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At the end of the day, I walk into my dark hotel room dropping everything on the chair. Grateful just to be done for the day, I strip off the layers of clothing. Hiking my skirt up, I lift my leg to the edge of the bed to unzip my boots. I leave my clothes where they fall as I walk to the bathroom to run the water. Calling down for room service, I place my order and ask for it to brought upstairs in an hour. I just can’t bear the thought of going back out into the crowds and the noise tonight.

I step into the shower and just let my eyes close, the hot water running over my body. I had one of my dreams again last night, and throughout the day anytime I thought about it my body would start to throb. I had woken up from my dream last night soaking wet and trembling, so much so that I had to make myself cum. It’s driving me crazy, even after I take care of myself I’m not satisfied. I laugh at myself, thinking that I should just turn the water cold and see if that helps! With a long sigh, I drop my head back under the spray to wash my hair. As the soap rinses down my body, I can’t help but think back to my dream. To the flashes of his hands cupping my breasts, his fingers rolling my nipples between his fingers. I think of the moment he pushes me back against the wall of the shower driving into me as the water runs over us. My soapy hands slide over my body, my fingers trailing over my breasts and down my stomach. As the water flows over me I let my fingertips trace circles over my nipples, making them throb even harder. With a soft moan I lean back against the wall of the shower, one hand cupping my breast with the other hand sliding down. My fingers spread my lips open gently as I stroke myself slowly, rocking my hips against my hand. I build my orgasm up slowly, torturing myself with flashes of my dream last night. I’m almost panting now as I stroke myself faster wanting desperately to cum. Squeezing my eyes closed I imagine that it’s him with his fingers pressed against me, sliding them into my body. With a moan my orgasm rolls through me and I sag against the cool tiles of the shower. Moments later, I turn the water off and step out into reality again. Once my hair is wrapped in my towel, I wipe the steamy mirror and look into my flushed face and heavy eyes. I shake my head, wishing that it wasn’t my own imagination that made me look that way.

As I walk out of the bathroom, I hear a knock on the door. “Hang on!” I call as I rush to get my robe on. I walk to the door and unlock it cracking the door open as I walk back to grab my wallet. “Just bring it in next to the desk please..” my voice trails off as I turn around expecting to see room service. With a start, I drop my wallet. It’s him, from my dreams. Only this time it’s not in my mind, he’s actually standing in front of me. My eyes widen as he turns and locks the door.

“You look surprised to see me, should I go?” he asks quietly.

I stood there, not saying a word – what could I say? He was here, my imagination wasn’t just running wild. “Ah, no, no come in. How’d you know where to find me?”

“It wasn’t hard. I just had to ask the right questions.” he answered.

I realized with a small istanbul escort amount of horror that I had clothes everywhere, my hair was still up in it’s towel and I was dressed only in my robe. I started to rush around picking up my discarded clothes, “I’m sorry, uh…excuse the mess. I wasn’t really expecting anyone. I mean, well just room service but…” I tried to pass by him to put my clothes away and he stopped me with a hand on my arm. I looked up at him as he smiled.

“I’m making you nervous. I don’t mean to. Maybe I should just go.”

“No, no really it’s fine. I just wasn’t expecting anyone. I’m just embarrassed, I’m barely dressed, I know I look a mess.”

“You look fine to me, and there’s no need to get dressed on my account. I’ve seen you in far less than that”, he replied as he traced his finger over the skin in the opening of my robe.

I jumped as I heard the knock at the door and the quick “Room Service” call. As I turned to answer the door, He walked further into the room. I quickly tipped the porter and took my tray to the desk. As, I put the tray down he came behind me and reached past me to switch the lamp on. I turned and found myself trapped between him and the desk. He reached up and tugged the towel from my hair, laying it over the chair. “You really should let your hair down to dry, it’ll take less time”.

“I suppose you’re right”, I responded as I reached up and ran my hands through my hair shaking it loose.

He leaned forward, taking a lock of my hair. “You still use freesia, it suits you” as he took a deep breath. Stepping back he walked to the radio, turning it on low.

As he stepped away from me, I blew out a shaky breath. I couldn’t believe how nervous and shaky I was. “Why are you here?” I blurted out.

For a moment he didn’t say anything, just looked out the window. “Honestly, I don’t know why. I know that I want to see you, spend some time with you. I want to hold you and touch you, see if we can’t make any more memories…if you’ll let me.” Then he turned and held out his hand.

There was no thought, no hesitation as I took his hand. There was almost a sense of relief as he pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me. For just a moment I rested my head on his chest and listened to his heart race, at least I knew I wasn’t the only one with nerves. I felt him tug my hair gently, tipping my face up to his for a kiss. As our kiss deepened, he stepped backwards easing himself to sit on the edge of the bed.

As I stood in front of him, he slowly pulled the tie on my robe loose and parted my robe. I rolled my shoulders back, letting it slip down my arms and down to the floor. He leaned back just looking at me, until I reached down and took his hands. I brought them up over my hips and covered my breasts. “Touch me”, I whispered. He used his thumbs to brush over my nipples, tracing slow circles. He leaned forward slowly, and brushed his lips over my nipples. His tongue traced circles around my nipple while his fingers were tracing mirror circles on my skin.

He began pressing light kisses up my body, all the while avcılar escort cupping my breasts. He placed a kiss just below my ear before he asked me softly to turn around. I looked at him curiously, “trust me” he said.

