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This is a true story of my first encounter with another man, so if this offends you please move on to another section. All of the people in this story are over the age of 18. Now that that’s out of the way let’s begin:


I was your typical 22 year old male, played many sports, the macho type who used to make fun of gays, sissies or whatever you like to call them. All of which I soon began to regret. I had just recently married and began a new job at a men’s clothing store as a salesman. There were 4 other employees, a seamstress, my manager, his wife and another salesman. Upon first meeting the other salesman I felt that he was a little on the gay side, actually Bi, since he was married to a very pretty and sexy lady.

He and I got along great and my wife and I went to many parties at his house. In time, he began making sexual comments to me about me such as how great my ass looked in a pair of pants etc. Whenever I would buy a new suit or pants they had to be measured for length he was always the only one there to measure me, (I guess I was making sure he was there sub consciously). I would have to put the new pants on and stand on a stool in front of him as he was sitting. My crotch was always right at eye level to him and he always had to measure my inseam. Usually when measuring me the back of his hand would push up against my balls, lightly, but I always felt it. At first it didn’t affect me, but then I started getting a little excited. I had hoped that he didn’t take notice of my growing bulge, but I was wrong.

The bathroom door that we had in the store always had a hard time closing all the way, I didn’t know that he would follow me whenever I was using it and try to peer in to catch a glimpse of my cock as I was peeing. Once after I got excited by him touching my balls while measuring me, I went into the bathroom and jerked off. Of course I tried to think of my wife but casino siteleri the thoughts of him touching my balls flooded my brain. All I could think of was him in front of me, taking my cock out and then stoking me and sucking my cock. As soon as I thought of my cock in his mouth I exploded all other the sink. I saw movement and I realized that the door was not closed all the way, he had to have been watching me. I didn’t know why at the time, but that excited me, being watched. After work I went home and had sex with my wife thinking the whole while about him watching me stroke my cock.

After that bathroom experience, I would make sure that the door was NEVER closed all the way. As time progressed I continued to repress the feelings of wanting to see and feel his cock, and to make him shoot his hot cum, by stroking him or even sucking him. He continued to make sexual comments but never once said anything about seeing me jerk off. I would find myself looking at his crotch, wondering how big and hard he would be and what it would be like to actually do what my thoughts were saying. Many times I would look at him and get a hard on, but then I would say to myself that it is wrong and I’m not gay, the hard on would quickly go away.

Then one night when we were sitting at the table and with no one in the store, I noticed that he had his hand under the table and his arm was moving up and down. I guess I knew what he was doing, he was jerking off right next to me. I glanced over to him and he was staring at me with a smile on his face. I looked away but started to get a stiff one. I tried to suppress that but to no avail. My cock had a mind of its own at that point and there was no way it was going down. I looked back and he was now pushing his seat back and there he was in all his glory. He had a beautiful 6-7 inch cock, hard as a rock, and was stroking it ever so slowly. He had a little güvenilir casino pre cum leaking, which he took his finger and touched it and then licked it off. Oh my god, I said, what the fuck are you doing, put that away for Christ’s sake. He just smiled and said, I know you want it, relax and let’s have some fun. I got up, which was a mistake because he saw my hard on making a tent in my pants.

It was time to close the store so as I closed out the register he went about closing the doors. There is little room behind the counter and the wall. As I was closing the register I saw him coming behind, I dropped something on the floor and as I bent over he came up behind me and stopped behind me. As I said there is not much room so his crotch was pushing up against my ass. He grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him. I was trying to straighten back up with no use. I could feel his hard cock pushing against me as he was rubbing it up and down. I told him to stop and as he was backing away he reached around and felt my hard cock and said I knew you loved that. I wanted so bad to let him continue but for some reason I couldn’t. My cock was so hard that it hurt and I noticed a wet spot in the front of my pants. I wanted to go to the bathroom and jerk off but instead he said come back here with me. I felt like I was in a trance and I followed him to back room.

Once there, he grabbed his own crotch and started rubbing himself, telling me he knows how bad I want to play. My own cock was super hard and creating quite a tent in my pants. I walked over to him and he reached down and started rubbing my cock. God did that feel good. I could not believe that I was letting a guy do this to me. He took my hand and placed it on his cock and told me to rub him. I started rubbing his hard cock through his pants as he moved closer to me. He stared kissing my neck and then my cheeks. He moved up to canlı casino kiss me on the lips and again I could not resist. What a feeling to kiss another guy. I thought I would explode right then in my pants.

He told me to unzip his pants and take his cock out. As I unzipped him, I felt another cock for the first time. It felt so good in my hand, hot and hard. He then did the same to me and we stood there kissing and stroking each other. I was looking at his cock and saw the precum on the head and said to him that I needed to do something. I dropped to my knees and took a man’s cock into my mouth. What a wonderful feeling that was, feeling every vein and bump on his cock. I slowly started taking it into my mouth and then back out. Each time going taking more into my mouth until I had it all in and my nose was pressed up against him. I licked up and down his hard shaft and then licked and sucked his balls. He grabbed my head and was fucking my mouth. I so wanted him to blow his load so I could taste his cum and swallow it down. He pulled me up and again kissed me. He then went to his knees and started to suck me.

Almost at once I was ready to shoot my cum, he knew that and squeezed my cock and stopped sucking me. He stood up and we started jerking each other off. All of a sudden he started humping my hand and started to cum. He must have shot 3 or 4 times. What a sight to see. I had only ever witnessed my own cum shooting out of my cock, but to see his load exploding out of his cock was too much for me. I started to moan and he knew that I was going to cum soon. He grabbed my hand that had his cum on it and brought it up to my mouth. He told me to lick his cum off my fingers and then to swallow. I licked and sucked his cum off my fingers and when I did so I began to cum. And what a load it was. I went to my knees and cleaned his cock off for him, licking and eating any cum left on his cock. For all that has ever eaten cum, it was delicious.

We continued working together for awhile and had many other encounters with each other, but I will save that for another story. I hope you enjoyed this story and maybe it will bring back memories of your first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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