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Having the day off, Chris had gotten to several items on the ‘to do’ list, and was watching television in the living room when Alexis got home, “How’s my favorite news reporter?”

Alexis beamed a big smile at him and went over to give him a kiss. “I had an interesting day at work daddy.”

“So I saw.”

Sitting across his lap with her legs off to one side, she pressed her lips to his as he wrapped his arms around her.

“How did I do daddy?” Alexis still felt the same way about her daddy that she did their first night together. When others were around she would call him Chris, but when they were alone it was always her daddy and his little girl. It had been a few years since college and they had grown closer as time had passed. Her friends had accepted them from the start; it had taken a lot longer for her mother.

“You’re getting better and better and you started out pretty dog gone good Lexi.”

Her heart beat a little faster at his praise. “My mom called, she wants us to come over Sunday. I told her we didn’t have Shelly this weekend so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Chris chuckled, “It wouldn’t be a problem even if we had her. Shelly likes you and your mom.”

Alexis knew they didn’t have enough time to do anything, but her tongue still found its way into his mouth. Teasing him was kind of fun too.

Chris got a rush of heat all through his body as he felt her soft lips on his. As she exhaled through her nose her breath felt warm against his cheek. He felt her move her lips a little away from his and then she softly brushed them against his. The sensation was amazing.

Alexis slowly let just the tip of her tongue lick its way over his face and neck finally gently nibbling his earlobe.

“Um,” he softly acknowledged that everything she was doing was sending a message right between his legs.

Alexis could hear his breathing starting to get faster and knew he was getting aroused. “What a shame,” and giggled at his expression as she hopped off of him. “We have to get ready for the party.”

Chris saw her standing there holding her hand out to him. “Oh my,” he reached up and let her help him to his feet. Then he felt her lips pressed to his again.

“Daddy, will you help remind me when we get home, that I want to continue?”

“Yes, but definitely.”

They both went to get ready for Sherry’s office Christmas party. It was being held at the home of Richard Balm, President and General Manager of ZGGO, the news station that Sherry had landed a job with. Actually the real office Christmas party for families would be held in a couple of weeks at the Holiday Inn. Tonight was just for the news personalities and one guest.

Alexis and Chris had been to many company parties together, but it had always been for where he worked. This was the first time they had been to one of hers. Where he worked was having their Christmas party in one week. They were trying to find a way to get together with Ashley, Zoë, Lacy and the others for Christmas as well but it was putting more stress on everyone and they sure didn’t need that, Finally Chris suggested that they all meet in between Christmas and New Year’s for a nice relaxing supper somewhere.

The invitation for the party tonight had said it was casual, black tie forbidden. Chris put on navy blue Dockers and a light blue polo shirt and was going to wait for her in the living room when he heard her call him from the shower.

“Daddy, can you come here for a minute?”

“Sure babe,” he went into the bathroom.

Alexis had wanted to take a shower before changing, but didn’t want her hair to get wet so had protected it.

“What did you want?”

Alexis opened the shower curtain, “You’re sure you won’t forget to remind me to continue when we get back?”

Chris saw her peak around the shower curtain letting him get a tantalizing glimpse of one of her soft breasts and one long slender leg. “Yeah…I’m pretty sure.” He sighed, and headed for the living room.

Alexis walked into the living room wearing a bluish/purple cocktail dress with a modest neckline and a hem that went just above her knees. She was wearing a long, simple necklace that matched her earrings.

Chris always marveled that Alexis went out of her way to play down her beauty; even so, she still looked stunning. He went and held her, “You look lovely.” He would never understand how someone like her wound up with someone like him. He held his arm out to her.

Wrapping her arm around his, she let him escort her to his car. Her smile came from her heart while she waited until he opened the car door for her. Alexis had gotten used to the luxurious feeling of being pampered by him with courtesy, politeness and manners.

Chris drove them out of their neighborhood. Glancing over, he saw her biting her lip, a habit he discovered that she had when her nerves were threatening to take over, “You all right?”

Alexis smiled timidly at him, “Yeah, sort of. Going to Mr. Balm’s home is a pretty big deal.”

