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Katie made her way into the kitchen just as she heard the explosion of emotions coming from beyond the closed doors leading to the back patio.

“Welcome to a crazy house, Katie,” Monique said and giving her a hug. “I’m sorry for being all business there but I needed to keep him out of sight from Rachel until the two of the get things sorted out.” She pointed with her head to the back patio.

“I understand Mrs. Johnson.”

“I saw Tianna gave you the tube. What do you think about the boy’s cock? Nice isn’t it?”

“Impressive to say the least.”

Monique giggled. “He’ll be hard now for several hours. It doesn’t take much of that stuff to keep him at attention.”

“What is that cream anyway?”

“Basically testosterone and some other natural ingredients. I order it online by the case. Mostly he uses it,” she pointed to Michael.

“Hi Mr. Johnson.” Michael came and welcomed her warmly, his strong arms squeezing her slender frame.

“Hi Katie. It’s so good to have you visit.”

“Thank you!”

Just then there was another burst of screams out back.

Michael commented. “Things are going from bad to worse out there.”

“I feel bad,” Katie said. “I mean, Tianna told me about her, but still, she drove all this way.”

“I know and Tianna hasn’t heard it all. When she’d done I’m going to have to give my girl the same lecture she giving Rachel.”

“Oh?” Katie said and asked. “Did she do something wrong?”

Monique flashed one of those sarcastic smiles. “Just a little. I’m not going to kill her but it won’t be pretty.”

“Oh!” she said again. “I’ll make myself busy outside.”

“That won’t be necessary. We can have our chat upstairs. It won’t take that long.”

Just then they heard the back door slam shut. A few seconds later Tianna stormed into the kitchen.

“Did you two come to an understanding?” Monique asked.

Katie watched Rachel through the doorway. She stood outside with her hands covering her face. She was sobbing so hard her body was visibly shaking. Excusing herself she went out through the patio. Monique watched the beautiful blonde put her arm around Rachel in a vain attempt to console her.

“I sent her away,” Tianna said watching the scene as well. “I wasn’t about to give him back. There was no way I was going to let her cart him home.”

“You did the right thing. I’m not sure you did it the right way, but you did what you had to. Now let it go. It’s over. She’ll be fine – eventually.”

“I hope so.”

“Tianna,” Monique added, “she is a beautiful woman with an obvious dominant personality. She comes from a great family. She’ll find another one. You know that as well as I do.”

Tianna listened. Her mom was right. But it was still hard to separate herself from the emotions of her argument with the younger girl.

“Dad, can I get whatever is for dinner. I’m starving!”

Monique let her daughter eat in peace knowing there would be another discussion to follow. The day had been a whirlwind and was far from over. Not only was she relying on inadequate sleep from their late night at the club but there was Jordy and Rachel to consider. Monique watched her stab several green beans. She was certain she was still stewing over Rachel and her intent to steal Travis. Inwardly she sighed. She was about to detonate yet one more bomb in this already chaotic day for her daughter. Looking out through the kitchen window she saw Katie with her arm around Rachel. They were heading around to the front of the house. Monique assumed Katie was escorting her to her car. She had a long ride ahead and hoped, for her sake, the traffic wouldn’t be too bad.

It took Katie almost ten minutes before she calmed Rachel enough that she could talk coherently. Feeling utterly distraught because her planned heist had gone completely off the tracks she wept in the side yard behind the privacy of a blue spruce. She didn’t want to abandon Travis yet realized there was no way she’d ever find him. Who knows where the bitch had him hid. Only when Katie offered to accompany her to a place where they could talk did she concede leaving the premises.

“I can’t believe she did this to me,” She said looking at her bloodshot eyes in a compact mirror.

Katie watched her from the passenger’s seat. She stroked her arm and handed her several Kleenex.

“Take your time Rachel. Fix your makeup. Let’s get out of here when you’re ready. I think there’s an Italian place down the road and to the right. I ate there once. It’s dark and no one will even notice you’ve been crying. You’ll like it and the foods great.”

Katie and Rachel were escorted to a private corner booth. The dinner rush was soon to start but occupying a table for an extended period was not something Katie wanted to worry about. When they were seated she informed the host they might be here for some time and promised to leave a healthy tip to whoever waited on their table. She didn’t want the wait-staff to bother them an hour from now casino şirketleri and thought addressing the situation up front was the better option.

