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The internet has been invented for my personal benefit. I loved the anonymity it offered and the ease with which I was able to talk to people online. I used to search through random profiles on AOL and message guys just to talk to them. I had friends all over the country. In person, I wasn’t quite as assertive. I had a small group of friends in real life, both guys and girls, who were of a similar, timid, and geeky mindset. We mostly stayed in, watched movies, shared take out, and reenacted memorized scenes from our favorite Broadway shows, word for word. RENT was at the top of our list back then.

Online dating also seemed like it was meant for me – getting to know the person by typing back and forth was way easier than striking up a conversation at the bar. I had no trouble being the first to message a guy, to start a conversation, or even to suggest we meet in person. I met Jonah on a dating site and we spent a week’s worth of late nights chatting over instant messenger before we decided to go out to dinner. He wasn’t the first guy I met in person after talking online, it was basically my M.O.

When I first met Jonah, we were fresh out of college, I more recently than he. I spent my days in search of my first full-time job, canvassing the neighborhood schools with resumes in hand, while he utilized his IT degree by doing repairs at an electronics store. The country was in the middle of a recession, we both graduated with massive student loans, and were back to living at home, with our parents.

“So what do you do, as far as you know, hooking up and bringing guys home?” Jonah asked me on our second date. We had gone out to dinner again, a casual Vietnamese place in my neighborhood.

“I don’t know yet,” I shrugged, drawing in the condensation on my water glass. “I’ve been home for about two months now and I’ve been on two first dates with guys whom I never saw again, so it hasn’t come up yet.”

“Well, are your parents like… open-minded about these things or not so much?” I had to laugh at that.

“Not so much. No, wait, let me rephrase this, not at all.” Jonah smiled at my response, twirling noodles onto his chopsticks. “I don’t think they are so naive as to think I’m still a virgin,” I lowered my voice on that phrase, “I had a boyfriend in college for over two years and I am sure they assumed things were serious there, but I can’t just waltz past them with a guy and shut the door to my room.” We lived in a tiny two-bedroom apartment. My room was literally through the kitchen and I had no lock on my door. Even if my parents were to look the other way, I wouldn’t feel comfortable having sex with a guy when they were right there. “What do you do?” I asked Jonah. He’s been out of college for over a year now and probably figured things out a little better than I had.

“I have a car,” he smirked.

We made out in his car that night, parked in the street a block from my house. I liked him. A lot. Jonah was a bit different from my two most recent boyfriends in college who were both of a similar body type – about 5’10, thin and lanky. Jonah was a bigger guy, over six feet tall, broad, and solidly built. He had a great smile too, this confident, but not overly cocky grin that always pulled to the right. He had a way of taking charge without being aggressive or overbearing.

He drove an old, 1995 Toyota Avalon that had a front bench seat, which was pretty helpful in facilitating fooling around in the car. Jonah unbuckled my seatbelt and scooped me towards him with an arm around my waist. I wasn’t a tiny, size zero girl. I liked to joke about how I was a perfect 10, cause that was my size in pants and dresses, and I felt pretty comfortable with my size. The way Jonah’s arm wrapped around my body though made me feel slighter and more petite than I had with anyone else. We spent a good amount of time kissing, my lips feeling swollen and tender afterward, and his hands embarked on some explorations of my breasts over my shirt and bra, but it didn’t go any further on that date.

“Wear a skirt next time, ok?” He winked at me before I got out of the car and he walked me the block to my house, holding my hand.

It made my thighs clench thinking about what he’d do if I had a skirt on. And I looked forward to finding out.

He picked me up when he got off from work at 8 pm and we got some food at the neighborhood diner. He wore a blue cotton polo with the company logo on it tucked into a pair of khakis and yet I still found him totally sexy. The way the tapered band of his sleeves hugged his biceps and emphasized his thick arms was definitely a turn-on. I was already fairly excited, just thinking about what we might do that night, in his car, after dinner. I felt flushed and slightly nervous with anticipation and had packed a condom in my purse, in the discrete, zippered pocket inside. Just in case.

I’ve only slept with two guys before this and both of them I dated for a good period of time before we had sex. This was only my third date with Jonah, but I thought eryaman bayan escort if it happened, it happened. I wouldn’t mind it.

