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She consciously felt the bonds and restrictions she’d been placed in. Although she wasn’t certain the steps she’d taken to end up in this predicament, she knew how she’d got there. Just not why she’d let it happen!

It had all started when she joined an online fluffing service. She’d been feeling really frustrated and her usual passive erotic fiction and porn just wasn’t getting her into the right mood for the intense orgasms she was craving. Hence joining the interactive forum.

In joining she got to have interactive incredibly steamy cyber sex. She would prepare herself before logging on to her pre arranged rendezvous. First she’d have a large glass of wine to start reducing her inhibitions. She’d also dress up in a sexy outfit to compliment her mood, and so she’d look good in the videos she made of these sessions. Once the initial preparations were done she’d lay down on her bed, with her laptop beside her and would log on to the service.

At first the videos she made were tame stuff. She’d play with herself whilst role playing with her fluffer of the day, rubbing her nipples and stroking her pussy and clit, shadowing the activities she was indulging in onscreen.

After a couple of sessions like that she was passed up the chain to someone more experienced and broadminded. This fluffer had her playing with herself with toys of various sorts, vibrators, butt plugs and dildoes. Fortunately she had a large collection and an ever present bottle of lube ready to keep her body replicating what her mind has her doing via the screen.

It wasn’t long before things got steamier. She was probing at her pussy with fingers, trying to force them in, and the same with her ass. Her breasts and nipples were assaulted by her driven fingers, kneading at the soft flesh and pinching and pulling hard on her stiffened nubs.

But it wasn’t enough.

Her fluffer had moved on beyond the contents of her adult toy and clothing collection, and it was becoming frustrating. Each time some new tool or underwear item was mentioned, or some activity involving them, she desperately wanted to emulate them, but couldn’t.

Eventually she mentioned this to the fluffing service provider and received an unexpected reply. As part of their service she could arrange to stay at a discreet hotel facility where everything mentioned as part of their fluffing service was provided, right down to clothes in her size. It was going to cost her a small fortune, but she couldn’t resist. They’d lured her in with promises of excitement that were barely fulfilled. However her fantasies were now beyond what she’d started with. The thought of rubber and leather, wood and steel, PVC and lace and the ever desired bigger orgasms had her handing over her credit card fast enough to melt her internet connection.

Two days later, a two week leave of absence arranged with her office, found her driving down a private country road, heading towards a large brick building miles away from prying eyes and attentive ears.

The anonymous building was an old country house, with big picture windows and ornate detailing. The people running this service were obviously minting it. After pressing the doorbell she did not have to wait many minutes before she was ushered in to the foyer of the ‘Hotel’ where she was checked in by a shapely woman who was minding the reception desk. She was given a pack of information to read and guided to her room, after checking her bags at the desk. Everything she needed for her two week stay would be provided.

As she settled in to her room, sitting on the edge of the massive queen sized cebeci escort bed, facing the door to the en-suite bathroom, she opened the info pack and started reading. It informed her of the procedure to best gain enjoyment for her fortnight of sexual adventuring. She was to start as normal, with her fluffer relating to her over a computer keyboard. All the items they used in their fantasies would be provided to her via a dumb waiter. If they eventually wanted to, her fluffer could join her in person. Other actors could be requested too. The limit was pretty much her imagination, or her willingness to try her fluffer’s suggestion.

She took a deep breath, placed the pack on the bedside table, and started the conversation that would satisfy her sopping wet pussy.

It started slowly enough. After a brief “Hello how are you?” conversation, the fluffer had her stroking her body through her clothes, feeling herself up, stroking her belly, squeezing her bum, working her way up to fondling her breasts and rubbing her nipples erect.

After just a few minutes of this treatment she was ready for her next installment, and her first load arrived on the dumb waiter. This consisted of a bottle of lubricant, a smallish package, a box and a bottle of talc.

Her fluffer had her go to the bathroom and strip off. All her clothing went down the laundry chute, to be cleaned and made ready for her eventual departure. She then had a cleansing shower, followed by an all over body drier that left her ready for what the next few hours would bring.

She covered her entire body with talc and tied her hair up in a ponytail. The package contained an all over red latex catsuit which she would need the talc to slip in to. It was tight! She got her legs into the small slit in the back of the suit and pushed her feet in to the bottom of the rubber skin, where even her toes were individually wrapped. she then stuck her arms in, stretching the slit so she could slip her head and her whole body in. Very soon she was deliciously encased, with just the holes for her eyes, nose, ears, crotch and her pony tail left open. She went back to the bedroom.

The sensation of the tight rubber was like a thousand hands caressing her in the most intimate way imaginable. Her horniness was boiling up.

Following the new instructions that had appeared on the screen, she coated her pussy with lube from the big bottle that had arrived earlier. She paused as she stuck the head at the entrance to her cunt and then shuddered in shock as the cold hit her – she squeezed a good dollop in.

Her rubbered hands wiped clean on a handy towel, she opened the box and took out the instruments of her next sexual torture. There were three inflatable dildos, starting at the small and modest, and ending at the improbably huge and frankly scary. However she started as they’d discussed. She rubbed her left breast and nipple whilst running the tip of the smallest up and down her nether lips, eventually sliding it into herself. She moaned in delight and pinched the nipple hard. In and out it went, taking her ever closer to her desired orgasm. However before approaching the peak, she squeezed the bulb attached to the base of the phallic object, increasing the stimulation and beginning the next stage of her adventure. Before long she was giving the inflator a squeeze every dozen or so strokes, stretching herself a little bit bigger each time, and giving herself a brilliant feeling of fullness. It must have taken an hour but she had the toy up to its maximum size, and moved on to the next one. It slid in with little çeşme escort resistance, its size just right to continue her ongoing playing. However with this toy she couldn’t stop her orgasms coming. It too also reached its maximum size, deep and wide, continuing her preparations.