Two hours, a glass of wine and plate of some of the best lasagna in the area later, Katie and Rachel left. The evening was still young so making the long drive to Connecticut was something Rachel could still do.

Katie insisted on walking home. She knew if Rachel dropped her off she’d only start crying again. The girls hugged for a long time beside her mustang before parting and promised to keep in touch.

Katie waived and watched Rachel’s taillights blend in with the hundreds of others on the busy thoroughfare that was Lansdowne’s Main Street. Having defused an intensely emotional young woman, she felt pretty good about how things had self resolved given the explosive circumstances of her visit. Mostly, it was a matter of helping Rachel understand that going to college wasn’t as bad as she was making it out to be. Although there was some definite insecurity fueling her decision and feelings, Katie more than adequately answered her questions. She talked with first-hand knowledge of the college life that awaited her.

Over dinner their conversation moved from Travis to femdom. Rachel wasn’t sure if Katie had any clue what real female dominance and male submission was all about but after telling her about the course she took as well a story or two about her neighbor-friend, Rachel realized she was talking to a woman who understood. Feeling comfortable with Katie’s nonjudgmental demeanor, she shared some of her fondest memories about Travis. Although one involved them making out and sharing his cream, most of her recollections centered on Travis’ submissive qualities; ones Katie already was well aware via his letters. It was his kind-heartedness, his devotion, his willingness to put her first, and the way he endeared himself that Rachel missed most.

Katie could see by the way she spoke there was more than a puppy-love emotion at work. Rather, there was a deep appreciation for him as a potential suitor. Reiterating several times, her intention as well as the expectation from her mother that she’d find a slave to love, Rachel believed Travis might just be that very man who would love and serve her. Helping her realize there was no need to make a decision immediately, Katie encouraged her to wait. Travis too, she argued, needed time to grow and mature both as a young man and submissive.

As Katie and Rachel talked, Katie gained a deeper understanding of the heart of the guy she had been emailing. Rachel enabled her to see deeper into the depth of his many appealing character qualities and Katie, although here to console a troubled girl, found herself becoming more interested in this handsome boy with the magnificent cock.

It was then when she knocked on the Johnson’s front door. Michael answered, standing before her naked and aroused. Katie’s eyes flew to his thick cock and then back to his eyes.

“Come in Katie. Don’t mind me. I’m always hard.”

“I didn’t expect, uh, I wasn’t sure, I’m sorry for staring.” She burst into laughter, causing Michael to do the same. He welcomed her back warmly and embraced Tianna’s guest.

Closing the door he placed her small hand on his thick pulsating member and held it there, letting her hand remain under his. “Monique tells me to do this to quell any reservations women might have when they first see me naked. It’s her way of using me to let you know it’s OK to both look and touch.” He removed his hand. “I really don’t even think twice about being undressed anymore.”

Katie held the thick black cock for a few seconds more after he let go. He was indeed gifted and she felt the radiating warmth of his beast. “You have quite the cock.” She said releasing her grip.

“Thank you. Now come in, you’re just in time for the next act. It’s taking place upstairs but you shouldn’t go up.” They could hear Monique and Tianna vigorously going at it. Michael shook his head. “I think all hell broke loose here today.”

“I missed something?”

Michael gave her a queer look. “That’s an understatement.”

“Are you planning to use all my hot water, boy?”

“Just getting out now, Chevonne,” Jordy called.

Two minutes later he came out wearing only a bath towel. He found Chev waiting with arms crossed and leaning against the wall opposite the bathroom door. “No, no, no, no,” she said wagging her finger. “Subs don’t walk around my house dressed. Put that towel in the hamper.” She could see his arousal poking through the fabric of the plush cotton material already.

Jordy jumped when Chev clapped her hands. “On your knees! And follow me.” Jordy dropped the towel, leaving it in the hallway carpet and assumed the position.

Chevonne proceeded to walk him down to the first floor, through the various rooms, down to the basement and back up to her bedroom. After making him do pushups and sit ups until failure she reclined on the bed and stared back at the clean casino firmaları shaven man. As with Travis he had showered using the hair-removal lotion required of all subs under the Johnson family care. Additionally the beard was no more. Chev thought the look was quite pleasing. He was indeed a good looking guy.

