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The story below takes place after my previous story First Touch, but you probably don’t need to read it to enjoy this one.


“Do you mind?” she asked him, not really waiting for a response. He smiled and moved over on the loveseat to make room for her. It had only been a couple of weeks of them dating so far, but things had been going very well – she felt comfortable with him in a way she hadn’t with previous dates. There was just something about him that relaxed her.

“Not at all, angel,” he said, and deftly slid his arm over her shoulders and pulled her close beside him, turning his head briefly to give her a peck on the side of her head, which he held for a moment before releasing her.

He had just put on an album for them to listen to, and they were back at his place after another busy day out and about – she loved how they enjoyed the same sorts of outings and traipsing around their town, going to weird old museums, and so on. The music floated out of the speakers and filled the room, and she felt like she was in a warm bath – the lovely day, the soft music, the glass of red wine he had poured each of them when they arrived, and him – above all, him – made her feel delightfully restful and relaxed.

They sat quietly for a minute, enjoying the closeness; then they chatted about the museum they had gone to earlier that day for a bit. She glanced up at his face when the conversation quieted.

He was looking down at her with the warmest and kindest look she could have imagined, and it made her feel a little funny inside, like something was tipped over, but in a good way. She smiled up at him.

“What’s got your attention, old man?” she teased him. It was her favourite nickname for him.

“Just the prettiest girl I know, that’s all,” he grinned. He sure had a way of slipping in lines like that and getting her attention. She blushed, just a little, even though the line was a little goofy. She still liked it, because it was from him.

“And don’t you forget it, mister.” She got shy for a moment, despite her tough words, and leaned in close to him. She was a little embarrassed by how high-pitched her voice got in that moment, and buried her face on his chest, running her hands over his arm and rubbing the hair on his forearms absentmindedly; his shirt sleeves were rolled up, something she always enjoyed on him.

“How could I forget that?” he whispered to her, as he ran his hand up and down her back. She felt herself relax into him. They were quiet for a while, enjoying the moment, and his hand kept up it’s magic on her spine.

“Hey,” she said softly into his chest after a minute or two, “do you remember the other day?”

His hand stopped, briefly, then drifted up to her neck and started stroking the back of her neck. She shivered. “Which time do you mean?” he asked.

“The time when you rubbed my…” She hesitated, then continued. “.. my back. Remember?”

He smiled and kissed the top of her head. “Of course I remember. How could I not? It was too much fun to forget.”

“Good! Considering what I let you do, you better remember!”

“What you let me do? I’m pretty sure you asked me to do that, sweetness.”

She grumbled a bit, but had to acknowledge he was right. She had asked him to touch her breasts, and while he was a gentleman and stopped things when she started to get a little overwhelmed, she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it since. It definitely had had a regular presence in her late-night fantasizing ever since.

“Yes, well…” she paused, and swallowed. “…um, I guess I just wanted to say I really liked it, you know.” She clutched at his shirt a bit, her eyes wide, staring down at his legs (and the bulge in his black jeans).

He paused for a moment. “Is that all, little one?” he gently prodded.

She swallowed again, harder this time.

“Well… no. There’s something I want to ask you, but I’m too shy to get it out.” She got annoyed, again, at how her voice trailed off a bit as she spoke.

“Hmmm.. maybe I can think of a way to help, then. Let’s get you more comfortable.” He patted his lap. “Why don’t you hop up here, and snuggle a little closer? You always like doing that.”

She nodded, and swung her legs up over his; he reached down with his hand and lifted her bottom up onto his lap, leaving it there, wrapped around her. She wiggled her bum into his arm, appreciatively.

He set his wine glass down with his other hand, and rested it on her thighs; not moving it, just leaving it there. He kissed her on the side of her head and nuzzled a bit at her neck, whispering something she couldn’t quite catch.

His hand resting on her thigh was driving her a little wild, bonus veren siteler and she squirmed a bit in his lap. She felt his bulge stiffen underneath her. It felt nice.

“Umm,” she started, and then stopped, unsure of how to ask for what she wanted.