It took her much longer to finish with the second toy than the first. Her pussy was turning a deeper shade of pink as she made her ministrations, and was seriously stretching as she moved on to the last of her inflatable friends. This time it was a struggle for her to continue, as it was reaching the painful stage. Her pussy was getting wider and deeper, as each time she inflated the toys she’d ram them deep, all the way in to herself. It felt so good, she couldn’t help it. However despite the struggle, the wincing and the soreness, she did get the large toy inflated in her pussy, fully embedded and taught. She pulled it out, leaving her gaping lips to close slowly. Then she easily slipped her hand, fisted, into herself, then out again, the smooth latex sliding lusciously across her sensitive skin. On impulse she bent herself double, and slipped both hands in to herself. She came and came from the sensation then collapsed almost unconscious.

It had been like that the first week. Playing with herself and toys, and all sorts of kinky clothing and ideas, and eventually meeting her fluffer, and using him for her increased libido and pleasure. However at the end of the first week, she made the decision she had been building to for so long. She asked her fluffer to give her the ultimate, to complete her hidden fantasy.

So that was how she ended up like this.

She’d been led to a different room, after first being blindfolded and gagged. They would have restrained her more, but it would have just been in the way for what was about to happen.

She was forced to her knees and felt cold metal next to her arms as they started the restraining process. There was clinking of metal as she felt steel clamps restraining her wrists, then her elbows then her upper arms and shoulders. Her individual fingers were also tightly clamped. Before long her body was immobilised, in a classic doggy position, her knees well spread. And except for her head, she couldn’t move a millimeter. The bonds went around her knees and her ankles, clamped her shoulders and her chest. However even the mobility of her head was going to be changed. They put a strap around the top of her head and pulled it back, locking it into place. Her gag was removed and replaced with a ratchet metal one that clicked her mouth open wide and taught, leaving her throat beautifully lined up for what was to come. They replaced her blindfold with a pair of video glasses so she could be shown a clear view of what was happening to her… And she almost came from this procedure…

From the view she’d been given, she could see her body was immobilised in a very minimal frame, leaving access to all her parts. Her pussy was dripping continuously, as was the drool from her mouth. Having been set up like this though, the really interesting stuff started.

A blocky device was placed in front of her head, a long thick dildo pointing out of it. A few adjustments later, and it was switched on, the rubber toy, which slowly excreted a lubricant from its tip, approached her mouth, went in a little ways, then backed out again. It did this a few times, then plunged deep in to her mouth, popped past the constriction of her throat, and held there for a couple of seconds. Then it pulled out and started this cycle again, ravishing her neck, and oblivious cim cif yapan escort to her gagging and tears.

Having taken care of the first part of her fantasy, the next one started.

A metal collar was attached around the base of each of her breasts, and a metal bowl attached to those in turn. This bowl was able to hold her mammaries easily, and her nipples were way off the holes in the bottom of them.

Two large hung bags of saline solution were brought out, each of them attached to four needles. The needles were clinically pushed into the restricted flesh via tiny holes in the metal collars. The pain was mild, as fine needles were used. Then the drips were turned on. Ever so slowly the solution dribbled in to her, expanding her breasts, making them stretch and expand into the containers fitted to them. It took a while, but before the saline was done, her nipples were protruding from the holes in the bottom of the formers, erect and incredibly hard and sensitive. And then they were pierced. A swift needle from the top and one from the side left her with a flash of heat-pain in the back of the nipple, as they fitted her with one barbell top to bottom and one side to side, flush against the bowl. A third needle went horizontally through the middle of her nipple, where a gold ring was attached. The video close up of this operation in her glasses made it almost feel like it was someone else going through the procedure. But the feelings in her now marked flesh couldn’t be denied, the pain was mixing with the mental pleasure of having her throat and mouth continuously ravaged.

She knew what was coming next, as all this was actually being done to her specification. Even so, the burning in her tits from the expanding saline and new adornments told her some of how the next stage would feel, and she began to feel nervous. Her almost continuously dripping pussy told the other side of the story though.

The video camera was repositioned so she had a fabulous view of her pussy. And the piercing began again. This time however fishing hooks were used. Three in each labia and one through her clit hood. The pain was sudden and immense, but quickly over. The other end of the hooks were attached by elastic to the stand that restrained her. A vibrator placed in her pussy, she was left mostly alone. Every once in a while, the elastic was tightened as her lips and her hood stretched out opening her up clear and wide for the last stage of her fantasy.

It took a while for the skin or her pussy lips to stretch out to the two inches she’d wanted, but that done, with occasional breaks for the vibrator in her pussy and the mouth toy, it was time.

The deep throat machine was put back on and sped up. The elastics were tightened hard, and a couple of weights attached to her new nipple rings. At her pussy, the video camera was moved to the side as a new contraption was bolted to the bars of her metal restraints. A huge, hard dildo, the size of a three litre bottle of drink was placed at the entrance to her tunnel. The other end was attached to a piston. The toy, bigger than her leg, bigger than anything she’d ever fucked was going to be inexorably pushed in to her, millimeter by millimeter until it had bottomed out…

She sat at home several months later, reminiscing at the experience. Her body was back to normal, except she’d kept the piercings and had gold liners where the fish hooks had been. The thought of the orgasm she’d had as she’d eventually been able to be fucked to and fro by the incredible rubber phallus could still get her juices running in seconds. Her current lover enjoyed licking her adornments and playing with her piercings. Although his tongue made her come in torrents, it still didn’t compare. His dick in her pussy made her orgasm, but it was silver compared to gold. She was back at work, earning the big fee for her next fortnight of fluffing…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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