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She loved the feeling of power she got from teasing him; rubbing his cock though his pants under the table while their friends sitting across from them and the rest of the party were completely unaware of what was happening. She could feel him growing hard and trying his best to act like nothing was happening but she could she could hear his breathing change, see his face starting to flush.

It had been another long day. Short staffed, needy clients, and worse still-needy client’s families. She hadn’t even had time to eat her lunch. Maybe that was why the alcohol was hitting her so fast. This seems to have been her life recently. One day bleeding into the next, bouncing between work and chores. Whatever free time she had was spent catching her breath before the next responsibility. Everything in her life seemed to be about or for someone else. Tonight, she decided, she was going to do something for herself. She had come to the party with nothing but innocent intentions but that had changed with a few drinks. She needed it to be about her, she needed excitement, if only just for tonight.

They had flirted a few times but that had been the extent of it; she knew he found her attractive but had kept his distance. Their kids were friends and she was friendly with his ex-wife. They had both gotten divorced around the same time and she had been hoping he would try something for the last year. She was done waiting and when the opportunity came to sit next him, she took it, knowing the table cloth and their backs to the wall would hide her plan.

The party was getting louder and she took the opportunity to unzip him, slowly to be quiet but also draw it out for as long as possible. Finally, she slipped her hand in and was able to wrap her fingers around him. She felt her own breathing for the first time; realizing she had not exhaled since starting to unzip him. She slowly worked her hand up and kaçak iddaa down him; only moving enough to tease him; she loved feeling his cock strain for more. She wanted to give more but he would have to earn it.

She pulled her hand free from his pants and stood up; excusing herself from the table and walking toward the bathroom. She paused and looked back at him once past the others, so that only he could see, and gave him a head nod to follow her. He reached down as discreetly as possible and zipped and positioned himself the best he could to avoid others noticing his erection then made up a need for another drink before following her.

She turned down the hallway not even bothering to look back confident that he was following. She knew at the end of the hallway was a laundry room and she waited at the door for him to catch up. He started to talk when he reached her but she stopped him with the simple word ‘in’. He walked past her and she shut the door behind them.

She slid up onto the dryer a few inches then hooked his leg with her foot and pulled him into between her legs until she could feel his cock pressing against her crotch. He leaned into kiss her but she pulled away while starting rock her hips so as to grind against him.

“Why do I literally have to grab your cock to get your attention”


“Stop talking. Here is what is going to happen. You are going to drop to your knees and I am going to hike up my dress and pull my underwear aside and then you are going to lick and suck and whatever else you need to do to make me cum. If you do it well I am going let you fuck me right here on this dryer. Is that what you want, do you want to fuck me?”


“Then get on your knees”

She rocked back while pulling up her dress, then pulled her underwear aside. He was already kneeling, and then for the first time in years she felt a man’s mouth on her. kaçak bahis His hands cupping the inside of her thighs. She could hear the laughter and muffled voices from the party and it excited her that much more; she loved watching him work, the joy and lust she inspired. She liked feeling his mouth explore her, touch her where he needed to be touched. She could feel her orgasm starting to build, her toes starting to curl, the muscle in her legs constricting. She reached out without thinking and wrapped her hands around the back of his head as she arched her back and her mouth fell open as she peaked.

He pulled back and looked up to her smiling, eyes closed, and red faced. She opened her eyes and looked down at him.


She pulled him into her again with her legs, unbuckling and opening his pants before pushing them and his boxers to the floor. She wrapped her hands around his cock and began to rub it up and down her, only wetting his tip at first. When he could not stand it anymore, he grabbed his shaft and started to press into her. The feeling of his tip opening her up brought an incredible sense of relief. Finally, after so many nights alone with her vibrator she was getting the real thing. When he managed to get his whole tip inside of her she reach down and grabbed his hand stopping him from sinking deeper causing him to let out a quiet whimper.

“I need a man to be there when I have needs, someone who will get on their knees whenever I ask. Someone who knows better to cum before I do. Do you want to be that man?”

“Oh god yes”

“If I call you after my kids are in bed you will come over and please me and then leave?”

“Whatever you want”

“Whatever you want, MS. MILLER; say it” she heard the words coming out of her mouth but could not believe they were coming from her.

“Whatever you want Ms. Miller”.

“That’s a good boy. Now you have proven illegal bahis to be quiet adept at going down on me but the interview is not over yet. Now I am going to let go of your cock and let you fuck me but remember-I cum first.”

She then took her hand from his cock and wrapped around the back of his head pulling him in for a kiss as her sank all the way into her. She could feel his body shutter as he bottomed out and she could not help but giggle to herself. She loved the feeling of him inside her, of being wanted by a man again. He wrapped one hand around her lower back just above her hips, pinning her position then rested his other on her inner thigh so that he could use his thumb to find and stimulate her clit. It had been years since her first time with a man and she had to show those partners how to pleasure her; he though had the benefit of age and experience and knew what he was doing. Within a few minutes she could feel orgasm starting to build again. She pulled her mouth away from his and tried to maintain her composure as her toes started to tingle. From there her orgasm washed over her body; she leaned forward taking a mouth full of his shirt in her mouth then biting down to help quell her moaning. After, squinting, she looked into his eyes.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Uh huh” she muttered, out of breath from intensity. She kissed him lightly. “Now cum in me.” She could feel his cock grow harder with her words. He kissed her again then changed his rhythm; shifting both hands to her ass. So that she had little choice but to take him. It only took a few pumps before she felt his entire body stiffen. She grabbed his face with both hands and pushed it back a few inches from hers. “Look me in the eyes.” He tried his best to obey, to keep them open, but he could help but blink quickly and erratically as he finally found the climax he had been looking for. When his orgasm subsided, she pulled herself free from him.

“Tomorrow afternoon I am going to leave the front door to my house unlocked; at 1 pm you are to be in my bedroom ready to please me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ms. Miller”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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