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Belle Knox

It was a Friday night like any other. I found myself at my usual bar drinking alone and trying to win a game or two of pool. As the night wore on I found myself playing these two buddies, Rick and Tony. They were a few years younger than my 31 years and had come out that night trying to get laid. Unfortunately they came to the wrong bar, this one was just a dive bar and the chances of hooking up with some pussy were slim to none, I should know. The only reason I came here was I lived just a couple blocks away and could walk home when I felt like getting too drunk to drive.

They seemed like nice guys just out for a good time and not much else. While I couldn’t exactly discuss literature with them, they were fun enough to be around. We traded dirty jokes and lamented the lack of ladies until last call. As sometimes happens, we had become buddies by then and didn’t feel like calling it a night. They said they had some whisky and an air hockey table back at the house they shared and challenged me to a game or two. Rick was drunk, but like most 20-somethings, thought he’d still be okay to drive, so off we went.

If I’d known how far out they lived I might have reconsidered, it seemed like we drove forever before we got to a little ranch house in the country. True to their word, there was a big bottle of Scotch and very soon we were in a heated air hockey tournament. Tony was the better of the two so mostly he and I played while Rick sat on the couch complaining about how horny he was. He kept saying he didn’t even care anymore, he just needed somewhere warm and wet to stick his dick.

Hell, I said, out here there’s gotta be sheep or something you could fuck.

Well, he replied, I’m not all that picky at this point, but it oughta be human.

Hey, Tony put in, our guest here is human.

Rick and Tony had a good laugh at that one.

I’m horny, I said, but I’m not horny enough to fuck a guy yet.

Continuing the joke, Rick said, No one said anything about you fucking a guy, I’m talking about fucking you, heh heh.

Looking over my shoulder I said, I don’t think you’re big enough to fuck me, kid.

Taking this as a challenge, Rick jumped up smiling and said, Well, there’s only one way to find out. Then he grabbed me from behind and we fell to the floor laughing and wrestling. It was then that I realized how much stronger he was then me. Within a minute he had me pinned flat on my back and was straddling my chest.

Laughing, I said, dude, get your crotch out of my face.

In response to this he leaned forward and pretended to hump my face while Tony egged him on.

Hell yeah, buddy, if we can’t find a woman lets make him our bitch.

Things we getting a little out of hand and I took a stern tone of voice.

Alright, guys, this was fun and all, but I probably need to get home soon.

It was then I noticed the look in Rick’s eyes as he gazed down at me from above. It was leering, and even in my drunken state, something about it bothered me.

Seriously, man, I’m tired, let me up.

Rick just smiled even more and casino şirketleri said, shit, man, no one’s driving you home this late. You’ll have to crash here for the night. And anyway, I’m still horny. As skinny as you are, it wouldn’t be hard to pretend you were a chick. I bet you swallow.

No, and even if I was gay, I wouldn’t blow you, I said, trying to keep things light. And besides, you aren’t gay either.

Who said anything about me being gay. You sucking our cocks just makes you gay, not us.

It was at this point that I noticed the tent in the front of his jeans. If looked huge from where I was underneath it and I really began to get worried.

You’re worrying me, I said, you try to stick anything in my mouth and I’ll bite it off.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to stick it in your ass. But that’ll hurt more, trust me.

Next thing I know, Tony grabbed my pants and started wrestling them off while Rick had me pinned down. I struggled, but in my state it didn’t take long for them to have me naked. I now understood just how serious they were. Tony, who was even stronger than Rick, held my wrists behind my back with one hand and used the other to grab my neck and bend me over the air hockey table. Rick pinned my thighs to the table with his knees and held my hips with his big hands. He must have pulled his dick out at some point because I felt him lay it in the crack of my ass and begin running it up and down between my cheeks.

He muttered to no one in particular, Oh yeah, this is gonna be nice and tight.

Please, man, I begged, don’t do this. This isn’t funny. Besides, I said, that thing is huge, if you put it in my ass you’ll tear me in half. Seriously, I’ll fucking bleed to death or something.

Sounds like your problem, you had your chance to blow me but you said you’d bite it off, sooo…

Ok, look, I’ll do whatever you want, just please don’t stick it up my ass.

Anything I want?

Yes, I swear, I said. I was beaten and we all knew it. They released me and I collapsed to the floor, exhausted. Tony went over to the couch while Rick walked up and stood in front of me.

Take off the rest of my clothes, without using your hands.

I sighed and set about removing his clothes with my mouth. This was humiliating to say the least. I had begun the night looking to play a game or two of pool and here I was pulling another man’s underwear down with my teeth. It was then I got a good look at his cock. I was right, it was huge. It was thick and veiny and looked mean, somehow. This wasn’t some pretty porn dick, this was a big, ugly fuckstick.

He told me to kneel with my hands behind my back and beg him to suck his cock. This was almost too much, it was one thing to be raped by two young guys, but to have to beg for it really established me as their fuck toy.

Please, can I suck your dick?

Not believable enough, do it again.

Please, sir, can I suck your big dick?

You get one more chance before I’m gonna rape your ass bloody, bitch.