“At your own pace, angel. I could sit with you like this all day long, if you’ll let me,” he reassured her.

“Maybe… you could do what you did last time? And maybe a little more, too,” she whispered.

“OK… I’ll go as far as we did last time, and then you can let me know how much further you want me to go, or not go. Does that sound ok?” he asked. She nodded.

His hand that was on her thigh slowly slid up, and started rubbing her softly on the tummy, over her white peasant blouse. She let out a deep sigh, and wriggled again.

He leaned forward. “You know it drives me a little wild when you do that, right,” he whispered in her ear.

“What, my little ol’ bottom?” she said, in the most innocent voice she could muster. A small growl bubbled up from his throat, and the hand on her rump squeezed her a little closer.

“Yes, princess. That little ol’ bottom. Good thing I know to be very careful with you,” he replied. She snuggled a little tighter into him.

His hand slowly started roaming over her chest, brushing against her nipples, but only very softly. Her breathing quickened. He cupped her right breast through her shirt, gently at first, and then slowly increasing pressure – not enough to be uncomfortable, but enough to show his arousal. His thumb reached up and flicked across her nipple, making her jump a bit.

“Shhhhh, angel. Everything will be fine…” he whispered in her ear. Something about the tone, message, and humming of his voice made her shiver and her pussy moisten a little more.

His hand released her breast, moved over and very gently tugged at her other, very erect nipple, and then dipped down to her belly again, sliding back and forth and working her shirt up and his hand underneath. It slowly slid, back and forth, across her stomach and up, under her breasts.

“How’s that feel, love?” he asked, as his hand continued its steady brushing underneath her bare breasts.

She grunted, softly. “Umm… pretty good. Don’t stop, please,” she replied.

His right hand on her bottom started squeezing her there, rhythmically, as his left drifted up, and danced between her breasts, stroking the sides, the tops, the bottoms, and ever-so-gently tweaking and brushing her nipples.

Her thighs were squirming up and down, rubbing up against each other; her breathing had gone from merely being quickened to something resembling soft panting.

“Is that too much? Should we stop here again, princess?”

“Mmmm, no! Please, no. I want a little more… I’m ready, I promise,” she said, somewhat surprised at the firmness in her voice.

He chuckled. “Alright, sweetness. What would you like me to do for you, then?”

She paused; she hadn’t quite thought this far ahead, she just knew she wanted more. She opened her mouth, but the hand fondling her soft breasts was making it incredibly hard to focus.

Instead of talking, she reached up, and took his forearm in her hand, pulling it out from under her shirt; something about the way his forearm felt under hands was almost as erotic as the way he touched her. She took his hand, and slowly spreading her thighs, lowered it to her crotch.

“Here,” she said simply. “Touch me here.”

He paused, perhaps a little surprised by her relative forwardness, but then slowly started rubbing her pussy through her snug jean shorts. She noticed he had been holding his breath, and now he let it out slowly, and a little ragged. She liked that she was having an effect on him.

He squeezed her pussy, not hard, but enough that she felt it; luckily her jean shorts were relatively thin, and she could feel his pressure and also her own juices building up. He did that, slowly, repeatedly, for a bit; she didn’t even notice at first, but his hand on her bottom continued it’s repeated manipulation of her bum. The sensation of being squeezed on both sides by him was surprisingly effective.

“Umm…” she started to speak, but couldn’t get the words out. “Umm, could you… you know…”

“Do you want me to go underneath?” he asked her. His voice was low, and deep; the need in it was raw and near the surface. “You want me to touch you… over your panties?”

She squirmed even harder; he hadn’t let up his fondling while talking, and her hips kept rising up slightly to push against his strong hand.

“No, I… I want you to touch me bare… on my pussy,” she squeaked out.

His hand on her bottom bedava bahis grabbed her tightly, and his hand on her crotch squeezed her tightly, too. It was driving her wild.

“Oh, god… okay, princess. Whatever you’re comfortable with, I’m okay with. But these shorts… are in the way, love. Stand up for me, please.”

