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I walked over to the dresser where the envelope was and picked it up. I opened it and sure enough, his information was there. All tests were negative. “Just go home Tom,” I said with my back turned to him. I heard the door open and close. My mind was racing. My heart was pumping madly in my chest. My ass was pulsing, too. And my dick was still hard up against my stomach. I needed relief and knew where to find it. I found my clothes in the hallway and pulled my cell phone out of my pocket. I pulled up the number from speed dial and hit send. When he answered the phone, I said plainly to him, “get up here now and fuck me.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“It is going to be a little while. Make sure the door is opened between our rooms and go to sleep. I will be up shortly,” Scott replied. Before I could say another word, my phone beeped – it was an incoming call. I looked at the number. Shit, it was my home phone number. “I’ve got another call, gotta go, Scott,” I said hurriedly.

“Hello?” I said as calmly as possible.

“Daddy!” shouted my kids on the other end. “We wanted to talk to you before we went to bed.” While it was 8pm in Vegas, it was 9pm at home – their bedtime.

I slowly sat down on the bed and talked to the kids. The call lasted about 10 minutes, then their mother got on the phone. “Randall. (oh, crap!) I thought you were going to call the kids?”

I played dumb, saying that I was just getting up to my room and was planning on calling them right away. I must have been slurring a bit, because my wife picked up on it.

“Are you drunk?” she questioned me.

“No, just had a couple of drinks and am getting ready for bed. Have an early day tomorrow and am meeting a new client for dinner tomorrow night. I might have to rearrange my flight home it if goes late. Sorry, babe,” I said sincerely.

“You are lucky you make such good money and are so good in the sack, or I’d find someone else, buster” she joked with me.

We talked a bit more and I hung up. I lay back on my bed and pulled the covers up my body. I still had a buzz. My cock was no longer rock hard, but still had a bit of life in it. I lay back and closed my eyes. The warmth of the covers put me at ease and I slowly fell asleep.

I don’t know how much later it was, until I felt the coolness of air, then a warm body slid against me. I didn’t have to even open my eyes; I could feel the course curly hair of Scott enveloping my body. His body was completely muscular. And I could also feel his cock rubbing on my ass. Scott turned me toward him and kissed me deeply. My passion, which had ebbed due to sleep was fuel again, even boosted from the booze I had earlier.

As he pushed his lips to mine, I pulled his head toward me and ran my fingers through his hair, holding it in place. My lips opened to his and the kiss became increasingly deep and demanding. I let his tongue in. I could feel his free hand on my chest, over a nipple – tugging on it, tweaking it until it was rock hard. The light dusting of hair on my chest stood on end. Scott found my other nipple and pinched it. My body shuddered in ecstasy. I was rock hard and loved the heat of skin-on-skin contact. His hairy chest mashed up against me, tickling me.

“Ohhh, yeah, this is so fucking hot Scott,” I moaned into his mouth. I pulled back a little and kissed his lips firmly. I don’t know what came over me. Matching his movements, I turn my head slightly to the side and nudge his lips open wider, teasing the tip of his tongue with my own. Within mere moments, our hands were roaming all over each other’s bodies and we French-kissed passionately. He let a low moan escape his lips in between kisses.

I took the initiative and forced my tongue into his mouth, exploring his orifice. I invaded his mouth, probing. He shuddered now. I ran my hands through his chest hair, feeling it curl around my fingers. I kneaded his pecks, and lightly caressed his nipples. Scott moaned, “you are a horny little fuck tonight!”

“There isn’t going to be anything little about our fuck tonight, Scotty” I panted into his face. We were both really into each other. Our bodies were mashed together. My cock was rubbing into his lower stomach, and his was poking at my balls. I shifted position and let his cock move between my legs. We were both on our sides facing each other and I threw my right leg over his hip, pulling him toward me. His cock slid under my balls. I could feel his cock raking under my body towards my ass. When the head of his cock made contact with my core, I hissed, “oh, fuck!”

Scott could obviously feel the wetness in my crevice and heat from my center. “Yeah, baby! You are all ready for some deep loving.”

“Oh God, Scott…I need you so fucking bad,” I moaned out breathlessly. I moved forward to kiss him again, relishing in the intimacy we were sharing. Unlike our mating before (with my eyes closed tightly), I stared directly back into his soulful eyes, which were glossy with lust. My kisses casino oyna moved down his face to his neck. I felt the hair from his chest between my fingers, which were still massaging his chest. I licked and sucked on his neck, and I tried to pull him even closer to my body. I shuddered at all the feelings coursing through my body. Goosebumps started covering my skin from him tantalizing touch.

