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A more recent erotic episode took me equally by surprise. I had been having some raunchy dialogue online a few years ago with an American friend on ICQ (which was flavour of the month at the time). She was about 40, had been happily divorced for years, plump and wholesome with a robust and cheeky sense of humour; I was really quite fond of her. I shall call her Marilyn for the purpose of the story, as her name is quite recognizable.

When she told me one summer that she was visiting the UK in late autumn to look up her ancestors on the south coast, I was delighted. Apart from anything else, we had become good friends and confidantes and I looked forward to meeting her. Although, I did think that she would temper her familiar ardour as she would be staying at home with my missus and I for a few days. How I wangled myself into that scenario beggars description, it actually was too good to be true.

I had inveigled my other half into sharing telephone conversations with Marilyn, writing Birthday and Christmas cards, etc. in an effort to allay any suspicions she may have. Frankly she thought it amusing that I had struck up such a friendship; this woman really wasn’t my “type” and coupled with her plumpness; well off the radar.

Anyway, the great day arrived and Marilyn called from Heathrow to announce her arrival. I had instructed her to catch the airport bus to bring her within a few miles of our home, where I would collect her, anyone who has ever visited Heathrow will understand why.

The missus had gone evening shopping anyway, so I had plenty of time to kill and drove off to collect Marilyn in a nearby town. I found her at the bus station by the river looking a little bemused, she hadn’t understand a word anyone had said to her since she climbed down the gangplank from the aircraft and the local patois where I live is indecipherable to anyone from the next county, never mind an American, so she was greatly relieved when I appeared. I hugged her and kissed her neck and face with genuine delight. She was wearing a knee-length, fully buttoned summer dress in a pale blue colour, with red trim and a little red belt.

“Let’s get out of here, honey,” she said, with a husky drawl which impressed me enormously.

She had always sounded rather sexy and vaguely like Lauren Bacall. I took charge of her luggage trolley and steered her through the leaf-strewn country bus terminal towards the car. She hung closely on my arm, smiling and nodding at everyone like some terrified tourist. As we crossed to the car, she pulled me closer and whispered in my ear.

“I want to sit in the back of the car, if that’s ok with you, honey?”

I never gave it a second thought and replied casino şirketleri “You can sit anywhere you like, so long as it isn’t on my lap, lass. I might get arrested!”

A feeble quip, perhaps, but she giggled like a schoolgirl and hugged my arm a little tighter.

I pressed the immobiliser and in the gathering gloom, opened the door and stood aside to let her seat herself, before turning to load her luggage into the boot.

She strangely, didn’t let go of my hand, almost forcing me to pay attention as she sat herself down. Very deliberately, she lifted her left leg into place, slowly spreading her legs apart prior to settling into position. I was slightly shocked as I watched her stocking limbed thighs pause for a moment, exposing a glorious expanse of milky white flesh. Like a gentleman and an idiot, I looked into her caramel eyes and watched her lips open to mouth the words:

“Nice, honey?”

With hindsight I should have dwelt in the moment -looking up women’s dresses is my fetish after all. Instead I tripped and stumbled my way to the back of the car and loaded her suitcase. Finally I started the engine, switched on the lights and pulled away to pick up the main road out of town.

Marilyn was now sitting demurely, buckling her seat belt, smoothing her clothes and chattering like a bird. I drove slowly and sedately, politely returning her conversation, catching her eye in the rear-view mirror. She moved closer towards me, her hand stroking my arm and asked how far it was to the house. I told her it was maybe 15 miles; her reply hastened my heart-rate by several notches.

“Is there anywhere quiet en-route where we might stop for a while?”

I began to think at the speed of light. I did know a spot, on the woodland trail a mile or so off the main road, a sort of summer picnic spot with a reasonable track which meandered through the trees, so I relayed this to her and settled into the journey. Eventually, we approached the spot, which was thankfully deserted and I switched off the headlights to cruise into the parking bay amongst the birch trees and rhododendron bushes. That husky voice of hers broke the sudden silence.

“I have a little gift for you, honey, why don’t you come round here and I will show you?”

I am certain that my gulp was audible for several miles as I made my way. The interior light was the only thing breaking the pitch blackness and I suddenly felt slightly exposed as I opened the rear door.

Marilyn began to lie back on the seat, stretching herself like a cat, smiling at me in open invitation. I felt the blood rush to my loins as she once again slowly and steadily spread her legs apart, exposing her nylon clad casino firmaları thighs, inch by inch until I could see the creamy triangle of her knickers.

