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My fetish for bare feet had taken a turn I could not have expected or imagined. From a private session with an exotic dancer I had been turned into a foot cuck by her boyfriend. Because a lot of pictures had been taken of me sucking his feet while I was naked I was in a compromising situation. I had done things that at the moment seemed humiliating and degrading. But my fetish cravings had betrayed me and I found myself strangely sexually excited at my treatment. And when given the choice between licking the beautiful feet of the dancer I chose to lick and suck her boyfriends meaty feet while they had sex.

I had been collared and given the name footsie the cuck. And now through an email I was being told that my cuck training would be advanced to another level. I was ordered to report to the trailer where my new trainer Master Bigfoot and his sub/slut the dancer Amber lived.

At the appointed hour I arrived at the trailer. When I knocked I was surprised that the door was answered by Master Bigfoot. I entered and immediately dropped to my knees with my eyes bowed as I had been trained. Master Bigfoot locked my leather collar onto my neck and attached the leash. I was led crawling to the bedroom where I had been trained as a cuck. I could hear moaning but didn’t dare to lift my eyes without permission.

My Master led me to the bathroom where I was ordered to strip naked and fold my clothes. After I completed this task I waited on my knees for what would happen to me next. I could still hear the moaning of a woman from inside the bathroom. The door opened and the Master entered.

I was led by my leash back into the bedroom and the moaning was now loud but controlled. The Master told me to kneel and lift his bare foot to worship. On the bed I could see a large woman who was naked and had mounted the face of the blond dancer Amber. As I licked the Master’s foot and sucked his toes I could she the woman grind herself on Amber’s face. The lady was introduced to me as Jen but to me she would be addressed as Lady J.

She was very attractive but was a powerful looking woman. Large, solid build with big tits and the look of a woman who could handle herself. At the moment she was having her cunt served by Amber. Amber was on her back and I could hear her tongue lapping at Lady J’s cunt. Lady J would grind herself over Amber’s smothered face. She would moan from the pleasure but then just grind harder.

Master Bigfoot explained to me that he was mentoring Lady J. Amber and I would serve as slaves tonight for whatever use we were ordered to provide. Lady J lifted herself from Amber’s face. She sat on the edge of the bed beside Master Bigfoot. Amber crawled off the bed and was on her knees in front of Lady J. Master Bigfoot has stripped naked himself while I had been in the bathroom.

Lady J took Amber by the head and forced her mouth back onto her cunt. Amber offered no resistance and licked submissively. Master Bigfoot took his foot from my mouth and took me by the head down onto casino şirketleri his thick superior cock. I accepted it and he forced it into my mouth. He held my head as I slowly sucked his cock as I had been trained. This continued for several minutes.

Master Bigfoot finally pulled my head up from his cock and Lady J did the same with Amber’s head. The two of them stood up and when they did I could see that Lady J was as tall as Master Bigfoot. She stood well over six feet tall.

“Look down at her feet footsie. They are about to become the newest objects of your perverse desires.” Master Bigfoot taunted.

I looked down and saw a magnificent pair of the biggest female feet I had ever seen. They had purple painted toes and their shape was perfect. Beautiful white skin and the contrast with the purple toes was stunning.

“Slaves switch positions.” Master Bigfoot ordered. We scrambled on our knees and I was kneeling in front of Lady J. Master Bigfoot had already captured Amber’s head and had forced his cock into her mouth.

Lady J pushed my head down to her feet. “I’ve heard a lot about you footsie. And you are going to get a chance to earn the feet you are staring at.” Lady J explained.

“But the two of you are going to work hard for us tonight. Two obedient slaves being prepared for some special duties we have in store for you.” Master Bigfoot explained.

I was ready to debase myself to whatever extent necessary to earn those feet. I didn’t want to take my eyes off of them but knew that I had been reduced to a cuck slave. I did what i was told. That was simply the way it was.

Lady J let me take in her superb feet with my eyes for several seconds before grabbing my head roughly. She pulled me up by my head and held it in front of her face.

She smiled at my wickedly. “I value obedience and you have been trained to obey. I will demand some special acts of submission from you today. There are plans for you. But before those get explained you are going to witness some very rough treatment of slut Amber. Master Bigfoot loves to see her manhandled by another woman. And there are few rougher women than me. Now you are going to open your mouth and accept my spit. Then you are going to accept some face slaps. When I take you by the head and force you to your knees you will kneel and witness her beat down. It is an example of what will happen to you if I decide you need it.” Lady J taunted.

My mouth was open wide and I kept it that way. Lady J unloaded big wads of spit into my mouth and I accepted it without movement. Then the face smacking began. The first stung but I stayed in place. The second was much harder and it moved me back a step. Then both hands slapped me hard until I bowed my head from the pain.

“Good job footsie.” Lady J said. She took me roughly by the head and forced me to my knees.

Amber was slow sucking Master Bigfoot’s cock on her knees this entire time. I watched her and admired her slender body and soft bare feet. Lady casino firmaları J grabbed her blond hair and lifted her up. Amber had fear in her eyes. I guessed she knew what was coming. She was ordered to open her mouth. Lady J gave her some spit as well. Then two wicked face slaps with her right hand first and then her left. Amber whimpered and cried a bit.

