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Chapter Six: First Fuckin’ Promise

When I’d finished and stood Colleen was all smiles and reached for my balls once again. I kept my legs parted and watched her hand take possession of me. It was an awesome sight and I almost came right there and then. Her hand and fingers were a long dainty clasp that scooped up both balls at once and closed. I was gathered up and strangled tight. My cock drooled in abundance which Colleen made a point of avoiding. My thighs and lower legs, already decorated in several earlier strands, caught another.

“My, my, you certainly are a messy little boy,” Colleen said to my penis while scanning the results of his enthusiasm. Even I could tell she was impressed with his copious demonstration, though she shrugged her shoulders with unconcern. Then she turned to head out of the door, with me in tow. I cringed at the thought of upsetting her and followed as I’ve learned to do in a single evening. Her grip was stronger than ever and I was guided into a room that took my breath, Colleen’s bedroom.

The first thing my eyes jumped on was Colleen’s bed and ‘oh’ the stories I’m sure it could tell. It was a four poster giant with a canapé of lace and frill. It was situated with its head against one wall, between two windows. It consisted of a thick mattress covered with a thick comforter trimmed with yards of lace. There were a pair of oversized pillows in cases of white satin, and they looked very fluffy. I couldn’t wait to jump into bed and moved with her to its edge until she stopped, and turned to face me. She pushed my hard-on to the side with her thigh and slipped her free arm around my waist. Her fingers landed along my spine and she pulled me into her while squeezing my balls until I winced. I looked into her eyes for sympathy and it was then she brought our lips together. I forced my arms to stay at my sides with my hands and fingers dancing to a tune they were not allowed to enjoy. My whimpers added to the music and passions brought on by this most wicked majorette.

Colleen had a good hold of my scrotum and held me fast as she kissed my lips lightly, coaxing mine to kiss back. Our lips were wet and our meetings made moist sensual sounds that served to inflame me further. Her lips were small, yet plush enough to keep me from thinking of the pain her hand provided. She also used her tongue to bring me on, to entice mine into attacking, which she succeeded in doing. Soon she had me the way she wanted me, wound up and jumping around in her grip like a lunatic. That I was able to keep my hands at my sides was a tribute to her control. She had me begging for a kiss and struggling to keep her lips with mine. She toyed with me in a relentless fashion. She stroked me into a frenzy, pushed me to the brink of losing control, while winding me tighter and tighter. The more freedom she allowed, the more I pursued and the less I got. I attacked her with my mouth and slobbered all over her until she took her lips away completely. She looked away leaving me the side of her face and neck. I was beyond myself and went for the areas I could reach with pucker and extended tongue. I landed my lips and tongue on her cheek, chin, ear and neck. I took in her scent and lapped up her taste until I felt dizzy. I soon realized the truth, Colleen’s essence got me high and I searched for it frantically.

Her skin carried a flavor that drove me out of my mind and I began lapping it up like a hungry kitten after catnip or fresh crème. I’d never realized how exciting flavor and scent were until that moment. Whether the çankaya escort edge of another universe, or threshold of another dimension, I was eager to go on, to take another step. Suddenly I found myself on a cork bobbing in an ocean of olfactory stimuli surrounded by a thick haze. I felt to be everywhere at once and I wondered where I’d been all my life. Oh, I knew the answer to that question all right, but now I had the cure. There is a God and He’s provided me the elixir. Mine is the hand Michelangelo used for Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Colleen held me at arms length and maneuvered me as she needed. She gripped me with one hand as her other turned down the comforter and white satin sheets. As she worked I did all I could to stay ‘high’ by keeping my mouth on her somewhere. I stretched and craned my neck in order to reach a shoulder with the tip of my tongue and maybe plant a kiss or risk a nibble. I strained my upper body, spanning gaps, while reaching for her neck. I must have looked like a flamingo while standing there with my arms pulled back and in the air almost flapping. A stork caught in mid-flight or a Honker, at least. Colleen made me pull from my balls to reach what I wanted and the pain caused me to flap my arms up and down, but I didn’t care. She enjoyed my show of affection and let me know with quick smiles as she worked at the bed spread. She enjoyed dodging and eluding me while I strove for the irresistible treat. She was giggling after flipping the comforter down and turned to me all aglow. She bent a leg, dropped the lower end onto the bed and sat. With that wicked grin she slid into the bed with me in tow.

