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This is the sequel to Flirting With Protocol, which is a suggested first read. There’s more story than sex, but I hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

xo, L&L


On their way back to Callie’s house, she had filled Ryann in on the changing room incident with Michael, leaving out the details of her leaving the curtain open and how hard his cock was up against her ass and her belly. She focused on how he came in the room to tie the top – “You little minx, you could’ve easily tied that!” – and how he had kissed the living daylights out of her.

“You lucky bitch. The only kiss I got today was from Molly the pig when I gave her some pretzel,” Ryann laughed. “Nice work, girlie. So proud of you!” Ryann hugged her friend excitedly as they got out of the car.

Ryann decided to stay at Callie’s for the night since they were hanging out at the river with the boys the next day. The girls gave themselves pedicures and chatted about their plans for the next day, Callie prodding Ryann about her flirting with Matt all day at the fair.

“Oh come on, Ry. I bet you bought that swimsuit that Matt liked, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, okay. But I happened to also like it. He’s nice! And he won me Buzz, and he oinked at Molly.” Callie raised an eyebrow at her, “Okay, Cal, it was cute. Whatever.” They both laughed. “And besides, you’re over making out with your paramedic, what am I supposed to do but flirt with his hunky friend?”

“Such a sacrifice for you to make, I’m sure.”

“Cal, I’d take a bullet for you.”

“Yeah, especially if the bullet is hot fireman-shaped with perfect teeth. A real do-gooder you are, taking one for the team.” Callie rolled her eyes.


The next day, when Michael and Matt knocked on Callie’s door a little early, they opened the door at the sound of a chorus of ‘come in!’s from the girls. They rounded the corner to the living room to find both of them already in their new bikinis from the county fair, Callie putting sunscreen on Ryann’s tanned back and shoulders.

Callie finished rubbing sunscreen into Ryann’s back and grinned up at Mike, wiggling her sticky fingers at him. “Do you want some?” she asked, a twinkle in her eye.

“Depends on where you’re offering to put it,” he replied, wiggling his eyebrows at her suggestively and internally fighting valiantly to keep blood from rushing to his cock.

“How about your back, stud? I doubt you’ll need it anywhere…” she looked down his body slowly, tracing a line he could almost feel, “… else.”

He shifted his stance, trying to hide the bulge forming in his trunks from her blatant perusal. Mike laughed, grabbing Callie into a hug and kissing her hair. He pulled his shirt over his head and turned his back to her. The sunscreen she squirted on him was cold and he wiggled, laughing. Then she started to rub it into his skin and his laugh turned into a groan. “Oh, Cal. That feels amazing.”

On the other side of the living room, Ry twirled her finger in a circle at Matt, telling him wordlessly to turn around. He chuckled as he pulled his own shirt over his head, presenting the broad expanse of his shoulders to her. Ryann caught Callie’s eye and grinned as she feigned firing a gun at herself, making Callie laugh.

“Doll, I have to pee.” Mike turned to Cal when he was sufficiently coated in sunscreen. He grabbed her hand as she started to point and give him directions to the bathroom, interrupting her by saying, “Why don’t you show me?” Callie grinned and headed down the hall, guiding him by the hand behind her.

He couldn’t help but reach out and touch her smooth, bronze skin, tracing an invisible line down her back with a broad hand, bringing it around her flank and wrapping his arm around her from behind. Pulling her tight against him, he halted their walking halfway down the hall and pulled her head to the side. He nipped and kissed at the curve where her neck met her shoulder, soliciting a groan.

She reached up to grab a handful of his hair, grinding her ass against him as she dropped her head back on his shoulder. Not relinquishing her hold on his hair, she turned in his arms, pushing her body against his chest to kiss him full on the mouth.

Running his hands down to cup her ass and bring her harder against his front, he groaned against her lips, “Fuck, you’re beautiful.” He backed her against the wall, pulling the cup of one side of her bathing suit top down just far enough to let her nipple pop out, hard and rosy.

She stifled a groan as he descended on her nipple, pulling it into his hot mouth. He rolled it between stiff lips, sucked it gently. Nibbled, licked, pulled.

A wolf whistle pulled Callie from her reverie, reminding her that Ry and Matt were just at the end of the hall in the other room. Embarrassed, she pulled a smirking Mike by the hand and into the bathroom.


