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Joan was sitting in their shared office, at a large desk against the wall of the accounting office. She was focused intently on typing, wearing a pair of reading glasses perched precariously on the edge of her elfish nose. Her blonde hair was short, but elaborately arranged, and she wore a familiar vanilla perfume that brought back memories of working with her in the past.

She was in her mid-50s or early 60s, and had great skin and a plumpish cheeks that made her easily look fifteen years younger. She was around 5’6, and had thick legs that were always exposed beneath a skirt and sheathed in nude pantyhose. Her voluptuous, inverted heart shaped ass was always bound in a tight skirt that tapered to a small waist with a relatively flat stomach that seemed to maintain its fitness from having to perpetually support her massive upper body.

People throw around terms like macromastia. But her breasts were simply gigantic, mountainous features on her curvy frame, and no matter what she wore, they were perched outward, and yet bound against her with taunt fabric, making them seem to protrude and perpetually bulge, emphasizing her hourglass figure, making it seem like she had another dimension everyone else seem to lack. It was the first feature anyone noticed about her, she was like dolly pardon, and either the natural shape of her breasts, or her love of “bullet” bras, always kept them reaching straight out, defying gravity. They very often reduced men clumsy and dumfounded, or overly talkative, and with walking hard-ons as they would stare entranced at her bodacious, voluptuous body.

Honestly, she was the perfect person to hand deliver the bill to clients. When he asked he always seemed to get the runaround yet creditors always seemed to have the money for her. Otherwise, as sexy as she was, she had no mind for accounting. She wasn’t as detail-orientated as the job required, and now that he was back on payroll, he was tasked with getting the accounting department back on track.

Working with Joan in the past had been fun and stress free. She would generally defer to him in most matters, and he would give her fairly tasks he knew she was good at completing. In the past, as much as he hated the firm, he enjoyed being in command in his office. Joan was quiet, for the most part, and gave him her undivided attention, commenting often on his life and actions, always interested in conversation and never seeming judgmental. And she was particularly interested in, and was always willing, to listen to his problems with women, what he wanted out of life, and especially his elaborate retellings of his weekends. She was supportive, listened closely, and commented often. She listened like a therapist.

To be perfectly honest, more than anything, she loved to make him blush, and would make everything vaguely sexualized, or would make double entendres, or just joke about abducting him and taking him home with her. He always assumed it was to keep his self-esteem up- to keep him from being too morose, or out of enjoyment from making him squirm from her relentless teasing. He never actually thought for a moment she was serious with her flirtation. But his love of huge tits did make him fantasize about her body many an evening after work. He’d masturbate in the shower, recounting her teasing as he fantasized about freeing her breasts from her blazer, blouse, and bra. From his past days working with her, he’d lasciviously watched her so many times without her knowledge over the years that her silhouette was permanently burned into his memory, but today, as he walked behind her desk and she turned to him from transcribing, he once again glimpsed her enormous chest perching precariously far from her body, with those rounded, tightly curving, white orbs of fabric stretching over her barely visible, but obviously elaborate, lacey brazier underneath that thin satin-like material of her blouse, he was frozen in place, completely shook to his core.

The micron thick fabric of her blouse outlined her torso so perfectly, with that blouse stretched to capacity and her impossible waist, she looked almost like a Victorian woman, he zoomed in and focused on her sexy underwear and could picture perfectly how the raised design in the rough woven texture of her bra would feel against every ridge of his fingertips as he mentally smoothed his hands over and under, exploring the curves of her ample bosom. He imagined his fingertips occasionally touching the cold, yet warm, creamy white skin of her cleavage, with his eyes and his vivid imagination. He looked hard at her body. For a moment, time seemed to stop.

As his eyes licked over the wide bust and her body one last time. He realized he didn’t know how long it had taken him to make it to her face, but when he did, he saw her smiling, nodding, blinking knowingly at him. He became flushed, laughed nervously and shrugged, telling her it was good to see her again. She nodded, smiling even more.

“I güvenilir bahis see that.” She said blinking again, smirking, and stealing one long look at his lower body before turning back to her work.