I turned around and realized that we were in front of the mirror. He gripped my hips, pulling me to sit on his lap. He slid his hands over my legs, and ever so gently slipped his hands between my thighs urging my legs open to drape over his. “I want to watch you, I want to see what I’m doing to you. Don’t look away”.

As I watched in the mirror, I was shocked at how turned on I was. I was completely nude, completely open while the man handling my body was dressed and in complete control. The picture that we made was so erotic I was found myself incapable of looking away. His hands were free to touch me anywhere he wanted, one of them holding my breast rolling my nipple through his fingers tugging gently. His other hand slowly skimming my thighs, easing closer but never quite touching. I could see how wet I was getting, and every time his fingers came close I caught my breath. I could feel how turned on he was, and watching myself in the mirror I found myself rocking my hips against him. I watched as his fingertips dipped between my lips, stroking lightly. As his finger slipped in to me, my eyes drifted closed and my head dropped back on his shoulder.

My eyes flew open as he pulled his fingers from me. “I told you to watch” he whispered. “I won’t touch if you don’t watch”.

I watched as his fingers slowly slid inside me again, his thumb rubbing against me. I was gripping his arms urging him on, I wanted to watch myself cum. He kept his pace nice and slow, building up my orgasm. I was watching as he slid his fingers in and out of me, I could see just how wet I was. My hips were pushing up against his hands, and I could hear my breath just panting out. And with my eyes locked on his in the mirror, my body just let loose. My body arched back against him, my head dropping as my orgasm rolled through me. He kept his fingers buried deep inside me while I came, and I could hear his breathing rough beside my ear.

As my body came down, he shifted me in his lap cradling me against his chest. He kissed me deeply, holding me tight against him. As we shifted to lay on the bed, I tugged his shirt free sliding my hands over his chest. We broke our kiss only long enough to pull the shirt over his head. I rolled on top of him still kissing him, his hands sliding over my body, cupping my breasts. I sat back straddling his hips, and I could feel how much he wanted me. I could feel his cock pressing up against me even through his jeans. With a smile, I rocked my hips against his cock. I leaned back over him to kiss him all the while rubbing my breasts over his chest, his hands gripping my hips while I rock against him. I break our kiss again, and shifting slightly press kisses over his neck and chest as I work my way down his body. I hear his breathing quicken as I slide my tongue under the waistband of his jeans, and slowly unsnap them. I slide his zipper down slowly, dragging his underwear down with his jeans şirinevler escort and with every inch that I uncover I trail the tip of my tongue across it.

I push myself up long enough to pull the rest of his clothes off, quickly tossing them to the floor. I lean back over him, running my tongue across the underside of his cock, slowly circling the head before closing my mouth over him. With my mouth sucking him deep, I let my hand circle around the base of his cock keeping rhythm. His hands fist in my hair, his hips thrusting up against my mouth. I know that he can still see me in the mirror, my hips in the air, my hair spread over him while I suck him.

He rears up, pulling me away from him to kiss me deeply. As he practically drags me up his body, I can feel his hard cock between my legs. I lift my hips and ease down over him, just taking the tip inside. As I lean back to take him all the way, we lock eyes. His hands guide my hips all the way down as his cock slides deeply into me. For just a moment I can’t move, the feeling of him so deep in me is so intense. He lays back against the pillow, watching me. This time, I’ll show him just how much pleasure he gives me.

As I begin to ride him, I run my hands up my body, cupping my breasts and rolling my nipples between my fingers. My hips are moving faster now, I can feel myself getting ready to cum. As my hips are pumping up and down on him, his hand slides between our bodies, his thumb circling my clit. I cry out as my orgasm rips through me, dropping forward on his chest.

He pulls out of me, rolling me on to my stomach and shifting us on the bed. He kneels between my legs, and with one arm under my hips lifts me onto my knees. His hand reaches up and grips my hair, pulling my head back gently. I look up realizing that he’s positioned us in front of the mirror again. As I watch us in the mirror, he eases himself back into me. As I watch, he pulls his cock back almost to the point that he is out of me before driving back into me. With every stroke, it’s almost as if he goes deeper and harder into me. He drops my hair, letting my head fall forward. His hands are gripping my hips hard, as he pumps his hips driving me toward another orgasm. As it gets closer, my hips are grinding back against him, meeting his thrusts. He slides an arm around my waist pulling me up against his body. I’m on my knees, his arms around me squeezing my breasts, my hips grinding into him. We lock eyes in the mirror as my body goes off again, my pussy clamping down around his cock. He nips the side of my neck as he starts pounding into me again, I watch as his hand slides down and starts rubbing my clit, pushing me to cum again.

I’m practically begging him to cum inside of me, pushing back against his cock. With a deep groan I can feel him cum, his cock swelling inside of me triggering yet another orgasm.

We both fall forward, his body pressing me into the mattress. He rolls us to the side, cradling me against him. We’re both breathing hard, trying to catch our breath. It’s quiet in the room except for the sound of our breathing. He glides his hands over me, stroking softly. I lift my head as he leans down to kiss me softly. He traces the tip of his tongue over my lips before taking the kiss deeper.

He broke our kiss and quietly asked, “Do you think we made enough memories? Or should we try for more?”

With a slow smile, I rolled out of the bed and held out my hand. “C’mon, lets go take a shower…”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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