“You don’t have your friends’ exquisite cock but you’ll do.”

Jordy gave her an odd stare as if not understanding her words.

“Your hiking partner has an amazing cock. It’s like this long,” she said holding up both hands to show him just how big. “Yours on the other hand is just a little above average although I like how thick it is. Thick is always good.”

“Does that mean you like it?”

She laughed. “Like it? I like seeing you jerk off. Why don’t you go get your towel and jerk off for me? Go ahead. Get your towel and cum all over it. Let’s see how much cum those little balls of yours makes.”

“Are you serious?”

“Get the towel asshole before I lose my patients.”

Jordy didn’t move. “I’m not jerking off for you. That’s crazy.”

“OK then how about you sit down and lean against the wall for me. Think you can do that?”

Chev stood, stripped off her top to reveal her pert C-cup breasts and stood with her feet on either side of him. She had something in her hand but Jordy hadn’t noticed.

“Can you smell my pussy? Do you think you can do that for me?” She asked leaning forward to within an inch of his nose and watching him inhale. “I’ll let you squeeze my tits if you can reach them. Come on smart ass. I’m giving you a treat I don’t give just anyone.”

His hands shot up. Finding her nipples he pinched and squeezed until they hardened into knots. “I see you like my titties?” she teased. Why don’t you smell my pussy while you grope me?” Chev pressed her sex into him, blocking his vision. With lightning speed she cuffed both wrists together before he had a chance to even move. Then with impressive strength, she pushed him to his stomach and knelt with her full weight on his back.

“Now look who I have?”

“What are you doing?” Jordy called not thinking much of her kinky play.

“Just lay there and shut up and let me have my fun,” she answered playfully. She felt Jordy relax. Reaching into the nearby nightstand she retrieved another set of cuffs and secured them around his ankles. That’s when she saw the smile vanish.

“You are into kink aren’t you?” He asked not liking the feel of having both his arms and legs bound.

Chev stepped on the back of his neck until he cried out in pain.

“Stop it!!” He yelled when her heal dug with increasing force into the muscles adjacent to his spine. He could do nothing and she was unrelenting with her pressure. With his strength diminished she grabbed his cuffed hands and tied a length of bathrobe cord to the link between the wrist-cuffs, pulled them back over his head and stood on his lower back. All 125 pounds of her lean weight pressed painfully into him. Jordy yelled as the pain zapped him of his strength again. Chev slipped the cord between the ankle cuffs and pulled. His body bent backward as she shortened the distance between the two cuffed extremities. When she had adequately hog-tied him she stepped off him and glared down at her prisoner.

“Look at you. You have a hard on!” You loved this!” Jordy’s arms were stretched backward with his wrists now somewhere above his shoulder blades. His knees remained flexed and his back was bent painfully back. He resembled a human teeter totter.

“I don’t love it! You’re going to dislocate my shoulders. Let me go!”

“Do you think you’re the first one I’ve done this too? You’ll be fine.”

“This hurts! It really does Chev,” he pleaded.

“It’s going to hurt a hell of a lot more if you don’t figure a way to get down those steps in the next 5 minutes.” She pointed in the direction of the stairs. “Don’t make me come get you.” Chevonne opened the stopwatch function on her phone, programmed it and hit the start button. She held it up so he could see the seconds ticking off. “Time’s a wasting. You better hurry up. I’ll be downstairs watching for when you come sliding down.” She giggled evilly and left.

Unable to free himself he arched and rocked, moving an inch or two at a time. He made it out through the bedroom door and then headed down the hall. Chev called out the time out as each minute ticked by. Finally he made it to the very crest of the stairs just as she yelled.

“One minute!”

Closing his eyes and grimacing, Jordy forged ahead. He knew this was going to hurt but he feared what she might do even more. Weighing the alternative he rocked forward. There was no stopping the inevitable and a moment later he cascaded down, his cock and balls impaling on the many step edges. Chev stood in the hallway with her mouth covered. She was unable to restrain from hysterically laughing as he came tumbled toward her. He lay on his side now groaning. Chev still giggled at his predicament.

“C’mon there big boy. güvenilir casino You still have one more flight to go. I’ll help you on this one.”