“Oh, I’m fairly sure he puts his pants casino şirketleri on one leg at a time in spite of his super powers.” He heard her start laughing. “Better?”


They drove up to the Chestnut Grove Luxury Condominiums and stopped at the guard station.

“May I help you sir?”

Chris smiled up at the man, “We’re here for Mr. Richard Balm’s Christmas party.”

He pulled out a list, “Do you have your invitation? I also need the employee’s driver’s license.”

Chris turned to Alexis, “Now is a lousy time to ask, but did you bring the invitation?”

Alexis chuckled, “Yes.” Opening her satin purse, she brought out the invitation and her driver’s license.

The guard checked that the invitation was real and that her name plus one guest was on the list. “Hey, I recognize you. That interview you gave today with Senator Davis was really good.” He handed the documents back.

“Thank you.” Alexis was all smiles at the praise.

The guard pointed, “Park over there, the party is through that door.”

Laughing, Chris parked the car, “You have a fan, now how cool is that?”

Arm in arm they walked into the room and found the party was going strong.

Mr. Richard Balm greeted them personally. “Here’s our girl, the only field news person of all of our competition to get an interview with Senator Davis.”

Alexis felt herself blush as everyone started clapping, “Mr. Balm this is Chris Schneider. Chris this is my boss Richard Balm, President and General Manager of…” She never got to finish.

Chris grinned, “And the best cook on the planet.”

Richard started laughing, “Yeah, as long as it’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” He grabbed Chris’s hand and shook it. “How have you been?”

“The usual ups and downs. I didn’t realize Alexis worked for you.”

Alexis was shocked, “You two know each other?”

“I was friends with Chris’s big brother and had to make Chris something to eat every now and then.” He brought them over to meet his wife. “This is my wife Laura.” With her hair cut short and dyed, Laura had the look of a woman that had been beautiful when she was younger and was desperately trying to do anything to hold onto it.

“Chris, do you mind if I borrow Alexis for a minute? I need to talk to her about that interview.”

Chris was not the jealous type and right at that moment he was more interested in the band, “Not if you don’t mind me dancing with your wife.”

“Go for it.” Richard led Alexis to an adjoining room to the banquet area. He left the door open, “Sit down. That interview of yours is on the internet and it has gone viral. How did you do it? How did you get Senator Davis to talk to you?”

“I told him that when his opponent broke that story about him, he just stopped campaigning and that he was too important to this city and this state to just give in like that.”

“I heard that part in the interview.”

“I also said it with no camera going when I first asked him for the interview. He told me that what I had said made him feel good and he asked me to use it when I filmed the actual interview. I gave him a list of all of the questions I wanted to ask him and told him if he didn’t like any of them, I wouldn’t use it. Then I gave him and his staff some time to come up with his responses to those questions.”

“Well you did good, real good, and I couldn’t be more pleased.” He had been hearing a commotion from the party, “What is that noise?” They went out to find Chris and Laura dancing and others trying to dance along with them. “They’re doing the tango!”

The dance ended with Chris having Laura in a deep dip, the crowed laughing and clapping. Richard and Alexis had huge smiles as they went to the dancers.

“Chris just loves to dance. I’ve had to take lessons just to keep up.”

Richard chuckled, “Laura, you’re going to be sorry later.”

Laura grinned, “Oh I am already. I just used muscles in my back I didn’t even know I had.”

The evening progressed with the band having to pull out almost everything they knew how to play as Chris made request after request and danced with every woman there. However, he saved most of the slow dances for Alexis and a few for Laura.

In the middle of everyone dining, Richard stood, “I know that most of you have seen the interview with Senator Davis, but considering that it has gone viral on the internet, I want to show it here.”

A large screen flickered. It was attached to a laptop and everyone watched the news segment.


“This is Alexis Yates with ZGGO news at the home of Senator William Davis.” The camera panned back, now having both Alexis and the senator.

“Senator Davis, I want to thank you for agreeing to do this.”

“You’re welcome Alexis.”

“If it is all right, I would like to start with the allegations your opponent has made about you.”

“Fire away.”

Senator when your opponent broke the story about you having an affair with your secretary and your wife finding out which is why she left you, casino firmaları you just stopped campaigning. Sir, you are too important to this city and this state to just give in like that.”

