spank my thighs!” My heart was racing, and my words belied my desires. Nobody had ever fulfilled this secret masochistic desire of mine, and I was almost trembling in anticipation.

In one swift motion, my mistress pushed me to my feet, and drug me over to the horizontal x frame. She all but lifted me onto it with unexpected strength, and I oriented my body into it. She strapped down my hands and legs, such that my tender inner thighs were fully exposed. My butt burned as it was against the frame.

“I told you not to clench your butt, didn’t I? Now you’re getting three hard, hairbrush spanks on each thigh.”

I whimpered. There was no way to protect my thighs. I had no choice but to take it.


Three fiery spanks fell in a line on my right thigh. I squealed in pain, crying a bit as I wiggled my body.

“No more, please! I’ll be good! Please don’t spank my other thigh! It stings, please stop!”


I cried in futility as she spanked my other leg, both sets of thighs throbbing. I whimpered as my fully exposed pussy throbbed and gushed.

“There now. Your spanking is over. I wish you had been a good girl so I wouldn’t have had to spank your thighs. But you got through it. I bet you’d like to cum now, huh? Well, I’m sorry… I still have to play with you a little longer.”

She unlocked my cuffs, and positioned me so that I was now face down, legs spread wide apart, on the x frame. She refastened my bonds, a little tighter this time. My pussy was fully exposed, and I could feel cool air on my butt crack. I was totally vulnerable and helpless in this position.

“Have you ever been tickled on your asshole before?”

My heart skipped a beat, and I felt my butt twitch. I couldn’t bring myself to speak.

“I’ll take that as a no. Well, get ready sweetie… you’re in for the tickling of a lifetime.”

I braced myself, my heart pounding. I desperately needed to cum, and I prayed this final torture would take me over the edge. I didn’t have the energy to play hard to get anymore, I needed this now. I pushed güvenilir casino my butt toward her as much as my restraints would allow.

“Ohoh, eager I see. Here I come…”

I felt the tip of a feather at the top of my crack. I ground my teeth, fighting the compulsion to clench my cheeks. The feather slid down to the little pucker of my butthole, and began swishing up and down over the pink knot.

“Tickle tickle tickle! Tickle tickle in your secret place…” My captor teased as she tickled me.

I did not expect to, but I burst out laughing. I had never been tickled like this before, and I felt my asshole twitching as it was stroked by the feather. My butt cheeks tensed uncontrollably, trapping the feather between them.

“No clenching,” my mistress scolded, spanking my left cheek. She then used her fingers and thumb to force my cheeks apart, and back over my asshole the feather went.

“HAHAhahahaha!” I laughed uncontrollably, wiggling my hips back and forth. It was no use though – wherever my butt went, she followed.

“You can’t get away from me! Tickle tickle on your little butt! Such a tickly little butthole…”

The feather maddeningly swished over my hole as my cheeks were spread, and no amount of clenching could save me. My pussy burned and twitched. Oh how desperate I was to cum. As I wiggled my ass, my clit rubbed deliciously against the frame, but wasn’t enough.

Finally, my butt torture stopped.

“I know how bad you need to cum. I can see you dripping. You’ll be glad to know it’s time.”

My captor undid my cuffs and flipped me over once more, onto my back, legs spread and arms raised. I felt the cool air on my wide open pussy and sweaty pits. My freshly spanked butt was still warm against the leather of the frame.

“I bet your pussy is super ticklish, and I bet if i use this feather on it, you’ll laugh as you cum,” she said, playfully stroking my lower tummy with the tip of the feather.

I giggled, my face flushed red. I could feel my pussy clenching and releasing. I wanted that feather to make a journey south, and after a moment, it did.

She slid the feather slowly down my tummy, across my hairless pubic mound and to the top of my slit. I felt her fingers spread me even wider.

“You didn’t think I’d go right for your clit, did you?” I heard her chuckle, and then I felt the feather slide down the left side of my labia, in the soft pocket between my lips.

I laughed and squirmed as she danced the feather back and forth between both sides of my labia, swishing its tendrils everywhere but my clit. My pussy twitched helplessly, and I felt her wipe my wetness away with a soft damp towel.

“Ticklish pussy, coochie coo! Tickle alll over your little lips…” she sang softly as the feather danced over my tender pussy.

Through my laughter, I saw four arms extend from the sides of the table, near my chest. They wielded feathers.

“Okay, sweetie. It’s time to make you cum.”

A third hand extended near my hips, softly lowering to my clit and gently pulling my clit hood back, fully exposing my little pearl.

My whole body was trembling with need. I was going to be forced to cum, a fantasy I dared never ask to be fulfilled. I relaxed my body, fully submitting myself. I had needed this for so long, and now I was being ravished beyond my wildest dreams.

The first set of feathers descended to my nipples and began flicking back and forth over the hard nubs, sending waves of ticklish euphoria through my body. The second lowered to my helplessly exposed pits, tickling them with long, teasing strokes.

My beautiful mistress inserted a single finger into my hot, wet pussy and began making a “come hither” motion, directly rubbing my G spot. Her free hand lowered the tip of the feather to my fully exposed clit, flicking the tickly tip back and forth over the sensitive bead. No amount of squirming or clenching my pussy could protect me – I was completely at the whim of my lovely captor and her feathers.

I howled incoherently.

“Pleehehehehease! Ahahahahaha it ticklessss hehehehe ohhhhh I’m gonna cuhuhum plehehehehease…fuhuhuck ohhhhh gohohoddd…!”

“Good girl… tickle tickle tickle! You’re gonna cum for me, aren’t you? While we tickle all your favorite spots…soooo ticklish…”

My orgasm hit like a freight train, crashing through my body as I writhed and laughed, screaming as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over my body. Every time my wave would crash, my captor would tickle my G spot a little harder, causing another peak. It seemed to last forever, and eventually I succumbed to the force of it, drifting into soft darkness.

I awoke in a comfortable bed, but it was not my bed. I sat up and looked around the small room. There was a nightstand with a glass of water and an unsealed envelope, and a sign directly across from the bed reading “recovery room.” There was a door on the left with an exit sign above. All my clothes were folded neatly on a chair.

I took a sip of the water as I read the note.

“Thanks for coming, I had so much fun with you that I had them comp your visit. Please come back any time and ask for me! Maybe next time you can be the top? 😉 “

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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