Matt pulled his fingers down from his mouth, his lips still tickling from the whistle. It’s not that he minded pendik escort seeing his friend make out with a chick – they’d been drunk at bars enough together that that wasn’t new – but he didn’t think Callie would appreciate it.

Plus, Ryann was still putting sunscreen on him, and he was having a hard time not getting stiff in his flimsy swim trunks without the show. Just the look of her in that suit she bought at the fair, her hair cascading down her back and a tattoo wrapping one slender thigh, combined with her little hands rubbing his back like that. Damn, he thought. Down, boy.


Mike kicked the door closed behind him, not taking his hands off the gorgeous woman in front of him. His hands on her hips, he urged her to hop up onto the counter, his lips finding hers in an unhurried, leisurely explorative dance of lips and tongues and teeth becoming familiar to both of them.

Callie spread her knees to bring Mike closer to her body, pressing her stomach against his. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers running through his hair at the base of his neck. Coming up for air, Mike rested his forehead on Cal’s, his eyes closed and his breathing slightly heavy.

“I don’t know how I’ve kept from doing that so for long,” he admitted, opening his eyes to look into hers.

“I didn’t know you wanted to, really. I just thought you were a flirt,” she said softly, a smile across her flushed mouth.

He laughed, saying, “Well, I suppose it’s a good thing you couldn’t read my thoughts, then.”

“Oh really, Mr. Russell?” She smiled teasingly.

“Remember when I came in the other night, and you had your little bare feet up on the desk?”

Callie flushed, remembering her fantasy she had been having of him when he came strolling into dispatch, interrupting her. “Yeah, I remember.”

He paused a second, his eyes caressing her face. “You’re blushing.”

“No, I’m not!” she laughed, unable to keep a smile from her mouth. “Okay, I might’ve been thinking… about you. When you came in that night.”

His eyebrows lifted in surprise, and his grin was cocky. “Is that right?”

She laughed, her blush deepening.

“Well, are you going to tell me what you were thinking about me?” he pressed, his voice soft as he bent to brush a kiss down the smooth skin of her neck.

“…Maybe later.” Cal slid off the counter at the sound of Ry’s impatient voice calling them to hurry up with their making out so they could go to the river. “If you’re good.”


The drive out to The Falls, as all the locals called it, was peaceful. The slight wind was warm as it rushed into open windows of Matt’s truck, pulling stray strands of Callie’s hair into an unknown dance. The sun was making its presence known, shining through the branches of leaves of the wooded back road, streaking through at different angles with every curve of the road.

Sitting up front together, Ryann and Matt joked with each other in a comfortable way, playing with the radio, animatedly discussing which songs should be banned due to being intolerable. Matt even patiently described the function of his fire radio installed into the dashboard.

“I’ve got a portable that’s always in a bag in the back, but sometimes when I’m heading to the fire station to respond to a call, it’s nice to be able to get more information. Whether it’s fire or medical we’re going on, what’s the situation, anything odd,” Matt explained.

“You keep a portable radio with you? Isn’t that a little paranoid?” Ryann asked.

“Nah, my pager won’t always work, and I like to know what’s going on, just in case.”

“Oh, so you’re just nosy.”

Laughing, Matt replied, “Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

Mike enjoyed watching Callie, the sun brightening natural highlights in her hair and a soft smile on her lips as she watched the scenery roll by. He slid his big hand over Callie’s, lacing his fingers with hers and pulling it to his mouth for a soft kiss, not wanting to break her reverie.

Finally they pulled into the parking lot of the Falls, celebrating when they saw there were no other cars out there with them. Having the place to themselves was a treat; usually on days like today there were several groups of teenagers coming to do their underage drinking in the seclusion of the hike-in pebble shore.

They climbed out of the truck, grabbing bags, coolers, and chairs, and started the half-mile hike down to the shore.

“I think if Sasquatch was going to live anywhere, it would be here,” Ryann started, nudging Matt with her shoulder and navigating the winding dirt path. “I mean, there’s seclusion, fish in the river, a rope swing to play on, and a waterfall to shower under. What more does he need?”

“I don’t think he’d be worried about showering, Ry,” Callie laughed as Ryann wrinkled her nose. Callie smiled up at Michael as he held her elbow, helping her over a tangle of tree roots used as makeshift stairs kartal escort down a particularly steep section of the path.

“Maybe he just needs to be taught how,” Ry continued, elbowing Matt when he snorted.

“Maybe you could teach me how,” Matt suggested, finishing with a wink.