I knew he was serious so I put every bit of myself casino firmaları into sounding like a weak little submissive slut, Please, master, all I want is to put that big beautiful cock in my mouth and suck you dry?

He smiled and began rubbing the tip of his dick all over my face, trailing pre-cum.

Do you like my cock?

Yes, sir, I love it, it is so big and beautiful and I want to taste it.

My humiliation complete, he pushed the head into my mouth and began slowly feeding more and more in to me. He shoved it against the back of my throat and said, the trick is to swallow as I shove. The first time I nearly gagged and he backed up for a moment before easing it back in. The second time I did better, but still gagged a little.

You better figure it out soon, otherwise I’ll find somewhere else where I can put it all the way in.

This time I decided I was gonna get it down my throat if it killed me, anything to save my ass from this monster. He grabbed the back of my head with both hands and with a grunt, forced it into my throat. It was so thick I couldn’t breathe and after what seemed like an eternity he pulled out just before I passed out.

That’s a good little girl, now lets introduce your chin to my nuts.

He really started going at it, then. Slamming all the way till his heavy nuts pushed against my chin then fucking my throat till I couldn’t stand it and pulling out just long enough to get a breath before doing it all again. This went on and on, him using my face like his own personal fuck toy, grunting and sweating and calling me his little whore. I took it and tried to get it over with as soon as possible. I moaned like I was enjoying it and looked up into his eyes as submissively as I could. Finally he slammed back in one last time and held it there, his balls tightening against my chin before he blew his first jet down my throat. With each successive spurt his grip relaxed and I pulled back until just the head was in my mouth. I swallowed the last of it on instinct and licked his cock and balls clean.

I had forgotten about Tony until he said arrogantly, How about you crawl over here and love on my cock now. He didn’t have to threaten me like Rick did, it was apparent that I had been broken and would do anything these two asked.

I crawled the ten feet over to him as sexily as I could and fluttered my eyes and smiled up at him. His cock was longer than Ricks, but didn’t look as thick. His balls, however, were huge. They had to be the size of plums and lay heavily on the couch.

You have a wonderful cock, I said, would you please let me pleasure you?

OK, he said, but first go get the shoebox on the shelf over there and go into the bathroom. When you come out you better be using all of it.

Now I understood that this wasn’t the first time they had done something like this, they had planned it from the beginning. I took the box into the bathroom and opened it. Inside was a tube of bright red lipstick, a blond wig, a dog collar and a short leash. I thought about running, I wondered if I just ran out the bathroom, güvenilir casino grabbed my clothes and bolted for the door, would they catch me? Probably, I decided, they were younger, stronger and probably faster. Not to mention we were in the middle of nowhere and it was cold as hell out. I was stuck.

It took a few tries to get the lipstick on evenly, but eventually I did. With the wig on I realized how girlish I looked. I was thin and my features were feminine before this new humiliation, now I looked like a truck-stop whore.

Committed to my situation, I crawled out of the bathroom, intent on getting this over with as soon as possible. I smiled as I crawled over, swinging my ass as I went and trying not to get caught up on the leash that ran from the collar around my neck, trailing on the carpet between my knees.

He smiled the most arrogant and superior smile I’ve ever seen, and who could blame him. He was sitting naked on his couch watching a straight man in drag crawl over to suck his big cock.

I like it slow and sensual, and don’t forget my balls, was all he said

Kneeling between his legs I handed him the end of the leash then put my hands on top his muscular thighs to get some balance and began lovingly licking those big hairy plums. I took one, then the other into my mouth and moaned around them and licked them and repeated the process. His huge cock stood straight up, well past his naval and leaked cum. After several minutes of worshipping his balls I licked slowly all the way up the shaft tasting his cum before engulfing his cock. Trying to keep it sensual, I bobbed all the way down, throating him as I’d been trained, and all the way back until my lips were closed around the ridge of his head, then back down again. I varied the speed to try and get him off quickly, going down fast then drawing back up slowly. He responded by laying his head back and letting out a guttural groan. I kept this up for 10 minutes or so and then he took matters into his own hands. He rested one hand on the back of my head and pulled the leash down with the other. Now he controlled the pace and it became obvious he was past the slow and sensual part.

You hungry? He gasped, you want it?

With a mouthful of cock all I could manage was a muffled mm-hmm.

He got me going faster and faster, grunting and moaning as his dick disappeared into my mouth over and over. My lips were going numb from the friction and my jaw started to ache and cramp, but stopping was not an option. A few more minutes went by, him pounding his cock into my throat, then he let out a yell and shot what seemed like gallons of his cum down my throat and in my mouth. I swallowed most of it and thoroughly licked up what dribbled out without being told to.

He sat there for a few minutes before I asked him, So, can I go home now?

Shut the fuck up, he barked, cumsluts don’t speak unless they are begging for cock or are asked a question.

With this he stood up and yanking the leash, led me to a door.

We have another roommate and it would be rude not to share you with him so when I open the door, you quietly crawl in to his room and if you come out without pleasuring him, there will be hell to pay. He’s not as big as Rick and I, but you better pretend he is or you’ll answer to us.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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