He looked down, seeing a bulge from his half-hard penis, contorted and bunched up as it inflated beneath the thin wool fabric of his trousers. He quickly adjusted himself, blushed more, and slowly sat down at his chair. Embarrassed, he compulsively began to organize his desk, waiting for the tension to ease, before finally making small talk.

The two caught up on life, as he transitioned to work-mode, beginning to ask questions about the current state of the accounts and the general finances of the firm; office related topics. She confessed that she had not been using the excel spreadsheets he’d created, and instead, had been keeping everything recorded on paper ledger, reverting back to a system that he helped replace years ago. After first thinking they could somehow easily upload the information from the bank records into their system, he soon came to see that it would not be so easy and that every transaction would have to be entered by him, with explanation, by hand. Realizing this, he sighed hard and embraced his fate, and began to manually enter in receipts and transactions. Joan, apologetic, helped along, reading the recipients and amounts, explaining the history behind many of the recorded items when needed, from memory, and her written records. The two talked and worked along side each other for hours.

Half the day went by, and boxes of expando-files were being emptied and sorted. Eventually, Joan took off her shoes, rubbing her feet and ankles as she read receipts. In nothing but her white blouse, nude stockings and pencil skirt, she got on her hands and knees digging through the contents of bankers-boxes scattered all over the carpeted floor. She would read the contents to him from one box and scoot over to another and read aloud, and he would enter the information. It soon got to be relatively efficient and they obviously still liked working together as a team, joking occasionally, and teasing each other with new and some really old private jokes.

He would stare down at her from the desk, looking down her plunging shirt when she was on her hands and knees. Her blouse had unbuttoned a bit at some point, exposing the full, round tops of her boobs, orbing overflowing her lacey bra into a deep cleavage that he couldn’t help but sneak glimpses of. The supple whiteness of her skin and enormity of her chest viscerally enthralled him as her quad-boob spilled over in excess. Joan’s tits seemed to dangle almost as if loose, swaying with her every crawling movement, wobbling and bouncing, even within that massive bra. They were jiggling as she spoke and brushing against objects whenever she moved; it was slowly driving him crazy.

Just after 12:45 PM, she crawled over to him on all fours. Her breasts swayed wildly, individually, pendulously, as she crawled and then reared up, sashaying on her knees closer to him, her shoulders moving back and forth, he suddenly pictured milk in her massive breasts, swishing and swashing. He was already so very turned even before she nearly tripped on her skirt; her breasts momentarily almost leaping out of her blouse, the mere sight of the motion making him rock solid.

As she came up to his desk, she mindlessly propped her juggs on top of his leg as he sat at the computer, and she continued to read a long list of transactions as if completely unaware what she had done and that they were now touching. The warm soft mounds softly molded around and settled on top of his leg with amazing softness and heft. As she spoke, her breasts rose and fell gently, her cleavage heaving with her every slightly labored breath, as the smell of her light sweat and vanilla scent filling his nose. He suddenly became uncomfortably hard, his erection quickly rising, pushing and lifting the wool of his trousers before scraping against the side and then tip of Joan’s long, tubular breasts, with only thin fabrics of wool, blouse, and bra between. The instant it occurred she shifted her gaze slightly side eyeing him with a subtle jesters smile, pausing only slightly, as she continued to read the long list of dates and amounts. He swallowed hard as he realized that she definitely felt his cock rise and slide up against her chest.

Blushing and breathing heavy, he began to feel hot, he stopped typing and pulled his hands away from the keyboard. The feel of her massive tits against his leg continued to make his blood boil and fuel his raging hard-on. His eyes narrowed as he paused before deliberately turning and looking over at her, slightly panting. He smiled innocently, “I lost track somewhere. I think I may have gotten distracted.” He nervously chuckled, licking and then biting his lip.

She pushed her chest into his leg a bit more, squeezing two orbs of flesh from her bra, punishing güvenilir bahis siteleri her tits into his leg, another button on her blouse straining, and then explosively snapping open. Her breasts heaved hypnotically as he stared at the creamy white skin around her deep cleavage, His pupils dilated as he openly daydreamed, imagining suckling and gently gnawing at her nipples. Tasting her.