Rolling her eyes, Ry said, “Yeah I’ll just pencil that in for next Tuesday.” She took Matt’s offered hand as she climbed over the massive tree trunk blocking the path. It had fallen a couple years ago during a particularly harsh storm and nobody had bothered moving it.

Michael scooped Cal up over his shoulder and, with a pat on her butt, stepped his long legs over the log. Shrieking at being hoisted and captured, Callie kicked at Mike, finally giving up and smacking him on his butt. Once safely over the log, he set her back down on her feet, stealing a kiss to silence her when she started to complain.

Grabbing her hand, he gently pulled her the final few feet of the path, emerging to a sun-warmed, small pebble shore. An old oak tree perched at the shoreline, thick branches used to house a rope swing that swayed gently over the water. A light, warm breeze danced across the surface of the water, following slight ripples downstream and around the bend. Closer to the waterfall, a slight mist hung in the air and dampened the row of large boulders at the edge of the pool. Natural landings were carved into the wall of rock, serving as jumping-off points for the more adventurous river-doer. Higher above, “Do Not Jump” signs were posted, marring the otherwise natural surroundings.

“Ta-da! We’re here,” Ryann huffed, flopping down onto a lounging chair and dropping the bags she carried.

“You’re not just going to sit there, are you? We came for the river, darlin’,” Matt said, setting his own cargo down on the shore and kicking off his shoes.

“Yeah, maybe later…” Ry said, looking out at the river. “I’m enjoying the sun for now.”

“You’ll never get her in the water, Matt,” Callie said, fielding a glare from her best friend. “She won’t get her hair wet.”

Matt shook his head then looked at Callie mischievously, saying, “Challenge accepted,” he strode over to Ryann and laughing, scooped her up over his shoulder and in a moment had them both up on the rope swing.

“Matt, don’t!! I’ll kill you! Ugh, Matt, please!” Ryann begged, wiggling in his arms.

Laughing, he climbed back down off the rope swing and put her down on dry land. She swatted his chest and he captured her hands, pulling her into his chest and hugging her to his sun-warmed, broad chest. “Sorry, darlin’, I won’t drop you in the water,” he said, nuzzling her ear and enjoying how her smell wafted around him in the breeze.

“Damn right you won’t,” she said softly, looking up at him and smiling. She surprised him by pressing a shy, quick kiss to his lips and walking away, hips swinging.

Callie and Michael had just finished blowing up floating tubes when they heard rambunctious laughter and loud footsteps come traipsing down the path, so they weren’t surprised when a few moments later, three teenage boys came shoving each other through the mouth of the path.

Rolling her eyes at the teenagers, Callie grabbed Michael’s hand and pulled him after her, into the river. “At least they’re staying over on that side,” Callie said to Mike, nodding her head toward the waterfall and the fence of boulders that provided a natural divider to the two areas of shore. The teenagers had dropped their backpacks at the boulders, scattering their shirts and towels before shoving each other and cannon-balling off of the rocks and into the pool.

“Yeah, still was more peaceful without them,” Michael said, settling into this tube and dangling his feet into the water. Callie floated next to him on her own tube, trailing fingers through the water and relaxing back to let the sun drape across her skin in a warm caress.

Callie could hear the light banter between Matt and Ryann on shore, and smiled to herself. Ryann was different around Matt, but Callie didn’t think she noticed. She wasn’t as defensive, didn’t keep a wall up as much as around the other men that she dated. Callie closed her eyes and smiled, thinking, Maybe they’ll start dating, too. They’d be a cute couple. We could go on double dates…

“Fuck! Mike, man, he jumped off the high landing, what an idiot!” Matt was standing, looking in the direction of the waterfall. Michael swam to the shore, and in moments the boys were walking toward the boulders.

“Did he come up? Which one did he jump off of?” Mike asked, shaking the water out of his ears.

“Shit, I don’t see him yet,” Matt said, pointing to the Do Not Jump sign.

Out of the water now, Callie started making her way over toward the boulders when she saw Mike and Matt take off running to the shore. Both men dove in, and as Callie stood on one of the boulders, she saw them circling in the water, their voices echoing off the damp stone walls. maltepe escort The other two boys had been ordered out of the water and sat shivering in the shadow, looking worriedly toward the water.

“There!” Matt yelled, just before diving in, and Callie let out the breath she hadn’t known she was holding when the two men pulled the boy to the surface.