“I love your dress, it’s perfect,” he told me close to my ear as we walked out of the diner. His hand rested on the small of my back, sending heat through my whole body.

“Thanks,” I smiled up at him. I had worn a floral button-down dress that, at first glance, was rather modest and conservative. The scoop neckline didn’t plunge too deeply and it came down to past my knees. But he probably noticed, when I stood up, that the buttons ended mid-thigh and the rest of the length was an open slit. Not to mention the fact that they were real, functional buttons that could be unfastened.

Jonah talked about some crazy customer he had today while he drove, taking the streets at first, then getting onto the highway. Almost as soon as he got on the Belt Parkway he was pulling off again. The sign boasted scenic views of the Verrazano Bridge when he pulled into the small parking lot along the promenade. I’ve been to the promenade many times, especially when I was younger, taking walks with my parents, bringing my rollerblades to skate along the water. It was a walking distance from my house but stretched along the water for several miles. There was a single line of parking spaces and Jonah pulled into one that had empty spots on both sides before cutting the engine.

He executed the same move as last time, unbuckling my seatbelt and pulling me over to himself with an arm around my waist. The streetlights pointed out over the highway leaving the lot in semi-darkness, but I could see that crooked smile on Jonah’s face as he leaned in to kiss me. He knew exactly what he was doing with that mouth and tongue and it had me tingling all over. His large hands held onto me firmly, thumbs brushing over my nipples.

“Why don’t you undo a few buttons for me, Liv.” His voice was deep, almost a growl. My fingers worked quickly to give him access to my breasts. His hand slipped inside, behind me, unsnapping my bra with one hand, blindly, then cupping my breast in his hand while the other hand pushed the hem of my dress up my thigh. . “This is a fucking awesome dress,” he concluded.

His touch was sensational, the way his fingers rolled my nipple with one hand and pressed against my seam, through my panties with the other. I felt like I was splayed out for him against the seat of the car, my head tipped back while his mouth and hands worked me over in tandem.

“Do you like this?” He spoke so close to my lips I could almost feel his moving. I nodded rapidly. “Tell me.”

“I like everything you’re doing,” I pushed the words out breathlessly.

“Good. Do you want me to finger your pussy?” I could feel my face flushing and I nodded again. “Words, Liv, I want to hear you say it.” His tone was assertive but calm.

“Yes,” I told him. I’ve never been exceptionally verbose during sex, never really made much sound at all and the other guys have never commented on it nor tried to get me to vocalize, but Jonah wanted words, more words than I was offering.

“Tell me,” he chuckled, stroking a hand down my cheek. “Say, ‘Jonah, finger my pussy.'” He prompted me. I felt a lump in my throat, some form of embarrassment washing over me at having to say those words out loud. I bit my lip, hesitating. He waited, rubbing his fingers over my panties, his eyes on mine.

“Jonah, finger my pussy,” I finally repeated after him, in a barely audible whisper, “please,” I added.

“Sure, sweetheart. You asked me so nicely,” he stroked my cheek again and kissed my lips, pushing my panties aside and sliding his fingers through my sopping wet folds.

Ok, I couldn’t deny it, that definitely did something for me too, talking to him this way. One of his thick fingers slipped inside me and it felt absolutely amazing. He pulled away slightly and worked on opening his fly with the one hand that wasn’t in me. I reached a hand out to help him, tugging the zipper down. His hard cock jutted out against the thin fabric of his boxers, being released from the restraints of his pants. He added a second finger inside me, making it really hard to concentrate on anything else, but somehow I managed to get a grip on his erection and pull it out through the fly of his boxers. He groaned.

“Can you feel how hard you already have me, Olivia?” He breathed into my ear. “What are you gonna do with this, huh?”

I still felt too timid to find my own words to respond to him. I stroked my hand over his cock, realizing how much bigger he was than the other guys I had been with and that thought nearly tripped me over the edge. My eyes closed, my head tipping back against the seat again.

“You’re so close, aren’t you? You’re gonna come for me, babe?” He continued talking to me. I think I let out some sort of a sound in confirmation, somewhere between a moan and a word. He added the perfect amount of pressure to my clit with his thumb and I was coming. I felt my thigh twitch as escort etimesgut an explosion of pleasure rocked through my body. “That’s it, come for me, sweetheart.” His encouragement seemed to ignite another intense wave of orgasm. “God, you feel so tight coming on my fingers, I can’t wait to feel you coming all over my cock.”

