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Amelia opened her eyes to find a sandy blonde haired man on top of her, pumping his cock in and out of her.

“Holy fuck.” He gritted his teeth, “damn you feel good.”

Amelia looked to her left to see a burly dark haired man, jacking his enormous cock. She wondered if he would want her next.

“God almighty.” The man’s body shuddered and jerked, and he tensed for a second as he spewed his hot cum into her. He laid his hand on her chest, feeling dampness.

“Hey, John, look at this.” He grabbed her breast and pinched her nipple, sending milk spewing across the room. “holy fuckin shit dude, she’s got milk in her tits.”

The burly man walked over to her, grabbing her by the hair, he forced his cock into her mouth. The brother, she’d heard referred to as Paul, started nursing from her.

“You gotta taste this man.” Paul wiped his mouth, “she tastes so damn good.”

Amelia was almost gagging as John forced his cock in and out of her mouth.

“AAAHHH GOD.” He grabbed the back of her head, ramming it onto his thrusting penis, “Suck my cum, drink it.”

Amelia bornova escort felt as if she would vomit. She gagged and swallowed, silently praying that the ordeal was over.

The boys emptied her breasts, and after they both had fucked her again, they left the small room she was locked in.

Amelia looked out the small window, and realized she was on a boat. She checked the door, and it was locked. She had to get out. She listened at the door, and when she no longer could hear anything, she popped the window open and climbed out.

Elizabeth had to find someone, and soon. She tapped her fingers on the table, and looked up as a very large breasted young woman walked in. She motioned for the waitress, and soon the young girl joined her at the table.

“Are you allright?” Elizabeth laid her hand on the girls arm.

“No, I.” Amelia looked around, “I have been held captive, on a boat for quite a few months, and, I just escaped.” She gulped down a glass of water. “you will never believe what they were making me do.”

“How bostancı escort would you like a job?”

“A job?”

“Yes.” The older woman pushed her glasses up on her nose, “are you interested?”

“I guess so.” Amelia badly wanted to get away from there, before those horrid men realized she was gone.”

“Very well,”

Elizabeth paid the check and led Amelia to a waiting limo. Amelia had never ridden in a limo before.

They climbed into the back seat, where a very distinguished, very good looking man was sitting. He smiled at Elizabeth.

“Who do we have here?”

“This is, what is your name dear?”


“Ahh.” The man leaned up and pulled Amelia’s top down. She tried to pull away, and Elizabeth stopped her.

“He won’t hurt you.”

The man, that she would later call Sir, felt her breasts. He ran his fingers in feathery strokes over her nipples, weighing each one in his hand. Amelia was beginning to become aroused.

“I think she will do nicely.” Elizabeth smiled, buca escort “Don’t you?”

“Yes.” The man sat back and smiled.

“I don’t understand.” Amelia looked from one to the other. “do nicely for what?”

“I need a wetnurse,” he pulled his glasses off and cleaned them on his handkerchief. “oh you have beautiful breasts Amelia.” He stared at her chest, sliding his glasses back on. “look at those nipples, begging to be sucked.”

Amelia slid down in her seat, wondering what in the hell she’d gotten herself into.

They pulled up in front of a huge mansion and Sir climbed out, offering Amelia his hand.

“What is your name?”

“You may call me Sir.”

They walked through the huge double doors and Ameila stood in front of a winding staircase. It was indeed the most beautiful sight she’d ever seen.

Elizabeth laid her hat and gloves onto a side table, and turned to Sir.

“I will go and prepare the suite.”

Ameila stood there, wondering what in the hell she’d gotten herself into.

“Come my dear.” Elizabeth walked her up the staircase. She handed her a lace thong and a tank top, tight fitting, with cutouts in the front. She sized the young girl up, “Just do the best with this one, until I can get more.” She sook her head, “I doubt however that this will fit you.”

Amelia slipped the garments on, sat on the bed, and waited.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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