“No! Please Chev?” He begged.

But Chev was resolute in her mission. She hauled him by the bath cord across the carpet and then the hallway tile until putting him at the threshold of another set of steps.

“Here you go. You haven’t felt anything big boy. These are going to hurt.”

Jordy looked at the bare 2×10 plank treads and the concrete floor that loomed at the bottom. “No!” He screamed when he felt her push him unmercifully over the edge.

He tumbled down, luckily staying on the steps and not careening off to one side or the other. At the bottom he lay in a heap. Chev sat on the top step with her hands across her thighs. She let him lye there groaning and yelling profanities. He couldn’t see her and she just let him get it all out. After about ten minutes she headed down to examine him. He sustained several scrapes on his chest and on one side of his face. All in all, he made it with only bruises and they would heal sooner or later.

“Boy, you have only started to comprehend what pain is.”

“What are you going to do with me?”

“I’m going to hang you up for the night,” she said calmly.

“What?” He said looking up; his head still resting against the cold cement.

“I’m going to hang you up. See? I’m going to use this,” she held up a long length of heavy chain. “Look up there. I got things all ready for you.” She pointed to the pulley through which she intended to feed the chain through.

While Jordy begged and pleaded, Chevonne carefully attached the end of the chain around his wrist cuffs. The other end was fed through the pulley bolted between the rafters. When she had pulled as hard as she could, she secured it to the wall. That’s when she untied the bathrobe cord. His body sprung free and Jordy scrambled to his feet. He was fast but he wasn’t as fast as Chevonne. She had done this many times and was ready for his anticipated move. As soon as he got up she used his momentum against him. Grabbing the chain she pulled just as he stood. His momentum along with her body weight yanking down forced him up so high he ended up standing his tippy toes.

“Haa! You fool. I knew you’d do that. What do you think I’m an idiot? Now look at you!”

“You bitch!” he said in response. It didn’t matter what he said. He was screwed. He watched Chevonne slip a link into a bracket already drilled into the block wall. He was left suspended and utterly at her mercy.

“Why are you doing this? Who are you?”

“I knew I forgot something.” Finding what she wanted, she forced a ball-gag into his mouth and clamped it behind his head. “That should keep the noise down to a tolerable level. Don’t you think?”

Jordy screamed through the gag but only muffled cries were heard. Chev smiled, pleased at her work.

“You were so easy, and just think, you could have jerked off all over that towel if you had only obeyed me. Of course,” she said nonchalant, “I would have still cuffed you and strung you up but you’d have had the satisfaction of cumming. I’m sure it’s been awhile.”

Jordy said something she couldn’t comprehend.

“See you Jordy. I have things to do.” She headed up the steps, turned off the light and closed the door.

Typing the text: “Jordy secured in basement,” she hit the SEND button.

The text from her sister came through just as Tianna finished eating. She passed on the news to her mom. Jordy was the only good thing that happened today and that made her smile. All that remained was making a phone call. Then she’d get her payment and then she could send Travis on his way south to wherever he was going.

The thought of letting him go so he could finish his trip and possibly return to Rachel by Christmas actually made her feel good inside. She knew Rachel cared about the boy and he was far too young for her to even consider bringing into her life. She even felt a pang of guilt in how she handled the entire situation with Rachel but she had been such as bitch about the whole thing that there was no way she’d stoop to caving to her wishes. Travis needed to remain out of sight while she handled the irate girl and wait to see him again once he finished this venture of his.

“Have you seen Katie?” Ti asked some minutes later.

“She’s with Rachel. I saw the two of them head out in her car.”

“That’s odd. I wonder where they went.”

Monique shrugged and turned away, ignoring her daughter. Not thinking much about the muted response Tianna picked at her food thinking of how long she’d have to babysit Jordy. Hopefully she could call this evening and set up a rendezvous and get the guy off her hands.

Something was up with her parents though. She could sense it. Studying them she watched Michael and Monique standing at the far corner of the kitchen speaking quietly. Actually Monique was doing the talking while Michael listened. Something wasn’t right. No sooner had she finished dinner then Monique spoke, “Leave your plate. You know your father will clean it up.”

“What’s wrong?” Tianna asked. “You’ve been brewing over something ever since I got rid of Rachel.”

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