“When he said that, it really hurt. I just sort of wanted to be by myself. You know what I mean?”

“So, is it true?”

“For the record, I have not had an affair with my secretary or anyone else. My wife isn’t with me in Indianapolis which is where we live, because her father is in the hospital in Chicago which is where he lives and she’s there with him.”

“He referred to the congressional record where you voted no on the land fill expansion.”

“Bill 901 was about easing the pollution standards for cities. I voted no, I want people to continue to breathe and not get some lung disease. The landfill was a rider. A senator must vote yes or no on the entire bill. I can’t vote differently on the various parts.”

“So you might have voted yes on the landfill part if you had been given the opportunity?”

Senator Davis smiled, “I guess we will never know.”

“Senator you look tired.”

“It has been a very rough campaign.”

“What about your stores having products from China?”

The senator started laughing, “Every store in the country has products from all over the world. I would love to only sell American made products, but many of my customers want lower price over quality.”

“Senator Davis I’m confused. If these allegations are true then you would be a hypocrite. If they are not true, then your opponent is one. At the end of it all, one of you will be a senator and will have the title of ‘Honorable’.”

“I’m afraid running for a political office can sometimes be a dirty business. Some people will say and do anything. While I have never done this, I have no control of how my opponent runs his campaign.”

“Senator Davis, this has been enlightening for myself and I hope for everyone watching. Good luck on your re-election.”

“Thank you, Alexis.”

“This is Alexis Yates with ZGGO news and Senator William Davis, back to you Dan.”

The monitor was turned off, and everyone was going crazy. Alexis was filled with pride but it was easy for her to tell that the person giving her the most praise was Chris.

The partiers had been treated to an elegant yet festive meal. There was a huge decorated tree with a present for every employee plus their guest. The board of Directors had put together a book of available items and the employees had selected one for themselves and one for their significant other or had them pick it out.

It was late Friday night before the party ended. Most people left shortly after the presents were given out. Richard had asked Chris and Alexis to stay. He hadn’t finished talking to Alexis before when Chris and his wife’s dancing had interrupted them.

Even though most of the partiers had left, the band would keep playing until midnight and then they were done. Everyone was gone but Richard, Laura, Alexis and Chris. Richard again led Alexis to the room he had used before and left Chris and Laura alone. Again, he left the door open.


“Laura, can I have one last dance before this all comes to an end?”

Laura smiled, “I’d love to.” She watched as he went to talk to the band. There was an attraction between the two of them, she had felt it the moment he had touched her with his hand.


Alexis commented about the door. “How come you leave the door open?”

“I wouldn’t do anything anyway, but I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.”


Laura wrapped her arms around Chris as they moved to the rhythm of the slow dance he had asked for, “I haven’t had that much fun dancing in years.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I get carried away when I’m dancing.”


“Alexis, we’ve gotten calls from the mayor, the governor and a bunch of others all wanting you to interview them. That Mark Pointer that is running against Senator Davis practically demanded he get equal time.”


Laura put her head on his shoulder and kissed his cheek, “I am positively tingling. I haven’t felt like this in a long time.”

Chris was getting a little nervous, “It was a great party.”


“Alexis, people have responded to the positive way you depicted the senator and they are clamoring for more of it. I want to have you do at least one a week.”


Laura kissed his lips. “I was kind of hoping that we could see each other every now and then.”

Chris needed to get away from her! “Mrs. Balm, I had fun dancing with you.”


“Alexis, you’re going to need a larger office and an assistant that can help you with all of the scheduling details and such. Oh yeah, we need to come up with some catchy label for the segments.”

Alexis was all smiles, “Thank you Mr. Balm.”


Laura was getting upset, she didn’t like not getting her own way. “You couldn’t dance with me like this and not want us to be together.”

Chris pushed away from güvenilir casino her, “Mrs. Balm, it was just dancing!”


Richard and Alexis had heard Chris raise his voice. “What in the word is going on out there?” They both stopped talking, walked out of the room and just stood there listening.

“Chris, don’t misunderstand me, I just want for us to get together every now and then. I don’t want to break you and her up.”