Lady J then picked Amber up easily and threw her over her shoulder. She began spanking Amber’s ass hard and smiled as she did it. Then she threw her on the bed. Amber was trying to hold back her crying but failed. Lady J showed no mercy and attacked the slender blond with ass smacks before mounting her. She pinned Amber’s arms down and lowered her head to within inches of Amber’s head.

“If you want mercy from your beating stick that long tongue out.” Lady J taunted.

Amber’s tongue jutted out immediately. It was really long. Lady J bent down and started sucking that tongue. I was hard from watching this. Master Bigfoot was as well. Amber moaned and as she did Lady J jammed two fingers into Amber’s cunt. The amazon Lady J was finger fucking Amber and sucking her tongue but then bit it. Amber screamed in pain but the fingers kept invading her. Amber was writhing from stimulation and pain. But suddenly she started to convulse and I knew she was cumming. She was shaking uncontrollably. But the cunt invasion continued. Now Lady J was licking Amber’s face.

Amber was overwhelmed by her treatment. She was captured under the power and strength of Lady J’s body. Her arms were no longer pinned but the fingers in her cunt and the licking of her face was driving her wild. Just when it seemed the convulsions of her body would cease another wave would begin. She was writhing and sweating profusely. Lady J suddenly lifted herself from Amber’s body. Amber was ordered to turn over and get on her knees. She did it too slowly for Lady J and her ass was smacked hard.

Master Bigfoot moved behind Amber and grabbed her hips and thrust himself inside her. Lady J leaned in sideways and lifted her arms near Amber’s head.

“Lick my armpits bitch and show appreciation for your cums.” Lady J ordered Amber. That long tongue went to work and Lady J moaned her pleasure and her fingers moved to her clit.

“footsie get your ass on the bed and lick the slut’s sweaty pits.” Master Bigfoot ordered.

I got on the bed quickly and lapped at Amber’s sweaty armpits with enthusiasm. I had seen what Lady J was capable of and already knew master Bigfoot would not hesitate to smack me.

I could hear Amber’s muffled moans as her face was buried in Lady J’s armpit. But as I tasted her sweat I felt her body shaking and it was clear she was cumming yet again. Amber was amazingly responsive to her submission.

“Get your cuck ass over top of me footsie and get your tongue on my clit.” Lady J ordered. I posed over her and licked at her clit. It was large and swollen from all the attention. I felt Lady J spread my ass cheeks and my body tightened. güvenilir casino She spit on my asshole and I knew I was in trouble. Her fingers were penetrating me and I squealed like a little bitch into her clit. She laughed at me. I could hear Amber moaning from being fucked and now my ass was as well.

I could feel the fingers roughly invading me and the pain was intense but then started to subside. Was I giving in this easily to having my ass fucked?

“Now cuck you are going to get your prostate massaged. And if you cum without permission you will be very sorry you did.” Lady J informed me. “You ass has to be trained because Master Bigfoot is pimping you to me when I want you.”

I was going insane from the sensations. My tongue was working frantically on Lady J’s big clit. My ass was being stretched and the pumping fingers were relentless. Then a finger was taken away. The remaining finger found a spot that made me writhe and moan. It made me wild and I could feel my cock pulsate. I had never felt anything like this. I moaned loudly. My cock started feeling as if the cum was on its way. I had been prohibited from releasing it. I was out of control. I sucked on the clit to try and take my mind from my cock and asshole. I did not work.

I knew pleading would not work. I was defeated. There was no way I could stop the cum from making its way out. Then I heard my possible reprieve.

“I will take the finger out footsie if you beg to suck it clean.” Lady J offered.

“Please Lady J let this cuck suck the finger from his asshole.” I pleaded.

The finger was removed and I spun around quickly and accepted the finger in my mouth. Lady J was smiling and knew she had me trained to deep submission. I sucked on that finger to show my submission. It was a totally degrading act and I knew it. But it was my only choice to save the cum from disobeying Lady J. I had seen her beat Amber. I knew mine would be worse. So I sucked the finger up and down.

Finally Lady J removed the finger from my mouth. Master Bigfoot had filled Amber’s cunt with his cum from that big cock. I thought my debasement was through but it was not to be.

“I want you two slaves to 69 each other.” Lady J commanded. “Amber you better suck that cum from footsie’s cock. And footsie while she is draining you you can lick some of the cum from her cunt.”

We did as we were told. Amber mounted me and took my cock into her mouth. I lapped at Amber’s cunt and immediately felt the Master’s cum draining onto the pussy lips. I was sucking clit and had cum dripping on my face. My cock was being expertly sucked. Amber would empty me quickly. I felt the cum shoot into her mouth. And as it did I felt her cunt quiver from my clit sucking. She was cumming with a mouth full of my cum. I had Master’s cum all over my face but knew not to stop my clit sucking.

I heard Lady J grunt out a cum of her own. Amber and I were ordered to crawl into the shower and wash each other. We were exhausted. I looked at her pretty feet that had lured me into the situation I now found myself. I was so far removed from just being a foot perv. Yet I still craved the chance to earn Lady J’s feet.

In that shower I looked into Amber’s eyes. We were both broken slaves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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