The interior light clicked out as I shut the door and she reached forward, pulling me towards her and literally stuffing her plump, warm tongue deep into my mouth.

“Open the door again, honey,” she whispered, “I will let you see your present again.”

I reached behind me to push the door ajar and she moved slightly backwards to comfortably spread herself out. Even as she spoke, she was spreading her legs even wider, displaying the softest, sexiest, creamiest pair of satin knickers in the known universe. She couldn’t have parted her legs further if she tried and my swollen cock must have looked faintly ridiculous bulging in my jeans as I gazed in awe at this erotic confection unfolding before me.

I knelt before her, my foot holding the door (and light) in place, completely unprepared for the torrent of erotic filth which began to issue from her cerise lipstick mouth. I am no prude, far from it, but I don’t normally swear in conversation unless I am providing emphasis to make a point or to add weight to some pithy comment, so I may even have blushed as she spoke.

“Feast your eyes my dear, if this doesn’t stiffen your cock, nothing ever will. Look how smooth and soft these pretty knickers are, bought especially to treat your eyes tonight. If you touch them, you will see them slowly moisten as my pussy juices ooze onto your fingers.”

“My God, Marilyn! This is delicious, I don’t know where to start.”

“Press and fondle them, honey, stroke them. Slide your fingers along the hem and just watch how sticky they become. I want to feel your mouth pressed into them! Pull them away from my smooth and oily slit and lap me like a kitten!”

I sank my face into her mound and lost myself in an orgy of musk; her smooth, hairless, perfumed quim twitched with each and every slick lap of my tongue as I slid it up and down the crease. I used every trick I knew to pleasure her, reaching up to gently squeeze her ample breasts as I wallowed around in her warm, wet pussy. Her knickers were rapidly becoming soaked with her sticky juices and her breathing became faster and more urgent with every passing moment.

“Oh honey! I am so fucking aroused!” she gasped.

“I want to fill my mouth with your cock.”

She pushed me back onto the seat, the door clicked shut, the lights went out and suddenly her warm, wet mouth was nuzzling the front of my jeans. She slowly unzipped me and took out a fairly scary erection from within, then without hesitation plunged it into her mouth, moaning and purring her arousal. I became güvenilir casino aware that she had also spread her thighs apart and was gently wanking herself through her knickers.

I was in heaven and so was she, so I simply laid back and basked in the moment. Every now and then she would come up for air and suck my mouth with her soaking lips and tongue, mouthing obscenities through the mire of goo, supplemented by cum-soaked fingers from her quim which she thrust between our lips in a frenzy of lust.

“Did you like my little display, honey?” she cooed, “It made your cock so lovely and stiff and hard for me. I am so desperate to cum!”

“Marilyn, I want to cum all over your thighs and your satin pussy, lie back again, this is all too sexy for words.”

“Oh honey, I want you to wank over me and splash your warm sticky spunk all over my knickers as I finger myself. I want to feel your spunk trickling over my fingers!”

I needed no further encouragement and gently pushed her backwards. She settled herself into position and went through her beautiful routine once again for me, parting her thighs then slowly and very erotically masturbating herself over the satin mound as I stroked my throbbing cock in front of her. Very quickly I reached the point of no return and with a gasp of pleasure I shot a jet of warm spunk all over the soaking cream satin. She almost screamed with delight and grabbed at my spurting cock to catch the second jet, dousing her pussy lips with the oily goo.

“Mmmmmm. Oh God, I’m cumming!!” she squealed.

Her entire lower body began to buck and shake as she climaxed; head rolling, mouth uttering unrepeatable filth in her abandon. She pulled me towards her and whispered in my ear:

“Slide a finger or two inside my hole, honey and I will cum again.”

Being a gentleman, I did as she asked and felt her pucker as I gently probed the opening. True to her word, she quickly began to gasp and buck again; to add to her pleasure, I leant down and began to suckle her plump, tumescent clitoris, causing her to screech and tremble in a sort of aftershock until she finally pushed me from her, over sensitized and spent.

We eventually sat together in the front of the car, smoking a cigarette in the darkness. Marilyn calmly announced that she wanted to treat me again before she left for the coast. We would pick our moment, she said, when she would like to sit on top of me, draping her breasts over my mouth as I fucked her. I was still slightly speechless and murmured my agreement as we straightened ourselves for the rest of the journey.

I bought a fish and chips supper on the way home to mask the unmistakeable odour of sex exuding from our pores, it seemed to work and we were sitting munching our way through them with a mug of hot tea when the missus eventually arrived home. The promised second encounter happened a few days later, but that’s another story.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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