Scott slowly started thrusting his cock between my legs. With all the lube in my ass, the spreading that Tom had given me hours before, and my unbridled lust of the moment, Scott started jabbing at my hole with his cock head. I could feel the hard nubs of his nipples rubbing over my chest – teasing my sensitive nipples in the process.

I squeezed my hips into his, making sure he felt my aching cock on his lower abs, wanting him to know how hard my cock is for him. “See what you’re doing to me?” I grunt out, using my leg to push his ass – using my body to try and drive his cock head into me.

Scott simply chuckled as I continued to ravage his neck. I bent my head lower and kissed his muscular shoulder. I don’t know what came over me, but I bit down on a fleshy part of his shoulder. “Aww, fuck…” he groaned out in pleasure, grabbing a fistful of my hair and using it to pull me from his neck. Scott looked me right in the eye and said, “you want it a little rough tonight? Cuz if you keep that shit up, I will fuck you till you can’t walk, bitch!”

I shuddered at the thought and rubbed up against him, “you’re driving me crazy.” I dove in for another deep kiss. His mouth was so wet, so warm and his lips and tongue to strong. The stubble on his face was rubbing my lips and face raw. I just couldn’t get enough of him.

I could feel his cock centered at my ass, and I pulsed my rim over him. I was trying to milk his dickhead. But in this position, there was no way for him to go in any further. But this was great foreplay. He broke away from my lips with a little cry and looked deeply into my eyes with an expression of ecstasy and longing. He was into this as much as I was. Unlike before where he was the aggressor, we were sharing this together. This wasn’t just sex.

“Your asshole is fantastic, Jace…ohhh, keep doing that,” he sighed. He was turning to mush right in front of my eyes. While this felt good for me, too, I knew what would feel much, much better. I pulled back from him for a moment, pulling my leg off his hip.

He gave me a disappointed look and started to speak, but I put my finger to his lips, and said, “Lay back, just relax and enjoy.”

Then turning more toward him, I gently pushed him down on his back. I scooted up on my knees and straddled his waist, looking down at his impressive cock. I drew in a deep breathe. God, this guy was manly. Thick muscles in all the right places. Curly, black hair matted his entire body, from his shoulders down to his toes. The only thing not covered in hair was his huge, 9 inch cock. It lay pulsing against his stomach. His cock rested way over his belly button, not that I could see it through all the body hair.

My asshole fluttered in anticipation. I reached down and grabbed his cock, slowly stroking it up and down. He was rock hard. I could barely touch my fingers around the perimeter of his cock – but only at mid shaft. The head was flared and bigger, and the base of his pipe was at least ½ and inch thicker.

I lowered myself down onto his body. I had pulled his cock straight up from his body and could feel it running up my leg as I descended. When it reached my ass cheeks, I guided it towards my hole. I felt it dock right on my ass. I had to pull my cheeks apart a bit to give him better access to my hole. The head of his cock flared on my hole. I could feel his pulse on the thick flare of his head, and I am sure he could feel my pulse on my swollen lips.

I ran my hands down my hips to his. His muscular glutes were out of my reach, so I kept my fingers on the sides of his well-toned torso. I gently rocked back and forth on his pole, keeping it centered under my hole. Scott lay quiet below me. He was giving little sighing sounds and moans, and was moving his arms around over his chest and up my thighs, then over to his stomach – as if he very much wanted to do something but couldn’t quite figure out what that was.

“Lay still, stud,” I said between concentrated breaths. I slowly pushed down and felt his thick head begin the journey into me. My hole spread open – pushed aside by the thick, flared head of his long cock. Scott whimpered and sighed.

I could feel him starting to want to raise his torso, but I guided my descent with my hands on his hips. I looked down to him and said, “Relax. Just let me control this.” As I said this, I kept tensing up my hole, sending shockwaves down his cock and up his spine to his brain. He was on erotic overload. I could see the sweat spread across his brow. His face was flushed and he started panting.

“Oh, god, Jason…Jesus! Don’t tease me like that. slot oyna You are driving me nuts.”

I just smiled in return and did it again and again. He moved his hands down his stomach to my cock, which was barely resting on his stomach. It was hard and heavy between my legs. He pulled some skin down the head of my cock to make a foreskin over it and then released it. His other hand went to my nuts, which were low and hanging from my body. The sudden sensation of him manipulating my cock and balls made me gasp out and throw my head back, moaning under my breath. It was becoming impossible to control the situation.