I definitely didn’t anticipate that someone talking dirty to me would be such an incredible turn-on. It came so naturally to him, the words just rolled off his tongue in a fluid, organic manner that didn’t seem like a put-on or acting.

I redirected my attention to his cock, stroking it firmly, rubbing my thumb over the tip, while he played with my nipples. In a rare moment of initiative, I leaned over his cock and took it into my mouth.

“Holy shit, that’s good!” He shifted, his arms spread out on the back of the bench seat in both directions, his legs spread wide in a posture of being entirely relaxed, and I moved up onto the seat, on my knees, next to him, my head bobbing in his lap. I was mentally preparing myself for swallowing cum when Jonah rubbed my back, asking, “Do you wanna go for a ride?”

It took me a second to realize he meant sex. I didn’t reply immediately, a hint of doubt bouncing through me like a pinball. But I really did want to. This had been fun and despite already having a major orgasm delivered by Jonah, I was still incredibly horny and craving more. I lifted my head off his cock to look at his face and nodded. He smiled, his lips pulling to the right.

“Tell me.” Oh God, this again! I did honestly enjoy him talking dirty, but it didn’t come naturally to me. It was difficult to get the words out, but I had to play along. I couldn’t just say that this was beyond me, that I was too shy to say a few dirty things to the guy I’m about to have sex with. Especially after what I just did with my mouth was way dirtier.

“Yeah, I wanna go for a ride,” I choked out.

“You’re so fucking cute,” he shook his head, lifting up slightly and taking a condom out of his back pocket.

I shimmied out of my panties, stuffing them in my purse while he rolled the condom over himself. He moved closer to the center of the bench seat, away from the steering wheel and I climbed over him, straddling him. I put my hands up on his shoulders and before I had a chance to lower myself down onto his dick, he pulled me closer to him and wrapped his mouth around one of my nipples, surprising me. My dress was wide open at the top, the cups of my bra pushed down and my decently sized breasts spilling out over them. After he gave each of my breasts a sufficient amount of attention, he guided me down onto his cock with a hand on my hip.

It was an amazing sensation of having him fill me completely. I lowered myself down, settling in his lap. I couldn’t help but grind my hips instinctively into him, rocking my clit against his body. His hands went to my ass and he grasped onto my butt cheeks, intensifying my movements against him.

Something caught my attention in my peripheral vision, causing me to turn my head and look to the right. There was a car parked next to us now and although there wasn’t much illumination, I could just make out that the window was rolled down and someone was looking in our direction. I stopped moving, my breath catching, and turned back to look at Jonah’s face.

“I think someone’s watching us,” I hissed to him, feeling embarrassed. His face was calm and collected.

“Ignore him,” my eyes swung to the right unwillingly, but Jonah gently took my chin in his hand and pulled my face to look back at his. “Keep your eyes on the guy whose cock you’re riding. Don’t worry about the perv.” He had a small reassuring smile on his face.

“I…” there was a mild panic rushing through me. Part of it was due to feeling exposed, on display, but the other part was asking the question ‘is this actually good enough to watch?’ My eyes fell to my naked breasts and Jonah followed my gaze. He tucked each breast back into the bra cup, moving the edges of my open dress over them.

“Better?” I nodded in agreement. The skirt of my dress covered both of us, though I doubted he’d be able to see much at that angle anyway. “Olivia, it’s OK.” His hands were on either side of my face, his eyes looking right into mine. “I want you to come for me again, sweetheart, all over my cock. I want to feel your pussy milking me.” Yes, that worked to get me moving again, sliding up and down on his cock while he matched me with thrusts from below. “Oh yeah, Liv, that’s so good, keep going, babe.”

I didn’t realize how much this would add to the physical sensation, the way he talked to me. We were slamming hard against each other, his cock hitting the top of my channel. I leaned towards him, changing the angle slightly, and I was coming, hard. The spasms rolling through me seemed uncontrollable, everything between my thighs pulsing.

“Fuck, you got me right there with you, Liv,” Jonah growled. “Argh,” he slammed upwards roughly, elvankent escort “Oh, sweetheart, that’s good.”