I followed with the eagerness of a ravenous spoiled brat, controlled with threats of punishment most severe. I was the greedy lad who always wants something new and yet has everything. I pursued Colleen with the zeal of a covetous but obedient little boy on Christmas morning. My knees were shocked by the cold satin sheets, but my body was on fire and I could hear my caps sizzle along with my palms. My hands dropped into the coldness and the thickness gave under my weight. This should have caused me to roll into Colleen but she was skilled at her art and kept me steady. She kept me kneeling on the mattress edge, while she wiggled herself into position.

“Ow,” I inadvertently blurted out while holding myself in the position dictated by Colleen’s hand. Once she was comfortable she let me lower myself onto her arm. I straddled and lay along its length. Oh, this was heaven, I could now die happy. Like this I could reach and was allowed to kiss Colleen’s shoulder and upper arm. I whimpered and blubbered from excitement and pain, but kept it a cooing most quiet. I only wished I could wrap my own arms around this arm and caress the limb with my hands. I had a good view of the breast nearest me and marveled at it in wonder.

Colleen reached her free arm behind her and caught a metal eye in the backboard with an index finger. She sunk her head into a pillow, took a couple deep breaths and relaxed into her bed. She kept my organ at arms distance and allowed my cock to move against her wrist, which was coated in the slick lubricant continuing to ooze from the head of my cock. Colleen was constantly experimenting with her grip, and at times allowed me to reach her ear with my lips. I was learning how to earn reward, how to grovel, whimper, and moo without disturbing. I still kept my hands out of the way, to the sides and way out of the way.

There were many çankırı escort things I loved about getting at Colleen’s neck, but the first and foremost was that ‘high’. Sure, I loved the way she cringed as I nestled into some moist sensitive area. I loved the way she would resist and yield simultaneously leaving me ever confused. But the ‘high’ was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I’d been granted access to an area rich in a chemical combination I found myself craving. I’d already learned to activate the essence with my saliva. I learned to cultivate its basic nature by chewing on the area properly. Then I reaped my reward by vacuuming and swallowing over and over again. I continued until the world around us melted and disappeared completely. I’d never realized women were more fun then an hour cruise on mother’s brandy. Colleen was an aphrodisiac and I was hooked on forging her body. I would quickly discover the different areas of her body carried varying nuances of the same substance and realized I faced a joyful lifetime of excavation. I knew not about time or space, but understood I should enjoy all I could.

I was soon lost to happiness and wallowing around on Colleen’s arm like the wanton madman she wished me to be. I dug my fingers into the mattress and anchored my hands into place, as she allowed me to continue winding myself up for her. With lips, tongue, teeth and desire, I kissed, licked, chewed and swallowed. Soon, I was way out of control and humping Colleen’s wrist like a maddened horny dog. It was then Colleen squeezed my balls until I rose up from my lover, off her arm.

The pain brought me up on all fours and made me wince aloud. Colleen brought me to kneel beside her and she rolled up onto her side to face me. I watched her breasts plop down onto the bed between us and couldn’t take my eyes off them. It took everything I had to keep from attacking one with my mouth and hands. I had almost caught my breath when Colleen looked at me and I was forced to rip my eyes from worship and meet with hers. She smiled and spoke softly as the light.

“You’re quite the stud,” she said in a meaningful way. I chose to believe her words and find the proof in her look. She simply laid there snickering, her head buried in the thickness of an over-stuffed eider-down pillow. Her hand continued working on the neck of my scrotum, making me start and spasm in fits and jerks.

“Tha….Yes ma’am,” I answered. She ceased fisting me and caught my testicles in her hand gently. She began rolling and weighing them carefully. Our eyes stayed together, mine in prayer, hers in the process of looting. I felt her fingernail tips on my scrotum as she used them to scratch and nip at the skin. I was so in love all I could do was drool from every hole I had and stare at her in awe. I again jumped when she spoke.