Her face held a slight smirk as she arose from her knees in front of him with just her muscular legs powering her up, as if in a display of fitness before him. His face was suddenly directly in front of her protruding chest, his eyes, just inches from her massive, deep white cleavage cradled by her low cut blouse.

“I guess we’ll just have to start again,” she said her face close to his ear, as she pulled up her chair and sat closer to him. “At this rate, we could be here all night.” The sexual tension was incredibly palpable at that moment. Adjusting her pencil skirt higher, he saw how it bunched up high her legs exposing shapely legs wrapped in a garter belt and the frilly design of lacey stockings curving around each of her bare, round and smooth thighs.

He tried to keep his distance by reading from boxes as she entered the information. But several times, his hand “inadvertently” brushed the sides of her breasts as he put down a receipt or a transaction list on the desk. Each time, he felt his heart race faster feeling the soft cushion of her pliant tits against the back or sides of his arm, hand, or fingers.

At one point, he shifted his weight, loosing his balance, putting his hand momentarily on the underside of her right breast before quickly sliding around and briefly patting her upper thigh. He was apologetic but drank up every single curve. Later, he leaned over her shoulder smelling vanilla around her hair, lasciviously breathing onto the pearl choker around her neck, so close their faces almost touched.

She never once acted like she noticed and because of that he was becoming more and more brazen. With each innocent encounter, he upped the ante, touching higher, brushing against longer, fingertip fondling, open palm patting, and giving brief “friendly” shoulder massages. The day was flying by, and they were both having more and more fun with one another, and in spite of some misgivings, his lust blinded him to where he was and caused him to take even greater risks to see what he could get away with. She was well aware of his every deliberate fondling action and occasionally, secretly rolled her eyes at the more obvious, clumsy gestures, but the more liberties he took, the more turned-on Joan became, and the more she wanted to indulge herself seducing him as far as she could.

The two took a 15 minute break where he got on the floor with her and began to give her a foot massage. Using his strong hands on her feet, smoothing his thumbs over her sore arches, he reveled in the soft, smoothness of her stockings as he kneaded and groped her feet, thick ankles, and muscular, fleshy calves. She moaned constantly as he massaged. Every time she let out a sigh or made her lips vibrate in satisfaction, he became slightly more turned on. He wasn’t alone.

After their break, he was so horny he wasn’t even focusing on work anymore. He was actually spending a considerable amount of thought to planning his next actions, so blinded by his desire to grope and fondle her further, he waited for the right opportunity, and when it came, open-palmed, he traced and explored the full curvature along the full side of her right breast, from her ribs to the tip of her nipple, soaking in every ripple of lace enveloping her massive, squishy bosom. He pretended to slip again as he reached for a stack of papers, momentarily losing his balance completely, steadying himself with her ample chest and stealing a tit-squeeze, of the kind that he could only have lustfully dreamed of prior to this moment, he released his grip before pushing off, and sort of fell back into a chair a few feet away. When the grope occurred, he could swear Joan let out a satisfied exhale. His cock began to harden again at the realization of what had just happened. He was exhilarated. His pupils completely dilated. He could still feel her breast in the palm of his hand, every groove and contour of the pattern of her bra rubbing along each of his fingers, now a memory burned into his brain. He nervously turned to her as he began to realize that the action was a bit too brazen, too clumsy, too obvious, and after a moment of awkward silence, he sheepishly locked eyes with her.

“You’re bad.” She said simply while looking back, gaze unblinking, waiting for his eyes with a ferocious lust in her own. She then began biting her bottom lip as she patted the chair closest to her. He moved over, sat down, and immediately felt the side of her breast being mashed into his arm, this time she was rubbing her breast up and down against his bicep, deliberately pushing iddaa siteleri her soft flesh over and over into him as she continued to read a new list, this time with a sultry take on almost every line item, or at times, a coquettish innocence with a high pitched voice pouting her lips. He struggled to be productive, to type, and maintain his attention. His cock was so hard it began to hurt.