She nearly leapt up, eager to please him. Her hands were up at her chest, not clutching, but just nervously working at each other. One finger drifted up to her mouth, and she started nervously pinching it between her teeth – it was an anxious habit she had had for years.

He stayed seated, looking up at her. The look on his face was intense; he held her gaze and slid his hands up her sides and onto her stomach, under her shirt. He leaned forward, lifted her shirt, and kissed her softly on her belly. He kept kissing her, slowly, as his hands reached in front of her and undid the snap on her shorts. He took a firm grip of them and slowly started to slide them down over her generous hips, leaving her panties on.

“But… my panties? I want to be bare…” she whispered, looking down at his long, curly brown hair as he kissed her and slowly exposed her bright red panties.

“All in due time, beautiful,” he said between kisses. “Let me enjoy the view a little. You know how much I’ve been looking forward to this.”

She shivered, again. One of her hands snaked down, and ran through his hair, cupping his head and holding him tightly against her.

“That feels so good… oh, man,” she breathed.

He leaned back, the hunger on his eyes plain for her to see, covering every inch of her panty-covered crotch; his hands slid back, over her bottom, and gently squeezed each cheek.

“Princess…” he said softly, “you are so beautiful. I can’t wait to see you bare.”

She groaned. “Please, take them off me? I want you to see me naked.. See all of me.”

He leaned forward, and inhaled deeply. His hands on her bum gripped the top of her panties and slid them down over her tight, little bottom. Her curly black hairs slowly were exposed; he seemed to be taking his time sliding her panties down, and enjoying the gradual reveal.

“Does… it look okay? Like, do you like it?” she asked a little anxiously.

“Jesus, princess… you’re magnificent. Just breathtaking.” He finally slid her panties down, over her thighs and calves; they puddled around her ankles, with her shorts. He stopped, suddenly, and looked up.

“I’m sorry.. I was getting a little carried away. Is this ok? I’m not moving too fast?” He looked concerned, and she could kiss him for it; in fact, she thought she would, and leaned down to kiss him on the lips.

“You’re perfect. I love how into me you are.. It feels amazing.” She smiled down at him; she wondered if her own eyes were as cloudy with lust as his were right now.

He smiled. “Well, then. Why don’t you get these off and have a seat again?” He reached down and helped her lift one foot, then the other, out of her shorts and panties. He took her by the hips, and slowly spun her around; she giggled a little, and he leaned forward and gave her a quick peck on each bum cheek, then pulled her down slowly onto the loveseat, between his legs.

“Remember the last time you sat like this with me, angel?” he whispered in her ear, as his hands roamed over her tummy and thighs, not quite reaching her dripping pussy.

“Oh, do I ever,” she panted. “I can’t forget it, I think about it all the time…”

His lips snuck in, and kissed one side of her neck.

“Me too. I can’t stop thinking about how I stroked her breasts and you got so worked up,” he said. His hands roamed down, spreading her thighs apart, gently. His left hand reached up, under her shirt, and caressed her breast and nipple; his right dipped down, grazed up and down on her thighs, right by her pussy but not quite touching it. She started to breathe deeply, again.

He grazed his hand over her pussy, stroking her hair, feeling it in his fingers, and caressing her pussy up and down. Her legs spread wider, seemingly to her of their own accord. His finger slowly traced the line of her lips from bottom to top; she wiggled in her seat, and felt his hard cock poking her backside through his jeans.

“When… ” she started, and then was cut off as she gasped when he slid one finger between her wet folds, stroking along her inner lips. Gripping his thighs tightly with her hands, she continued, “… do I get to touch you down there?”

“Soon, trust me. I can’t wait, but let’s let you… ” he paused to rub at her moist labia, dipping one finger slowly between them, playing at her entrance. “…enjoy this first, and get to feel deneme bonus comfortable with me touching you, okay?”

“OK,” she gasped, as the new sensations crashed through her body, up her stomach, and into her chest. Her breathing was getting fast, and very deep.

“Is it too much, maybe? Should I slow things down a bit?” he asked, concerned about her. “Maybe just the bottom, and leave these poor little titties alone?”