“Oh yeah, you like that? God, you’re so fucking sexy.” Scott whispered to me.

My head was swimming in pleasure. In fact, my entire body was reeling from this overload of pleasure. He repeated the stroking of skin down my cock shaft, covering my head. Precum was oozing out of me. He was tickling my balls…then slowly pulled me by the hair on my balls down towards his stomach.

That is all I could take and slide down his long, thick, impossibly hard cock. I rode all the way down his shaft to the base of his cock. I felt the lips of my ass down at the base of his shaft – his hairy crotch tickling my exposed rim.

My mouth was completely open but no sound came out. My eyes were wide and glazed over. I couldn’t breathe right.

He looked directly at me. “Whoa, are you okay??”

I could feel every inch of his cock lodged in me. I could feel the veins on his cock pulsing. My ass channel gripped him tightly. My ass gently massaged him from the inside.

“Ugh…I’m great! God, I love your fucking cock, Scott. You are so fucking big,” I moaned loudly. His smile isn’t one of conceit this time; instead it seemed to be of admiration for me. I leaned down, pulling his hands from my crotch and put them up over his head – exposing his bushy armpits. I could smell his scent and it drove me crazy. I dove my head right into his armpit, rubbing my face in the damp and hot and hairy area. I start licking his pit directly. The smell and taste of him wasare intense.

“You taste fucking amazing, Mr. Banks.”

“Fuck yeah, this is hot, Jason. Your ass is alive tonight, baby. What has gotten into you tonight?”

“Your big fucking cock is what has gotten into me,” I panted, trying to restore my breathing.

“You’ve got all 9 inches of me in you J. You took it all! I am proud of you, dude. How does it feel?”

“Ahhhhhhh. You are stuffing me full. Feels great.”

“You love my cock don’t you, sweetie. I can tell you do,” Scott said teasing me a bit.

Waves of pleasure wracked my body as I got my breathing under control. My ass was stuffed full, and m itch was finally getting scratched. Deeply. “Mmmmmm, ahhhhh! Yes, I do love your cock. And your balls and your body. I love everything about you, Scott.”

It was the passion talking. And the booze from earlier didn’t help, either.

“What would your daddy say if he saw you now, huh?”

“You are my daddy, now mister. Ohhh, God. Mmmmmm, ahhhhh.”

I wasn’t even moving, nor was Scott. But his cock was exactly what I wanted and needed. My cock was standing straight up against my stomach as I was sitting down on Scott’s shaft. I could feel it buried deep inside me. That part did sting a bit, as he was actually moving internal organs around to displace the size of his cock. I looked down at my lower stomach and thought I could see the head of his cock pushing my guts out a bit.

I was panting again, and flexing my ass on Scott’s huge knob. I was fluttering my chute muscles against his cock. My outer rim clenching repeatedly down on the base of his cock. I gasped and threw my head back, moaning under my breath. Cum started shooting out of my cock. I blew with such force – I threw ropes of cum across Scott’s head, face and neck. A couple more spasms shot it across his chest and abs.

“Ohhh YESSSSS!” I hiss out through clenched teeth, grabbing down at his chest to hold on for my life. I grabbed some tufts of chest hair and used them to pull me to him. I drove my tongue into his mouth. I could taste my cum on his lips. It was salty. I pulled away and started licking his face. The scent of cum and his musk kept me horny as hell. My cock never deflated. I was so filled with passion, I didn’t know what I was saying. “God, I love you Scott!” I blurted out.

“Holy shit, Jason. That was hot, dude. Ya love me, huh baby? That’s sweet. And I am kind of sweet on you myself. But now it’s time to fuck. Now is where I start pounding the living shit outta ya and make a man outta you.”

My insides were suddenly moved. Scott’s bull-sized dick seemed to be everywhere in my being. I started to revel in the sensation of this massive tool burrowing deep within me and pulling out. But instead of him taking control, I did. I started pounding my hips down on him, impaling myself on his cock. I moved Scott’s hands above his head again and clamped down on his wrists, effectively acting canlı casino siteleri as handcuffs. There was no escape for him. He was being fucked – yes, his cock was being fucked by my ass. I was sharing my body and soul with Scott. We were making love.

“Aahhh, Scott, fuck, yeah, aughhhh, fuck me, please.” I blubbered to him. “Ohhhh, fuck, your cock is killing me.”

“You love it, Jason, don’t fuck with me, you LOVE it. Tell me how much you love having my fuck your ass.”