After a few minutes of this agonizing bliss, Stephanie came in to the room, whipping the door open, bursting into the room like a gust of wind, surprising them as she often does.

“So! How’s it going? You guy’s being productive? How’d you like being back?” she said in a torrent, before suddenly grimacing, freezing, and scrunching her face up, twisting her upper lip to one side.

“Um… Working kind of close, huh guys?” She said noticing the two, arms closely touching, while sitting side-by-side at the long desk.

“We’ve got a good system going,” He said unfazed, pointing at the computer screen away from Joan and then to some of the some open already sorted boxes behind them and completed stacks of papers surrounding them, before looking directly back to Stephanie as if Joan didn’t even exist. Stephanie was meanwhile quietly, frantically, gesturing and mouthing to Joan that her blouse had become unbuttoned as he pointed at the computer screen and looked away to boxes. Stephanie looked mortified and her eyes became huge and confused, her forehead creasing together.

“Oh!” Joan finally said, acting surprised, chuckling and quickly closing up only one of the two exploded buttons.

He acted not to have noticed any of it and asked Stephanie if she had ordered lunch yet, changing the subject.

Stephanie, distracted by the question, sank her narrow ass down in the “guest chair” by the office door and saying she hadn’t, she began retelling how little she hadn’t eaten that day, and how hungry she was. The new topic seemed to momentarily take her attention away as she unconsciously flapped her hands around her face as she spoke. She was self-absorbed and overly dramatic as usual, talking in her usual fast paced manor before stopping suddenly, and stating in a different, self-aware tone.

“It’s really hot in here, right?” She said fanning her face quickly, getting up and checking the thermostat. “Both of you are a little pink faced actually.” She said as she looked around the room, again noticing how close the two were sitting, and a slight bit of perspiration on both their foreheads.

“You guys might want to check to see if your vent is blocked or something, it’s like, ten degrees hotter in here than the rest of the building…” She shook her head and opened the door pulling her blouse back and forth away from her neck and chest. When doing so, he watched closely, noticed Stephanie’s exposed a sports bra-like undershirt beneath the flapping fabric. “Oh, yeah. Lunch… I’ll let you know when I am about to order.” She called back to them both as she was left the room as quickly as she came.

The two sat silently waiting for the door to slowly swing shut. Joan took off her glasses, her greenish eyes sparkling, she looked intensely over at him, leaning in so close that the points of her breasts crushed against his chest, blood coursing through both erogenous nipples, his own blood pressure spiking, she licked her lips just inches from his face, and seductively asked:

“Gee, I don’t know. What do you think? IS it hot in here?” She stared into his eyes for a long moment before smirking, sliding her tits across his entire chest, and pulling away.

He was shook. Who really cares about an age difference when their cock is hard? What does this stupid job matter in the scheme of things? Paycheck be damned, He’d figure something out. He thought to himself. After that moment, after she seductively pushed herself into him, he knew he had to have her completely. He wanted to fuck her so hard. He wanted to wreck her pussy, to play rough with her breasts, slide his cock around between them and see what that dirty mouth of hers could actually deliver when he was pulling her hair and spanking her ass. He was fiercely determined now.

The two attempted to make more progress to avoid Stephanie’s meddling, but soon lunch was delivered, they took a break, and he took his car to a spot to eat with Joan. They drove to the corporate park’s lake and found a secluded spot in between some bushes to park and munch in privacy. They engaged in casual chit-chat while they ate, before taking in the scenery from the car’s vantage point over the lake. He watched as some coworkers from the office walked around, claiming benches for themselves. Stephanie paced and talked on her cell phone or something. He watched her walk back and forth for a moment.

He was lost in thought, mindlessly staring off, when he felt her hands on his zipper, undoing the button on his slacks and her thick warm fingers sliding into his underwear, griping his penis as he sat holding the steering wheel. Joan leaned over further and pulled her knees on the passenger’s seat, pushing her head between his legs. He hardened quickly for her, as his jaw dropped involuntarily and he exhaled in surprise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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