“Callie, doll, he’s unconscious. Get an ambulance. Now.” Michael said, his voice the authoritative tone she was used to hearing. He was Paramedic Michael, now, and she couldn’t be more relieved.

Scrambling off the rocks and toward the bags, Callie grabbed keys and started sprinting toward the path when Ry stopped her, “Matt’s portable is in here! He has a first aid kit, too, but not much. Here’s some towels…”

Callie grabbed the portable radio and Ryann dashed off toward the boulders where Matt and Michael had the boy out of the water. Relieved she didn’t have to go find cell signal to call out, Callie switched on the radio, checked the frequency, and pushed the button to make the mic live, “Priority traffic for fire dispatch, from off-duty MedCom.”

The second of quiet static was enough to make Callie’s heart race harder before she heard a response. “Off-duty, go ahead.”

“Fire dispatch, I need Rescue and medical to Young’s River Falls. Teenage male dove off the falls, unconscious, 2609 is with him as is an off-duty medic, I’ll contact MedCom directly.”

“Copy Off-duty, stand by for tones…”

Callie switched to the ambulance frequency, paused to make sure she wasn’t interrupting other traffic, then spoke, using her own radio call number, “MedCom, from 1613.”

There was a pause before, “1613, go ahead.”

“Did you copy my traffic on the fire scanner?”

“Affirm, unit 217 is enroute the Falls from Post 2, can you give them an update?”

Callie started jogging over to the men, saying, “Stand by one, I’ll get 311 the radio for specifics, they have him out of the water, unconscious.”

The crew in the ambulance hopped onto radio, “217 copies that traffic, ETA is 8 minutes.”

Callie caught Mike’s eye and said, “217 is looking for an update. ETA of 8 minutes. Rescue should be closer.” Mike nodded and took the radio, calling the ambulance and giving them a patient size-up.

Relieved beyond words that the boy was breathing, Callie addressed Matt, “What do you need?”

“Ideally, I need a backboard. The sooner we can get him up to the parking lot, the better. Ry’s controlling the bleeding, but that head wound is nasty, and the longer he’s unconscious…” Callie could see the worry wrinkle Matt’s brow.

“What about that folding lounge chair? Can we lock it flat and get him up the path?”

Michael shook his head, “There would be no way to stabilize his neck or back, and the chair could fold, or we could drop him with only the few of us. We’ll have to wait.” The sirens from the fire engine echoed down through the trees, and Matt continued, “Shouldn’t be too long now, they’re here.”

Ry cleared her throat, eyes wide and skin a little pale, “Um, Matt, this towel is soaked.” Callie looked at her friend and noticed the freaked out expression on her face.

“I’ll take over, hand me another towel,” Callie said, continuing to put pressure on the cut as she put another towel on top of the first. Firm, steady pressure. Firm, steady pressure. Don’t lift it up to look, Callie chanted to herself in her head, reciting the protocols she had given to more 911 callers than she could count.

Michael was focused entirely on monitoring the boy’s breathing, keeping his head steady, watching for signs that he wasn’t getting enough oxygen. At any moment, they might have to start doing CPR, and he felt entirely naked without his tools and medications that would help ensure the boy’s survival.

The sound of pebbles shifting beneath heavy boots was music to all their ears as a swarm of firemen came down the path, the ambulance crew right behind.

One of the first responders took over Callie’s job and she gladly stepped back, going to provide what comfort she could to Ryann as they both stayed out of the way. The two somber teenagers stood nearby, and one of them looked at Callie, begging with his eyes as he asked, “Will he be okay?”

“He’s really lucky we were here. He’s in good hands.”

“I dared him. He didn’t want to jump. I called him a chicken bastard.”

“Well, he’s alive. Let’s hope he stays that way.” Callie said, wanting to berate the young idiots for disregarding their safety. She said a silent prayer they would learn from this.

Ryann and Callie packed up the rest of their stuff, and the two extra responders who couldn’t grab a handle on the backboard to carry the boy up the path helped them cart their stuff up to the parking lot. Callie thanked them and, noticing the looks she was getting from both the fire personnel and her own crew members, she put on a sweatshirt over her bikini.

Callie could see Michael talking with the ambulance crew as they loaded up the patient and, with a final handshake, the ambulance doors closed and they took off with lights and sirens toward the nearest hospital. Thanking and saying goodbye to the last of the firemen, he ran a hand through his hair and headed back toward the girls.

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