We both seemed to be out of breath and sat still for a moment, arms wrapped around each other. He kissed me, tenderly, smiling.

“I’m gonna get you to talk dirty to me, Liv,” he sounded like he was making a resolution.

I climbed off, carefully, and sat on the seat next to him to put myself together, clasping my bra and buttoning my dress. He reached into the back seat for a box of tissues, tying off the used condom and wrapping it in tissues. He tucked himself back in, zipping his pants while I pulled my panties back on under my dress.

“I’m gonna go toss this in the can,” he told me, before opening the car door.

“Hey, that was a great show! Thanks, guys!” The guy in the car next to us called over through his open window. My face flushed, realizing suddenly that he was still there. I had successfully pushed it out of my head for a while.

Jonah closed the door, walking to the edge of the parking lot towards the trash can. He and the guy in the car seemed to exchange a few phrases and the other guy backed out of the parking spot and pulled away before Jonah returned.

“What else did he say to you?” I asked him when he got back in the car. Jonah rolled his eyes, shaking his head.

“He said he was disappointed that I covered up your titties.” My mouth dropped open a little at the brashness of that guy. I would have imagined that he’d be embarrassed to be caught watching us, but that obviously wasn’t the case.

“What did you say to him?”

“Told him to go fuck himself,” Jonah shrugged, turning the engine back on. “Buckle up, sweetheart.”

The way Jonah talked, the way he handled me, his calm confidence were all incredibly attractive. I had to admit, to myself, that having someone watch and actually compliment on what we were doing was a little bit exciting. I wondered how long the guy had been watching before I had noticed him there. Did he see me sucking Jonah’s cock? What would he have seen, from his vantage point and how much would be left to his imagination? I wasn’t ready to admit to Jonah how much all of that turned me on.

We seemed to be in a constant search for places to screw around. The car was ok, but I was reluctant to get fully naked in there. Jonah suggested that we go back to his house when it was really late, after midnight, and his parents and sister would be asleep.

“I have a full-sized bed and a lock on my door,” he tried to convince me.

“You are so loud during sex though,” I poked a finger at his hard chest. He gave me a smug grin.

“I will do my best to keep it down.” I didn’t like the idea. What if we woke someone up? Not to mention the fact that I was getting really into the way he talked dirty to me during sex and I even allowed myself to engage. A little. Baby steps. Jonah always seemed so amused when I said something, which just made me feel self-conscious and as if I was doing it wrong.

I didn’t agree to sneak around at his house. He called me mid-morning one weekday asking what I was up to. He had a midweek day off. I was still looking for work. I had a few interviews that didn’t pan out and was still spending my days sending out dozens of unsolicited resumes to schools or pounding the pavement dropping them off in person. I happened to be home that morning and Jonah suggested he’d come to pick me up cause his house happened to be empty at the moment. Mine wasn’t – my dad was also a teacher and off for the summer. He had been absorbed in his ancestry project, glued to the computer for hours at a time.

“I can be at your place in fifteen if you can be ready to go,” he told me. “Don’t think about it too much, I’m just gonna have you out of whatever you decide to wear as soon as you’re in my room.”

I decided to use the fifteen minutes to take a quick rinse in the shower without getting my hair wet and shave a few key areas. I put on some of my fancier undergarments, a lacy thong and bra, before pulling on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt over them. My hair was still in a messy bun on top of my head, the way I had it in the shower when Jonah rang the doorbell. I slipped my feet into flip-flops and grabbed my purse before calling out to my dad that I was going out, then went to meet Jonah downstairs.

He wore a pair of basketball shorts and an old, faded high school t-shirt that stretched tightly over his chest. We looked each other over. It was probably the most casually we ever dressed when seeing each other. For once, we weren’t going out somewhere, we’d be staying in.

“I like this look on you,” he gestured with his finger, opening the passenger door of his car for me.

“I like this look on you too,” I gestured back at him in reply. He grinned his lopsided grin.

“I’m still gonna relieve you of all those clothes as soon as we are in my room though,” he told me after he got into the car.

He was true to his word. As soon as he closed and locked his bedroom door, his lips crushed against mine and he was peeling off my t-shirt. I didn’t even get a chance to look around his room. The lacey underwear didn’t seem to matter, Jonah had me naked in under a minute. He laid me out on his bed and stood back to look me over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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