“Mrs. Balm, I don’t want to get together with you!”

Laura looked to make sure her husband wasn’t around. “Look, you are not the first person I’ve had a fling with.” Hidden by a column, she couldn’t see that her husband and Alexis were watching and listening to every word.

Alexis saw a look of pain on Richards face, it reminded her of Chris when he had told everyone about him not having room in his life for a wife with a boyfriend.

Somewhere in the middle of everything the band had stopped playing.

Chris felt revulsion as he backed up trying to get away from her, “You’re a married woman and I would never have sex with you. I wouldn’t do that to another guy. Even if I would, Richard is a friend of my family, I could never do that to him. Most important of all is Alexis. I love her, I am never going to hurt her like that!”

Richard had heard enough and led Alexis back to his wife and Chris.

Laura heard them coming and started screaming, “Richard he tried to get me to meet him somewhere!”

Richard glared at his wife, “SHUT UP!” He shook Chris’s hand while his other hand went to his shoulder. “Thanks Chris. I guess women don’t understand the guy code.”

Chris harrumphed, “A lot of guys don’t either.” He looked at Alexis, “We need to go.”

As they got to their car, Chris was visibly shaken and gave the keys to Alexis. “Could you please drive?”

“Sure,” she drove them back home; they didn’t say a word to each other. Pulling into the driveway, Alexis became even more worried when he put his head in his hands and cried.

She just sat with him in the car until his tears were finished. They walked into the house but this time they didn’t hold hands and he didn’t hold the door for her.

Alexis had never seen Chris like this; it was as if he were in a trance or something. He went in, sitting on the couch not bothering to even turn the lights on. She wanted to help him but had to wait for him to be able to let her. Sitting next to him in the dark house…she waited.

The sounds of the winter night filled the room. The cold December wind outside was blowing against the windows. The furnace had kicked on rustling curtains as the room filled with warm air.

His voice sounded very small, and he talked as if he was far away. “I had left work early to surprise my wife. I was actually whistling as I stopped by a florist to pick up some flowers for her. It was no special occasion; I just wanted to remind her how much I still loved her.”

“Pulling up at my house I noticed that there was a truck parked in his driveway. I grabbed the flowers thinking that it was a repair person of some kind.”

“Opening my front door, I felt like I was going to die. I could clearly hear sounds coming from our bedroom. I recognized the sounds of Ellen having sex.”

“I was in shock. Forcing myself, I slowly made my way down the hall. Looking into our bedroom my heart felt like it had been ripped from my chest. There was my wife having sex with someone else.”

Alexis felt her heart aching for him. She wanted to put her arms around him, to give comfort. But, somehow she knew that the best thing that she could do was to let him get this out, so she did nothing.

“I couldn’t think. I just stood there watching, not really believing it was happening. Somehow my cell phone found its way out of my pocket and into my hand. I pointed it at them and pushed record.”

“After a little bit, I put the phone away and yelled, “HONEY, I’M HOME!”

“Ellen screamed. The guy ripped himself out of her and ran naked to the bathroom, closing and locking the door. Sitting up, she covered herself from the neck down with a sheet and started crying I’m sorry.”

“I told her she was only sorry that she been caught, other than that she didn’t care at all.”

“Then she told me that he didn’t mean anything to her.” Chris gave a sarcastic laugh, “Like that was supposed to make me feel better. I told her that she had just torn me apart and destroyed our marriage by having sex with someone that didn’t mean anything to her. I asked her if I was supposed to believe that he or someone else hadn’t been in that bed with her before. That he was just driving by and she flagged him down and asked him if he wanted to fuck?”

“Ellen had stopped crying by then. She calmly watched me go to our closet and take out a suitcase. I was feeling of all mixed up inside and I tossed the flowers to her. As I packed my clothes. I had an awful pain right here,” and he patted his chest, “my heart was breaking.”

Alexia was crying in response to Chris’s tears and the pain she saw in his eyes.

“I walked over to the still locked bathroom door and told him that I wasn’t going to beat him up, even though he deserved it. I told him to get his things and get out. In any case, I needed to get my stuff from in there.”

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