My response was reactionary, instinctive. I didn’t think at all. I just heard the words fall from my mouth. I was gingerly pleading with the stud, in barely audible whispers: “I love it. I love it. Fuck me. Scott, plow me…fuck me…I love you, Scott. Awww, yeah, fuck the living shit outta me!”

I was in rapture. I kept pounding down on him. “Fuck me, I am your bitch! Aaahhh! Yeahhhh! Oh, god, Scott you are fucking me to death, and it feels awesome! Ahhhh, FUCK!”

I pounded my ass up and down so hard that my cheeks slapped loudly on him hips on every stroke. This man owned my ass. I wanted it, too. He was right. I loved it. I fucking LOVED having this stud deep in my ass.

All of the sudden Scott made a move. In one swoop, He pulled me down to him and kissed me deeply. He pushed my knees out from under me and then he twisted me over onto my back in one movement. His cock was still burrowed deep in me and I loved the sensation of it twisting within me. As if on autopilot, I wrapped my legs around him and pulled his ass towards me, impaling me on his cock again.

“Easy, you fucking whore!” Scott barked at me. He pulled my legs off his ass. He pulled back slightly, pulling ½ his cock out of me in the process. I almost started crying from the loss. He pulled my legs up and bent me in ½, putting my legs up on his shoulders. Suddenly he pushed his mammoth meat into my insatiable ass.

“So, you love me, huh? Tell me again that you love me, Jason. Tell me!” He pounded me deeply. In this position, his cock wasn’t just rubbing my prostate; it was beating the shit out of it.

My words came out in spurts, between gasps of breath, “Fuck yeah, I love you. I love fucking you. Keep doing it.”

“You love me. You are a cock loving queen. Aren’t you?”

I didn’t care about the label anymore. I just wanted the fucking. “Yes, I am a fucking queen. I am a queer faggot. Now fuck me. I want you to cum in me, fuck me, fuck the living shit outta me! I want you to breed my fucking ass!”

He owned me. And, I loved it. My insides were destroyed. My cock was leaking like crazy. His massive cock was so far in me I could feel it nudging my stomach muscles.

His pounding was bringing me to the brink again.

“Get ready J. I’m fucking the living shit out of you and you love it. Ohhh, God, J…..auuughhhhhh. I love you. I love you man.”

“OH FUCKKKKKKKK!!!” I screamed. His pounding was unrelenting.

Scott leaned in and pushed his face against mine. He licked my face and kissed my neck, then dove in for a deep kiss. He pulled back and looked me right into the eyes. “Take my cock, Jason. Love my cock! You need to accept it, baby, you are gay. I love you, baby.”

He jabbed at me one last time. I could feel the entire length of his cock expand in size. His cock was white hot in my ass. My cock couldn’t take it anymore. It was jammed between our stomachs, rubbing back and forth with every one of Scott’s thrusts. I was covered in sweat and cum. Then BAM! I blew the most intense load of my life just as I heard Scott release a guttural moan. I felt his insides pour out as his hot cum exploded deep up my ass.

Scott lay upon me, panting, sweaty and seemingly as exhausted as I. Minutes passed as we struggled to catch our breath. Finally, Scott spoke.

“Sweatheart, I think I just knocked you up.” He pulled back onto his side and patted my wet tummy, smearing cum and sweat over my abs. “My baby is gonna grow deep in here.”

I didn’t care any more and reached up and pulled his head to me. I opened my mouth and let his tongue in me. His cock was on my leg, leaking warm cum down my thigh.

I lay back in closed my eyes. This had been the best sex of my entire life.

I felt the bed move and looked up. Scott was walking away from the bed. I watched his muscled ass flex as me walked toward the bathroom. “Let’s take a shower and clean up, baby” he said as he disappeared into the bathroom. I heard the hiss of the shower and moments later saw steam coming into the room.

I looked down my body. My body was glistening with sweat and cum. My cock, which normally would have shrunken down to a nub, was laying sideways across my balls onto my hip. I leaned up and rested on my elbows. I could feel my ass – it felt used. Warm cum was slowly leaking out of me. I shifted onto my side and rolled out of bed, not wanting to leave a puddle of cum from my ass on the sheets. I had to clench my ass shut as I stood up. My quads were a bit sore, but other than that I felt great. I had a low buzz still going and my body was alive with a sex vibe. I walked into the bathroom. The shower was really nice – a glass enclosed standup unit. Scott was already in there soaping himself up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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