“Very good!”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Do you ever think of marriage,” Colleen asked me and I was shocked again. I almost looked away in sudden shame but swallowed hard.

“Well…” I stuttered.

“Yes ma’am is how you’ve been instructed to answer me,” Colleen stated sharply, but quietly. “Say more only if required.” She pinched my left testicle till the pain showed as tears in my eye and I went to one knee.

“Yes ma’am,” I breathed with a cringe. She continued to carry an impish smirk and collect my frailties as one would dandelions. Her hand wrapped itself around my hard-on.

“Would you ask me to marry you,” she asked. Her hand slid slowly up and down the entire neck of my boner çayyolu escort and I found every part of me bewildered. All of me was confused at once. I could not fathom the love of a woman, the events of the moment. A wish fulfilled seemed impossible, even in the face of it. My penis spoke to me, for me, as it was stroked into choking up more gobs of lubricant than it was meant to carry. Colleen’s look softened and her eyes brought me on, in tandem with her fist. I knew I was lost. Opportunity only knocks once. This was my first chance in life, my first good turn.

“Yes ma’am,” I answered.

“Then I accept,” she retorted. Her smirk became a shyster’s grin and I became even more confused. I didn’t think I’d meant to propose. At least I didn’t think I’d meant too, or did I? Was it a bad thing? Was it the right thing to do? Did I want to fuck this woman? Hell yes!!! My penis would have it no other way. He was on the verge of another orgasm, pumped-up and prepared to do anything to have his way. He wasn’t confused about anything; he has a one track mind connected to my brain through miles of neural tentacles. The faster things moved, the happier he was. In fact, things never happened fast enough for him, lasted long enough or occurred often enough. I guess we were a perfect team; Like Abbot and Costello or Laurel and Hardy, he knew everything and I knew nothing, he stood and I fell, he was the fencer and I the foil. I cowered and stumbled, he connived and controlled, and together we obeyed. It all had to be worth it and so I muttered almost incoherently.

“Yes ma’am.”

“What,” Colleen whispered aloud. She wrinkled her brow and her eyes went squint. Her lips pursed and twisted a bit. I was traveling in circles, spinning in orbit around the unknown, humping her fist in a growing frenzy.

“Yes ma’am,” I said. Colleen lifted her chest and brought her breasts up. Together we looked down at them as she released my piston pumping hard-on. She slipped her arm out from under me, reached it over my shoulder and pulled me down onto the bed beside her. I didn’t care how slimy it was; I landed with both breasts in my face. I looked up at Colleen and she looked down at me.

“What did you say young man?”

“Huh…,yes ma’am?”

“Well then, ask me the right way,” Colleen began. I laid on one of my arms and kept the other behind me as best I could. I pressed my cheeks between her heavy tits and wallowed-in while trying to catch my breath. I had to breathe through my mouth in labored controlled gasps that made my entire body swell and ebb. My boner was pressed between us, between flesh, but I didn’t want to move too much, just yet. “Right now,” she said. “Ask me right this moment.” Confused, I answered in question.

“Yes ma’am?”

“Well, ask me to marry you, silly,” she demanded.

“Yes ma’am. Will you marry me ma’am,” I asked. There, I’d done it and it was over before I knew it. I didn’t even understand what was happening yet.

“Yes, I accept your proposal of marriage,” Colleen answered. “Now you may hold my breasts with your hands and take them in your mouth if you wish.” She spoke while adjusting everything around us. She reached somewhere over our heads and the lights went out. She slipped her arm under her head and maneuvered her breasts to my advantage. She made sure our bodies were pressed together and our toes touching. I held her tits in both hands as best I could. I had one in my mouth and was sucking from the nipple with wild abandon.

“Relax,” Colleen finally said. “Lie still and don’t fidget or I’ll take them from you.” She was referring to her breasts and suddenly I realized how much was happening and how much wasn’t. I tried relaxing, breathing slowly. I looked around the now darkened room and wondered if I should simply up and fuck her. Probably not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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