“Uh… maybe… just hold them? Less stroking? It feels good, but maybe TOO good, you know??” she asked.

“I think I get it, little one. Anything for you.” He cupped her left breast in his hand, steadily, and held it. That seemed to take the edge off a bit and she relaxed again back into him.

Meanwhile, his hand on her pussy hadn’t stopped stroking her. It slid upwards now, through her folds, drawing her juice up and over her clit. He circled her clit, carefully; it felt surprisingly sensitive, and she was glad for his slow pace.

“How’s that? Better?”

“Just… Unhh… perfect,” she moaned, leaning her head back on his shoulder and closing her eyes.

His hand stroked around her clitoris for a bit, until it dipped down a bit again, teasing at her hole.

“I feel like penetrating you should wait for next time, okay?”

“Hrrnnnn… Ok…I guess…” Her words were getting increasingly less coherent. He tickled her hole some more, and then played with her lips a little, stroking up and down between them.

“It doesn’t feel… like this … when I touch myself.” Getting out the words seemed hard; she was breathing fast; something was building deep inside her.

His fingers kept dancing around her lips, sliding up and down; and then finally finding their way up over her clit and very softly circling it, in tighter and tighter circles, until she was dripping on his couch. He kept at this spot for a couple of minutes, and her breath deepened, her chest rising and falling.

“I think you might be cumming soon, princess,” he whispered in her ear. “Just relax, and if it happens, it happens; if not, also normal and we’ll get it next time, or the time after that. Baby steps for my baby.”

His fingers changed from softly stroking to applying a hint of pressure and rubbing her clit lightly; going in circles. He slowly increased the speed, and stuck with it for a bit. Her hips raised off the couch, slowly at first, until she was humping at his hand.

Finally, with his hand flashing across her clit, and with her hips rising up to meet him, her moans grew even louder and she started to thrash her head a bit from side to side.

“Uhnn…” she groaned, and she knew something was happening. “Oh god, yes… right there… don’t stop, please god, don’t stop…”

His grip on her breast grew slightly tighter; his rubbing of her pussy a little more insistent.

“I bet that feels good, angel.. I bet your pussy feels so wet right now,” he said, and was not wrong. It did feel amazing. “Just relax, now.. You’re safe in my arms, and I’ll make you feel so, so amazing.”

That was all she needed, hearing that little bit of comforting encouragement; with that, the pleasure in her pussy built and crested, showing out in waves from her lewdly-exposed crotch, her stomach muscles clenching tight, her thighs squeezing his hand like a vice grip; he kept rubbing as best he could, riding out her orgasm.

“Oh, oh my god, oh god,” she panted, eyes wide open as the new sensations threatened to overwhelm her.

“That’s it, love… that’s it,” he coaxed her. “Just like that… Cum, little one, cum.”

Her orgasm slowly faded, and her pussy suddenly got very sensitive; she noticed he was slowing down his rubbing, and finally stopped altogether. He kissed her slowly, and softly, on the side of her neck as she came down from the high of her first, real, orgasm from a lover.

“That was… holy hell. Wow,” she said, breathlessly. He had released her breast, and was stroking her softly up and down her thighs and stomach, outside of her shirt.

“Felt nice, seems like?” She could hear the grin in his voice when he said that, clearly proud of himself. It wasn’t unearned pride, she thought.

“Felt incredible. Thank you, so, so much.”

“Come here, sugar.” He wrapped his arms around her, and held her tight; she wrapped her arms around his, and squeezed him.

“I think… I need a nap now,” she said a little sheepishly. He laughed, and kissed her again.

Pulling her close, he guided her down to the loveseat, and pulled a blanket down over her naked bottom half and his clothed half; wrapping his arm around her again under the blanket, he kissed her once more.

“You, angel, are the most incredible woman I’ve ever met. Thank you for trusting me,” he whispered into her hair; she heard him this time. Smiling, she snuggled up against him, and she drifted off to sleep, feeling safe in his arms, dreaming of what she would do to him when given the opportunity.

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